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The Collective Unconscious is a Psychic Backdrop which Marginalizes the Paranormal

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posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 09:02 PM
a reply to: Frith

heres an even more invoking answer.

What if humanity was created and the government knows?

So mainstream science is all like bleh were the first hazzuh.
But there may be other life out there... like bacteria or something.
^ serious answer from collective society.

In the grand scheme of things. The government can't just admit that aliens are real collectively to society.
Like im pretty sure everyones imagining that there would be one day when every government would randomly come forward with press conferences about E.Ts orbiting earth.

But it's just not going to happen because of
1. If we were created, Which we cannot put doubts into right now. We don't want to piss off the wrong E.T
2. If people were to have mass contact they don't want activity between people to alter communication between the species ( Violence and reckless acts)
3. Religion will make preferences towards certain E.T once species are identified through press conferences, This could spark world wide religious warfare.
4. The governments would have to admit their inconsistancies for proper education with disinformation.
(They are slowly admitting to it)

All of these reasons are enough to start civil unrest combined together and we have the apocalypse.
Is there really any other way of looking at this scenario?
There is almost certainty that one or more species are engaged with Earth.

The media is prepping people up for the coming decision. Of how to approch these issues.
The primary way to add peices to the puzzle is the shoot down UFOs and obtain the occupants for DNA anylesis. Once we find something with remarkable similarities to humans. We will begin private contact. If there is high certainty that we found the originators or a link to them we will engage.

We can't just open contact to every alien species that want's to envest in bases and merchant affairs such as abductions.
Worry less about humanities brutality. It is a way of deterring other species from parking on our lawns.

If we shoot anything that moves and blow each other up, Its less likely first contact would occure during warfare.
So they are just buying time for lives. We are on the brink of reaching space stage.

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posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 09:19 AM
Have you ever read the "Coldfire" Trilogy?
Coldfire Trilogy Wiki
Fictional reading can sometimes be much more than a good story, we just have to keep our minds and eyes open to the possibilities.

In those stories there is an energy field called the "fae" that interacts with the mind and creates whatever can be thought up. While this is cool, it can lead to some unspeakable horrors as well. I compare it to dreaming, if you think of something while dreaming usually it happens. So directing your thoughts and not letting your mind stray can be the difference in a great experience or something terrifying.

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