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New York Assemblywoman Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 04:14 PM
Another case, and another corrupt politician down. It's one of so many that it can seem little to nothing in overall impact, but the public is in a very heightened state of watching and reacting right now. For that reason, I think it matters quite a bit as these add up.

Gabriela Rosa, a New York assemblywoman in her first term representing a district of Upper Manhattan, became the latest state lawmaker to be forced out of office as she pleaded guilty in a corruption case in federal court on Friday.

Ms. Rosa, unlike some of her convicted colleagues, was not accused of bribery; she was undone by making false statements, including one concerning a marriage that she admitted was part of an immigration scheme.

Ms. Rosa told the judge, Denise Cote, of United States District Court in Manhattan, that she had gotten married some years ago to “regularize my immigration status.”

“I married this person and it was not a real marriage,” she said.

The law should be equal to everyone and she was a long long way from the level of seeing institutional cover from the system itself.

It all starts local, because outside family name political dynasty? (and we have plenty of those, too I know), they all start at the lower level like this at some point. That's where I think it's important to be involved, if anywhere. So, in that way? I think examples like this matter a lot to show it's not above the law to the system as a whole. Just those at the highest levels, as a norm these days.

For what it's worth, the politician here is a Democrat. I say it that way because these days, it could as easily have been the other side or from independents or secondary parties. Corruption seems only a matter of degree and nature of it. Madness. All of it.

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