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FATIMA Connected Prophecies .................... and other Fatima based observations.

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 12:54 AM
I will not continue posting without answers on the topic. I appreciate very much the few answers like that, including those of more general prophecy from Bible, and also invite the posters to continue discussion (upon their and my availability) in other threads that are more appropriate.

If I entered into this new Fatima thread, it was only because there were events to be commented urgently, connected to Fatima. I didn't even read the OPs long and interesting elaborations, and still have to find a time to do it. I don't know what he means in all that. I posted because it was urgent to be posted.

I mean I could easily start a new thread or post in one of my old, but I thought the people would like something more recent, an the search gave exactly this one as the newest one.

Hope we did a good work together. The events are upon us, although no one knows the day nor the hour. I follow them in WW3 section threads. Thank you!

posted on Nov, 29 2014 @ 06:19 AM
Interesting thread!

posted on Nov, 29 2014 @ 08:30 AM

originally posted by: 2012newstart
If Russia is the key to the Era of Peace, (conversion to God or you name it), and if Russia manifests extraterrestrial contacts (as clearly as possible, without giving them to public yet), those two sides should be interconnected. Perhaps the era of peace would be possible only if those contacts and experience of Russia is given to the wider world.

Something I think you should be aware of:

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them" - 1 Thessalonians 5:3

posted on Dec, 17 2014 @ 04:59 PM
I know who she is!

posted on Dec, 17 2014 @ 06:54 PM
May I ask when in the time line of Revelations does the Fatima light occure?
a reply to: Phantomfire707

posted on Dec, 18 2014 @ 06:37 AM
Her sun is conjunct venus in the 12th house also mercury in 11Aquarius, also formalhaught.
moon conjunct mars in cancer and matching house. a reply to: undo

posted on Dec, 18 2014 @ 04:00 PM

originally posted by: chloe2850
Her sun is conjunct venus in the 12th house also mercury in 11Aquarius, also formalhaught.
moon conjunct mars in cancer and matching house. a reply to: undo

so who is she?

posted on May, 19 2015 @ 02:03 PM
I am not returning to this website to post.
This is a one time posting.

I have decided that in the internet age of global access that pushing a delusion with effectiveness, strength, uniqueness, and repetition can cause a situation in the real world whereby the delusion begins to take hold of other people around the globe.

In this case, I can post about Fatima, Fatima, Fatima, and one day, Fr. Gruner's internet google search's suddenly bring the Fatima priest to become a temporary reader of my posts.

Afterwards, I start pushing absurd claims about myself being the future Pope and absurd claims about the actions of other high ranking Church officials.

And so it might go:
Fr. Gruner makes a phone-call to one of his priest friends in Vatican City to say check out this guy's unique claims about (ie: Cardinal Bertone), and suddenly my delusion has reached Rome. And a delusion becomes a rumor, a rumor becomes gossip.

Sorry, even if I am a poor sinner, I am against all forms of demonic gossip, especially the gossip based on delusions.

With each telling, the story changes a little.

First it was Fr. Gruner as the original source, then someone changes the story to make it sound better: it was Cardinal Bertone that was the source. The story changes again, no it was Emeritus Benedict himself that originally spoke it.

Yet it is pure rumor and GOSSIP GARBAGE that is especially vile when spread by priests or nuns.

This is a conspiracy forum. I have a delusional mind, and I made delusional claims on a conspiracy forum. If yes my delusions have reached Rome, I am telling you people of Rome not to be devils that spread garbage gossip. The nasty stink of garbage comes right out of your mouth if you do.

At some point I will probably request a ban from this website.






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posted on May, 20 2015 @ 05:21 AM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707

This is a conspiracy forum. I have a delusional mind, and I made delusional claims on a conspiracy forum. If yes my delusions have reached Rome, I am telling you people of Rome not to be devils that spread garbage gossip. The nasty stink of garbage comes right out of your mouth if you do.

At some point I will probably request a ban from this website.


Oh Boy, you made my day! It was by pure chance that I clicked on that forum, since I do not have anymore bookmarked threads. Or is it by the will of the Force to sense a movement in it?

You are in conspiracy forum, you accuse yourself as a sinner having delusional mind, with prospect to delude even the Vatican. What better for a place like that??? You will request a ban for being a too big sinner? You are just in the right place and time.

BTW where is the free speech among the catholics? When they speak, with very few exceptions, they repeat doctrines. If they disagree they disagree on doctrinal different traditions.

Philippino pope, not cardinal Tagle? Can't be true! Tagle with his half hour conclusion greetings to the pope almost made Francis to smile and freeze in smile in the last 5 minutes of that endless address...6 mln audience and 60 mln TV audience is too much for everyone. It is just funny. Jar Jar Binks would do it better in the Galactic Senate.

You mean Dominic Falar to be the next pope? Frankly, what he writes is so frightening closing the next pope to 666, that if true, no one would like to become the next pope except may be he himself. I would not like to become the next pope if my body will be burnt in fire, even if my soul will rejoice. Because that is what Dominic proposes for the last pope "of Our Lady". Perhaps he is just mistaken.

