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LiveLeak -- How many ATS keep up with what is really going on?!

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posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: Jakal26 apparently half of the last part of my last comment won't post...try it again...

Lets get that straight...NOT SAYING THAT!
What I am saying is that I don't subscribe to the "murder is murder" ideology.

Look, take many of these guys doing this killing, place them in the position of the murdered....Watch them beg for their lives as well. It is only natural. Would that begging stop me from putting two in their domes'? Not a chance in hell!

Now...everyone misinterpret that and pretend I am justifying this simply because I seek a damned translation

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 09:46 AM
a reply to: Tarzan the apeman.

Well...according to the rest of the world and many ATS members, the people of the US are the real savages.

I don't agree with that argument, but I do believe the US manipulates other countries, and a lot of the time makes situations worse.
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posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: Kromlech

I love how you're an advocate of life and women and children, THEN BLATANTLY #ING IGNORE WHAT JUST TOOK PLACE ON AN HOURLY #ING BASIS IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD...

You simply fail to understand what you are replying to,

Hence the ignorance portrayed in this thread.

Completely agree with what Haxsaw posted, spot on.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 10:40 AM
a reply to: Euphem

but if we had not gone there do you really think there would be less violence?


Saddam would have things in Order the only issue would be having to buy oil in Euros or If They didn't take out Gaddafi not euros but a new African currency.
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posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 11:28 AM

originally posted by: InhaleExhale
a reply to: Euphem

but if we had not gone there do you really think there would be less violence?


Saddam would have things in Order the only issue would be having to buy oil in Euros or If They didn't take out Gaddafi not euros but a new African currency.

Of course he would have things in order he was a brutal dictator, his kids were worse.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 05:25 PM
a reply to: Aedaeum

Dude if you want to understand how something works for instance a car engine, you have to open up the hood and look inside and see how the parts work, so how are you going to focus on solutions when you have no clue what the problem or what your trying to solve really is about? That's like fixing up your car engine but you dont want to look inside it or get your hands greasy, its just not gonna happen, but what has been proven to happen is that you will likely make it worse. So how are you going to fix this, When you dont even know whats going on or why or how? Focusing on the solution when you dont know the problem has time and time again for thousands of years shown that it does not work, may as well do as the government does and throw money at it. Just be careful all that money and know how, well its in the hands of others now. Real helpful you people are, may as well flip a coin or roll some dice to decide what to do, and its likely that would be a better outcome then all focusing on solutions you all would ever do.

This is no different, there are so many things out there in the world that its impossible to keep track of them. In this, no it wont make you any more evil if you watch it, not unless you had that in your mind from the get go, and most humans are merely the product of there environment, so yes if you were born there in that situation, you would likely be join the muslim brotherhood and going door to door chanting allahu akbar, not like you would have a choice, lets see here, you could starve to death, you can get shoot, you can scrape by on the streets, or you can join the lattest and coolest movement, oh yes many wonderful choices there.

And no it wont desensitize you, in fact most people especially westerners are already desensitized to this stuff already it has been an ongoing process for thousands of years so ya, the few past 20 years has done nothing but proven that. Your already desensitized and just dont know it, if they saw something like this or if it happened in real life to them it would probably wake them up to it and remove there veil. Its like the people who go tell homeless people to go get a job, when its obvious that if a homeless man walked into any place of employment they would be kicked out by security. And then one day that person ends up homeless and then he sees what its like and that his advice is about as useful as bag of bricks while tracking through the Shara desert.

Some people are so ignorant that when they signed the ballet to go to war and put the people in power who profit from such they tough that no body would die. I suppose they though they were shooting people with squirt guns in wars, who know what goes through there minds, or if anything goes through there minds at all. Or maybe there all just cowards and the mere thought of something like this makes them go into that special place in the back of there minds and just put the stamp on everything that is in front of them without question.

In fact in that vid most of what is happening the thousands and thousands of murders are just the tip of the iceberg and most of it is a direct result of ignorant peoples and there choices. People such as you, so ya one day not now maybe not even in this lifetime, maybe not even you, but eventually it will come to call. After all it did for the people in those vids and there ancestors and children children etc etc. So ya it jades you, but only because you can see that those people ultimately did deserve what they got, and they towed it hook line and sinker, even though they tend to pray to god or Jesus or Buddha to save them when what they sow comes to reap. There really just saying that they dont want to look at it and want an imaginary make believe guy in the sky to save them, in fact look at the current rhetoric of these extreme Muslims and you will see that religion and islam is but a cover and if you looked close you can see what they really are, and there are millions like them worldwide who just have not had the right catalysts to put them to there paces.

