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eteeteehee and his experiences

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posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:32 PM

I wish to bring this thread along to the new board.. eteeteehee's reports are fascinating to say the least so the posts below are from him...

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:33 PM
How many of you have had an extraterrestrial experience?

I will post a complete history of my alien experiences shortly on this forum, and would be interested to know how many of you out there have had similar/other experiences.

I thought it might be a good idea to collate the material/analyse the commonalities and differences in order to paint a picture of the extent of this intrusion into our lives.

More so, it would be interesting to establish what impact, physically/psychologically/spiritually it has had, and any other changes that you may have noticed.

Describe anything that you may be drawn to/interests/obsessions with certain colours/nature-plants/aversions to bright light/scars/implants/strange dreams/knowledge of advanced propulsion systems/creativity/religious beliefs.

Do you feel different from other people.

Can you answer questions before they are posed.

Have you ever had a sense of deja Vu?
(being somewhere or sensed something you have done/seen before but don't quite know why.

Have you an avid interest in flying/had dreams connected with this or floating.

Do you feel an urge to 'save the world'

Have you experienced a sense of 'missing time'?

Have you experienced precognition.


Regards, Eteeteehee

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:34 PM
Thanks for the responses so far.

I also utilised lucid dreaming and self hypnosis to try to determine anything unusual. I have experienced a strange phenomenon. Of the hundreds of times I have tried to focus on certain events, I am inexplicably distracted as though blocked from learning the truth.

I have twice woken in the last month with a bleeding lip, which had a very visible pin or needle like puncture to it.

I will get around to posting my history of experiences, maybe this weekend, though it will take some time.

Happy New year to all!!

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:35 PM
I have just completed the 52 point test and note I have experienced virtually every point stated. It was quite worrying to read.

I have also had relationship problems.

Seemingly perfect, they always ended inexplicably and without warning.

I have just started a relationship a month ago with a girl I dated 15 years ago, from school.

It is perfect in every way. The way we met was uncanny and I feel there is something more to it than chance.

I don't want to discuss more at the moment but I am worried she is experiencing some of the physical side effects of contact already .


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:35 PM
Here's my history as promised. Not exactly in order.

As a child I am constantly aware of a presence. Sleep curled up foetal position with covers over my head. Both myself and brother sing whilst using the toilet so our parents can hear us, terrified of being taken.

Memories of strange beings looking in at us.

A glowing apparition of what appeared to be a ww2 biplane hovering no pilot over a neighbours house, ( a screen memory?). Seen by myself and brother.

Glowing green orbs circling a neighbours tree.

A blue materialised entity on our landing seen by my brother, who locked himself in the bathroom.

Dozens of aerial sightings.

Objects appearing and reappearing in the night skies.

White flashes. Strange humming noises.

Constant pain in my ears, Sinusitus, Tinnitus, a strange Scar on my left index finger with three points, which throbs at the tip.

Severe aversion to bright light. Claustrophobia.

As a child I was skipping Physical education to build electronic devices. Strange compulsion to magnetics.

Dreams of floating, passing through solid objects, recurrent nightmares.

Recurrent dream of ufo's approaching my parents house.

I had this one again recently and was surprised to note that the bed in the room was positioned as it was over 15-20 years ago as a child, at the other side of the room. Though in this scenario, my mother was present and witnessed these craft circling the skies. It was very disconcerting indeed.

episodes of Paralysis, blackouts. Excessive sleepwalking as a child.

Bloodied pillows and strange fluids. Excessive fluid loss as a child and other medical problems. Blurred vision.

Empathy, Telepathy, intuitive thought, Precognition, Deja vu experiences.

12 or 13 Yoa, myself, brother and friend come face to face with a grey in broad daylight, dressed in a brown monk type habit with hood. Frozen to the spot, the next thing we know it disappears out of sight.

Sightings continue.

My partners have experienced certain physical traits conditions.


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:36 PM
Thanks for the respect and keep the replies coming.

I have a pathological desire to keep myself from doctors unless absolutely necessary. Although I did break 3 bones in my wrist recently and couldn't avoid going to hospital .

I have checked my pillow. I did think it was mossies! but its been too cold recently. I have an open mind to the possibilities.

Hmmm! My last long term girlfriend consistently had inexplicable bruising over her body. Come to think of it she did suffer from occasional nosebleeds as well. Of course this could be caused by conventional means.