I wanted to announce a big discovery (spiritual-prediction of course) in one of my own threads, but searching it I reached yours. So pls visit my thread 3 days of darkness.

posted on May, 20 2015 @ 06:55 AM
If we are supposed to play Jar Jar Binks' roles, giving all powers to the superior, without that being in a code, constitution etc., then we lose any point of the free will, or the democratic society we say we are living in.

Unfortunately, many people find the position of Jar Jar quite useful, including many mega employers. Perhaps that is not all forever, you know. You can't have a society to promote Jar Jar to Representative functions, and still be standing for long. The Soviets proved that experience is doomed to fail and fail big.

posted on May, 20 2015 @ 08:38 AM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707


That is interesting. I know those prophecies by recently canonized saints mostly by JP2. Will the next pope ride extraterrestrial spaceship? Will Peter comes down and appoints one?

Currently, the Vatican stays away of its pre-conclave promises to reform the church, starting from the headquarters. We heard a lot of words and little actions.

How about appointing many more cardinals among the laity? Who will be authorized to make changes beyond the spiritual jurisdiction of bishops? Apparently, the current system of bishops and overseeing handful of clercks and cardinals at the top does not work.

May be we don't need 144,000 cardinals, they will be needed at the time of spreading the Gospel to other planets. Still, the last pope in Malachi's list was expected to do something more, quicker. I mean, pope Francis. Because that's why he was chosen. Or are we all mistaken about that? Will the Catholic church lose any credibility at the hour of extraterrestrial appearance and help in real terms, and saying the truth of the Gospel, the true life of Jesus Christ? Think about that! Vatican chooses to drag feet but history won't be merciful to people and institution who already showed double standard in history. May be we witness its last chance.

The experiment with the world youth days plunged into becoming mass rallies at which the greatest concern of the enthusiastic but tired youngsters were to care for their necessities on those gigantic stadiums, or even Copacabana beach. Actually, not all of them were youths. The original idea of every bishop to appoint one representative youth to discuss important contemporary problems, was lost in translation. How many bishops listened to their youth representatives?

Perhaps the young people should be given more responsibility than the role they have today in the Catholic church. Not only to use the males for filling up vocational gaps, and the females to be trained as educators of children at best. That is good but not enough. The Catholic church must acknowledge its historic slowdown and errors, and compensate it with the youthful energy that is always ready to give new solution IF IT IS PERMITTED TO DO SO. The slowdown of hierarchy cannot be compensated by enthusiasm, it only makes those youths to lose their normal lifestyle compared to their secular classmates. Much more is needed, and the pope should be the first one to recognize it. Why not making a dozen cardinals in their 20s, people who have proven they care for the Church much more without second thought on material benefits? Let make them several hundred then! Let the status quo remain in history, so the Church continue in history.

The words given to Peter were taken too literally. It is nowhere said Peter would continue to rule from Rome until the end times. That is a good excuse not to move a finger for betterment of people during centuries. Now that excuse is no more relevant.

I will give one example of Star Wars Rebels TV serial. The young hero Ezra had the Force while still being untrained by any Jedi. It happens at the time some 15 years after the demise of the Jedi order by Order 66 to the clone troopers to kill all Jedi knights in the galaxy. The master Kanan was one of the few remaining apprentices who survived. In "Rebels" he trains Ezra, but his training lack skills and at times it is the young and inexperienced Ezra who uses the Force better to the point to save his master from the villain Inquisitor (why that name, ask Star Wars team). Ezra is not appointed by Jedi council, notorious in previous sequels for its illogical and inadequate decisions that ultimately brought to power the Dark Lord Senator Palpatine.

Perhaps, the most popular movie for youngsters has something important to say also to the Catholic church leaders, who seem detached from reality even more than the Jedi council. They must realize the people expect much more from them, more than words. Not only the registered catholics, but practically the entire world who has accepted as a matter of fact that the leader of Christianity is no one else but the Roman pope. Let we see the work done in our lifetime, and let John Paul's "Civilization of Love" he spoke to the youngsters decades ago don't remain empty words. There are concrete steps that should be done, and I already said some of them, imo. Sure others have said other measures, be it in public forums or privately to church hierarchy. The picture is so much unsatisfactory that I doubt the Catholic church and its leadership will ever have the courage to move into 21st century. Let I be wrong!

P.S. choosing to enlarge the structure beyond its current limits by including new people, young and otherwise, disinterested in making pile of money etc, will make it possible for the pope to get out of the need to disintegrate the current obsolete structure. Well the decision is his/theirs. But it is obvious today's status quo will not outlive the discovery of the first interplanetary route. The followers of Jesus Christ who will go there, or who are ALREADY there, may have nothing to do with the centuries old structures on earth if they don't change now. Especially if there are new books involved speaking of new episodes of the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Vatican people know of that, btw. More than we can imagine with intellectual discussion on facts ALREADY LEAKED to the public internet domain.

Someone may ask, why am I concerned about that? Well if you read here probably you are concerned too. I will stop to be concerned the moment the humanity discovers that new home(s) with probably better understanding of Jesus Christ than ours. Padre Pio said, such civilizations do exist, who didn't commit the original sin. Are they humans? All? I don't know. But my concern with the Church in Rome will end at the moment we get in contact with them. Perhaps the concern of many other people, who now have no other option than to be concerned. Because they still want the good outcome for what has been built for all those centuries. The problem is, those on the top, do they want it or not?