But hey when you grow up in war-torn countries and your whole future and options is stolen from you, people tend to do some pretty nutty things, and its not like its a new thing its happened in Europe and the west plenty of time half of past current history is exactly what is going on in the middle east now. In fact if things were a bit different and some groups had power even in the good ol USA, you can beat your ass there would be squads going door to door so covertly right in your neighborhood, and most people being so perceptive and all that would not even know it, the only thing keeping them in line is that they have to content with all the other nutters and nobody here in the USA like in most countries takes them all that serious, you call that politics but go back some hundread years and people took them real serious, deathly serious. And they would all be thinking they were doing you favor, kind of how like king Leopold thought he was doing the hundreds of thousands of Africans a favor by enslaving them and having them dig for diamonds and other such things till they drooped dead or selling them off, or kind of how the globalists are given them a job now making them rich, there very generous are they not? And guess what ol king Leopold and the globalists in there heart of hearts he truly do believe he and they are helping them.

However I would not recommend regular people watch those stuff, it would be like a chipmunk trying to make sense of a combustion engine that landed in there yard and disturbed there quite nut hiding ceremony. Its just not done, it would baffle and frighten them make them run back up the tree and wonder what that was that made all that noise, there is a saying those that fight monsters should take care least they become one. You and many others walking this earth just cant handle it, and should stay far far away from it, go watch Oprah or something, or Americas got talent, but please do not make the mistake that you would know anything about anything and especially what your ignorance has sowed, comes to reap one day.

And please dont blame god or Jesus or Buddha, because its just redundant and stupid you may as well blame micky mouse as he is in the Parthenon of make believe characters. And no magical thinking and positive thinking will not help you, just like thinking about this sort of stuff wont somehow make more violent behavior in the world. That's some convoluted historical thinking its like thinking some street urchin on the street in the dark ages Europe or middle east stole that apple from the stand because he was and evil thief and bad, instead of he could have just been hungry. What you say is just childish and has the intellect of a plank.

But yes do not watch the vid, I seen it and would not recommend it. You know! See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil, life is so much easier when all you have to focus on is your pond, out of sight out of mind. And seeing that if you actually try to do anything you would bungle up it up so much more, it is the correct path to take. After all its life it happened for thousands of years, and you dont need to watch a video to show you that. However its likely that it will happen for thousands more years to come, no matter if you or anybody watches a vid on it, or not.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 11:25 PM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird

Get your thoughts together man! And you make horrible analogies!

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 11:55 PM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird

All I can say is wow.... Did you even express a single cohesive thought throughout that whole puff piece? I also quite enjoyed the baseless assumptions you made about me. As metodex already mentioned, your analogues were entirely off kilter (yeah that's right, I made an engine pun). To address even an nth of your assumptions is not worth my time, seeing as how you've already made your stance pretty clear, so I will be brief.

To use your horrible engine analogue: the evil, violence, and suffering is merely the combustion reaction, the inevitable explosion.... It's the end result of the entirety of the design of this engine, not the engine itself. The causal nature of those explosions lies atop the construct. We already know what causes the evil, suffering, and violence; we don't need to immerse ourselves within it, to understand how to stop it. We need to re-imagine the engine, so explosions are not there to perpetuate a vile momentum.

*sighs* I really hate that I had to use such a bad analogue... anyway, believe what you wish. I'll leave you with this:

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." ~George Bernard Shaw

And this:

If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience. ~ George Bernard Shaw
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posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 04:06 AM
I believe this also. But I also think the manipulation is done by other countries also. America just has a bigger nose and needs to learn how to keep it clean. We need to stop putting troops where they don't belong. Pull a lot of our resources home. Beef up things back home. We also need to clean house here at home by voting all these so called representatives out of office and put real people in there place. We also need to get big money such as corporations and unions out of politics. If other countries want to blow each other up, hey let them, we weren't hired to be there babysitters. Sit back and watch the show.

posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 08:55 AM
a reply to: Aedaeum
Nope you do not. I was merely pissed at your ignorance it was so blatant in the few words you wrote down it was kind of mind numbing. You should really listen to your own advice, reading something, and understanding something, are two completely different things. And in this, as well as some things you just may have to contemplate that you would not be able to understand fully what is going on. And yes my analogies while slopy because it literally took me a second to put together are right, I could put more time into them to make them more cohesive to you and others, I could even take 10 minutes to make everybody understand or grasp, but truly its kind of pointless explaining things to some people. I mean if you want more apt anologies I could do that, however I got better things to do as of now.