My current girlfriend I noticed has bruises all over her. She does not know quite how she got them. The most disturbing thing she told me about the other day, was of a nagging pain in her stomach. Now in her own words, when asked to describe it she said ' If I didn't know better I would think I was PREGNANT' !!

That spooked me and she was right, it couldn;t be possible at that time of month if you know what I mean.

I just remembered another incident with my EX.

One night in a Pub car park next to Manchester airport, she was stroking a horse in a field next to it. Suddenly we were astonished to see what appeared to be Half a dozen or more lights, like laser lights but from directly over head and poking through a small cloud base. These were forming geometric and arithmetical patterns (figure of eights, etc) . The rest of the sky was clear. We checked for any other possibility as to what it might be. We were simply astonished and drawn to it for what appeared to be about 15 minutes until they vanished.

In july of last year, my brother phoned me on his mobile to say whilst walking his dog on a field, near to some woods, he had been buzzed by 5 bright glowing white orbs about 100 feet up .

Whilst on the phone they returned and buzzed over his head lighting him up like a torch. They were circling and displaying intelligent behaviour.

I told him to stay on the phone, as the electromagnetic field from the phone might help his circumstances. They soon passed never to be seen again.

He rang a local radio station to argue some preposterous reasons given for the sightings. Some other witnesses in nearby towns had seen them also and the critics were having a field day.

He knows what he saw, and he described a feeling of elation. In his own words ' I feel like I can fly'!!!!

Over and out for now!


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:37 PM
I am still here. A little perplexed and reticent about sharing my concerns further for the time being.

Guess I'll just wait and see!

Though I have one revelation that occurred the other day.

We had retired for the night and were just chatting away when my girlfriend said she saw what appeared to be a light go out against the bedroom wall and it suddenly become dark. I was perplexed by this as the room was already lit by light from the landing. So I pushed her further.

She became uneasy and said she felt that something had happened to somebody but could not elaborate on whom this might be.

She was so concerned that she logged the time . 11.20 P.M. just in case. Nothing more has yet arisen from this incident.

Strange indeed!

I shall keep you posted on any more anomolous activity.


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:38 PM
I am back again.

Many more things have happened since I last posted.

My girlfriend has woken on a number of occasions to find(and comment upon) her nightie inside out. She is quite meticulous and so it perplexed her on noticing this.

One night she fell asleep only to start recalling the mysterious light she had noticed outside the bedroom door some weeks before (2 occasions) . I questioned her on what she was saying. She said ' The lights, The lights have gone. She went through a period of becoming anxious and kept saying ' tell them to go away, go away' . Tell what? I asked though she did not appear to elaborate.

Much more worrying is her 5 year old son is having multiple experiences. He has woken up on several occasions in a cold sweat screaming for his mum or myself. When asked what is wrong he won't tell us.

Last night we had retired to bed, when we heard a scream and Matthew shouting to 'get them away from me. Get off my neck you are hurting me' .

My girlfriend ran through the bedroom door. He had his back to the door cowering in the corner of the room . On calming him down. (He appeared to be in a trance still at this point). He stated repeatedly. ' I can't draw the one . I can't draw it. He loves drawing and I had recently theorised(kept to myself) that if these were extraterrestrial visitations, then they would be visualised in his drawing. I can't help thinking that they know this . He does not remember much in the morning.

He ran to my girlfriend on several occasions last night, in a trance like state complaining of a sore neck and crying out tearfully.

He has had to have the bedroom light kept on on several occasions and Never experienced the kind of terror before I appeared on the scene, and we get on like a house on fire.

He has no problems at school and he is otherwise a normal loving child. Though his intelligence and spirituality belie his years .

My girlfriend has accepted my theories as the most likely explanation for his fear.

In the morning, my girlfriend asked him what he remembered of his nightmares. He said 'nothing' . Then said he would not tell her but would tell me. I shall question him over this.

Even more worrying is my girlfriend was making breakfast. Walked into the sitting room , to find Matthew drawing strange patterns with his fingers . He turned to his mother and said ' Mummy. I'm an ALIEN!' He pointed one out to me a week or so before. Rather than cloud his judgement we have never mentioned anything about aliens or our concerns.

I am getting rather worried for his safety

Lastly. He is the youngest in his class. Has special tuition because he is so far advanced. His teacher commented today that she could not believe how quickly his intelligence was forming and that they cannot keep up with him. He is advancing exponentially. I have seen his work in the last week, and there are phenomenal improvements.


