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FATIMA Connected Prophecies .................... and other Fatima based observations.

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posted on Aug, 12 2015 @ 03:43 AM
Phantom, half of what you write I don't understand, and the rest seems to be addressed to someone else. If the prophecy happens 30 y from now, no one of the persons you mention will be physically alive.

I do not exclude the Jewish prophecies of a Messiah (different from Second Coming and not the antichrist) to fulfill by the arrival of Elijah or Melchizedek (according to released Dead sea scrolls) and to change much of our eschatological understanding. It is naive to pretend we know it all. 2000 years proved we don't possess the whole picture. Because neither Jesus nor the Apocalypse spoke of major events of the Christian history, such as the rise of the Caliphate, the Mongol -Tatar invasions in Europe. Or the discovery of the New world and baptizing tribes very different from anything the Old world knew about (like the Mayans). We could talk about Aliens when talking about those tribes, so different they were from what was understood in the Medieval Europe. That all somehow were not envisioned or prophesied in detail in any Gospel or letter. Therefore, we could expect similar and bigger events to come that are also not prophesied in detail.

That comes to tell us,t he real world is bigger than a prophecy, and prophecy is not written in stone as well. As Paul preached to the predominantly Greek world and Rome in his time, he managed to bring out Christianity to then gentiles outside of Jewish communities, all in one well defined multinational empire (the Roman). That super-state structure did not survive the times, although it battled to the last fall of Constantinople in 1453 to the Ottomans. Could we say the Apocalypse came at that time? Instead, the Christianity survived and moved further, to already reach the ends of the planet. It survived not because the Christians were so good, but because of Divine providence.

WW1 and WW2 were started first among Christian nations, before going to the wider gentile world. Seems we are still not learning from history as a whole humanity who pretends to have the Reason (Homo sapience) and the Divine grace in the sacraments of the Church. It seems that all didn't help us to outlive the stone age instincts that become quite dangerous in the nuclear era.

We need the best of the best to work for avoiding the nuclear option (or worse). It is a long story well researched online how the nuclear age together with rocketry arrived for humanity. I don't think humanity alone could be able to do it. As it didn't do it for millenia of battles with swords and arrows.

I hope the pope and his aides, the leaders of all churches, as well as all politicians of good will, work tirelessly for that goal. The excuses won't be accepted post factum on the nuclear ashes.

Many say, worse than nuclear war will come, alien invasion plus the antichrist. Wait, wait wait. Read the first part of that post and try to understand God's measures are different from ours. What if not alien interference we have in the 20th century leap? The antichrists came and go, and never with that last one the Apocalypse talks about. Jesus talks of many, who already came... We don't understand the story and probably we won't until it fulfills. You can't have 2000 years all of them pretending to have on eantichrist, and still be on the right course interpreting the End times. Something in that interpretation is very wrong.
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posted on Aug, 12 2015 @ 05:30 AM
I don't fix the nuclear option as the single worst possible event (although it could be so), I do not cross over the other options.

One very real option is the arrival of extraterrestrials in public contact. Then the churches' doctrines would have dramatic shift. Well I think I have what to give in that regard, already commented in other threads.

Many possible timelines open after we cross the threshold of the nuclear danger, and even before it. How about new planets being discovered as we speak? Shall we baptize aliens, or shall we meet those of them who never sinned Original sins? (Ref. St Padre Pio). Will the earth alone sustain the ever growing population, or it will receive help to maintain and continue its current pace of development and growth?

Those questions need to be addressed without further delay. I am really surprised there aren't that many christians who are willing to talk about that online.

Instead, the terrible fear of the antichrist here and now makes their minds freeze. They should consider the Gospel clearly talks of Angels who move stones and transport Phillip from Gaza to Azotus. Clouds that hide angels or whatever craft was hidden inside, in both OT and NT. One does not need to go any further than looking at the beautiful paintings of older churches, to see the angels painted among STARS. Not to recognize that, is not to recognize the very nature of angels, and above them - God, who both do not originate from this planet, i.e. "extra - terrestrial". Jesus came to Earth on a special mission. The Heaven in pre-Galileo time models does not have the same meaning today. It didn't have the same meaning in the ancient era. And even then, it was filled with stars. The exclusion of the stars from the equation was the single biggest error done in the Middle ages on the scientific field. One can reread the verdict against Galileo and others, and wonder how it was possible "in the name of God". Surely it doesn't represent any pope's infallibility or any dogma. Then, why, OMG? Only to stop progress for centuries, to find ourselves desperate before the toys of Von Brown and mentality of Stalin?

Whether Fatima discuss that, I elaborate in the thread 3 days of darkness and the words of Malachi Martin.

posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 05:35 PM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707
a reply to: 2012newstart

They want me to support Pope Francis in everything he does in a most prophetic way.