Let me repeat it for the third and may be last time in these threads: instead of disbanding the obsolete structure based on bishops and covered by cardinals, the pope could appoint a multitude of LAY cardinals, including young ones (females have been discussed too), who will form councils to take care of any question other question than the purely spiritual teaching that will remain in the hands of the consecrated persons. On paper, there are such councils or there should be, not by "cardinals" but by lay people. On practice, everything is managed from top to bottom. Well, if the hierarchy doesn't want to give its privileges to the lay people, there isn't much to be done about its own justification of existence.

Because Peter didn't do that in first place. The Church should get rid of the money making machine that it was turned into. It should rediscover the love of the early Christian communities that they expressed to the rest of the world. That love will return, anyway, but may be not in today's structure, rather finding new/old ways to manifest itself.
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posted on May, 20 2015 @ 11:12 AM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

There won't be last pope, in terms the Church will spread throughout the galaxies. Therefore, each community on each planet will have its own "pope" or called whatsoever. I envision some bigger role of the 144,000 following the manchild. No they are NOT today's consecrated Roman Catholic or other priests and bishops. They want it to look like it were they because they were not married.

It doesn't work in that way.

The manchild is still not manifested, and may never be in our lifetime. Sure it is not Jesus-baby because baby Jesus wasn't raptured, mother Mary didn't run away ALONE in the desert, and so on. To say the manchild is the Lord Jesus is to deny that Lord Jesus walked the planet Earth as adult, died and resurrected. Those theologians are blind and deaf who claim so. Or perhaps they don't want the manchild to rise on the horizon.

I have talked separately on that in many threads, and it doesn't need to put more data here.

What matters, is the role of the Rome bishop started and will end with the role of Earth as birthplace of Jesus' church on earth (here I elaborate more in other threads about the other beings who followed or will follow Jesus).

Whether the next pope in Rome will be Philippino with the name Dominic, or it will be you, we don't know. It is a matter of a future choice, and we can't be sure as we weren't about pope Francis. Everyone expected pope Peter 2, isn't it. Even cardinals Bertone, Sherer many others had as their first name Peter and were expected to become pope, one of them.

What is important is to be understood, in first place by the hierarchy in Rome (and I hope they already did), that the current status quo is dead ended without fast and significant changes. No matter the exact names.

God's creative love and force cannot be framed the way it is framed now, thinking "it is we who hold the finger of God". No, you don't! I don't, Dominic doesn't, Peter 2 doesn't. It is to deify men, and it is contrary to scriptures.

Dominic (falar?) has a lot of errors, I already talked about. He cannot be right unless we assume wrong writing of the Revelation and the other prophets. He should not be taken into account in the election of the next pope, if pope Francis decides to step down while he still have many years healthy life. Fr. Gruner also should not be taken fanatically into account (may he rest in peace!) Fatima consecration and secret are only one of many subjects that need SOONER to be addressed. The delay of more than 2 years could be deadly. Not only for Rome, as Fatima-official secret speaks of. I jsut can't understand what was done until now, and why the trumped reforms don't surface by now. If there are people who stop them, why aren't they simply retired, amid wealthy pensions and properties. Instead, we see cardinals opposing carinals, as one prophetic text speaks of. It is a bad omen for the Roman Church.

Jesus' words could have other interpretation, and the pope knows very well that. He knows Jesus' church will survive even if today's Roman church doesn't. But why not to prolong its lifespan if it is the will of God. Two years more, and there might be no more need of that artificial attempt to save what is rotten. The pope gave himself two years or so. I wouldn't give 2 years lifespan to the status quo. You know, when it changes overnight, because of events I already spoke of, we are not going to jump into forums and ask each other, or wait what the Vatican TV will say. The new reality will be upon us without delay.

The Force is beyond individuals, and it can work with any individual. Remember those Jews who prophesied, who were not appointed by Moses, and the reaction of those who were, and of Moses himself. God cannot be restricted in stones. The Force will pour out the moment It decides. I wouldn't call it a second Pentecost, simply because it was already named so, by St John 23 and by St John Paul 2. It din't happen in their times. We have every reason to believe it will happen in ours, and will change everything beyond recognition.

is it what those people are waiting for? Why don't they do a bit more now, when they have all at their disposal, including money, prestige (still) and influence among many common people? They just don't want to do the change, and will face the reality soon. How soon is soon I don't know. Malachi Martin whom I disbelieve on many points, said it won't be after 20 years. He said it in 1990s, 20 years I think it makes 2016-17.

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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 02:02 AM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707

And so it might go:
Fr. Gruner makes a phone-call to one of his priest friends in Vatican City to say check out this guy's unique claims about (ie: Cardinal Bertone), and suddenly my delusion has reached Rome. And a delusion becomes a rumor, a rumor becomes gossip.

Internet doesn't work like that. Fr Gruner (R.I.P.) didn't need to call anyone in the Vatican. He has his own website. Card. B. or anyone don't need to have their spies everywhere, as in previous ages.

