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Ukraine attacks with chemicals, destroys schools and hospitals and kills unarmed citizens (News)

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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 02:43 AM
a reply to: tsurfer2000h

I think Chechen warriors are by both sides of the conflict in Ukraine, aren't they? Don't u know about Dudaev's battalion which consists of international volunteer and the most part of it are chechen terrorists?

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 02:54 AM
a reply to: Ploutonas
into bull's eye! people of East Ukraine should wake up from deep sleeping also all international community should open their eyes and look what really takes place in the world. By the way in my humble opinion people all over the world are tired of wars and revolutions

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 05:10 AM

originally posted by: lightedhype
Star and Flag for you. I really appreciate your efforts - the western media has been lying about the Ukraine situation simce the start and they will certainly continue the charade. Its awesome that you are working to get info in English to those in the censored west.

I was keeping eyes on this situation in Ukraine since the beginning, when one of our own A.T.S. members alerted us about the situation outside of his hotel in Kiev. I found a lot of information was being withheld from the Western media.

What I found while surfing the internet is that Russia seems to be disengaging and working with a cease fire, but the Ukraine government firing on civilians would break that seize fire, according to Poroshenko, a Russian general.

Link - RT

I am interested in this potential leak of new Snowden files that could prevent a war. With whom? Russia?
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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 05:31 AM

Kramatorsk currently has a population of over 173,700 inhabitants (2008) and has a metropolitan area of over 203,100 inhabitants (2004).The Russian language is dominant in Kramatorsk: 63.4% of citizens speak Russian, while 36.0% speak Ukrainian.According to the 2001 population census, the ethnic composition of Kramatorsk is: Ukrainians: 70.2%, Russians: 26.9%, Belarusians: 0.7%, Armenians: 0.6%, Azerbaijanis: 0.2%, Jews: 0.1%

Kramatorsk today:

Poroshenko, however, isn't the only Ukrainian politician mentioned. For example, the cables mention the scandal surrounding Oleksandr Turchynov's destruction of SBU documents tying Julia Tymoshenko to organized crime, and note that the accusation that Tymoshenko wanted Turchynov get the Interior Minister position so that she could gather damaging information on her enemies. The cable refers to this accusation as "not farfetched". Turchynov went on to be installed as the acting president of Ukraine in the provisional government.

In order to grasp the extent of the U.S. government's tinkering in Ukraine it is worth reading the documents for yourself.

Wikileak Cables: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Washington's Pocket Since 2006

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 06:11 AM
a reply to: darkbake

Today the Kiev junta appointed a new defense minister.

"I promise that as defense minister, with your support I will do everything possible to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens, to ensure peace in our country ... I am convinced that Ukraine will win and victory parade is sure to be in Ukrainian Sevastopol"

A sign of where Ukrainian conflict could lead? Victims of mortar attack stand before their flaming home, like a scene from the Eastern Front in the Second World War


But the pictures, which strongly resemble the trail of destruction left by Hitler's forces in the Soviet Union 70 years ago, are also a worrying sign of how the conflict could develop.

Daily Mail

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 06:54 AM
hey there,

I've been only a reader of ATS for some years, but this post made me register. For only 1 reason. I am from Ukraine - and this is totally perversive picture - a set of lies in support of Russia's view. Whenever there's a war - each side has it's version of truth. So accepting Russia's position, you have to admit that. There's a different truth too. Ukraine is only defending its territory from invaders, spies sent by KGB, and directly supported with weapons, propaganda and staged-referendums.

I admit that civilians are dying but it's inevitable, especially when terroists are hidding in civil buildings and using people as shields.

So my advice - don't believe this post. Double check with reliable sources (RT - doesn't count - since it's Putin owned media).

Be happy.

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 07:50 AM
a reply to: graneck


Please help us to understand, what is going on in Ukraine?

Who shoot the protesters and police in the end of february on Maidan?

Who is responsible for the Odessa events on May 2?

Who ordered the airstrike of Lugansk on June 2?

Who was the target of the July 2 airstrike?

How can it be that a military about 15.000 soldiers with heavy artillery, tanks and APCs cannot defeat some russian and chechen terrorists for months now?

815 videos. About what?

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 07:55 AM
a reply to: graneck

I guess it has to with part part of Ukraine you are from. And I'm sure, that you are from the Western or Central Ukraine. So you have your views, other people have their own, but if you believe Ukrainian media, I advice you to read at least Western media because there are less lies and propaganda in there. All information is available online and is verifiable so you can see and compare it for yourself.