The above statement from a couple of days ago, seems to me to be true at times, but it is not entirely correct.
The words "in everything he does" do NOT belong there.

They (or maybe he) do not ask for direct support, but what they cajole (also implied threats) is that persons of interest go down a particular path that they assume the person moving along that path will arrive at place where they would than give Benedict XVI a declaration of complete confidence in Pope Francis' prophetic authority to make radical changes.

What is the problem with that? For one, I know enough of the more authentic prophecies, to know that one who does such a thing under their own possible mistaken prophetic identity takes a big risk with their soul. If your right about everything, than good for you! (for me). If there is a 4 percent chance you are delusional and wrong about your perceived identity (prophetic type) or wrong about the true identity of the bearer of papal authority during real prophetic times, well.... 4% is a big risk to take with the eternal soul, for these utterly grave prophetic matters.

Two, I am not 100% certain of the prophetic identity of Pope Francis. Is he the last true Pope?, is he part of a group that used technology to create a set of illusions that inevitably led to the resignation of the prior Pope? Is he the 2nd final Pope? is he the fifth last Pope?

And three, the prophecies are precise enough that I do not need to take a position (for anyone in the Vatican to hear and be convinced) on the Pope's right to make upsetting immediate changes in the Church. A true Pope at this stage knows if he is innocent of what the prophecies indicate.

If the most embraced prophecy says the Antichrist's mother will be a nun, and everyone accuses a particular person of being the Antichrist, that one person knows if the accusations are false or true. That particular person knows if his mother is a nun or not and if the prophecy fits.

If a prophecy states that the anti-Pope will have three nipples, the person accused of being an anti-Pope knows if he has a secret third nipple or not.

Pope Francis knows his true identity in relation to prophecy (anti-Pope prophecies Vs. true Pope prophecies Vs. false prophecies), I on the other hand, do not need to know by which path the Argentinian became the current Pope: 96 authentic acceptable paths vs. 4 deceptive paths.

It is his business and no other regarding this truth. When the time to know has arrived, it becomes known.

At this point in time, an anti-Pope would know the truth because they would have read the prophecy after coming to power and the prophecy says: "I know what you did before it happened, and this is what you did, and that is why you are in power."

At this period in time, at the end of the period, the anti-Pope knowing the prophecy foretold his actions, and knowing the prophecy is true, the anti-Pope endorses the true Pope at the proper moment in time according to the information provided by the prophecy. (Be it in support of a past pope or future pope.)

Giving it a realistic 4 percent possibility of being the present reality.

ON THE OTHER HAND, with the other 96 percent possibility: the true Pope definitely knows that he is falsely accused. The true Pope might make agreements, the true Pope might work for Peace, but at the end of the prophetic day, no latter than when time for prophetic actions has expired, when the catastrophe and global collapse has begun or is at hand. The elder true Pope says at that decisive moment: I will not give in to your blackmail and false accusations, I will not give in to your falsehoods and precepts of man, I will not give in to your spiritually sick and mentally ill advisers. It is by divine royal command that I bring the radical Will of God to the Church, not even if every single one of you is against me, shall I relent from wiping clean the rot and bringing the Church into the light of Christ.

It would be a big tragedy for conflict to break out in the middle of Religious Rome if it turns out that the Global Earthquake is 30 years latter.

IN FACT, the rejection of the Pope's authority is not at all PROPHETICALLY justified if the Global Earthquake is even 15 years latter.

I also wrote a couple days ago:
"If they push through with their changes. I say maybe they are wrong, maybe they are right, why make it my business, time will tell..."

To be more precise: There is always a background. If they push through with their changes in a background that does not provide a clear picture, I take no position (actually -- highly likely -- that I shall have myself willingly banned from this forum before that possibility arrives). However, some background scenes are simply too compelling to not cause a strong belief and position: if the background gives clear positive context, I would have to declare personal support for the right of this Pope to make such changes, despite possible lack of support by many other fans of prophecy.

Key prophecy does indeed encourage radical changes within the Church.
But the same prophecy also reject radical changes at some point.

P. Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, Cardinal Bertone, and others within their small circle know this already.

Some big events prophesied for latter, occurring after or during the conflict, provide hindsight afterwards of what is God's Will for the Church. It pertains to God's rejection of certain prior developments in Rome.

And still, It is a big tragedy for a conflict to break out in the middle of Religious Rome if it turns out that the Global Earthquake is 30 years latter.

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posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 05:57 PM

By the way, The Synod date is completely irrelevant.