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:39 PM
not heard from me for a while-here's a rough transcript of what i have to date - this is getting a little scary!

Anomolous behavioural characteristics -Matthew - My partner's son and associated phenomena concerning myself and Jo!

1. Erratic/disturbed sleeping patterns

2. Frequent nightmares

3. Sleepwalking

4 inexplicable mood changes

5. confusion

6. variable upset

7. advanced intellect

8. spirituality/emotional/slight effeminate tendencies. (colour pink,Womens shoes)

9. irrational fears- isolation/darkness(sometimes) etc

10. getting dressed at night -disorientation

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Case Histories

1. Reciting telephone numbers backwards fluently

2. obsession with numbers/counting

3. obsession with writing/language

4. obsession with stick like people

5. Several times found sleepwalking either on the bed/urinating on the stairs/running across the landing or to the stairs and back to bed immediately, appearing to be asleep. sometimes distressed /argumentative or obstinate/stubborn.

6. claimed to see someone looking up at him from the side path through the landing window.

7. Sporadic and often temporary increase in inexplicable 'savant' type behaviour

8. odd phrasiology/words -
I am an alien

ET is my best friend

I fell from a flying saucer but I was ok because I could fly

I can't draw the one-'ET'- too difficult

You're hurting me, you're hurting my neck.

Go away

I need my wellingtons

I'm not telling you

You're not my mummy-my mummy is kind to me

Mum don't go

E.T. Took me to see a giant Easter Egg - (Egg Shaped UFO)with small
windows all around showing /ascent/pause+rapid acceleration.

He comes to me in my dreams(E.T.)

He can't visit you because he would wake you up

He lives somewhere near the Earth

I asked him if he was the same E.T. that you (Paul) saw. He says 'yes'

'I can't see them'(repeated) (catatonic whilst facing his Grandfather After screaming and running to the landing. (returns to bed wrong
way round) (April 5 2002)

They are invisible

9. drawings of oval type ufo's with portholes.

10. April 2002 - Starting to write in adult style (joined up) text.

11. Repeated three bears story????

12. Strange geometric shapes /interspersed with 'joined up' text - 'This says
to Joanne and Paul' IN THAT LANGUAGE' on one occasion

13. Radical interpretation of geometric and arithmetical symbols as simplistic physiological meanings. ( Face,arms, Star, etc)

12. Matthew, without provocation requests that on saying I wish to draw, I should draw ET!

On starting the drawing , he asks to draw the 'eyes', stating that he knows how to draw them, that they are diamond or almond shaped.

On drawing a picture of a gray and presented along with a picture of 'E.T'. Matthew determines that the
Gray' is more representative of ET!, than ET himself.

13. Matthew wakes, calling Jo, seemingly uspset, and is found kneeling towards the door at the end of the bed.

14. Jo awakes-4th occasion now with her Nightie on inside out or wrong way around - This time she vividly remembers checking the label on the garment before retiring for the night.

15. Increasing obsession with elongated numerics/sums/repeated numbers in steps(possibly binary interspersed with low value(under base 10) numerics. or Hexadecimal (Base 16) .

16. Mood swings quite frequent/dramatic now/screams/shouts/cries of 'hate' for either parental figure -often forgetting the reason for the raised temper on questioning and back to calm sometimes inexplicably without expectation.

17. 3rd occasion Jo has expressed strange dreams.moving uncomfortably, she states 'no!' repeatedly in an extended monotone manner as if distressed. (possible evidence of a physical presence, also). ( Often spontaneously falling asleep.) on waking sharply with a sigh, she is adamant she has not been asleep.
Matthew enters the room at 6.15 am saying' I have not been to sleep'

On one occasion relates to the mysterious light source seen previously, Jo states 'The lights, tell them to go away'................. What lights????? ................-' the lights, the lights have gone' . again, Jo is adamant she has not been asleep.

On another occasion after looking everywhere for a missing ring. It turns up of its own accord, where we first looked the night before.

18. April 15 -afternoon - Matthew asks Jo why the night before we went up to bed when he did. Adamant that he had checked on us in the bedroom just after settling down (8.30PM) he had retired back to bed.

In fact I had made a point of closing the door that night, and it was opened only once by me to check on Matthew at about 11 pm ,until he called into see Jo at about 4.00 am.