Now we have the public online domain, accessible for pope, president, taxi driver, religious nuns, or atheists who are concerned more of the church than its hierarchy, or kids who watch star wars. Now the info is available to the extend everyone who cares and puts searching keywords to be able to find it. And to respond if he wants to.

The non-responsiveness of catholic hierarchy to rightful demands of common people, including Information Release, means one - they don't want to change an inch, they don't want to be responsible for their own and past age trespasses, they don't want to accept the new times as reality. They don't want to help the people out of here, they want the people stay in here to suffer and die in a well known sacrificial model for centuries. Involuntary sacrifice of someone else than oneself has a different name and nears the dark rites of Aztecs, not that of Christ on the cross!

Do the Catholic leaders intend to help the people out, or not? The theater will end soon, and we will have a new beginning, with or without those who play gods now.

The image of Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels nears very much to what I imagine as galactic role of the 144,000 in very near future. Perhaps the youngsters have been prepared for a role like that, not necessarily only for 144,000 but for millions of young souls with clear minds whose goal in life is far beyond to pile up money bags.

The Catholic leaders miss their historic chance, as the Jedi did, the opportunity to show the way as masters while giving the freedom of new beginning to the young ones who already have the Force within themselves. You may use any wording you want to, the things are pretty much the same.

How many young souls were lost int he bureaucracy and either ended up part of the system, or were expelled out of it. That won't last for long anymore. We have clear signals coming from everywhere, from films like that and from places you would expect them least, as well as from sources related to the supernatural, that the new beginning has already been decided at higher level (call it angelic, extraterrestrial, God, true apparition). While we don't have a stopwatch, it is definitely to happen in our lifetime, in the next 2 years or less according to specialists bigger than myself. And because the Rome people know that, I cannot hide my amazement of their lack of action now when they could have done more for the people to prepare, in a final push to clean up what hasn't been cleaned since Galileo time. It is their choice, their ways are not our ways, of the new generation that will mark the next millenia. Yes, millennia. Don't count on immediate coming of Jesus if He himself said He didn't know it.

Self-Sacrifice does exist also in the Star Wars saga, as self-giving of life for the others. Not as imposed demise of mass population or making it suffer, contrary to its collective and individual will. What we see in history, is the Church didn't really help the people out of such mass sufferings, on the various stages in history. Instead, the recommendations were to "follow the example of Christ on the Cross". And that is the best case scenario. Because we know of Inquisitors and Crusaders who went far beyond that point. The Catholic Church has a lot to repay the peoples. The entire idea that one has to suffer beyond limit, individually as well as entire societies, is doomed to fail. it is not the teaching of Christ. Jesus didn't sacrifice the apostles, he sacrificed himself. It is screwed up teaching what is presented as teaching of "church fathers" about that. Perhaps in their times they had no alternative option. Now we have it, with the general improvement of humanity and reaching population limits never reached in history.

We have to go forward from the dead point we are at now. If the Catholic church is incapable of offering adequate leadership, as the Jedi council wasn't, then it might happen its end has come. New forms of followers of Jesus Christ will emerge, including by discovering new/old books of his life, banned and burned for centuries. Or perhaps the humans on other planets have managed to record from the clouds every move and word of the Teacher on Earth? I bet it would differ greatly of what was written centuries later! Perhaps the Church leaders are afraid of exactly such scenario where they lose power over the flock. If they are afraid of that, they already lost.

It is better they promote the brave ones among the youngsters (and not only) as alternative of their own faults and those of their teachers in centuries.

Ezra wasn't appointed by Jedi masters' council. Anakin was, an he failed. For everyone who has followed the saga. The Jedi failed because they thought they were the best, the most wise, the ones filled with the Force and no one else except them. The ones who could see in the future. They failed and their failure was great. They were downed by one man, his apprentice and his cloned army. WIll the history of the future repeat itself in the real life?

The Force didn't end with the end of the Jedi order however. One may say, the new Jedi such as Ezra were the real image of that Force.

The example could easily be matched to the outdated hierarchy and the image of 144,000 who bring a new beginning. Even if it is not those same ones of the book of Revelation. I use it only because it should be said somewhere, and it is said there. Many things haven't been written in the restrained books we have, as I already pointed out.
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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 04:11 AM
One may say I moved out of the topic Fatima. I did not, in general view. One may wonder instead, where are the catholics when the discussion includes inconvenient questions, and when they don't have upper hand thru their own set rules of teaching. I.e. when someone doesn't play the game in their own yard, but brings up proofs outside of their reach and CONTROL. The rest of the flock is either too scared or too tired and disinterested to discuss things like that.

One specific question: where was the 'inquisitor' Ratzinger, who knew the 3rd secret, who once elected pope did not move a finger to release something more?

Now we have something more being released thru the latest published revelations of sister Lucia. After her death. They speak volumes of what has been hided from us, and what probably is still in the hiding.