- If you are reading this thread from the Vatican City area, I most strongly and severely urge you to keep it your little secret. You think this kind of information is intense and good entertainment, and you feel the impulse to tell someone, well I assure you it is well within my range of behavior(and reactions) and past patterns to take you and your fellow priests and nuns on a gloriously exciting ride, only to drop you off in the scorching hot desert with nothing but spiritual panic, empty plastic bottles, and dry swollen tongues. You share this website, and at the end of the ride, the person you told from Religious Rome, may be dropped off in a spiritual crisis next to you and they will hate you for it, for making them read here, for making them get addicted to my claims and insights, with no end in sight to prophesied deadlines, after deadlines, after deadlines, after deadlines, after deadlines.

Believe me, There is attention deficit type stuff and obsessive compulsive type stuff going on here. Along with angels and devils battling.

But there is a 90% chance that I request a self ban from this forum in the near-term, so there is no point in sharing this thread any way.

(and if you had read the previous post within the first hour it appeared, you might want to re-read it: there was a considerable amount of editing).
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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 05:27 AM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707
If the most embraced prophecy says the Antichrist's mother will be a nun, and everyone accuses a particular person of being the Antichrist, that one person knows if the accusations are false or true. That particular person knows if his mother is a nun or not and if the prophecy fits.

If a prophecy states that the anti-Pope will have three nipples, the person accused of being an anti-Pope knows if he has a secret third nipple or not.

I didn't remember those prophecies. Are they approved by the Catholic church? Oh wait, is that the unapproved sheet of La Salette that appeared post factum decades later out of nowhere?

I have to disagree with you that Fatima secrets deal with the Antichrist especially anti-pope. The topic of Antichrist was so much speculated for the last 1800 years or so, that is not a secret at all.

Recently published revelations of Lucia by her nuns, instead point at possible cataclysmic event on planetary scale, most likely a pole shift. (the angel touches the earth's pole). It is understandable how people in power (religious and secular) want to evade that topic along with responsibility for the rescue of population. It is surprising that even St JP2 failed in that trap that hiding the truth could make our lives easier (ref. his words in Fulda). But that is what concerns each and everyone of us.

Let me guess every single person on the planet has the right to choose should he live or die, should his children and great-grand children continue humanity or not, if such a choice is given. I believe it will be given by powers on hi, if we indeed approach cataclysmic event described in Fatima.

Because we are not destined to end earth's history in 21st century and to greet Second Coming of Jesus NOW. No timing is given in the Gospel. BTW Jesus never spoke of any mark of the beast.

I know your scope is more than that and your posts address certain people in position, rather than the posters here. But I guess, it is better to spend your time and others' by trying to shed light to the common people who read here and who after all may find the true path in tomorrow's big choice. At least I did my part in regard to show unknown yet perspectives for most.

It is not enough for the intelligent and informed reader what is available now online, i.e. Malachi Martin to say, the angelic nature was incomprehensible for the people, even for the most clever of them, therefore he wouldn't tell us, while he talked of the 3 days of darkness and Fatima. How and why should I believe him, the one who allegedly knows Fatima, when he is unwilling to share with me the rest of his knowledge that he already declared to have it?

From his words on first hearing it is quite easy for today's informed people to conclude, he meant the extraterrestrial nature that was Taboo for Church and society in his years. So we deal with angels -extraterrestrials, (and demons-et) that we are not supposed to know anything about, but we are supposed to obey someone (Martin in this case) who claims his views are correct and the others' - wrong. When it comes to decisions as I said above, that is not enough. I will not give my allegiance to such kind of reasoning and proof. If you the reader do, you do it at your own peril. You have been warned many more times than only once.

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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 06:19 AM
One more example how the published info of Fatima is not enough for the intelligent researcher who easily finds not only faults but also many more untold pieces.

Malachi Martin said, Kiev together with Russia was part of the salvation plan. What??? I have a thread about it. Here I would only say: does it mean the angelic spaceships will land in Kiev?

The reasonable investigation should be encouraged, not silenced. The earth's society already reached to these and other conclusions not based on secretive selective truth. It is a time we are told all of it.

Just yesterday, the astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on moon, said the aliens stopped WW3 between USA and USSR and even disabled test missiles. This is his latest testimony in a row of years. Why is his testimony mostly disregarded until now?

How about St John 23 own testimony of alien contacts?

The idea that no matter who speaks, that is Taboo because it is from the devil, does not work anymore.
It is simply not enough to quote 100y old text restricted to itself, to bow down head in tears, and to expect providential salvation. In 21st century it has to take much more pro-active form that same veneration and obedience to the Blessed Mother of God. Including, when needed, to go against taboos and ill understood tradition.

I am glad to see pope Francis doing that, although on very careful steps. Hope he continues, but also hope he is aided by more consecrated people in that! After all, the church consists of a billion plus faithful, and is not going to cease with the retirement of this pope, or is it? The process of searching the truth should be encouraged NOW, not post factum the event when it will not be needed anymore.

What determines we are in the End times NOW?

Where did Jesus speak of a Mark of the Beast that leads to Hell?

Why is the text of Revelation 13 interpreted as electronic device at all?

