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TEXAS to Immediately Deploy State-Resources to the Border.

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posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 12:05 PM
a reply to: deadeyedick

"ill-mannered ammosexuals"?????

Good're one of "them" (shakes head)

How about we use our military and start at the southern border and rush in and take Mexico? It wouldn't be hard and would probably only take a day or two, as most of the people there would be on our side. Round up the drug cartels and send out a message that it won't be tolerated. Anytime they try and start up with it again, send in the military and annihilate them. Create jobs there and watch it all balance out. Again, no welfare or disability in this state for and end all welfare in all other states. It has to be work-based. We could drop China and all the stuff in wal mart and other stores should be made in the USA. Put some of those factories in Mexico. I'm tellin' ya, it would work.

We should not be standing at the border with ice water and food. Who the hell came up with this...a liberal!! That's who. They're rewarding bad behavior. We should collect all illegals, take them into the biggest city in Mexico and let them go. Then, go to the presidents office and make him write a check to cover the costs...until we take it over...that is.

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 12:36 PM
a reply to: Fylgje

Your plan involves alot of unnecessary hurt and does not take into account that there are people in mexico that would be caught in the crossfire. It would be easier to just keep legalizing the stuff coming across and watch the cartels support disappear. I think that we may all agree that our relationship with mexico is changing and i see us getting closer to coming together. So there does need to be a good plan in place.

Please do explain what you mean by your first statement because the term in the title of thread is a joke and i have nothing against the demonstrations other than the lack of respect and thought of their actions.
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posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: deadeyedick

Legalizing every drug known to mankind won't do squat to stop the cartels at this point.

It MIGHT have 10 years ago, before the Cartels and Mexican Federal Government lines blurred to the point of wondering where one stops and the other starts....but like the Italian Mafia in America? The dope wars have gone on a wee too long now, and it's been plenty of time for multi-billion dollar organizations to diversify beyond their original base of revenue.

The cartels do a hell of a lot more than just dope now, so legalizing everything would piss them off and cause them some hardship while they reorganized and refocused their efforts exclusively into their non-narcotic endeavors. They have a variety of them, as noted.

Also...the cartels are a world wide trade. 'North Americans' are just one market for those organizations. A primary one, but still, only one. Are we planning on convincing Africa, Europe and the UK to make everything legal too? We'll require that to truly dry up drug related revenues to the cartels.

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 03:25 PM
a reply to: Wrabbit2000 To premise that taking away money and resources from who we view as the bad guy right now will not have any effect is just wrong. Perhaps you may be right that they could overcome the blow could be true but we do not know for a fact yet. It is clear that continuing to have the demand for these products will benefit them. The demand will never change.

There are two secenerios that we may go through and that is the collaspe of america and our way of life or a one world government. This is how i see all the powerplays from our admin and others leading up too. If we continue to get out of the mode of being world police then we would have to totally secure our entry points and that is far less likely to happen. So we will continue on the right and left talks on the border until we are over taken from within by the money controllers or our hand will be forced into military action in places we never dreamed of.

On the other side it seems that the heart of the hate against the us is forming in iraq now and that may be what forces our hand after they collaberate long enough to do a massive strike against us and get us back in kick ass mode again. Some are saying now what will it hurt if those places that have been fighting continue and the answer is that they have a goal and it is our descruction and with todays tech. it is just a matter of the most hateful to rise to the top then strike us after beating their local enemy. It is their plan.

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 05:24 PM
Here's what I posted on an article about the Ukraine situation, and I think it's pretty relevant here:

I think it's time to redraw the Ukraine, so far, you don't really hear anyone from Crimea complaining about joining Russia, so we can take it that they are willing to join Russia. As far as using the analogy that Mexico should have their land back. First, there are a lot of people living in California, and they don't want to join Mexico. If you used the logic that the U.S took their land by force, then you have to use the logic that Mexicans took the land from Indians by force, and if we were to go with this line of reasoning, that means that almost everyone would have to go back and return their land, and history is not clear on who conquered who. Heck, if you go back 45,000 years ago, even the Chinese are not natives(the Cro-Magnons killed the Hom Erectus, who were the natives). And everyone in South America and Australia would have to vacate their land.