But anyways like I said I agree with you, people should not watch those vids, it would be a bit to much for them to handle I mean who know you people are extremely and easily influenced by moving picture and such things that it may actually hurt your soul or whatever, preferebley I think you just like to keep your ignorance intact as its more comfortable, but seeing as you all are so easily swayed by such things which has been proven time and time again. I mean who knows, you may actually be more evil or whatever from watching it and go out and shoot somebody or what not. "yes for the most part that was sarcasm if you did not notice"

But anyways your a bit wrong in your assumptions. For you see the engine and the explosion are merely just different parts of the same thing of which they and your are but a cog, in the whole propaganda issis vid the op was talking about. Because I assumed that is what this thread is about, its not new, they have been putting out vids for the past 10 years or so, there production methods are getting better that is about the only discernible difference. But then again you would not see that because you did not watch it. And so what do we have to talk about?

There are many other more shocking vids out there then this, and to tell the truth I am not sure which one your talking about. But I assume it is the one the OP is talking about.

posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 09:10 AM

originally posted by: MarlinGrace

originally posted by: Jakal26
a reply to: MarlinGrace

Yeah, well....that wasn't really the answer I was looking for but thanks anyways.
(I'm having a hard time believing it is as "random" as some are saying.....even without a translation I can see with my own eyes that many of those targets were not "civilian".....but that is besides the point)

I am not arguing the "right" or "wrong" of the situation.
I simply desire a translation so that I can come to my own conclusions.....

How unrandom could it be when you drive down the road shooting people as you pull up? When between the time they pull up next to the car and start shooting did they check for ID?

"(I'm having a hard time believing it is as "random" as some are saying.....even without a translation I can see with my own eyes that many of those targets were not "civilian".....but that is besides the point)"

Sorry but that is arguing the point. And as military people are clearly begging for their lives how long did they get to negotiate and or beg before they were killed while being unarmed?

These are some things that need no translation. Instant unarmed death needs no translation to determine if it's right or wrong, and there is a huge contingent here on ATS that think GITMO should have trials here in the US. What kind of trial did the dead get in this video?

Well you're wrong. You can clearly see them avoid shooting the white car while they were shotting teh guy walking on the sidewalk and then resume shooting after car passes.

I'm not justifying anything here, but it's really foolish of you to presume to know what's happening without speaking the language. Apparently these monsters were going around killing anyone actively involved in the Iraqi army, Police, Syrian Army, and other western-supported forces. The cars they shot up were apparently young guys on their way to sign up for the military, or active duty guys on their way to work.

English translation:

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posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 12:44 PM
a reply to: 8675309jenny

I had no idea that people thought those drivebys could be random.

The whole vid was planed, not only that there production value increased. That means they have people who probably went to school and probably in the west for video editing or at least spent a lot of time on the internet and computers to know or at least have a grasp of such thing, most people in those parts of the world do not even have a computer. So yes the whole thing was staged and they know exactly who they are targeting and when, and how, and they know the routes they take to work, or when they go to the bathroom, and what patrol circuits they take, or who is at there house at certain times of the day.

Watching even a small clip of those vids will show you not only what they show you but what they dont. For instance when they raid the houses, most of the victims dont even know who they are, in fact if you watched it without commentary you would not know who they are. And not only are they dressed in full military gear and have the weapons, the people gunned down or raid at night even continuously ask "who are you" There clueless as to what or who is gunning them down, and considering that there dressed in typical gear which many forces would use, and wear masks so would most people if they watched or seen those vids with no cometary. And they also removed the rest of the family before they start filming from the scene, generally there will be wifes and small children at those houses in the middle of the night, and trust me they will be alerted to intruders a bullet firing will do that, so yes they even "edited" the surroundings before starting filming. After all one mans terrorist is another freedom fighter, and public image is key, and you would not look good when trying to take over a populous if you murder so called apostates if there little kids and wife's are in the picture.

They have been trained, and did there homework to know were a convoy route would go to blow it up. But they have not been trained to well as in a few parts it took a sniper over 7 shoots to put down a guy for good, if that happened to a marine he would be considered a crappy shot, and you can bet the vid was edited by them to make them look good. It is after all a propaganda piece, and its not aimed at the western public, its aimed at the citizens of the middle east or any disgruntled Muslim who has more extreme ideas in there heads. But ultimately seems to be aimed at the populous of Iraq, there just making room for a new order, simple as that, there cleaning house. And if anybody thinks any other countries does not use similar tactics and more advanced propaganda, there living under a rock, but most are out of sight out of mind, and what most people do not see or hear, to them it does not exist.

Now imagine what effect this will have on the average persons mind who actually lives there and has to deal with all this? And you will see why there numbers in these sort of groups have swelled in the past couple of years. And destabilizing regions will only add to there numbers, and you can beat there are plenty of groups, and power interests or rich individuals who will take advantage of this under and any all guises, religion merely being the one that will most effectively work in that region.

What I am saying is terrorists do not generally terrorize other countries, or peoples, to gain power and control, they terrorize there own people. There methods differ most are more mental warfare, to set up tricks, and false flags to scare the populous, and others? Well as depicted in the vid.

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