If these questions are negatively answered, then why all the constructions of End times that we should find ourselves encapsulated in centuries old "karma" (as some call it) or predestination, awaiting the dreadful end of civilization and church alike. It cannot be farther from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 07:58 AM
Today's understanding of prophecy is very narrow minded not surpassing the level of 17th century. Including the protestant /evangelical interpretations of the End times.

New fresh ideas and new (younger) people should enter the area of religious service in order to make difference.

I don't say all ET races are "angelic" or "good". "Angelic" should be very few of them who already had contact with God and Jesus and were elevated to sanctity.

I will theorize more on Fatima related topic.

How about the possibility advanced ET race not only to land in Russia but also to raise to second temporal life the body of Vladimir Lenin? There shouldn't be a problem for a race that crosses vast star distances, and that reportedly have 4,000 years average lifespan. How about the perspective of Lenin to take the rule of a new Soviet Union that will determine the next 100 years of the history on planet Earth?

Are theologians, politicians taking into account possibilities that stretch wider than their narrow minded frames? We know well only 100 years ago the mortal Lenin won the battles of October revolution against all odds.

Video: Lenin speaks against Anti-Jewish Pogroms

History turned around some 25 years ago because the peoples at that time wanted it. Not because of presidents. But because of peoples in the Soviet controlled space who wanted a change. Call it conversion if you will. The West didn't convert meanwhile.

Forever? What does it mean forever? I see no attempt to improvement at the current point of development. What we see as Chinese-shaped development crises are absurd. Is that why the Socialism and the Cold War should go? The West should find ASAP new model if it wants to continue. Whether it is ET-related or otherwise. The current status quo doesn't work and leads directly to the abyss, one way or another. Many people already said it online, prophetically or secular-logically.

New people are needed ASAP to develop new ideas based on real life, Bible and prophecy. We can't walk in the same course as if nothing happened in the last 25 years. Not only economic but worse crises will come. Nuclear war is one possibility but not the only one. Many are unprepared, especially among the faithful. The secular people grasp the situation faster and may be better.

As you, Phantom, address them, I'd like to say also: if someone in the Vatican reads, they should take measures ASAP unless they want to remain irrelevant. And I don't mean just the pope who actually did the most part until now. Where are the rest of the crew? Because I do care for the Catholic church on planet earth, and may be beyond. Is it destined to go beyond, or not?

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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 08:58 AM
If the West doesn't make ET Disclosure ASAP, counting no more years but months, the rise of new Communism is inevitable, perhaps with nuclear WW3. (exact name doesn't matter). One has to travel a little bit thru Europe to understand where the trends go. The current Russia-Ukraine problem is one thing, the poverty throughout Europe is another.

The pope should have known that, when accepting the Marxist crucifix.

The ET disclosure is 2 fold: presidents /scientists release info of ET and their tech is only one part of it.
The second more important part is the ET themselves appear and contact directly the earth population. Via landing on main squares, via TV and internet, via inviting volunteers on their ships, healing, tech etc.

Perhaps, many more races will appear not only 1 race. Many of them will be human or humanoid. So say numerous insiders, the latest of whom is Dr Edgar Mitchell. Other prominent names: Paul Hellier, Canadian exminister, Medvedev, ex-president and current PM of Russia. The limbo we are now at, is doomed to fail pretty soon.

Will the ET spread communism, democracy, liberalism, promoting Christianity, or something we do not imagine now, as social teaching? Frankly, I don't know. I guess there will be all kinds of races and agendas. Perhaps we will have a choice to make, individually and as populations on earth.

Where will all lead to? The happy end scenario will see the earth humanity rising beyond the current absurd dead end, and spreading culture and religion beyond solar system.

I don't want to talk of dead end scenarios, they could include but not restricted to: nuclear winter, survivors underground, genetic mutations of humanity, etc.

We lost already too much time! In terms of Fatima estimates, we lost 98 years. More than a single lifespan on planet earth. Time coinciding with the October revolution. We have no right to lose more time.

Many say" God won't allow this or that to happen. Actually. God allowed this or that to happen already. It is we who decide now where to go, perhaps not for the entire planet but at least for ourselves/our relatives.

The pope has unique responsibility to decide on much broader platform. I want to see more people around him who are proficient in all that. Why not in Sci Fi that told us so much under the disguise of fantasy. It were more science than fiction, ET science. There is no other explanation for the volumes of information the authors could not take in another way. Don't call it all from the devil. Don't make the devil so powerful, please! Let give the priority of Lord Jesus who not only allowed that to happen but rule it over. Not only on Earth but beyond to the far galaxies.

