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Tunnel Boring Machines / Technology

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posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 10:24 PM

originally posted by: punkinworks10
a reply to: ANNED

Not finishing the super collider was a huge bit of short sightedness
You are absolutely correct Anned,

The heat generated would take days to dissipate.

On a related side note, I had a customer that was a Lt. Cmnd USN, and a PhD in mechanical engineering. He was one of the lead engineers on a set of TBM's built for the navy. They were huge, I think they were each 600' long, they were built in tx, and shipped overseas out of Houston. It 6 months to disassemble and another to reassemble at the destination, and he wouldn't tell me where they were shipped to.
And so about 7-8 years ago there was a thread on odd seismic activity in Antarctica, someone posted an actual seismograph, and when I showed it to my customer his reaction was , someone is drilling a tunnel.
WoW interesting info

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