It is not strange then, that the name Inquisitor finds its new in-personification in the newest Star Wars sequel Rebels. One more kind reminder to the saints in Rome that the world expects more than words, and SOONER. 2 years lost, 2 months more? Someone dreams Russian invasion as the worst enemy of Rome. Perhaps it is, perhaps it is not, perhaps it is the Mujaheddins instead. I don't know. But what everyone can see, Rome is inadequate - not only after year 2000 when it was supposed to make a new beginning with the disclosure of the "already passed 3rd secret of Fatima". Instead of release of info, we have been set with a new inquisitor in the same office who flashes bans on apparitions on right and left side. Perhaps some of them are wrong. But the style is quite well known. The style of power holders who would stop before nothing, even if they have to sacrifice the half of the world for their hideous ends. It is intolerable in 21st century with the mass communication we have available. It is a history, or is it? If pope Francis can't answer that question, perhaps he himself is too weak to oppose those powers who stopped the human progress at the time of Galileo. We could have overcome the resource and overpopulation crises long ago with bases on Mars and elsewhere if not for those 'people' who shaped the course only 3-4 centuries ago. Shall we ever see a reversed course of Rome, or its ultimate shut down in history for good?

"That was a mistake, Inquisitor"

Instead, I'd want to wake up in a reality where there won't be anymore Rome dictate for centuries, no more NWO, rather pristine understanding of what God's Force and Love is, and better relations between humans. Religion and temples have their place and will have them in the future too. Perhaps evil empires will rise too and will fall in their time. But the mind of the saved people will be different and better set than today's. They will not live an animal level of existence but will strive for the bigger good.

In that way, I find it personally much more useful films like that, than canonical rules and shackles that leave no room for creative power of God to act. It is the past of the world, although it seems at moments that prolonged moment already decades will never go to the past voluntarily.

Ezra discovers ancient Jedi temple
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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 06:23 AM
It is also the time to say the things straight about the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Temples. Are all hosts consecrated? Is that the way Jesus did it? Where is the wine, and is it the kind of bread (old dispute between Cath and Orth). And if not, if it is done wrong, if there isn't consecration on masses with thousands hosts, then aren't we speaking of falling away bigger than imagined, although not as big as desecration of Temple spoken by prophet Daniel, not yet may be.

If tomorrow the pope introduces extraterrestrial humans or humanoids into the temple, or if he or his successor uses ET ship for transportation, I guess all those fanatics from all churches will cry out in one voice: the abomination of desolation has arrived, we see it demonstrated on the TV!

That is absurd of course. I am not afraid to bring the Holy Sacraments on a spaceship to a distant planet, and I will do it if there is such an option. We don't really need a bishop to bring the baptism to anywhere, if those ET races need it in first place. Because some of them don't need it, as padre Pio said!

Of course real sacraments, not fake ones, as pointed out above. Let call the things with their real names. While we are given surrogate teachings, we are denied many things, not only for the first centuries but also for the days we are living in.

What are the contacts with the Vatican with ETs and which ones they are in contact with? Srg Robert Dean cannot be more explicit by saying there was a cardinal on the meeting Eisenhower-aliens. Bob Dean is in the know, no matter someone likes it or not, and he is ordered to speak by higher place.
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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 07:11 AM

interviews with Bob Dean and Clifford Stone conducted over a 2 day period at the 2012 UFO Congress... Retired, Command Sergeant Major, Robert O. Dean and Retired, Sergeant Clifford Stone ...both have been given special access to the above top secret world of the military involving interaction with ETs of various races.

So... Pius 12 not only knew about, he sent personal representative to meet the aliens, the cardinal of LA... That happens before Vatican 2 council.

After that, we have the leaked diary of St John 23 speaking of his personal encounter with alien saucer ship landed in Castel Gandolfo. I have a thread about that. It is conveniently "leaked online" without any top red hat to risk his place for saying that.

That theater must stop! Let we know the truth! Enough with half sayings and half truths.

Who were the angels at the tomb of Jesus, why didn't they have wings, and why Paul was at odds with the angels who told a different version of the gospel? Perhaps because the Roman influence on the written gospels were too big and the angels witnessed for what the real Jesus did in his real life, not fabricated on paper? The whole fake construction of beautiful phrases falls apart when you start thinking unbiased on it. Perhaps this is indeed the last chance of the Roman church to make its way straight. If not...there are options if not. Let it be done by the Roman church, though.
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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 10:23 AM
I prove in other threads that Revelation 12 war in heaven /space is much longer than a blink of an eye, 1 week or 1 year. It is multi-galactic war involving civilizations and races on multi - level - from archangels to lower level extraterrestrials.

Unless we dismiss the Revelation altogether, (and it is not done so by the early Church), we have to accept the option that such a cosmic event will delay the Second Coming of Jesus on Earth for unknown time. Until the war in heaven/space is accomplished with visible result (not symbolic!) , until then the Earth remains in limbo. Both inside the End times already started, and waiting its own time for End times. It may continue for eons, and it may coincide with 1. chastisement that will leave the earth desolate for many thousands years, and 2. era of peace. Whether the era of peace will be ON Earth or on another planet, is not specified in modern apparitions. It is said in Fatima, the humanity will receive it, not the planet earth necessarily.