Baptizing Martians was convenient first step for the pope. Then he talked of the beings of the Universe. In the encyclical he said God created the entire Universe, although he stopped short to repeat what he already said in homilies: the beings over there. Don't expect the pope to say what the scientists should say. But at the same time, any moment is precious. The delay of years in this pontificate, and of decades after the Cold War, may prove fatal. For many of the people if not for all. That all should have happened by 1960. You the Fatima specialists know that very well. We should have been told the entire truth by 1960. I don't pretend to know it all.

Whether we will encounter a galactic structure similar to Isaac Asimov's Foundation that is uplifting, or empire that is totalitarian, or both competing for each star system, I don't know. We may have empires as that of Star Wars and also rebellions, stretched on regions larger than our 6,000 neighboring stars visible with naked eye.

What I know is, we have the right to know. Our Lady gave us that right by appearing in Fatima in 1917. Even if we don't count the untold truth of Jesus Christ in books that never made it thru the Roman empire's censorship. It is a final time that we have to open our eyes and hearts, and say, enough is enough. A world that cannot handle the truth is already fallen. Those who have the luxury to repeatedly ignore voices like mine (although I do nothing compared to insiders), will be bitterly sorry for their behavior today.

Disclosure could have happened in 2009 around December. I don't know whether the Norway spiral stopped Obama or whether the Norway spiral was part of Disclosure itself. We will not pass another 10 or 5 years. Words of Malachi Martin (in 1997 - no another 20 years) whom I criticize so much but whom I respect at the same time. There is still what to take from people with opposite view, there is still time to convert "enemies". The time may be counted in weeks or months, who knows.

Whether we will witness a new world order initiated and/or promoted by the pope starting this September, or the opposite -a ruined Vatican spiritually and physically as some prophecies say, it is something to be seen. No prophecy is written in stone. Daniel's experienced 2000 years pause, what to say of contemporary prophecies. The oldest institution on planet earth may outlive the current crisis including its own. But extraordinary efforts are needed, efforts that are not seen to be done by now, by old and new hierarchy. Let repeat again, pope is not sole warrior who have to conquer Goliath. Perhaps he doesn't pretend David either. More than that is needed, on all levels from top to bottom. Perhaps it is being prepared, but today's dragging of feet is dangerous slow. It cannot continue forever.

Perhaps, the Catholic church still could be the galactic church for conversion and baptism of all aliens who didn't have encounter with Jesus Christ yet.

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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 12:00 PM
Oh yes, the Secret does mention anti-Pope (I absolutely have NOT stated that it mentions anti-Christ, because even if it did mention anti-Christ, I much more accept an interpretation that the Antichrist is merely born or conceived just before the break-out of chaos and the punishment). There are clues out there that people simply do not inspect properly, for instance the clues Malachi Martin mentioned regarding the Ukraine that were ignored for a very long time by nearly everyone until the Ukraine conflict arrived and Gregg remembered the obscure Malachi quote. Also such little clues to the truth are hidden behind incomplete or bad translations. For instance the La Salette Secret does not simply state: "Then, after [that], a great peace will come, but it will not last a long time. A monster will come to disturb it."

But rather in my close inspection of the image of the original document : I discovered the word "pope" next to the word "monster" in that line of the secret. The secret states "a great peace will come...but a monster pope will come to disturb it."

In my "delusional" interactions, one day I finally accepted the risk of helping them out for the sake of peace which they kept repeating as a theme(help us build peace, help us build peace it is urgently needed, are the kind of statements I felt I received. So I finally agreed softly in word despite strong reservations (agreed to the path, agreed to the risk of going at the wrong time and going during a wrong scenario not too far off, agreed to the even bigger risk of exploitation, agreed to the risk of being the wrong person), it was not a firm "yes agreement" it was more like finally "ok I get it this is the peaceful rosy picture of things I will need to do in the future to help out. Lets get going, Let this poor little useless soul help."

But the next time I had supper, it was Chinese Food. (which I have only 2 or 3 times a year). I cracked open my fortune cookie after the meal (The fortune cookie message is in front of me right now as I type this, as I would obviously keep it) and the message was a direct answer to the issue that required agreement to avoid the problems caused by prophecy. The message of the cookie said this: "Avoid agreeing with people merely to keep peace." (you can google it, it will come up).

An amazing and unbelievably direct timely answer to a big problem that was ongoing for months before I finally begun to truly succumb to their "peace quest."

it may baffle them why I am so adamant against what would seem like an honor to be a person of interest that could help people in very high positions with their difficulties, and bring prophetic entertainment and prophetic comfort to them (even if it is a high risk situation). My severe reluctance which may be so surprising to them, is backed up by various superstitions and coincidences such as the fortune cookie. And it certainly involves my fears that THEY have no clue as to the correct timing according to God's Will, and even maybe that they do not yet truly know (or truly accept) who are the correct (other) persons for the situation.

reminder: of course this is likely a delusion, but it is real to me, perceived flattery from men in high places, and perceived threats.

