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Book of Revelation - Past, future or present

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posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 07:28 PM
a reply to: infoseeker26754

Horseman ride Unicorns.... The symbolic nature of the bible isn't suppose to be taken literally. Revelation speaks of world changing events not localized events that occur century after century. I am expecting to see a wild swing in temperatures in the not to distance future (much colder) which will result in increased volcanic activity. My eyes are on iceland.

posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: Dianec

One could say the church did all that itself, spreading doom and fear in order to Keep the faith going, and the money! Even I would not do any of them so called Things they have done! All this hype for the End Times coming seems nothing more then someone needs to get their act together Themselves.

Hey, since it's more likely to happen anyways. What are ones plans, and if so, at what level will you start anyways? Fear seem pointless now because no matter what plan one has another Doom waiting right around the corner! It becomes Funny, silly and fear no longer exist Because it is Pointless.

I love watching Doom Porn because it makes me Laugh! How stupid can a person be? No mater what Tales of some likely doom was only meant to allow people to Change their ways. Seems it failed for the most part, some have listened, gone through the pain and decided it was better for them and force nothing on another.

At the end of it all, whats left are the ones who decided that having Freewill is nothing more then deciding it for yourself and whats best for you. The Lie is that as a whole it is wrong to do, yet if one does not get off their $&# themselves, all one is doing is Freeloading off others Good Will!

Cold But True! Reach Out, Help another Yet most of the time it's the players playing this Game! Then after catching them in the act, one finds you evil, cold, unjust and some go the extra mile to drag you down. Play on your Love, bend your will as their own, and twist things around to get you feeling Down since Hello! Thought you Loved Me!

Best Love I ever got was when another person had the balls to tell me just that! Rare to find a Friend like that anymore! Sad they had to go into Hiding! Yet Spreading Love Everyday to the Ones Receiving.


posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 08:15 PM
a reply to: glend

Actually, I meant that would be So Cool! I would be wondering what I had around to Feed One! Since the idea of a Man on a Horse could only mean Riding something, Yet the Horse itself having that much power over everything only means something we do not have here on earth. Ship! One best hope they haven't left the Keys in it! Best Joyride Ever!

What actually happened was an Ice Age Gone Bad! Someone Knew it was coming so decided to add a little Heat! Opp's! Again, messing with things They have No Way of knowing How it Works is what Man Does! Plus the fact They never Think say 10yrs what might happen, No! Seems always a Quick Fix. Cheap Bastards!

This is how I know it to be. Man using what little brain it has. One day found Oil and Hello, energy! Was so easy to get once some fool found out the way. It has never Stopped. Another man using his Brain found out that what the Oil actually did was Balance the Planets Core not only from the core itself mind you. It also helped Balance the Heat coming From the Sun. Hence, Oil IS the Blood of the Earth. Seems to have gone missing long ago, Poor Fellow!

The cores Heat, plus the Suns spread out within the oil to Cool it down some. Worked like Majic, got too hot either way, Nature had a chance to fix it slowly. Now being that the Sun at it Hottest; Lie Here though since we have gone past the center so to speak the Sun is gonna Stay at a Hotter Level for 3-5 Years and not the up and down crap as they claim. Opp's! Since the Oil is just about 3/4 used up. The Suns Heat is heating up the Core Itself! Now what was say a ball of a soccer ball, now has grown to a basket ball! Hello Great Quake!

Since nothing can Fix it Now. Another Great Mind came up with another Bright Idea! Nuke Winter! Plans are set, yet an knowing Force is putting a Stop to this! Some call it God, while others claim ET! Since it really matters Not who Actually Comes, since already here mind you! Man has reached The Line it should have Never Crossed!

Yet, told in stories from long ago. Whats left of Man will be the ones who actually Carried To Listen, And are Willing to Offer there Own Lives/Souls to Fix It!

That Is LOVE!


posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 11:22 PM

originally posted by: glend
The prophecies suggest a military action against Rome, the Vatican or both. John Paul II remark suggest that it will be from the world wide power of Communism (China and Russia alliance?) that perhaps unites to tackle the NWO head on.

Well, what about this thread talking about the ISIS leader wanting to sack Rome?

Strange times indeed!

posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 05:13 AM

originally posted by: infoseeker26754
a reply to: Maigret

Yet, dropping all the Text and story line, Would it not Be Wise to Listen Within?

