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posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 12:40 PM
a reply to: bbracken677

See this is a perfect example of stagnation in action.

You reference 2lot like it is holy scripture handed down from God's lips to Carnot's ear. Unfortunately this isn't the case. There's a growing belief that began on the fringes and after decades of screaming first one then two now a chorus of voices firmly within the mainstream are saying "whoa even a blind squirrel gets a nut some time... come check this out!"

Yes that's right the dudes with letters in their titles are now in a foot race to cage a demon and enslave it to humanity.

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 12:16 AM

originally posted by: roguetechie
a reply to: bbracken677

Yes that's right the dudes with letters in their titles are now in a foot race to cage a demon and enslave it to humanity.


posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 07:54 AM
a reply to: roguetechie

If the 2nd law of thermo is wrong, then provide some proof. Otherwise
and dont be obtuse.

No one is proving the 2lot (as you put it) wrong, no one is close to proving it wrong. The fact that you wish to ignore it displays a great deal of naiveté on your part.

It is is demonstrable and until someone proves it wrong it stands. Those who choose to "believe" it is not fact should go apply to Ba'al or Zeus.

posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 08:06 PM
a reply to: OccamsRazor04

Ummmm..... Maxwell's proverbial demon....

In reply to bracken lol all I have to say is the butthurt is strong with this one lol...

Oh and for someone convinced of their own intellectual superiority you seem to have exceptionally poor reading comprehension, are prone to logical fallacies, and by your own attempts to point out my obviously much inferior knowledge of the subject at hand managed to bring your own ignorance of current research and lack of current involvement with the subject matter at hand starkly to the forefront.

First off 2LOT as you derisively pointed out was my shorthand term for the second law of thermodynamics (mind you you utterly failed to get what I wrote right in your stale attempt to bring attention to "my ignorance". Except of course had you actually managed to correctly duplicate the terminology I used would also be mocking the scores of phd's and other professionals who post on physorg and who I borrowed the term from.) Has not been conclusively breached yet to my knowledge, nor had I claimed it had in my post! What I did say is that a growing group among credentialed and respected people now believe 2LOT is incomplete or outright wrong in certain instances.

Secondly I am singularly unimpressed by the large group of hilariously insecure posters who haunt this forum attempting to browbeat denigrate and humiliate any posters with unconventional views into silence. It is a very weak person indeed who cannot stand to even HEAR ANOTHER VIEWPOINT besides their own. You are acting in the same way every junior high mean girl acts in order to bend others to their will. It's sad and it's pathetic and it's completely ruining scientific culture in the west! If you want to be rich famous and surrounded by sycophantic boot lickers learn to rap or play the f'ing guitar!!! But please oh please stay the f*** out of the STEM fields because you and your narcissistic ilk have already done so much damage to the credibility of science and the attraction of pursuing STEM fields by the people desperately needed in these areas that we are rapidly approaching a critical juncture beyond which could lie another dark ages!!

Oh and incidentally you're wrong. Much higher mileage vehicles are in fact possible.... matter of fact there's so bloody many possible avenues by which you could accomplish this that a case really does exist for the suppression angle.

Are cars ran off the road and people killed? I can't say I've seen conclusive or even really great circumstancial evidence of an incident like this personally, I don't rule it out though. But there's a recent incident I can relate that is easily confirmed and is extraordinarily hard to write off by an open minded person. The incident in question deals with the now failed aptera car company (the wiki on aptera is .... not even close to accurate on multiple points unfortunately.). Now when aptera first came on my radar before the official unveiling of the automotive x prize competition in 2007 their plan was to build a diesel electric hybrid version of their car first with only very backburner plans to build an all electric version at some point. By 2007 they had production molds and a proven road tested and so close to production ready 3 cylinder hybrid turbodiesel version that in testing was claimed to average 266 miles per gallon fuel economy that they were planning to start selling units in California first by fall 2008 with expected price of twenty grand.

And then the crash happened... now the crash basically put aptera on life support as venture capital and credit for businesses like theirs just vanished overnight! And then the stimulus plans were announced including MASSIVE potential funding for "green technology firms" unfortunately apparently PROVEN and pretty much production ready diesel hybrids with TRIPLE DIGIT fuel economies were not "green" enough. Aptera now desperate totally changes gears dumps their production ready power train and design staff to "focus on their all electric model"!! And it WORKS they get in on a first round of stimulus loans and grants.... a few years after that the money's gone they're nowhere close to a production ready powertrain they've already laid off most of their staff and they get denied a second round of funding!!!!

Aptera closed their doors in 2011 and people who knew what had just died CRIED while watching grainy cellphone video of an employee tasked with destruction of dozens of chassis' that were finished and people BEGGED to buy!!! Some offering double or triple the original 20 grand msrp!! (Sounds oddly familiar right?) JUST FOR THE CHASSIS and were willing to sign airtight notarized liability releases! Oh and where's the molds jigs intellectual property and every other important bit of aptera now?


I mean between that and the electric rav 4 battery saga.... anyone who says something well organized and very intentional isn't going on is either willfully stupid or deep down knows they are mediocre at best in their field and thus benefit from the status quo as it stands now which is a full on celebration of mediocrity in every way.

So for those keeping score here massive potential for American jobs and exports as well as huge potential reductions of fossil fuel consumption were killed by either an outright corrupt bureaucracy or one which believed it knew better than the people actually DOING things to benefit the environment!

Everyone knows the old saying those who can't do teach.... but very few know there's a third and much more consistently accurate part to this saying... those who cannot do, teach. And those who cannot even teach become bureaucrats to make life harder for those actually capable of doing or teaching!!!

DISCLAIMER: I Love teachers in reality with the exception of a few 3 fingered one eyed shop teachers and all the morbidly obese sadists teaching Jr high physical education or coaching football. There aren't too many higher callings out there!!

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