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NEWS: Update: Six Americans Confirmed Dead in Afghan Crash

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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 06:44 AM
The bodies of the six missing Americans have been recovered in the snowy Afghan mountains. The plane went down on Saturday but because of bad weather the search was very difficult. McCann, a military spokesman, was saddened to release the information that all six Americans were confirmed dead. The crash will be investigated to see what was the cause. The bodies are enroute to Dover, Delaware.
6 Americans Confirmed Dead in Afghan Crash
Source: AP | 7:08:22 AM

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Search teams have recovered the bodies of six Americans who died when their plane crashed high in Afghanistan's snow-covered mountains, U.S. military officials said Wednesday.

The plane went down Saturday, but search efforts were complicated by bad weather and difficult terrain, said military spokesman Maj. Mark McCann.

"We regret to report that all six individuals on board the aircraft -- the three U.S. civilian crew members and three U.S. soldiers -- were killed in the crash," McCann said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The identies of the six victims will be released by the Defense Department after next of kin have been notified. The plane was in many pieces. The wheels were scattered atop of the mountain and the engine was in pieces. They believe the plane was in a valley and tried to gain altitude quickly but was unable to gain it quick enough. Our condolenses go out to the families of all six victims.

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