NB. After first going to bed, he was unsettled and had made his way down the stairs on two occasion which had prompted the door shut. Why would he have this recollection. Screen memory???

19. April 15 -9.45 approx- Matthew is heard crying 'don't do it........Dad,,,,,,,,,don't,,,,,,dad,mum'- to some repeat and running about.
Suddenly he is heard saying in a calm and happy tone ' Hello!' , as if talking to someone. On checking him, he runs towards the landing clutching a large teddy bear, and almost catatonic lies down cuddling it. Again he becomes distressed on taking him to bed, will not talk about the incident - the classic' I am not telling you!' , saying' No!, and go away!'

20. April 16 - 4.00 am - Matthew is screaming and runs in to tell Joanne. When questioned on what is the problem (he is awake now), Matthew states he saw something. On questioning further, he reveals to Jo he saw a shadow in the room . Asked to elaborate what he thought it was, he says 'AN ANGEL'

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------

The experiences at this point have taken some turn towards a new direction. This is somewhat more than the tepid and easily misconstrued experiences previously related. We now have an entity, that having previously remained incognito, has now revealed itself to Matthew in some form, as opposed
to hearsay/statements/words/phrases/pictures/emotion/gesticulation etc, etc, etc..

ironic, however, is an E-book, I was reading about a couple of hours before, concerning how to remove implanted screen memory and memory blocks, by locating the word or phrase that created the block.

For example. the notion that someone is stupid, is interpreted as I am stupid. The key to removing the block however is to relate it as it would be spoken ' You are stupid' removes the block . To be replaced by' I am not stupid.'

This technique can be applied to anything. In the book the scenario was one of alien/military mind manipulation. Two of the key phrases were ' I cannot see them', and 'They are invisible' .

I remembered that both these phrases Matthew had related to, plus the variation aimed towards my question ' why don't they come to me' is answered as ' You cannot see them'.

These would be reversed to perpetrator as 'You cannot see us' and 'We are invisible' and the solution as 'I can see you' and 'you are not invisible'.

Interesting that the first actual sighting is within hours of locating this important resource.


A few days prior I had mentioned to Jo I was convinced I had seen a couple of shadows fleeting quickly across the bedroom. Jo remarked that she had also. Outside and within the home.

21. April 17 - 9.30 pm - Jo and I are alerted by movement upstairs and sobbing from Matthew. After about 30 seconds I creep upstairs to find Matthew in Jo's room . I wait for him to walk out of the room. He looks up at me not startled with a perplexed/distressed expression upon him. Not speaking to me, I hold him in my arms. He instantly calms, and with little word from him is put back to bed.

22 April 18 - 10.00 pm approx - Having relaxed on the settee, Jo moves to go to the toilet. I notice what appears to be a white line running down my inner thigh/knee. I check the light to see if it is a shadow, then forget about it. Approx 20 Minutes later, I rub my hand over my leg and notice a searing sting like sunburn across the thigh and over my knee. Very sensitive it has very localised redness , focused around a couple of spots with white heads to them (resembling a picture I once saw depicting radiation burns) . Swollen and hot to the touch. It is still sore as I write this 18 April 10.22 am and several thread veins have appeared.


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:41 PM
I had just spent ages trying to write a reply and lost it all because i'd signed in anonymously from an email link!

I'll write more in a day or so, as I am now short of time.

Thankyou for the response. Matthew is five by the way. I do not think that they are malevolent, though there is some evidence of false(screen) memory, lack of memory etc or other methods of calming.

This could be masking the big truth, behind it all. I am convinced that know when I am around, as activity starts within half an hour or so of me visiting Jo .

She is shortly to move in with me along with Matthew.

The links are : />
Try this also, as this experience fits us like a glove!

Regards, Eteeteehee

PS. I nearly forgot:

Matthew at 4.00 am the other morning had ran in to see Jo and woke her up. He was sobbing and turned to her and said'

It is dead, and you won't let me see it'

I am still trying to make sense of this statement. Any ideas let me know!


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:41 PM
Matthew recently lost a Great Grandmother. Jo had mentioned it to Matthew. She had purposely kept the explanation to a minimum, to minimise any upset.

However, we are confident that his Grandmother had mentioned it rather more than necessary. We had overlooked your ideas as an explanation. It does seem very plausable, though there is still a riddle in what he said. Strange.

