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2012 Thread Index-- Read All About the End of the World

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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 09:00 AM
This topic has been discussed many many times here, still someone manages to post a new thread on this subject at least 2 or 3 times a month. Maybe what we need here is a list of all the existing Mayan/2012 type threads so that we have a reference and reminder of all the existing discussions that have been made on this subject.

Please use one of the following threads to discuss the Mayan calendar and 2012. I'm sure that there are others. This isn't a exhaustive list of these threads. You can find a lot of these in other forums if you try out the search feature. If you run into another one that's not listed here, then send a U2U to myself or another Mod and we'll add it to the list.

[size=+1]Predictions and Prophecies
What do you think will happen at the end of the inca/miyan calender
2012 = Mayan Y2k?
December 21st ,2012
2012, One more time
2012 End of World?
2012 prediction
2012 Report goes public
2012 Summer Olympics in New York
2012 -Who is right Jenkins or Calleman?
2012: Channeling To Find Answers
Whats with 2012?
ATTENTION: All People who Think 2012 is the Date of Our Demise
Mayan calendar and bible (Revelations) question?
2006 or 2012? When Will It Happen?
Jan. 1, 2013
2012 welcome to the 4th dimension!
Reason I Believe 2012 Might Actually Be True
The awakening will culminate in 2012 during the Harvest event.
Interview with Sri Kalki Bhagavan -- 2012 End Date Folks
President Obama and 2012
The world is NOT going down at 2012

[size=+1]Ancient & Lost Civilizations
2012 : Dire Gnosis ( The most comprehensive data base about the year 2012)
2012 End of World?
Mayan End Timeline Corrected
Mayan Sophistication
End of the world
The Mayan Calendar
my theory on why myan calander ends on 12-21-12
mayan end date of 2012...home?
Mayan Calender Research

[size=+1]Space Exploration
End of world in 2012??
The Ecliptic plane , 2012 and the dawn of a new age thread
Planet X hits earth again 2012
Nothing will happen in 2012 except

[size=+1]New World Order
2013 significant year or not?
What is the Deal with 2012??
Federal Reserve makes US Citizens slaves in 2012?

[size=+1]Aliens and UFOs
Dec 21, 2012
FINAL Battle 2012
The Aliens Who Made The Pyramids Will Return In 2012
2012...Alien Invasion?
What if we were..(Is alien test over in 2012)
2012,what will happen..?

[size=+1]Science and Technology
apocolypse in 2012

[size=+1]Conspiracies in Religion
What is the significance of the year 2012?
Could "Judgement Day" = "Dimensional Shift 2012"?

[size=+1] Political Conspiracies
Bush's war and 2012
Did Bush had anything to do with the recent win by London hosting the 2012 Olympics?

[size=+1]Paranormal Studies
Tibetan monks say world will not end in 2012

[size=+1] Psychology, Philosophy and Metaphysics
2012: Crossing the Event Horizon

[size=+1]General Conspiracy Discussion
2012 totally debunked!
Star Gates and 2012

[size=+1]Really Above Top Secret
Conversation with a cab driver (Need RATS access to view)

NEWS: London To Host The 2012 Olympics!

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