It is stupid not to get into calculation all of that and more. Sure none of us knew it before, but now it is already published online. Now we know that the most conservative pope in 2 centuries knew of ETs and had contact with them.

The era started with the manchild (that is not Jesus, and I prove it), starts the galactic war. It is not a past event since it is never experienced on Earth. Technically, the manchild may not be born on earth but on orbit or near earth space, because the woman in the Revelation does not stand on earth during the birth. It could be on a spaceship. He could be someone not of earthly humanity as well.

Whatever it is, we the earthly people should be prepared for that event and to allow our own participation. Between the birth of manchild and the flee of the woman in the desert (Great Trib) there is an entire multi-galactic war. Sure the earth people have what to do during that time period. If they are admitted to the era of peace, on another planet, or otherwise.

I don't have the answers, but I am not afraid to discuss the questions.

Since it is not a one day event, it may take 50 years to figure it out correctly. But it has to start now, not to lose the Last Generation (theory discussed separately). We should feel extremely privileged if our kids participate in what could be a galactic mission of the 144,000 or more, from planet Earth the birthplace of Lord Jesus.

Having several options for the earth's own development, including the nightmare of nuclear or other fire followed by winter, we should have all possibilities open. It is OK if tomorrow ET land on many spots on earth and introduce an era of peace, here and now, for the next decades or centuries. But what if it doesn't happen. What if our chance and that of our kids will be given once before the chastisement. And the promised era of peace will occur on another planet only for the saved part of humanity.

The perspective to stay on/underground and be affected by radiation and genetic transformation to worse, is not a perspective I'd wish to happen to me or my descendants. Indeed, some insiders speak of it, Dan Burisch alleged scientist of area 51 speaks of it. He presents two or three future lineages of humankind, one of which is the Grey creatures - as genetic modified future humanity that stayed on earth during unhappy events and degenerated into what are the Grey now. Other insiders oppose that theory and say the Grey are aliens from Zeta Reticuli. Perhaps they are right.

The catholics who care should be the first ones to study and speak of all that, not the last ones hiding behind the protestants who demonize everything and everyone.

Perhaps the Star Wars continued sequels are the allowed propaganda of good ET to prepare the future humanity especially the kids who are chosen for that galactic mission. It is just one of the many ways of communication, not the only one. Before the perspective to shut down all the channels of communication, as many people do in their ignorance, I'd prefer at least that one if not more. We are told, and told pretty clearly to young and old alike.

Pope Francis can't pass by only with the phrase to baptize Martians, and another one, of the "creatures of the Universe". Good but not enough. I'd wish him stand firm to his chosen vocation and finally say the things as he is expected to do. There are other ways, but apparently less people will follow them, not more, if the pope remains silent. Francis is not silent, but not vocal on issues he should be. After all, we have enough pastors who speak Sunday homilies in parochial way. We don't need the Roman pope to be one of them. We the people of 21st century, regardless of religion, need the one who will say truths not said, an will show roads not known. If it is not the pope, perhaps it will be the Manchild himself, if we are in that period of time. And we cannot be sure it is now or after another 50-100 years. We are sure some of us will survive, to fulfill the Last Generation requirement.

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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 11:33 AM
The idea of antichrist here and now, supported by multiple pastors, denominations outside and conservative groupings inside the Catholic church, would be baseless, if we don't have the fulfillment of the expected requirements for such appearance.

If it happens though, we would have first a rapture event, and probably a desolated planet as a result of the preceding wars/cataclysms. Until that happens, it is not quite prophetic to expect every next solar or lunar eclipse or other signs as the final signs before the man 666.

Many people will be tempted to reject the possibility of Elijah's chariots instead of the painted rapture by protestants.

I don't think we are in the hours before the antichrist. Because, after Daniel's pause of prophecy for some 2000 years, there could me more pauses. I define one of them as the pause during the war in heaven/space that will be quite a long event.

Even if all estimations are wrong, still we have to have the 144,000, Babylon, and the 3 angels' voices to happen before the final rise of 666. Revelation 14 defines it clearly. The rising beast destroys Babylon only after the 144,000 on Mt Zion and the 3 angelic warnings.

I understand the anxiety of many preachers to see it happen in our days. But they have to understand the wider horizon that I try to present in these posts. And that are not secrets anymore hidden in Vatican archive, or library of galactic senate. They are shown on broad daylight and only the fanaticism and ignorance of the multitudes makes it possible these basic things not to be accepted. Because there are stil people who would say: "how will the extraterrestrials fly from so far if we know it is not possible by science? Therefore they are not extraterrestrials but interdimensional demons."

Unfortunately, smarter people than that level develop more elaborated theories, some of whom printed best selling books such as Horn's Exo Vaticana, and Quayle's unending radio shows, that want to prove all of that is true but deeply rooted evil. Well, let they show who is the good one, then. Who is appointed by Lord Jesus to do the work done by the angels in the Old Testament. And if they fail to answer, I will doubt their other reasons as well. Once Steve Quayle said to a caller: ' I will answer every question but if you already have the answer, I'd rather listen to you. ' Hope he will!

There is one more problem for THE antichrist here and now. It means Jesus MUST come back after 3.5-7 years maximum. And by definition not even the Angels know, not even the Son but only the Father. How then the preachers know it?