I do believe in the possibility that Jo may have succumbed to abduction, and me.

In the last week or so, I have become increasingly fearful of being alone in the dark after lights out.

I also freaked Jo out the other night when I asked Jo to think of any word she could imagine, and that I would attempt to read her thoughts(I have been actively involved in doing this sort of thing since I was about 12 yoa.) . I guessed not just one word, but the other she had changed minds and alternated back and to on before settling for my first choice.

I am getting rather good at this!

Have had many lucid dreams in the past week. but I am having immense problems remembering them. Not so long ago I could remember a lot of detail, but now it is as though my ability to remember has been suppressed ( I could of course just be imagining this!), or some other rational explanation be responsible.

Matthew has continued to wake up, though in far less bizarre mood/circumstances in the last week.

I don't know If I posted this comment but:

I had asked Matthew last weekend that , and I got as far as' if you have a dream... (he retorted , oh the 'shadows' are not coming tonight'. 'No!, I meant to try and remember them, was my response.

He has lost interest in his reading/writing at the moment.

He also informed me that he was misbehaving because he was so tired and needed more sleep!

Out for now, i'll keep you posted!

Regards, Eteeteehee

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:42 PM
Here again.

Last night I was freaked out by an experience.

I had retired to bed and again had a feeling of unease. Restless, I was opening and closing my eyes. After approx 20 mins I again opened my eyes to find the room was fuzzy. This I know is attributed to my eyes adjusting to the light but normally clears. It stayed much longer than normal and wouldn't clear.

I tried again to sleep. A few minutes later I felt my body tighten up leaving me a little dizzy. I kept my eyes open, and was drawn towards the window, when WHAM! I became paralysed and couldn't move. I tried to move my head towards the window, though I could not. It felt like some force was pushing against my neck. I tried to scream out 'get away from me!' but it came out muffled, my mouth felt like it was welded together. Eventually I seemed to break free and regain some movement.

This feeling persisted, though by now I find myself much calmer and almost lifted by the experience.

I must admit to having asked mentally , prior to the incident why Matthew was the subject of their involvement, which may have preempted the attack.

It could of course have been sleep paralysis. Though I have experienced this only twice ever before, and only on waking from dreams.

I went on to have an incredibly lucid dream last night. Low and behold, I remembered it all, where recently I have remembered nothing!

Any ideas?

PS I had also been listening about an hour before to a brainwave generator program, which I had modified to produce theta level binaural sound patterns.

Maybe It was this that was responsible. I have to lay all the facts before me.

There could be a perfectly acceptable and rational explanation for this, or it could herald something more sinister.

I dont know?


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:43 PM
Matthew was again up last night. Talking to himself, somewhat unintelligibly, he made his way down stairs. Uncomfortable and a little distressed, it was a while before he got off to sleep again.

School day. Matthews school teacher has again called Jo to one side. 'What are you feeding him', she said. Explaining herself, she described the fact the class of 5-6 year olds are given one book to get through in a week.

Matthew is already on books of a higher complexity and by Thursday had completed three books.

'He is off the scale, we cannot keep up with him', she said!

I shall let you know how this weekend goes.

PS I am shortly to create a new subject posting, offering advice on Mind reading and influence, using empathy and intuition.


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:44 PM
Hi, there!
I shall read anything you have to say about the subject , and of course shall offer replies.

Incidentally, I have just played a game with matthew, my girlfriends son, He suggested how about 'I spy with my little eye.!'

His first example................ Something beginning with A. His answer 'Alien Abduction!'

He is five for god's sake. He has just drawn a picture of a 'Black triangle' , which he said represented a spaceship.

I had just said to Jo, that it was frustrating that if it was aliens, then I wish they would offer me a signal. Maybe this is it?

I shall let you guys know if anything happens tonight.

Post your experiences and I shall examine for any similarities and try to interpret them .

Regards, Eteeteehee

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:45 PM
I am becoming perplexed by my inability to crack the secrets behind this phenomenon. I have tried and failed (without pushing words into Matthews mouth!) to extract what it is he can't tell me.

Maybe he truly cannot remember, though I fear a lot of it has been purposely suppressed, to prevent me from knowing.