I take the fortune cookie story as to pertain ONLY to the situation regarding the timing of my own situation (exploitative or not) as it pertains to the timing of a certain prophetic event. It does not pertain to anything else going on in Rome at the moment or near future.

Now that I brought up the fortune cookie story. There are two other strange coincidences I would like to bring up:

Another first time, that was coupled by an eerie timely coincidence.

I was thinking about all the prophecies both good and bad, for specific individuals, and thinking about all the bad things especially. And for the first time, the thought popped into my head, and I started to speak the comment (in my mind's voice or external voice, I do not remember)....I was going to say to myself: "I am a devil", I started to say it ..."I" .... "am" ....."a" .....and before I could speak the word devil, the power of the house completely zapped out. So I did not complete the sentence. It was the first time I almost said such a thing to myself. If the power did not shut off at that second, I would have said it.

Another time, an alleged prophet was writing about his experiences, about how electrical devices would do strange things when he had an experience (or when he moved near the lamps), or something like that. It was the same day that I had read his stories about the electricity as a supernatural sign(I probably did not really believe the stories), that I went to the Movie theater that night. While the movie was playing, at some point during the second half, my mind started to wander. I started to think about prophetic things. There is always the issue regarding prophetic dates, and I had become used to the idea of avoiding speaking such various types of prophetic dates (because in the past, the experiences of giving prophetic dates had been negative). At that time, certainly for over a year I was very much against giving dates. But at that moment in the movie theater I was on the verge of changing my position. The truth is that some of the information that has dates built in, (dates are recurring, year after year), some of that information is so darn juicy and so emotionally charging, that one would naturally desire to just throw that information completely out there for the public entertainment regardless of the consequences.

In the dark movie theater, I suddenly decided that's it, I am switching my position. The decision is made, and I was in the process of saying it confidently to myself that "yes I will provide the public (this forum) with these unique delights." And at that moment as I was in the middle of saying such a thing decisively to myself, there was a bright electric storm that appeared suddenly at the side of my eye, in the peripheral vision above all the people. It was startling. What was that? Out of the darkness, at the precise moment that I made a prophetic decision, a strange occurrence or coincidence. I left the theater knowing that it was exactly the wrong path, to promote the dates. I was bewildered, at this burst of light that came out of nowhere. The next few times I went to the movie theater, I learned that the light came from a theater lamp. Nevertheless it was a very unusual coincidence. I was reading from an alleged prophet that same day about signs from electric devices, and here I was experiencing a strange electrical coincidence in the context of a major prophetic decision. In my investigation of that occurrence latter, I discovered that some of theaters have those lights above on throughout the movies, while other theaters, at other times, have the lights off throughout the movie. What I know is that after the 2 second electrical storm at the corner of my eye, I looked around carefully to figure out what the heck that was, and those lights were turned off, I did not know the lights were there in the dark, only noticing the burst of electricity at that moment. Either the light bulb burned out at that second, and the entire series of 6 or 8 lights on both sides of the theater walls turned off after the burnout. Or the 1 light burned on for 2 seconds than off.
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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 01:28 PM
Phantom, Your revelations are interesting and bring sympathy. I am much more pragmatic and at the same time, reasoning as in off-world. I am nowhere near to write anything similar to yours, and there is no need of that. I think my ideas are clearly presented for everyone to understand, even without a single mystic part inside. Right now I feel compelled to do that, don't know for how long. Perhaps because we approach the end of September.

For example, if Angelic ET come, and I stress Angelic, or Messiah of Jews that is great grand son of Jesus, they may land their ships everywhere they are invited to. Like Jerusalem and many countries will invite them, probably the UN itself will vote their free travel and landing everywhere.

But they may also choose their big floating city-ships as big as Atlantis from the film, to be stationed in neutral waters outside the 12 mile territorial waters of Israel, Rome, New York, other places. There are advantages of being independent. Their shuttles will make constant flow from -to.

The pope could choose to move in one such city the headquarters of the Church and start transforming everything from top to bottom. There will be shuttle service St Peter's - Atlantis -2. If he wants to have galactic church, he should have accepted by now the idea to bring in the UFOs. May be not like Tom Horn and Steve Quayle paint it in dark, but in the opposite way. It is a time the pope to say more good words of the ETs he favors, after the dark ink poured over him and his Jesuits by people like Tom Horn.

It is not sci-fi, it is a matter of few days after the Contact. Are they coming this Jewish New Year, or they will be delayed again for unknown reasons? I don't know if I will see these days coming on this earth, but they are soon to happen.

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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 07:52 PM
I reread my earlier posts and sometimes I cringe at the amount of comma's used , , , , , , , , , , and at the bad sentence structure.

- 2012newstart,

I had a dream last year of unidentified flying objects in the same dream that contained mention of Fatima Prophecy, although it was not a particularly convincing dream.