Indeed, if we think of Jesus as Lord of all galaxies, and not only Lord of the Earth, (that would greatly diminish his role in salvation as the only begotten son of God the father)...then we have to imagine some time that Jesus and his disciples will spend to visit other worlds, other galaxies and planets. Estimated, it is many more than trillions. The millenium kingdom would not be enough, except of special means that I would not comment here. Even if it is enough in Divine omnipotence, even then we should assume the end of the entire Universe in only 1000+7 years. That sounds premature.

On that background, Fatima Era of Peace is supposed to happen before the End times, and is not identical with the Millenium. Perhaps, as I argue, it will happen for the physically saved people on another planet, not for the planet Earth itself. The era of peace will coincide of period of planetary changes on earth that usually continue thousands of years or millions. One may check the timeline of the dinosaurs. The religion is not meant to contradict science. You need much more than a miracle to restore earth in a matter of years after the chastisement in the primordial state that some premature seers see in their minds. In my understanding, they have been deluded by ETs with superior mind control capabilities and with other agendas than the positive one I am talking about. Because some seers just contradict each other and the Scripture as a whole. Fatima is not one of them, I believe.
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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 11:53 PM

Spiritdaily "MAJOR MOVES NEEDED TO SHOW OUR YOUNG THE GREATNESS THAT IS CATHOLICISM" The collapse into a bureaucratic-political-intellectual mindset is threatening the Church's future in the West.

Let me first of all congratulate Spiritdaily for the boldness of expression, so rare today among catholics when talking about their hierarcy and problems.

At the same time, I'd wish the private source of catholic info and analysis, as Spiritdaily is, to recognize at least some of the things I am talking about. You can't have the desired revival, desired since the time of popes John Paul 2 and Benedict, and perhaps as far back as John 23 and even before Vatican 2, unless you enlarge your horizons, based on everything in Bible. The tradition is good but apparently not enough. We are losing the next generation, without Russian communist invasion on St Peter and without Yellowstone eruption. UNUSUAL PHENOMENA IN THE WORLD COINCIDE WITH NEW (AND SOMETIMES STRANGE) PROPHECIES The media used words like "UFOs," which we don't subscribe to.

It is strange that the respected by me Spiritdaily still speaks of UFO as something they do not really accept. Perhaps he himself should reread Ezekiel chapter 1.

It is strange that the independent Catholic voices online are actually not so independent when it comes to talking of things not stamped as "approved" by higher office. As if there is still index of banned books (to be read, or to be burnt in the past centuries).

In all I wish Spiritaily and every independently thinking catholic, including posters in forums, to continue beyond what is today's horizon of understanding, so not to be trapped by it tomorrow.

The mechanical reception of Sacraments and saying Rosaries will not help as expected, if we will continue to reject God's help in terms of the help given to the Israelites in the Desert from a "Cloud". Jesus ascended into a "cloud" too. I wonder, wasn't a "cloud" present all the time, and recorded everything about Jesus, that the early church hierarchy conveniently forgot about, and today's hierarchy conveniently doesn't start talking about? If so, we'd better think of a new re-start button, unless we want to abandon the sinking ship altogether. And we should not blame those who are already boarding rescue boat.

So many lives were ruined in that way, believing blindly words said from highest place about "civilization of love", while at at the same time the hierarchy were denying or somehow restricting and setting aside the common perspectives in life to those youngsters who bought into it. That should not be repeated. The youths who like the church do not necessarily become priests and nuns! And if not, they are abandoned to themselves. The church hierarchy should stop thinking of itself only, and of its own succession purpose. It is a time to open for the needs to ALL, as the pope so many times talked about.

We don't have much time. Bold decisions are needed now. You can't decide the problem of millions unemployed youngsters in Catholic countries, without proposing something new. (of course the problem exists for their parents as well). Why not the Catholic Church to be the main engine behind the so much expected Disclosure, to offer perspectives of new kinds of jobs and overall new future for both its own members and the wider world? Nothing less will suffice to fix the problems of a 7 billion world that increases at fast pace. John Paul 2 didn't expect that when he talked before 5 bln world only 2 decades ago.

The Church just doesn't get it. Or worse, it gets it and it is reluctant to make a move.

Otherwise, all talks and homilies are empty words intended to buy time before certain events the top church hierarchy knows about and we still don't. With the current status quo, it is therefore better not to subscribe to teachings that lead to dead end, to a preplanned unwilling sacrifice (that rightly could be called with other names), but to search for alternative sources and ways of salvation given by God for the extraordinary time we are living in.
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posted on May, 22 2015 @ 01:17 AM
I already said the things, more than enough, and I am not afraid to leave the site, or even the public talk on that topic. If there are no respondents, here and elsewhere. The problem is not me.

The problem will be when tomorrow you see your paradigms ruined in an hour only, and you will not have reset button for that.

If the pope himself doesn't want to move beyond "baptizing Martians", he could tell cardinals, card. Maradiaga or anyone, to do it instead.