Joanne and I had just set up a new telescope (4.5 inch reflector) outside to view the moon and other celestial objects. Having turned the scope round and ready to set, I was motioned by Jo to look above tree height to see a large white glowing sphere which had appeared from nowhere. It moved at less than 30 mph from East to west. Whilst watching it and scrambling for a spotter scope it faded and vanished suddenly. Only to reappear and continue onwards. It blanked out a second time, and on the third vanished behind the trees. Though it was completely gone.

Jo was astonished, and did not know what to make of it. She had seen her first UFO!

Returning to the house, I had the feeling it was somehow linked to Matthew. Maybe we had disturbed a visitation.

Sure enough, I mentioned to Jo, how matthew had not disturbed his sleep.

Within 5 minuted he was up running into her bedroom whimpering and crying for his mum. We had trouble tonight consoling him at first. He was sweating profusely.

I questioned him on whether he had had a bad dream, or seen something. He appeared to motion 'yes' but stifled his response.

He was somewhat tired and dropped back to sleep.

The oddest thing about these experiences is his insistance that no matter how awake he appears to be. He never remembers a thing now in the morning .

On many occasions recently, he has said to his mother ' aren't you so proud of me for not getting up!' , only to be told he had, then responding adamantly that he did not!

Regards, Eteeteehee

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:46 PM
A little quiet for a week or so. I had asked Matthew , should he wake up scared or upset. He should say out aloud ' Go away, and I will remember everything! '
(didn't elaborate on what it meant, as I do not wish to incite fantasy on his behalf)

Seemed to work a treat, until tonight.

Having woken and cried at the top of the stairs for his Mum. Matthew became inconsolable. Terrified . Bizarre rantings about 'I'm not doing it and 'I don't need it' followed . He cried and cried and asked to go downstairs.

Questioning him on what was wrong. He clammed up, told me to go away. I am not telling you. It is nothing. etc etc etc.

Took some time to settle him. I am drained with my inability to crack whatever it is that troubles him so much.

He tells us when conscious, he has no problems, no worries. No troubles, and yet the night time brings terror for him .

A day or so before. He described he was naughty because a figure, he described as looking human , whom (I cannot see) visits him and influences him.

This 'person', he says lives in the ocean in a submarine on Earth. He doesn't know why he's here.

When asked if he is telling the truth he said to me and Jo, 'You two never believe me!'

I Can't remember if I posted this previously. Though out of the blue a few weeks ago, he turned to Jo and said 'Mummy, I know how many fingers aliens have!. Six came the answer.

Where did you find that out?, Jo asked. On the internet, of course!

As the weeks go on , this whole thing gets more and more bizarre.


posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:47 PM
Thanks for the replies Ozchris, and G'Day! to you too!

Some very interesting sightings you mention and points you have raised .The analysis about death is an angle I had not considered.

To answer your question. None of this whatsoever had ocurred prior to my involvement with Jo and Matthew. Did I tell you I was her first boyfriend after leaving school, and we had not set eyes on each other since until meeting up again by sheer coincidence (or otherwise) about 7 months ago. We had both got into bad relationships which ended within a week of each other about 4 years ago, it transpires. All subsequent relationships with her and myself since then ended under unusual or bizarre circumstances. Mine would go absolutely fine and then they or I would switch off interest like a light bulb. I had started to believe something else was steering my destiny.

We have not argued once. We get on like a house on fire. The similarities are uncanny.

Matthew had never had nightmares before. His schooling although he was doing fine was not out of the ordinary.

He has now progressed so far through the curriculum, (at the youngest child in his class) , he is 12 months ahead of schedule and the most intelligent child in the class.

His teacher has told him they cannot keep up with him. Jo says it is due to me, though I feel he is getting a helping hand from somewhere. Don't get me wrong, I have an IQ of 145 and I do have some influence over him. Though he just soaks things up like a sponge.

His behaviour is incredibly close to mine at that age and beyond.

Preferring to sit with a calculator and write out pages and pages of sums, to playing games, you can't help but feel he is a prodigy in the making.

Incidentally, he has been up again tonight, soaking in a cold sweat, I have just got back home.

Last night was bizarre. He got up sobbing for his mum and was found on the landing
rolling his head around.

Jo got him upstairs and questioned him what was the matter. 'Tell them to go away!', he said before his voice became muffled, and he turned visibly distressed. Questioned again , I swear it was like something was paralysing him, and although he wanted to tell us more, he couldn't.

We had to let him be and retired for the night.