On topic: I'm originally from Eastern part of Ukraine but I live abroad for a long time now. But I still have friends and some of my family in Ukraine, so I'm in constant contact with them as they see what's happening with their own eyes and can provide me reliable information. People there are mostly locals. There are some Russians, Serbians, Greeks, even Germans and people from Spain. And these are volunteers who came there to help people. They are there on their own. But majority of the fighters are still locals and that information was even verified and aired live on CNN by their correspondent.

National guard (which is mostly made of radicals and ex-prisoners which were released by the new law) did not have a proper training and they're there instead of the Ukrainian army killing people. And this is the main mistake Ukrainian officials made. They sent untrained people there. And if Russia is the attacking force in the Eastern Ukraine, why did so many people fled to Russia?

Every coin has two sides. And for people in the Western Ukraine, Russians are the attacking force (while they sit on the couch watching news). For the people in the East, Ukrainian force is the attacking force killing them and destroying their homes.
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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 11:13 AM
a reply to: TritonTaranis

Hey, Triton I agree. UN is sooo stupid with it's reports. So is BBC. So is New York Times. So is OSCE. Totally blind and brainwashed by Russia.
I read their reports. Complete Russian propaganda.
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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 11:13 AM

originally posted by: maghun
a reply to: graneck
How can it be that a military about 15.000 soldiers with heavy artillery, tanks and APCs cannot defeat some russian and chechen terrorists for months now?

Well not always are small forces easy to take out.

Look at the US. They spent years in the middle east and had to leave, they never won.

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 11:53 AM
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Let's leave the name-calling out of this.

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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 12:45 PM

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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 12:55 PM

originally posted by: Ploutonas
And here is a strange law that forced today in the EU. Germany, the 4th raich, will intrude any European country, that wishes to move out or people are rioting into an EU country, without even the permission of the specific country... ! So if a country wish to move out, germany will attack with army that country, or if people riot against their government, germany without permision will attack that people with army and guns.


and here is the law in pdf format.

Oh really? We, the 4th Reich (xD) will invade another country with our army?
This made my day

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 01:24 PM
Here it is, today news, its exactly what I told you in the prev page.

Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungaria allianced together for the southstream, against berlin and usa that forcing them to stop it.

link 1

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 01:39 PM
Not sure why my post was declared off-topic, when this 4th Reich nonsense is allowed to remain. Perhaps my analogy was unclear, so I'll put it a different way:

If two governments accuse one another of spreading lies, and we find out that one of them has lied before, does that mean the other government never tells a lie?
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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: OpenMindedRealist

my refer to 4th raich was an allegory, to present the dictatorship in european union. We greeks love to speak with allegory. And europeans dont want that europe, the germanic europe. European beurocrats lied to eu people about a europe of nations and friendship. Germany was hiding behind all it, to force their rullership of all EU, AND THAT WILL NOT be allowed. And europe have a huge problem.

Dont make me, to present here all the links what germany does to the governments, they force their own stuff and they force their own people as politicians.. unknown people.

Now germany gave all their money to USA, there is news about it. Also there is no gold anymore, why germany stop asking their gold? (there is news about it also). Now we pigs + 3 more countries, will stop paying taxes and you fall apart.

Its like in mythology, have you ever read the "death" /abduction of Europa? Its a very interesting myth... thats what is goin on now. After zeus seduced her and took her, she was in panic and was trying to hold her life from the left horn of the white taurus. At the end, Europa got 3 gifts. Europe will split in 3, all about europe is in splits in 3. Even the gifts europa recieved from Zeus, represent a race. Talos (scandinabians, a hunters bow-hunters that never miss its target, are considered the greeks also blood type O is considered as the hunter and all our gods have a bow and a hound/dog that never miss its hunting prey and that probably goes to serbia, hungarians, bulgarians, etc)

And its allready happening, the link I gave above in prev message shows a new alliance, also pigs and also germanics/scandinavians and thats what father Zeus decided to do.
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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 01:58 PM
Im ashamed to be human. we truly are a fleshy virus, (not all are bad)

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 02:48 PM
a reply to: Ploutonas
I appreciate your perspective, and think I understand your argument. I only mentioned the Nazi reference because that seemed (to me) to be more off-topic than my previous post which was removed.

As a Greek, you know Greece better than I possibly could. But from my perspective (American news-junkie educated in geography and history), I see things a little differently. Germany has the healthiest, most productive economy in the EU. For the past a decade, Germany has sprinkled money all over Europe in effort to keep the EU afloat. I mean no offense, but Italy and Greece in particular have come close to financial collapse. If it weren't for the EU pouring in money, things would be even worse in Italy and Greece than they are now.

The reasons for economic decline are complex and the topic is worthy of its own thread. For now, I will just say that austerity measures are not well-received by a populace grown accustomed to socialist comforts.

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