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Russian envoy sees prospect of terrorist state

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 01:05 AM
It looks like Russia is starting to apply their pressure through the channels of the UN and Security Council. It still takes 5 in a unanimous core vote for the Sec. Council to do something, but it's also hard to argue their point.

In some things, it may not be a bad idea for the US and Russia to stop working against each other when the region between our major powers is being torn up by lesser groups going postal.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Russia's U.N. ambassador said Thursday there is a real prospect of a terrorist state springing up from Syria's second-largest city Aleppo to Iraq's capital Baghdad.

Vitaly Churkin pointed to the rapid advance of al-Qaida-inspired terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant who are active in Syria and have crossed the border and captured a large swath of Iraqi territory.

In this case, I think the ISIS/ISIL organization as it's forming and merging with others now, and as this says....actually peddling oil for revenue like a proper self sustaining force...may become a threat to BOTH the Russians and America.

Either power has it's past and ongoing history with extremism and both have mutual interest here if we can focus that way.

Russia wants the Security Council to address this issue and Churkin said he will soon circulate a draft presidential statement to council members aimed at preventing terrorists from selling Iraqi and Syrian oil to finance their illegal activities.

At least it looks like one side is open to mutual interests here. Obama seems to be looking for more aid to the 'trusted' rebels which isn't helpful to the cooperation idea, but one side is a start if anything about it is sincere.

Churkin said the United States and Russia, which spearheaded the Geneva talks, should press for new political negotiations to end the Syrian conflict, "keeping in mind the new dimension of terrorist threat."

Russia is concerned with seeing an Islamic State formed and claimed from Aleppo, Syria to Baghdad. That would be a major new force that wouldn't likely stay within it's new found borders long.

This is certainly one to watch with a lot of changing events.

posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 01:20 AM
a reply to: Wrabbit2000

So I.S.I.S. or I.S.I. and the Levant (I.S.I.L) are including Israel as part of the their "caliphate", then why isn't Israel with their nuclear armament not getting more involved.
Instead Obama wants to give 500 million of our tax dollars to support a rebel group in Syria?!! I have student loans to pay off, why not alleviate our burden here in America?
Help us who worked hard to graduate and find jobs and to get out of debt because we overpaid for hyped-upped classes and universities and we need to buy a house that cost $20,00 (maybe less with cheaper labor) to build, but we have to qualify for $150,000 and more to buy a starter home.
This getting ridiculous.

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 01:23 AM
It is sickeningly funny how others can see the potential of what is being formed and the outcome of that formation while others can do nothing but look at their script and play book without consideration for a changing environment. What a frigging world we live in Rabbit.

posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 03:15 AM
At least Russia are seeing the bigger picture and reality.

As for funding ''safe terrorists'' there isn't any such thing.

The citizens of the US should be blocking this.

Chances are all that funding is just a ruse and would end up in ISIS hands anyway, just as it did before.

Stop playing the terrorists game like fools, or willing fools.

Making sure they can't sell oil should be a priority, as should preventing them getting anywhere near it in the first place.
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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 03:22 AM
It's all an act, in a playbook that various people have. It will progress the way those with the playbook want it to.

This object will remain in motion, until it is acted upon by another force. Newton's laws of motion fit in well here.

So until it is acted upon, by an outside force, in some manner or means. It will continue as it's course is set, with new "drama" unfolding on the MSM, as to keep it fresh in our minds, and the fear in our hearts.

Sadly, I believe if we leave it alone, it will spread like a plague over the land, consuming all in it's path, for good or ill.

People who leave their rabid dogs loose, after their task is done, are bound to get bit in the ass before they get too far away.

posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 03:27 AM
You know, if Syria, Iran and Russia would simply stop resisting, we could have long since "liberated" them from their terrible existence. The sooner that could get done the sooner we could stop pretending to be friends with the likes of Saudi Arabia....

I can certainly understand Russia's concern here, I am sure they would much rather buy oil through US puppet states, because they trust they will get a much better deal with the west.....

Oh, I hear ISIS is offering deep discounts on unused, pre-owned chemical weapons. Order now while supplies last. Limit of two bombs per order and will not ship to different names within the same household. Refunds not permitted and extra taxes will be collected if shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and California.
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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 07:21 AM
a reply to: Rosinitiate

Ugh.... No offense, but after Iraq and Afghanistan as the most recent examples in a string of nation building disasters to mark the U.S. as singularly UN-qualified for such efforts...the absolute last thing anyone on this planet needs, in my view, is more "liberation".

We call it liberate, while others call it something closer to incarcerate in place within a new nation-size jail for how it seems to be run. We even leave places for the inmates to run the whole thing when we just give up and leave.

I shudder to even imagine the Russia Federation after a "US Liberation". History would record a new bloodletting anyway. Probably one to rank with the "greats" of the last century or so.

Lets either work WITH other if defeating them on a score card wasn't our goal here ...or just pull back to our own borders and let the world go to hell in the proverbial hand basket. No need that Americans hold the handle and help it on it's way this time, IMO.

posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 10:03 AM
Funding terrorist to fight other terrorist and then they did what you wanted you fund new terrorist to kill the first terrorist that now went from friend of america to enimy of america in a blink. That is the american way. This way america can say it was not us.

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