Not sure what to say about the topic of alien rescues. I've read many of your posts so I am definitely aware of your concerns.

Your alternative solution was to gain access to underground sites before a nuclear war. They might have underground bunkers within Vatican City. There must have been tunnels built underneath Vatican City in the middle ages to provide safe passage for the Pope in the event of a foreign invasion. So it seems plausible to think more recently that they built underground bunkers as well, particular during the cold war era when fear of sudden nuclear attack was significant.
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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 08:59 PM
No more reason for the defensive missile shield aimed at Iran's nuclear capacity (cough Russia, cough aimed at Russia), with the nuclear deal signed by the superpowers in Iran.

"Russia steps up demand for U.S. to drop European missile shield"
"Russia urged the United States on Friday to scrap plans to station parts of a missile shield system in Europe now that Iran has reached an agreement with world powers to limit its nuclear program.
Moscow has long opposed the plan, which it sees as a threat to its nuclear deterrence, and vowed to retaliate if it goes ahead. Washington has previously assured Moscow the shield was meant as protection from "rogue" states like Iran, and not directed against Russia."

But perhaps more alarming for Russia, is the significant decline of the Russian ruble.

A little over a year ago the Russian currency was at 33 rubles per American dollar.

on June 17 it was at 53 rubles per American dollar.

Today it is at 65 rubles per American dollar.

If the markets are random, there is a 50 percent chance that the currency drops 50% before it rises 50%, and a 50 percent chance that the currency rises 50% before it losses 50% of its value.

So, in a random market there is a 50% chance that the Russian currency goes back to 33 rubles per dollar before it reaches 97 rubles per dollar.

And a 50% chance that the Russian currency falls upwards to 97 rubles per dollar before it goes back to 33 rubles per dollar.

Not good news for Russia, this coin flip of financial reality. That's a 50% chance of things going from "not good" to "bad" before going back to normal.

In Russia, they remember the days of the plummeting currency of the early 1990's, therefore, memory of the financial pain can lead to panic dumping in the streets which effects the rate of decline of the currency. Therefore panic dumping distorts the odds of the financial coin flip and therefore it is not a completely random system.

Falling Ruble and falling oil prices can lead to discontent in Russia, and discontent leads to a weakened political situation for President Vladimir Putin.

A weakened political situation for Putin seems, I am guessing, to lead to more aggressive actions from the Russian leader in order to boost his support to counteract the effect of the bad financial situation.

On the other hand, the Ukraine conflict occurred before the financial weakness manifested.

Actually the Russian ruble moves with the price of oil, so the 50% chance of a 50% fall Vs 50% chance of a 50% rise is applied to the price of oil.
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posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 02:26 AM
The oil will continue to fall, not only because of China's failing demand and Saudi increased output. But also because the oil will be abandoned as the universal fuel rather soon. No coincidence the pope said it too.
Therefore the rubble will fall too.

A change in Russia could be towards more leftist government, not more pro-western one. I have my observations that would be too long to post. The people's discontent is a double edge sword that often has been used in the last 50 years. (not only the last 25 years after the fall of communism).

I would not take lightly all predictions of September events, including those connected to the Jewish calendar and the arrival of the 70th jubilee year. Could we say in October, "nothing happened again"? There isn't more space for maneuvering even if some people have enough money to prefer the status quo that is disastrous for the world, including for the developed part of the world.

posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 05:23 AM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

what do you expect to come, Phantom?
Scenario of underground survivors post nuclear war?
You write a lot of valuable things and also personal sharing of your own way to reach those things.

posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 07:16 AM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707
Your alternative solution was to gain access to underground sites before a nuclear war. They might have underground bunkers within Vatican City. There must have been tunnels built underneath Vatican City in the middle ages to provide safe passage for the Pope in the event of a foreign invasion. So it seems plausible to think more recently that they built underground bunkers as well, particular during the cold war era when fear of sudden nuclear attack was significant.

It is not my solution. There were such plans in the Cold War to survive the nuclear war. If you read Nyquits he eaborates on the Sovbiet doctrine of a winnable nuclear war. And therefore of extended prep for population survival.

Whether there is a tunnel under Vaican? Although the pope's security is important, being a figure of church and prophecy, still his personal survival is not the primary goal. The primary goal cannot be anything else other than the survival of maximum people from Earth. Including people from Honduras and Myanmar etc. whom we prefer to ignore they exist. Whether that transition to a new world will be achieved without nuclear war, therefore no need of underground shelters? I'd wish that to be the case.

posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 08:01 AM
Some religious still use to say that the souls are all important and the bodies don't matter, whether millions or billions will die. Such doctrine is not exactly according to the Gospel of life. It is rather antigospel. It is what satan's ultimate goal is, to eliminate the human race. Not just spiritual but also physical, because he could not seduce all the men. He was and remains a murderer, the biggest one.
John 8:44
"You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him."