Don't they understand the world is on the brink and needs answers, needs speedy solutions, and if these answers are not given by a Church (may be another one, most likely the Catholic) they will be given directly by the Angelic Forces. Without a possibility to redo it, to edit the text in a forum, or to say "sorry" to the crowds. It all will be done. The new reality will be upon the world in an hour.

Don't be so fast to call it the great deception, those of you who spent literally decades of their own lives and the lives of their followers to expect "great warning" and "Fatima 3rd secret", or "new evangelization" and "civilization of love" if we use more clerical terms. How about that, and not "great deception UFO"?

Therefore the TV images of young heroes, such as Ezra, are coming just on time. These characters, are the needed leaders in our time.
We should get out of fear, as the Jedi teach, while fear being the main tool of going to the Dark Side.

It is a time the wise among the Church masters to tell us where the Heaven is. In which galaxy. Or beyond the farthest galaxy.

They should be ready to accept the wider picture as it had always been.

They should accept God has servants with flying chariots, who were not sent in the Gethsemane garden, in order to be sent now. They should start praying for that event to happen.

Or, they are on the other Dark side, and want to sacrifice not themselves but us the common people in whichever event is coming that they know of and we don't. It has nothing to do with how Jesus did

Time is ticking. Actually I don't know whom I convince anymore, if we see 2 years and more of non action, after the last conclave that was supposed to elect pope (and administration following!) to make the change happen.

I'd rather spend the rest of the time in meditation and reading/watching sci-fi instead of repeating things for people who apparently have decided on the other side, and will prefer to stay and call it evil deception against any logic and evidence.

The things have been said and repeated on internet many times over, far not only by me. It is up to a choice.

Do you really believe Lord Jesus is the master of the Universe, and thus the Universe and its inhabitants obey Him, or you don't and have your limited explanation of earth-centered universe of pre-Galileo inquisition model? Unfortunately, up to this moment the Church fathers didn't really get out of those schemes.

I don't have the time to wait them grow up. I am not their Jedi master, and they are not willing to learn beyond their absurd schemes. It is a choice they have already made, for themselves and for their followers.

It would be a great surprise if they reverse their views in the last moment before the event.

Example: (as in homily)

The ultimate demise of the Jedi council did not happen as a result of one or many personal sins, but as a result of wrong and outdated understanding of the Force. Having the monopoly of the Force for millenia (or thinking they had), the Jedi were slow to understand one former member followed by others advanced quickly on the dark side. They failed to recognize the rising senator Palpatine as the dark lord Sidius no matter he was the next office to theirs. They were absurd in their judgments to newcomers, such as the wonder-kid Anakin, that leaded ultimately to his turning towards Palpatine and therefore to the Dark Side.

The example is very easily transferred to the Church hierarchy (not only catholic btw) who is as inadequate as Jedi council or may be worse. The words it acts "in the name of Jesus" sound familiar, and they sounded also when Crusades have been prepared to conquer and kill innocents.

The original Star Wars serials have some polarity of good vs evil, characters that are only good or mostly evil. The new serials however, show the human nature as much more complex, with both good and bad trends in it. Characters who strive not only for unattainable perfection, but also for surpassing everyday shortcomings - as all of us have them. That makes the new serials (especially Rebels) much closer to the minds of their auditory, that is predominantly the young ones. If your kid asks for his lightsaber, don't assume he is influenced by the devil. Try to understand him, and to understand what is behind the entire saga of the most popular film sequels in the last 3-4 decades. The saying that is "illuminati job" is not useful. Why not to assume God gives one more last chance to speak to the young people through images, using imperfect people to make these films happen. As if the clergy is more perfect. I don't idealize this or any movie, I just give an example that should be read in its correct meaning, in the scope of what has already been said in this thread.

The Serial Fatima Gate is actually much more frightening than the Jedi serials. Because there you always have the good ones win. In Fatima Gate you have the bad guys win, as long as you are alive. The promises given remain a distant future , may be not as distant as the Second Coming but certainly not a future to be expected in one's lifetime. Then why should a number of generations be deluded and lose their normal life compared to their friends who do not harbor such religious beliefs? And if we still believe that Fatima is right, then why those responsible don't finally open up the secrets and tell us the truth. Most likely - extraterrestrial truth. Because that is the only single issue they are unwilling to discuss, at the time the world has been given volumes of information. Not only thru insiders today, but also thru very good written sci-fi of yesterday, of decades. Actually Star Wars is not the best one, it is the most popular film for all that time. There are works that surpass any imagination of what could be alien worlds, both good and not so good.

One should be really very fanatical never to open such a book, watch such a movie, or if he does, to outright demonize both scenario and authors. How about having them inspired by God? God who chose the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar to release thru his dream one of the biggest prophecies ever. Surely God can use the film makers and book writers many of whom are believers. After all, they say things we need to know, things that the clergy never said in homilies or otherwise. I.e. if I want to be saved from the nightmare on Earth to another planet and have a new beginning according to God's unfailing laws, I'd better listen for that people who have some experience with that, those authors (were they lifted up, some of them), instead of listening to people who would talk only of sacrifice, hell, purgatory, and salvation of soul amid nightmares seen on Earth in the last century compared to what they describe as hell. Why should I want to follow that, and not the other?

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