We have the world and masked is the Relig telling People How it is, How to go about finding God; Outside! To Be with, would mean Having it around, Within ones Heart, Together. Or having The Spirit within one's being is how I understand it.

How would one Know you were With unless you had some sort of glow, smile and went out of your way to help another being during this Time?

Tossing out some thoughts on this one.


It is the 'Voice within' (aka the Holy Spirit) that gives me these answers. (You won't find them any where in organised religion.)

And no, no one can see what's inside of me by my outer appearance...

Peace be to you too.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 12:21 AM
I have been searching internet for possible Blue Hoppi candidate and best I can come up with is Eta Carinae.

Eta Carinae is two stars, a massive blue star and a smaller companion. In the 19th Century the star mysteriously threw off unusually bright light for two decades in an event that became known as the “Great Eruption". But has dimmed ever since.

"After 1998, however, the linear trend changed significantly and the star’s brightness increased much more rapidly in the J and H bands. It’s getting bluer, which in astronomy, typically means it’s getting hotter"

"Perhaps Eta Carinae is heading toward another “Great Eruption.” Only time will tell. But in a field where most events occur on a timescale of millions of years, it’s a great opportunity to watch the system evolve on a human time scale."

Recent visibility tracked since last great eruption can be seen on following link. One scientist has claimed that when the star explodes, "it would be so bright that you would see it during the day, and you could even read a book by its light at night"

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edit on 5 7 2014 by glend because: (no reason given)

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 10:22 AM
a reply to: glend

it would be good we refer more often to those landmark statements and visions of the popes that you posted.

The events spoken of by the popes Pius X and John Paul II have not been fulfilled yet. However, they might be lessened if we choose the light path. I hope that kind of outcome is coming on the horizon, soon.

Leo 13 should not be forgotten either. His predicted 75-100 years of satan seem to have been expired in the time period of 1989 - 2014.

We should also include the alleged reports/visions of John 23 of aliens, and confirmed meeting with at least one contactee. That makes significant difference in the stream of wordings coming out of popes.

Or perhaps it is a matter of individual option for each one of the 7 bln people on the planet which way to choose? The doom and death or the life and continuation of civilization?

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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: glend

Most people focus on finding any possible link to connect the dots together. Spend some of my time also in the past. Now everything seems to somehow find any link possible without questioning the actual Thought.

One should know already it is time; signs in the sky and that lagging feeling most have inside themselves. It is the Call to become ready, work out one differences and change. It seems that more then some Just want it over with, while others say Bring It On! Last, as the rest somehow having no plans, yet Looking for that sign thinking Now I can make Plans. Too Late!

Could it be just another Trick for one to get caught in? Attention to other things Outside oneself is good. Although the trap would be to keep one looking Outside instead of Inside. Funny in a Odd Way, So one finds the time we are in, and then goes listing How it will Play out. Still, the only thing it would do will start ones world turning it upside down since now Fear in not knowing What to do now!

What to do now is what most haven't a clue anyways. How can one even plan anything since it will come from every possible angle, although more then likely something Way of the Charts! Since the idea of 2012, Rev seems somewhat a ruse since Land masses change over time, can relate to any point in time past and has the words changed from long ago. Use to be a word meant what it stated, now even the Words have been Twisted so much most mean various different subjects on different levels!

One might say Hearing the Sounds in the Sky, Trumpets. Actually woke me up in a deep sleep and Had to go outside! A part of me wanted to turn away while the other decided just to listen for a bit. At first freaky, sicking and became fearful. Yet while allowing, I stay outside to hear is it was a different kind of song, if somehow I might know this music or remember anyways. Rats! God forgot to add an Angel with Drums!

Plus come to think about it. Remember the Movie where Jupter changed into an Actually Earth? Odd that one person would make a movie about this since it could actually work. We do have the Black Sat in orbit, had to come from somewhere. sometime, someplace. I wonder what would happen if it Turned On by itself? I have not found anything in any books to account for this small missing link above us.

Have to question why no one has bothered to fly over there, dock or at least String themselves and knock. I Would!


posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 11:42 AM
The big problem I have with these "choose your own adventure" style prophecies is that they imply you can know enough what they refer to in the future that you can choose whether or not to avert their worst affects. It's pretty clear with the major Biblical prophecies, like the Book of Daniel, that they are sealed up until the end and no one will really, truly begin to understand them until they start to loom over us and come to pass.