In addition, the U.S can use the logic that there are already a higher percentage of legal Mexicans occupying land, more than that were already taken. Finally, they can always ask Canada to join them, and that would be much better since Canada has only 30 million people, and a much greater landmass, and then return California to Mexico, if they want(in reality, it's the Native Indians that got robbed). Honestly, I don't get all this fighting when all you have to do is ask.

I think it's time for every country to simultaneously resolve all of their border situation and immigration situations at once, so that no country will try to use one situation as a precedent. If China wants Taiwan, then they have to give up Tibet, for example. In addition, we can also try to correct past mistakes, for example, Australia and South America could be more mixed. Finally, there should be a worldwide agreement that no country will attempt to annex another again, that is the greatest cause of war right now, and throughout history.

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 05:36 PM
a reply to: Aliensun

So Mexico is a hell. yet they want California, New Mexico, and to make them even more of a hellhole? Has it ever occurred to them that if they didn't have so many kids, they wouldn't have to keep immigrating to other countries? My opinion is that they DO understand that, and this is a deliberate attempt by them to try to take their land back, using children so that we won't shoot them.

To me, what we could do is employ normal people as a full-time job to guard the borders, give those children as many chances to turn back as possible, and if those children refused and used violence, then I guess...

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: MrSpad

Yes, you can, as long you pay them. Plus, it's only children so it's not like they even need guns.

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 06:17 PM
I haven't got the answers but living in South Texas,I AM seeing some the "problems" first hand: a "camp" for these "children" at a nearby Airforce Base. Lots of political posturing as a result,great photo ops...rolls eyes. Complaints about " conditions" there.Meanwhile local veterans I know struggle for basic healthcare because God knows we have humanitarian "obligations..."

The increase in drug-related problems and violence has escalated to epidemic levels locally and elsewhere: coincidence or are the cartels very aware that these " children" won't be prosecuted? Everyone I know knows of someone currently struggling or enjoying heroin...WTH? Most of it IS coming in through the Southern borders.

And on a personal level, the instance of an " intruder" on my fenced and gated property last week very near my residence,he ran because as soon as I spotted him,I ran and got my dog and a shotgun with full intent to use it.I try to be a caring human being but I will be damned if I will be threatened inside my own gate. Not happening, I have busted my butt and paid way too many years of taxes as a "law abiding citizen" to be able to "own" this place to be terrorized and yes, that is happening here as well! Vandalism and break ins locally are occurring much more often and I am very rural.

Yes, he was Hispanic.Yes I defy anyone who isn't affected first hand to toss out their "but what about the children" BS. Not buying it and intend to worry about the welfare of my own at this point.

It's a mess.I believe only a drastic and immediate show of force with actual consequences to curtail.

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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 09:59 AM
a reply to: irishchic

It's scary having intruders on your property. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. There are so many people who are pro illegal because they themselves are not affected...yet. By the time they are it will be way too late.

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 10:26 AM
a reply to: chiefsmom

Its less about whats happening there and more about whats happening here.

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 02:11 PM
I'd bet they're going to ship them up here to Illinois in a few years to stuff ballots. Apparently state legislature recently made it so you don't need to be a citizen here in order to vote anymore. (Touted as improving voter rights by the PC crowd, but done in a way that's so loose that nobody is going to be able to stay on top of it. Particularly when you have same-day registration and relaxed ID requirements to the point of uselessness.)

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 06:22 PM
You guys are talking about our government fighting the drug cartels, and forgetting that our government RUNS the drug cartels. They do a little bit of confiscation and fighting to keep up appearances and keep the prices high. It is in not one politicians best interest to stop them, I mean where would they get their drugs then? If you don't believe me you should look up what was going on with the CIA in Mena, Arkansas in the Clinton days.

Lots of children crossing the border, looks like lots of targets for "the finders" if you know who im talking about. They're probably salivating at this news.
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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 07:22 PM
All this border crossing stuff is about the drug cartels and it is also true that the so-called war on drugs has been a farce from the start. Our very own factions and the like are part of it all and when folks were saying that there are factions in our own govt. and in the USA that get lots of nice black ops money from drug dealing....yep, true. A lot of this Afghanistan dealy that we are involved in isn't about democracy for those poor people, it is about keeping those poppie fields safe and the oil pipeline deals on course.

