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Is the First Law of Thermodynamics proof that spirits/ghosts exist?

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posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 05:21 PM

originally posted by: Grimpachi
a reply to: knoledgeispower

(((I'm new to watching Bleach, I'm addicted though :p))))

I started reading it 12 or 13 years ago overseas in the military to pass time. I incorperated the name into my call sign. Not exactly like my screen name but claose. Every couple of months I will read up where the story is at.

You can check out my thread about my own paranormal experiences: My Paranormal Experiences & My Mom's experience in Malakwa, B.C

I am not saying yours or anyone elses personal experiences are phony, but I can't take them at face value either because we are talking about something that isn't testable or well documented. Even those that specialize in the field can't reach a consensus.

What I am talking about is independent verification, one of the mainstays of science. If it can be independently verified then I don't have to believe anyone I could verify it myself.

What universal laws are you talking about that the soul would have to follow? I am unsure which ones you are referring to.

Also, I'm wondering why you would think that if the soul existed it would need to be measured? I don't think that there would be any change in a soul's amount of energy

Well if you claim a soul is energy then that energy should be measurable if it can't be measured then where is the evidence that one even exists. Before anyone can claim the first law applies to souls you would need to verify that a soul is energy. If you can't measure that energy then how can anyone attribute the first law as proof of its existence.

As far as universal laws that would mean laws of thermodynamics even the law of gravity. The very first thing that needs to be done before anyone can claim a soul is subject to any laws is provide proof that a soul exists and be able to show the type of energy it is comprised of.

If someone could prove a soul exists and is comprised of XYZ energy then I think it would be something I would be motivated to independently verify myself.

(((My boyfriend reads the Manga & I will too but probably after I finished watching it)))

I wanted to include my experiences not as a "hey this is proof" but as a "This is why I believe what I believe" type of thing.

I see what you mean about universal laws. I'm not sure if gravity would have any effect on a soul (if it is made of XYZ energy) but that's just because at this point it's still an idea/theory not a known thing.

How would you be able to measure the energy of a soul? (If souls were made of energy) ((In case you can't tell, I only the basics of science but I love to learn so if you don't mind explaining some things to me))

posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 05:31 PM

originally posted by: Antipathy17

originally posted by: knoledgeispower

originally posted by: Antipathy17
a reply to: jrflipjr
I'm trying to work with you here on something I don't believe so please don't take my question as pointing out flaws or saying you are wrong.
I can't see this as proof.

The body stores energy saying that energy is being transfered after death can be considered decomposition and not the proof of spirits from where I sit. I do study on spirits and the like because I don't believe it but could be wrong. Science is and more than likely will be finite forever.

Can you prove to me otherwise?

Energy can't be destroyed though.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed
Therefore it's not a decomposition.

Why do you think science is finite?

I think that what we know about science could be finite but we don't know everything.

I agree with you that energy can't be destroyed. Energy is transferred from a dead human into decomposing matter. Energy is stored in the body till it doesn't exist as human any more but has given energy to other life forms such as bacteria. I really thought you'd get what I meant.

I wanted to make sure I knew what you were saying, I don't like to take a guess on what someone is saying when there is a chance they could be meaning something else.

I see where you are coming from. We don't know for sure if 100% of the energy that we are made up would go into other life forms like bacteria, some of it could return to the cosmos, go into a new vessel ((reincarnation but always staying in human form)) or chill in heaven/hell.

Can you answer my other question as to why you think science is finite. I'm curious about that.

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