That's why it's such a big deal to try to decipher them - if you can even make a small inkling of what they might mean, it means they are on the horizon and likely coming in our lifetime.

With these other prophecies, it is presumed that they will be understandable enough that we can stop them before they even start. Generally, this sort of removes them from the category of true prophecy in my mind and makes them more of a carrot/stick warning. This is the warning and the stick is the horrible future with the dangled carrot being the better future if you just do as I say.

So, are they genuine prophecy or warning and are they truly divinely inspired?

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 12:27 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

I beleive some have the gift of prophecy. Although very rare, IMO. There are phenomenon that happen to me that I can't explain, that I'm sure have happened to all of us to some degree.

I've had feelings I couldn't tap into until after the fact. A hunch I would see someone from long past on a particular day - a fleeting feeling/thought/intuition, and then it happens, and only then do I recall that I knew it was going to happen. That's one example. It's hard to explain. Another example was after school one day I got this sense that someone close to me had died as I was walking home. It hit me suddenly and I just knew. I got home to find that my dad had just found out my grandmother had died. She was way too young to die and it was completely unexpected.

I'm an analytical thinker and don't fall easily into superstition but there is no explanation for some of these phenomenon. If someone like me gets hit with this stuff randomly imagine someone who truly has a gift, and access to the part of the mind that allows this seeing.

It's really hard to know what these people were tapping into (or what tapped into them).

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 12:37 PM
a reply to: Dianec

Look, I'm not discounting it. I'm just drawing a line. Is it true prophecy which to me has the quality of a riddle, something that you don't fully understand until it's come to pass. Or is it a warning, something you know and understand that you can choose to try to avert?

I read a lot of contemporary fantasy books, and one of the enduring plot tropes is the prophecy everyone tries to avert. They don't know what the signs fully are, but they know enough to be dangerous about it. Often, in trying to avert the prophecy, they either enable it or make it worse.

Warnings IMO are more clear. There is no potential trouble in trying to avert the outcome because you know the price of failure and you know what you must do in order to avert it.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm quibbling the semantics. Also, I'm not discounting it because I've had my own dreams, one of them within the past week. But I interpret my dream as a warning more than a prophecy although I suppose you could call it prophetic, but the meaning I draw from it ... is ... assuming I'm correct in my interpretation ... troubling for those in the church and those who trust a church too much.

I'm not sure I'm right though and it's a little weird because He isn't in the habit of showing me things although it's by no means the only dream I've ever had.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 12:47 PM

originally posted by: Maigret

originally posted by: windword
a reply to: glend

Hmmm. Interesting read. Sometimes I wonder if the Book of Revelations predicts the "End TImes" of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican. One can only hope.

Actually, the Book of Revelation does predict the end of the Roman Catholic Church! Read Revelation Chapters 17 & 18.

These chapters speak of a great city that sits on seven hills, which also represent seven kings, is wickedness personified, rules over the monarchs of other countries, is guilty of the blood of the saints, etc. etc.

Since the Lateran Treaty which was signed in 1929 creating the great Vatican City, which is also the world's smallest COUNTRY, and inaugurating the Pope as the sovereign KING of this country; there have been seven kings, and the eighth, who is the current Pope. This also ties in with the prophetic verses of Malachy of Amagh.

I have a theory on this.
The rapture will take away all the sincere believers from earth. that will leave a significant amount of church-going non-believers, including I'm sure a fair amount of Catholics. I think this remnant of the Catholic church will ally itself with the antiChrist (al-Mahdi? neoCaesar?); as a whore, it will sell itself to the alpha male. Eventually the antiChrist will have gotten what he wants and cast her aside (again, like a whore).

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 12:55 PM
a reply to: works4dhs

I'm still not sold on the Rapture. There are good arguments both ways for it, yay and nay. I look at it this way: if it happens great, but if it doesn't, I'll continue to look for it. I'll keep telling myself it'll happen before things get really bad, and maybe that way, no matter how bad it gets, I'll keep believing they aren't as bad as they could be because a Rapture will take me away before the really bad stuff. I hope others keep that perspective. And in the end, we are supposed to be lifted away before the Earth is destroyed and remade, so I'd be right.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

I hear what you're saying. Is a prophecy a warning, which implies we can change it, or is it set in stone? I would say a true prophecy is the later. The church can make it seem otherwise but take all of that out and I come to the conclusion there is a slight difference.