That is why I have never been able to understand the acceptance of the TSA crap and all the intrusions on US citizens at the airports when we have open borders where any and all types of ill Shiite can happen and all manner of people, criminal elements and such, have a free pass. Where is the TSA where the border is concerned? No crotch grabbing goons and scanners and such there, hmmmm.

Sure, there are kids being victims in all this but so are our kids victims at the hands of these drug cartels that bring their filthy product here. Criminal acts go hand and hand with drug dealing...murders and all manner of violence and corruption...doesn't that hurt the kids too...the ones crossing the border plus the ones that are American citizens. This border stuff has gotta stop. We have got to think of our own citizens and kids first. If Mexico and other countries are so bad, they need to stay and fix there own problems and we need to wise up and try and do the same. Texans and others probably can't count on help and may have to figure it out on their own, unfortunately. TSA, what a borders and yet our airports are run like armed camps...TSA will end up being armed soon. Border patrol? Not enough of them. TSA will probably have better resources to "defend" our airports then the border patrol. Yeah, that's the ticket, guard the flights and let the borders have a free for all flood of whoknowswhatall.

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 09:23 PM
a reply to: FlyersFan

He knows exactly what he's doing. He knows his time is running out and is pulling out all the stops in his crusade to ruin this country. Congress is just a bunch of gutless cowards who are only worried about their own ass and keeping their money and power. No matter the cost to us.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 05:31 AM
I only feel bad for these young children, because they are innocent and being used as pawns in Obama's game.

Other than this, I'm beyond furious. The future of this country, rests on the dreamers, says Obama. What about OUR children who are American citizens, and their future that is being destroyed?

I'm just in awe at the evil I see taking place.

allowing a flood of illegal aliens and drug cartels and gang members into our country, to get free health care, snap, sec 8 and you name it, while our OWN VETERANS go homeless and without health care

common core, need I say more?

releasing terrorists

the crisis in Iraq

millions on SNAP

millions without jobs


And the beat goes on.

What is the future of our country for American citizens?

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 05:33 AM
a reply to: Aisling

What about OUR children who are American citizens, and their future that is being destroyed?

Apparently our kids have entirely too much privileged and silver spoon up tail syndrome to be worth the sympathy and good hopes to some people. It's kinda sad to hear our own leaders praise outsiders to the exclusion of mentioning our own people ..but then, I just keep telling myself ..a little over two years. Really... This DOES end some time. (I think)

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 05:37 AM
a reply to: pauljs75

I hope they don't ship them to the north country. They will not be welcomed up here with smiles and open arms. The majority of people in our small knit community value hard work, honesty, and good citizenship amongst our township. The minute a bunch of bangers, or welfare sucking folks gets dropped off up in around our area, they are going to find it very hard to fit in. I know that if it comes to that, my husband is moving us to the far region, interior of Alaska, because I know for fact they would not survive in rough terrain with winters that get to 46 below.

Yes, I'm selfish. I want our community to remain free of crime, and people who have come here illegally. My heart goes out to those in border states. I cannot even fathom the worry and security issues these folks must deal with.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 05:41 AM
I just want to add that before I get accused of being racist, my husband is Portuguese. His father immigrated here legally at the age of 16, after his parents in Bermuda toiled, and spent years of their lives working hard and saving up to come to America. So we both have an understanding of people wanting to come here and realize their dreams. I have no issue with that... but do it legally, and do it the right way. If you can't then I'm sorry... but laws should be laws. Obama has broken those laws to fit his illegal agenda.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 11:02 AM
a reply to: Aisling

Other than this, I'm beyond furious. The future of this country, rests on the dreamers, says Obama. What about OUR children who are American citizens, and their future that is being destroyed?

Pro illegal folks seem to have tunnel vision or something where it is only about the poor illegals and to hell with the poor citizens who suffer every day. If we have hungry and homeless people right here, why are we catering to illegals all the time? It is a slap in the face to our poor and to our immigrants who come through the proper channels.

No American citizen should have to wait on a list for years to get cheap housing while an illegal is taken care of first.

The flooding of these children is because our government and that of the illegals are promoting it. It is a shame.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 01:42 PM
Maybe we could ship every last one of them to DC and let Obama deal with them? He seems to be in favor of the Cloward-Piven method of manufactured collapse.

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