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CA pastor orders Christians to ‘isolate’ LGBT kids and then ‘turn them over to Satan’

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posted on Jun, 21 2014 @ 03:32 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Maybe you haven't heard of Westboro because they've been BANNED from the UK entirely. Unfortunately, they are headquartered just an hour away from where the venue for last night was.

I doubt Eddie had ever seen them before, either. They're our 'home grown' idiots...and we don't even want to "claim" them! (You know how in the old days there would be a 'village idiot', but when push came to shove from outsiders, at least their village claimed them and stuck up for them. In this case, No. NO ONE wants them around.) You should look them up sometime and see how rabid they are.

As for Sodom and Gomorrah - a parable. A fairy tale, akin to Grimm's - a fable, like Aesop's. A myth like Noah and Hercules. A cultural legend, like Adam and Eve; or the Australian Bushmen's "dream time."

Look, LABTECH, I have been through the 'forest of faith' - all of the trails, all of the classes; since infancy - and came out the other side. There is nothing that you can show say or show me, nor are there any youtube vids or debates or charismatic preachers or popes or jihadists that will 'convert' me. 'Well-done-you' for "trying" (I guess?), if you think that's what Jesus wanted/wants you to do. At least you weren't a total ass about it...Simply consider your effort a bit of time wasted barking up the wrong good faith', of course. At least in my case.

The only thing that will convince me, and even Eddie mentioned this last night - is if God Himself shows up here, in front of EVERYONE. Not just "one guy in a cave", or some putz in a "dream", or even an NDE. NDEs are the closest thing to real evidence, and some of them have definitely impressed me. I also studied with a woman who sees beyond the veil, who talks about angels and guides, teachers and reincarnation...and even a prime Source. But saying "it's Jesus or nothing" will never, ever work for me. As for fearsome NDEs, I think those people saw what they subliminally 'constructed' for themselves in this lifetime. Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead for more insight into that.

You see, I don't believe in "eternal damnation in hell" - and trust me, I've received the full palate of 'remedies' for my 'uncertainty.' I'm afraid my agnosticism is incurable unless the guy himself shows up. If it happens in my lifetime, hey, I'm all for signing up, and will humbly apologize.

Having said that, I've had a few paranormal experiences that HAVE convinced me of unseen agents - benevolent guardian spirits/angels - even messages from beyond...I have no argument against them...and trust in them.

Beyond that, well - there's no nasty, moody, tyrannical "guy in the sky" keeping tabs on my mistakes. Having unseen support and helpers is one thing. Believing in a brutal absentee boss is quite another.

I choose who I will take orders from, based on their characters. Jesus the man? Fine. His "Dad" as gossiped about in the Bible? Mmmm no.

At least you weren't as horrendously pushy and spiteful as some who have tried. I forgive you for calling me an ignorant, bigotted, bully.

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posted on Jun, 21 2014 @ 06:55 PM
a reply to: BuzzyWigs

I am sorry if I was a bit harsh and never intended to call you that though you most certainly did come accross in an attack like mocking manner which I felt was un provoked and simply an attack on my statement and myself, anyway when someone force feed's religion to you it is a natural reaction to feel like the shoe does not fit if you catch my drift so I think I understand your point, you must think I am a Presbyterian bible thumping thunder cloud angry scot, I am actually not much of a church goer but I do believe in Him and if you ever read his book I think you till get the impression that he is non too keen on hypocritical priests or the bible thumper Himself but there is a difference between being a thumper and a righteous man and he most certainly does care about the righteous.
They may stand there ready to hurl those stone's but christs is the one whom stepped in between them and there victim to point out they were not good themselves, he also said he would not judge if they did not.
So what I am saying is that christianity sometime's gets a bad rep from people who think they are perfect so can stand in judgement of others but the law's of the bible are for us to obey between us and god and he alone can judge us, now sometimes it is simply someone wanting to protect there children or those they feel responsible for such a a pastor whom thinks of his congregation as being his own responsability as he tries to shepherd them to the best of his ability but of course conflicts do so arise because of the moral and belief difference's.
So long as a person loved god, tried to abide by his law's and even rejects there own carnal lusts (Fat chance there for most of us) and lives for others not only themselves, does good for the sake of it and not to paint themselves as goody two shoes then regardless of there sexuality they are probably all right.
If two people love one another and they do no harm to others then so be it but that is between them and nothing to do with me.
One thing about soddom and gommorah if you remember the story, they intended to rape a servant of God so brought it upon themselves and ALL manner of carnal sin was there way yet today we tend to think automatically of Soddomy which is named after the city and not the other way around, this tradition of raping men is common as a means of humiliation and insult in many tribal areas of the world from afghanistan to turkey to arabia and north africa and has more to do with social traditions than religion, ethnicity or sexuality, indeed it is because of a little thing called a dowry on woman which protects them from such abuse until they are married, the son's however are not always so fortunate, I think I will leave off this subject particulars but it happens among many of that regions tribal people, but for me Soddom and Gomorah are or were real city's and I do believe Ron wyatte found the site, indeed Josephus mentioned how there remains were still visible in his day,. The remains analyzed by wyatte showed 98 percent pure sulphur (volcanity is about 60 percent) which is itself proof that the sulphur globules in the area are most unlikely to have a volcanic explanation and there lack of oxidization would preclude an ancient geological origin as would there surface location, the ionic seperation shown in the swirling ash strata is not layering but because of extreme heat about 4000 to 5000 degrees and the presence of right angles walls, window and door like ash structures and happhazard street patterns much like modern day afghani tribal villages all paint an impressive image of the possibility it was indeed a city though of course it could also be explained as erosion gullys (but not the right angled wall), there was a bynantine age church on the site also which was there to mark the site of the damnation of those city's,.
Belief though is not something that can be imparted as you know and many search but do not have the key so walk right past the door.
I wish you well.

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