I think of the Hopi stuff. We couldn't know until after, what parts of that prophecy were talking about. Why is that? In hindsight its so obvious. And this is a very clear prophecy. Would it have changed anything if the person putting wires (webs) in the skies knew of this prophecy? Would they have stopped and reversed the decision to give us all electricity? No. Just like we think we know of the blue star. We assume it means something beyond our control and maybe it isn't. Maybe it's like the veil I think you spoke of. Does the prophet even know the difference between a warning and something that is set in stone? You and I don't know what's happening to us when these things happen. Of course, they are the ones experiencing it so maybe they have a sense, but what they experienced, while the range and depth were more intense, (amplified by 1000), may have felt no different than what we experience.

If there is a difference (and I think its subtle), it may be like this:

A warning would be a nudge that says, "don't go into that building or don't walk down that street'. The warning is more forceful maybe. It's instant (aka instinct). When I knew someone close to me had died was that a warning? No because I couldn't change it. A prophecy? If it was an offshoot of a prophetic thing it was something I knew simultaneous to the event so it wouldn't be considered prophecy since that implies a future event. With the visitor I haven't seen in a long time (has happened a few times), that would maybe be a future thing but its hard to tell. I know it isn't a choice with either a "warning knowing" or a "prophetic knowing". That is to assume I even know what a prophetic knowing is. Whatever it is, it comes from somewhere we cannot explain.

The Hopi prophet was able to convey there were two paths that could be taken. Therefore he saw some stuff that would come what may. He then has this cutoff where people could change the course. I don't recall his stipulations of what that would look like but his was an example of someone who knew (or sensed) the difference.

I think it is clear these prophets had visions. These had to of come to them through dream states. You say you have dreams that you aren't sure are warnings or prophetic. I bet the same was true in these cases as people can dream while awake (daydream in the literal sense). Maybe those who shared these prophecies had them over days or months and we assume (or I do), that these visions came to them all at once. If you're having dreams I would personally like to hear them. If they connect in some way it could be similar to what they experienced, except they had complete faith that they were prophetic (didn't second guess it).

The reason I beleive their visions came in dreamlike states is we know it is only through the non analytical mind that these things can happen. The analyzing mind dismisses them or gets out of the way (via faith perhaps). I don't beleive that God actually talked to people in the bible in the literal sense, but spoke to them via the still quiet voice that we can so easily miss or dismiss. Maybe it takes practice but I would pay attention to dreams that were accompanied by that nudge (if I had them).

Sorry for rambling.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 07:16 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

"Could it be just another Trick for one to get caught in"? If they didn't want people to look at prophecies, they wouldn't have written them down in the first place. The thing is, our souls are indestructible, so these prophecies don't tell of our end, they tell of an end to evil and a new era for humankind. It is not something to fear.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 07:35 PM
a reply to: Maigret

"Since the Lateran Treaty which was signed in 1929. here have been seven kings, and the eighth, who is the current Pope"

instead of looking at the beast in a single timeframe, its a beast that occurs over longer timeframe. That does make a lot of sense. Thank you for explaining it in a different light.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 07:46 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Perhaps as Maigret has pointed out the reign of beast starts with the Lateran Treaty which was signed in 1929. That puts Leo 13 predicted expiry between 2004- 2029. "The doom and death or the life and continuation of civilization? " Or the birth of new era for humankind that doesn't sacrifice the life of children for the almighty dollar

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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 08:24 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

This I have to ask myself too sometimes.

First. Somehow we got the Bible confused with making a movie from it Live. 2. Lets say I'm Satan, Would I Not go about seeing that none of this will happen. Or at least stop every War out East anyways! Surely He can Read right?

And just because one has dreams and or visions does not mean it was Prophecy. I dream of crazy stuff now and then although my mind never stops, would have to say it's far from it. Then one would have to Try to place words on something never seen or know what it does anyways.

Now being Divinely in nature? Could happen yet more likely to get info Dreaming because of how a brain works. Say you had bits and clues yet nothing happens to fit together. Take a break, eat and watch some tv. Tired one goes to bed. One part of your brain is still working, finds the missing link even so goes about sub injecting info on the subject. Yet one side of the brain Talks Differently so when one wakes up, either Bingo or later after forgotten one might get a flash.