Do we still have an image of a terrible God who is about to punish the entire world in a way worse than the Flood, either by allowing nuclear war or by throwing a comet upon it? Because of the guilt of some leading persons (not only in politics but also in science and in religion) who sinned? Without giving a chance to the innocent people be they from Kazakhstan or Algeria, who have no input in the gross evil of the world? Is that what most of us think of a God? I don't agree with such painted dark image. I believe in a merciful God will provide escape way. May be using presidents, or may be providing direct escape way to everyone on earth who wants it.

"And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved" Joel 2:32 quoted in Acts 2:21, Romans 10:13
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posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 01:07 AM
Let not forget the date set by Malachi Martin in 1997 - there wouldn't be 20 more years. That is in full contrast with the 2000 "fulfillment" sold out to the crowds, including by the now saint JP2. It was wrong. Seems the real date in Fatima prophecy, that is a concrete DATE, is somewhere before 2017. Not necessarily on the last theoretically possible day.

That comes to tell us, we have been lied even for the date. Besides for the nature of the secret. Malachi Martin is clear the core element is missing even from Neues Europa text, that according to cardinal Ottaviani was pretty close to the original text. We have been lied!

That has a good side that opens widely the door to include unexpected things to be found in Fatima. Antichrist is pretty much expected for 1900 years. So are the asteroids and the comets for the last 100 years and the nuclear war for the last 60 years.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 01:33 AM
link Note also on 03 December 1997

Art Bell: Can you tell us, in a way that we can read between the lines, with regard to the third prophecy, is there a timetable that you are aware of, but cannot speak of, that we can read between the lines on?

Malachi Martin: Yes, and no. There is a... it is not 200 years away, it is not 50 years away, it is not 20 years away…

the same interview is available on youtube

At the same time, seems to me Malachi Martin defends some outdated views of the nature of the angels, (et) that I elaborate in my thread 3 Days of darkness. Perhaps Martin is created dissident to leak precisely that and nothing more. While shedding light in a wrong signal for the rest of things. Because, if you listen to his 3 day of darkness interview (that I already discussed) he practically tells you to stay and wait until all is done.

Until the fire from heaven comes, according to Akita? The sane reason, as well as the Gospel's truth, tells us we should not sit and wait for that event if we want to survive. It is to tempting God to expect he will miraculously "protect us" in mega event, while we reject all escape ways given in advance. "To escape all those things".
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posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 12:47 PM
you have a new motive to develop further Fatima, with the crisis in North Korea that can turn nuclear between NK, US, Japan and China. We are going to the end game. How and when? Wasn't it postponed for too long already? Heaven has eternity, we do not, on this earth. That our fallibility should be taken in account, by both politicians and religious. And by the angelic forces themselves. We are fallible and we are restricted in time and opportunities, wearing quite a heavy cross for our 21st century. I know all the talks of sacrifice that helps bring the desired outcome. I will tell you one: if nothing is done in the next 1-2 years or even 12 months, people of generation will die out. As Lucia died. The whole idea of uninterrupted Christianity back from 4th century to our days will fail. You don't have a Christian generation coming next. You have a computerized generation that thinks faster with the smartphone. It is our children who do that, and some of them do also the abortions. It is not the politicians, it is the girls and their irresponsible boyfriends who make it. Despite all education, or perhaps for lack of adequate support of society.

In short, we brace for entire new generation to come to power in the next 10-20 years. Prophecy will be rare and church will turn to serve the changed reality. If nothing happens NOW.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 01:33 PM
Moreover, the errors spread by Russia according to the 2nd secret, if they are the nuclear weapons they are now in the hands of North Korea. A dozen of nuclear armed or capable countries (like Japan). They all could bring nuclear armageddon even without Russian involvement. We talk of hundreds warheads each country has, and probably very powerful each warhead.

What if not divine intervention by ET angelic beings could stop it? No further conversion will stop it. No more prayers and sacrifice will remove the chastisement. We should be glad we are given to know more today than in 1960. What had to be done in 1960 fell on deaf papal ears. Now we know the truth thanks to the factthe truth made its way online to every corner of the planet, regardless of hierarchy and controlled prints.

We may have only one month or less, depending on how fast the things escalate in Koreas or elsewhere. What more will the catholics lose if they start asking questions not against their fate, but according to it? Why aren't those questions answered promptly so far? How many different angelic choirs or races there are, who are all good? How to involve them NOW to help us, as they could but did not help Jesus in the Garden of Olives? Who are the demonic races and why we are not told more of books who speak of them? (the names were forbidden to be pronounced in the Middle centuries, including the name of a holy angel Uriel mentioned by 2 Esdras book deutero canonical in Vulgate.)

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