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Retired US Marine claims he spent 17 years on MARS protecting five human colonies from Martians

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posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 04:16 PM

originally posted by: funbox
someone should ask Gary McKinnon if he saw that name on any of the lists he said he perused

if you're out there Mr Mckinnon ? jog any bells?


The ex-naval infantryman, who uses the pseudonym Captain Kaye

Well we don't have a name I guess but I bet his real name starts with a K :-)

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 04:20 PM

originally posted by: combatmaster
a reply to: Char-Lee

But honestly.... 20 years and entire populations, bases a what have you and not one pic from anyone!?

Since when are humans so obedient to rules?

I had an Uncle Joe Sparrow (yeah he was descended from the Pirate Sparrow family tree)
Well. he too was a Navy man (following a tradition no doubt)
and he showed me pictures of the Chinese 'day of sentence' when dozens of convicted prisoners had either hands or heads lopped off for their crimes... I can't recall if it was on every Tuesday or Thursday in the huge courtyard that chopping blocs were set-up for that gruesome event

~Navy personnel were Not supposed to take pictures of that legal event in China, so that's a confirmation that we as a species do not Obey Rules/Laws All the time

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 04:49 PM
The plumbing on Mars is the next problem. The colonies have been waiting for proper plumbing for over a decade now, but our President seems to have other priorities. Its such a disgrace, letting these heroes live in squalor and smelly fecal mud pits. Bring our people home or send them bathroom facilities Mr. President!

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 05:02 PM
a reply to: waltwillis

Great Video Thanks. And the Possibilities are there , I believe we have been lied to since day one. They are way ahead in
space Techknowledgey as I said earlier in this same thread only to keep it for themselves . The elites are going to take off
and start a new life after screwing up earth for their financial gain. that is just the way it is. Again Thanks.

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posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 05:29 PM

originally posted by: zyrktec
a marine saying he defended human colonies on mars isnt an unreasonable claim at all.

Unless any actual evidence exists it IS unreasonable.

As are your claims for "remote viewing".

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 05:32 PM
a reply to: butcherguy

Sounds to me like someone has spent too much time playing the Halo series.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 05:40 PM

originally posted by: Feltrick
a reply to: butcherguy

As I am not one who readily believes conspiracy or other BS stories, I find this Space Marine's story very credible. How else would he know the number of Mars colonies unless he had been there! He knows about the secret moon base as well. We all know that Rumsfeld likes to attend retirement ceremonies, right?

Again, seems like a credible story. Seems like he has a lot of insider information that only someone who was actually there would know.

He knows this the same way I claim to know how many sausages my next door neighbour has got in his fridge.By plucking random numbers out of thin air and telling people.Isn't it said that if you tell a lie three times,people will believe it's not a lie?

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 05:41 PM
It seems far out there, but Richard Hoagland came out with
a book called 'The Secret Space Program' which I never read
(I did read 'Monuments on Mars') but I have listened to him
speak and insinuates we do have colonies on Mars & the moon.

In addition to that, Jim Mars and others have claimed that
a 'Jump Room' teleportation technology was developed from
a secret project called 'Montauk' which allegedly was the
pilot's seat of a flying disk.

Just throwing that out there.

Anyone can search 'Jump Room to Mars'

Rebel 5

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 05:57 PM
How can he sound so credible?

Easy...A gov't sponsored 17 year Psy-op, to understand the effects of all of the above! He believes it, because he lived it. But it wasn't real...

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posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 06:36 PM
a reply to: St Udio

Here you go one of the bases

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 07:09 PM

originally posted by: Aloysius the Gaul

originally posted by: zyrktec
a marine saying he defended human colonies on mars isnt an unreasonable claim at all.

Unless any actual evidence exists it IS unreasonable.

As are your claims for "remote viewing".

Unreasonable? Maybe to the uninformed and the people that can't think outside the box...

If you go to You Tube and find the report from a dying CIA officer that talks about his work you may learn something in the 17 minute report.

Ed Dames is another one to look up on You Tube.

To say that you are ugly and your mother dresses you funny may just be an insult to all the ugly people.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 07:27 PM
Sounds like a sci-fI movie plot, that would never star Tom Hanks.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 08:01 PM
This sounds like a re-hashing of Project Pegasus that I heard about on Coast to Coast AM a while back.

Here's another article about this project White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 08:08 PM
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Mirror the British equivalent of the National Enquirer? As much as we would like this to be true I'm very skeptical of the source. May as well have Sorcha Faal sign their name to this story.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 08:12 PM
Ok well this is one i have not heard of before....

Not saying i believe it but nothing would surprise me anymore with all the stuff I have read and found since joining ATS. So many things i thought were bogus before I now think differently on.

IF there is some secret space program out there of course those who speak out about it will be deemed crazy because nobody will believe them. This is the stuff of movies and tv right? Or is it?

I loved the show Stargate SG1 (obviously by my avatar) and who knows if something like that doesn't really exist where there is an elite group who travel the universe searching for life. We don't truly know what our governments and military do. I mean it's not like they are going to just tell us what they are up to.

Interesting thread...the guy may be off his rocker or he may be telling the truth.

As for the source being the Mirror well it's a tabloid rag mag BUT what if people with such crazy stories go to these magazines because they are the only people who will listen or publish such "nonsense" because no real magazine would publish it and nobody will really believe it because it's a rag mag?

I'm not saying this is true I'm just thinking of all the possibilities.

Thanks for sharing.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 09:31 PM
Sadly this is page 10 and 4 people will read this.

But a secret space program was confirmed by Gary McKinnon in 2001 when he hacked into the Pentagon and NASA.

His full interview here:

I'm not saying this marine's story is true, but at least significant parts of his story have independent testimonies to back it up.

Then again, he could be someone who fabricated his story by tying together several different sources.

I wouldn't dismiss him until more is revealed.

Someone earlier mentioned a teleportation room from Earth to Mars. That's also not too unlikely considering the U.S. government was experimenting with teleportation since the 70s and trillions have literally vanished into black budget projects since then.

1 thing for certain is the truth is kept from the public.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 09:42 PM
The longer you listen to all the reports the better chance that you will be given true as well as false information.

Our duty is to use good discernment as to what is real and what is a hoax.

Having seen aliens up close makes it easer for me to know most of what is true based on some details given by the person making the report.

I still get fooled from time to time, but that's life...

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

Assuming they are more advanced.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 09:59 PM
a reply to: Harvin

…but, thats your problem.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 10:36 PM
a reply to: butcherguy
People lie? The hell you say! Or maybe you shouldn't show me every piece of garbage you happen to run across.

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