Then theirs the Time idea, live in all timelines at once, had a bleed through withing the timeline. More like waking up one day and could not tell if you were in tomorrow, today or in the past. Could also be from another ET relaying info also. Yet all have some sort of gap, words, time and space.

Better to go with the bad feeling idea. Once noticed, stop and see/feel where the feelings coming. Next, depending on the vibes, if getting stronger. Pay Attention. If somehow something triggered that feeling, did it come from something you remembered or have no reasons for it. Same with Dreams.

Once dreamed of the US split in 1/2 by a River so big, went from Denver, CO to almost KS. Thats how wide the river was. From Canada to Gulf Coast; funny though. Did seem to flow around TX to get to the Miss River! People calling me asking how to find the bridges. I saw only 2. Yet my age was the same as I was in the dream.


posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 08:41 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

I would not place bets on it even happening. More then likely Added in order to create Fear. I have to wonder if they might have Flipped it!

When the Rapture does come; would think all the sinners would Burn first so what is left is the Good to overcome Evil. I mean, Who's going to fight the Good Fight after seeing this happen? Peace on Earth afterwards? By all accounts, would take at Least 1,000 years for the Planet just to Heal Itself after all that!

Lost Books keep popping up every so many years, who knows whats actually happening. Either way, one has to have both. Books and Street smarts in order to play this out. Including Faith! Although what happens to the people Leaving one would have thought to at least add some more words to discribe it as it happened.


posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 10:54 PM
a reply to: glend

Taking the overall big picture into account, glend, there is only one generation (Matthew 24:34), as the Son said when telling his disciples about the end times, that will see all these prophecies fulfilled.

No other generation has had the true preaching of Matthew 24:9 & 14, where the Son says "they will hand you over to Tribulation, and kill you, and you will be hated by all [religious] nations because of my name."... "And this gospel [sic] of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world, as a witness to all the [religious] nations and then the end will come." 7:25

Although the Son, in Matthew 24:9, never says who 'they' are, it becomes obvious that it is the followers of the Antichrist (who is also named in the Bible as the LIttle Horn, Beast from the Sea, Scarlet Beast, Eighth Head, etc.) and his reign of tribulation against the saints lasts for exactly 3 1/2 years, which is also 42 months, which is also 180 weeks, which is also 1,260 days (using the 360 days of the prophetic year) Check out Rev 13:5, 11:2 & 3, Daniel 7:25.

To get back to the single generation, read Enoch 1:1. 'The words of the blessing of Enoch, wherewith he blessed the elect ⌈⌈and⌉⌉ righteous, who will be living in the day of tribulation, when all the wicked ⌈⌈and godless⌉⌉ are to be removed. [Rapure? *L*] 2. And he took up his parable and said--Enoch a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by God, saw the vision of the Holy One in the heavens, ⌈which⌉ the angels showed me, and from them I heard everything, and from them I understood as I saw, but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is for to come.' Source:

God's main purpose is to create a holy nation of priests (Exodus 19:5 & 6) and this was the whole purpose of the Blood sacrifice of His Son almost 2,000 years later (Revelation 5: 9 & 10) and now another 2,000 years or so later, this is being revealed. And is about to be enacted...

The only ones washed by the blood sacrifice of the Son of God, are those who have come through the Tribulation (Revelation 7:14) and who don't worship the Beast (Revelation 13:8) or his image, and who don't receive his mark (Revelation 24:4).

Another thing that has only been revealed to this generation, is that the name of the Son of God is Yeshua. As the Son said, the Tribulation will be about/over/because of his name - and it will be!

The Antichrist stands in place of the true Messiah = Jesus Christ (Christian deity) currently stands in place of Yeshua (kosher Jewish High Priest) the Messiah.

With the arrival of 'Jesus Christ at his second coming', the Saints will not marvel when they see him (Revelation 17:8), because they will know exactly who and what he is; yet the Jesus followers will kill anyone who does not bend knee to, and worship him.

Revelation 20:4 - 6 shows that it is the Saints (men, women and children of every tribe, tongue, nation, etc.) who have endured the Tribulation, who will reign as priests of God and of the Lamb.

Everyone else will be judged on their works! (Revelation 20:12 & 13.)

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