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Ancient archery technique rediscovered. Shoot 3 arrows in 1 and half seconds.

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posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 03:29 PM
did no read what I wrote.... I will elaborate more
This was used as a tactic against the Mongols by ancient Mamluk and was perfect for hitting and retreating as they fought. As the mongols approached the Mamluk would shoot off their arrows in waves of 3 (rows of archers)in the time it would take the mongols to get to a range that they could shoot at.

The Mamluk would have shot 3x the amount of arrows vs the mongols in a battle. The only reason this later did not work was the volume of the mongols and as the bow design advanced the fast shooting technique was no longer as effect at the longer range of the bows.

This tactic was definitely used in large scale warfare in Syria. At this time the Mamluk archers were highly wanted by the mongols because they wanted their secrets of speed. The mongol speed archers could only rapid fire 1 arrow accurately at about 50 yards while the mamluk could shoot 3 in 1.5 seconds at 75 yards accurately.

Saracen Archery

posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 05:42 AM
a reply to: elitelogic
Its interesting but a bit or more then a bit deceiving. First of all there are not old techniques, that's like saying crouching tiger always beats praying mantis style. You know a bit mystifying, but in reality the straight punch to the face generally beats both styles.

I recently got into archery, a compound bow, and I would not even shoot from anything closer then 30 yards especially at the targets the guy in the video is shooting at because it would pass through and into the wall behind at those ranges the guy is shooting from. But it all depends, with modern compound bows its more about accuracy and making that one shot count, then it is about how many arrows you can shoot in a short time, even at 70 yards or farther I get pass through on most targets. Shot on hay bails and even up to 70 yards or 100 sometimes the arrow would clean pass through get stuck in the rubber tarp or plywood behind the hay bail targets at the local archery range I go to sometimes. I am more worried about losing arrows then anything else.

I don't know about the whole speed shooting, modern bows or at least compound bows are not about speed shooting. I can see how it can be done, but the guy is not getting much power as he is not taking the time to pull the string back all the way, even on recurve bows your sacrificing power and penetration and kinetic energy for speed. It would have its uses but watching that vid its more trick shooting then anything. I think even the whole old school 140 pound or whatever long bows they used to use back in the days, was more about not even aiming or accuracy, they were used mostly to mow down large groups of armsmen in battles or wars. Basically they would pull it back and let it lose knowing that at those ranges and that weight and that large of a group of targets its bound to hit something or somebody.

As for the mongols, ya they would be about speed shooting and light offensive maneuvering. But again with today's bow technology progress that would be canceled when you could practice to take them off there horse or even shot down there horse from 100 or more yards away before they even get near you. It may have worked in some part of history, but would not apply to archery today outside of just something thats kind of cool.

With modern compound bows you can achieve some pretty high ranges, much more then the past with a little practice and ingenuity. Here this guy is popping balloons from 300 yards away. I personally have not tried from anything farther then 100 yards away, but only because I don't have the space or place to do that, or want to lose arrows. But it can be done, in fact would not even be all that hard, especially aiming at a huge target like a horse, even if its moving.

The guy is a good trick shot artist, but I seen better, there are some vids of a guy even hitting tick tacks and coins while speed shooting, I was much more impressed by those videos then his. Besides most of what he claims is not accurate by far, dont even know if he is serious about grabbing an arrow in flight. Thats just crazy.

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