Jo's house is sold and she is moving into mine with Matthew. It shall be very interesting to see if these experiences continue.

Oh, before I go , another point on fate!

The house I live in now, was my parents first home. It came up by chance and much extended and altered over the years I just had to have it. I left there when I was four years of age and have lived there four years again now also !

Regards, Eteeteehee.

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:47 PM
Oh, More to add since last posting.

We had noted that Jo had awoken to find Matthew had crawled into her bed without her knowledge. She is quite a light sleeper and he is not light on his feet to say the least.

Last night Jo had retired to bed to watch a movie. She remembers catching the first five minutes when next thing at 1.30 am this morning Matthew runs into her room screaming . When questioned he repeats 'I cannot tell you !!!' over and over again. She had fallen asleep with a full cup of coffee in her hand and was lucky not to spill it at all.

She has woken in the same fashion twice this week.

On another note, I had a suspected rib fracture some time ago ,which had continued to provide a dull pain on occasion especially when stretching.

The other day I checked the area around my rib and found a strange scar, recessed below the surrounding skin tissue and trinagular in shape. It aches, and the flesh and muscle tissue beneath it is extremely painful, if I manipulate the flesh around the scar.

This scar I am sure was not there before.

I, you have probably read possess another rectangular scar, which appears semi-translucent to some depth on my index finger (left hand) . This is at the base close to my palm . It aches on occasion and itches periodically.

I again have no knowledge of it occuring
. It has three pinprick blood-red dots in a triangular shape within the scar tissue.

I shall keep you posted further and thanks again for the book link.

Regards, Eteeteehee.

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:48 PM
Interesting story. The triangle puncture wound is very similar in shape. However, Mine is not reddened and appears to have normal skin texture.

Matthew, I don't know if I have mentioned previously had, I discovered a 2.5 cm straight line cut recently behind his left ear. He does not remember how he may have come by this, and considering its position would be reasonably hard to attain through the normal 'rough and tumbles' of childhood falls or otherwise. It appeared to be cut cleanly like by a scalpel or similar device.

I am staying over at Jo's tonight, so I shall keep you posted on any unusual occurences. I am soon to purchase a zero lux camcorder to try and catch some evidence, along with an EMF field detector.

I shall also set up a tape recorder in his room tonight.

Regards, Eteeteehee

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 05:49 PM
Thankyou again for the replies.

I have considered hypnotic regression, and consider it to be the only way at present to obtain some detailed insight into the paranormal episodes witnessed by us.

However, I have to consider Matthews position. Whilst he is intellectually advanced beyond his years, and even somewhat spiritually and emotionally gifted. He is too young in my opinion to pull through the trauma that may well materialise post-suggestion.

I believe that time is needed until he is ready to first learn the full facts, gleaned from my memoirs. As I have said before, he does not remember much of his waking sleep, nor the trauma he may have experienced the night before.

It is present in his moods, his predisposition to tearful episodes etc. Though He clearly has problems relating to this.

We have tried our best to refrain from any form of suggestion to what these incidences might be.

We have not influenced his interpretation of the facts but merely asked him to elaborate on what he feels these event might mean.

He is still a child by all definition and in many ways a childlike grasp of the world around him.

We on the other hand have considered regression for our own research, although neither of us has pushed for this conclusively at present.


I had omitted to mention a series of strange lacerations like 'being dragged through a bush' on my shoulder the other week. Only to have Jo show me the same on her neck last night.

Secondly, I had woken about 6.45 am Sunday and( having noted Jo's comments about waking to find Matthew in her bed ,not remembering when he may have climbed in) turned to find Matthew was not there. I lay joking to myself, thinking he couldn't get in because there would be no room ( the bed seemed 'smaller' than it might. The next thing I remember is about 7.15 am being awake with my eyes closed and suddenly hearing a coughing sound. I according to Jo, jumped out of my skin to find Matthew lying there. The bed now seemed of its normal size and there he was. Of course I could have dropped off to sleep in the interim and the 1/2 hour passed could explain that but I had a weird feeling like there were only seconds between my first thoughts and my second finding him there.

It was like he had been dropped in bed spontaneically from nowhere. (that is the feeling I have, though of course the reality may be that I was merely confused.

I shall keep you posted.

Incidentally, The scar tissue around my ribs is aching painfully as I write this!

I shall of course keep an open mind, and update you shortly .

Regards, Eteeteehee

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