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What has happened to our country?

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posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 04:04 AM
Its over, I have been stockpiling essentials for years and i jts bought a plce way out in the country in a good lacation, am moving there soon.

posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 07:48 AM

originally posted by: Nyiah
Yeah, we've really advanced and become so enlightened, haven't we?

Ha, enlightened my arse. I've noticed that the more we've become disengaged from the rest of the world -- more nationalistic & less willing to interact with foreigners on an equal field, in other words --the more fruit loopy we get socially. It's almost like we've become the world's bat guano crazy neighbor. No doubt the rest of the world looks at us in the WTF sense on many levels. We don't even make sense to ourselves.

Yeah in Australia we think that maybe its time our friend across the Pacific needs to have a good long look at History and realize that unless you stop and take a good hard look at yourselves you are going to end up like every other dominant country.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 01:43 PM

originally posted by: ProfessorChaos

If you're a Christian, you're open for outright discrimination, but if you're against Christianity, you're free to attack it with reckless abandon.

I agree with 'part' of what you said...but REALLY? You had to go here? You have no problem with the outright agression against those who are non-christian? It LGBT folks get it a alot and just as much out in the open (WBC, right wing media, blah blah)

And yes people have had racist issues with Obama

Yeah I am white and voted for him twice...and I am seeing over time that he is just as bad as other crappy presidents. But yeah there are people who hate Obama because he is black...but no not all do

yes PC has gone too far on some occasions. Personally if someone wants to call me bad words because I am Pagan and Pansexual...have fun...I just don't care but I hate to break it to the right (and this part is not directed at OP in particular) but the right is just as guilty as the liberals...deny all you want, I know you will because that is your MO...but it happens

Conservatives don't like things getting too PC...ok I can handle that

How about we go ahead and get marriage equality finalized? No? about we not let hates groups like WBC spout their nonsense? No?

How about we not push the LGBT "agenda" down and let them have their voice? No? I thought freedom of speech was ok. But that doesn't stop members of the right from crying victim when we struggle to simply be accepted and allowed the same resources

How about not treating corporations like they are more important that people? No? So it's ok to subsidize a company but not to help out the poor

How about we not try to end abortion AND welfare at once? No? we can tell people they MUST have their children but then take away resources at the same time

Hate to break it to you all...but the right isn't some fairy princess that will 'trickle down' fairy dust and make the boo-boos all better

They are JUST as guilty as the left...

but of course the best part is that the right thinks that only the left are guilty of such terror...They blame the left of creating division and yet the right attempts to divide as well

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