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FATIMA Connected Prophecies .................... and other Fatima based observations.

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posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 09:09 PM
Let God decide the timing of when these big events foretold by Fatima occur,

BE IT NOW, or in 40 to 50 YEARS FROM NOW,

OR somewhere in between.

Let God decide the identity of the last Pope, instead of burdening predecessor Popes with these risky decisions.

Unless of course, the Third Secret of Fatima leaves no doubt.
But I doubt it leaves no doubt.

posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 07:07 PM
I have accepted that God probably decided i failed Our Lady of Fatima, and therefore God will choose someone else to be a priest.

I am certainly aware of my worst moment in which God could certainly change His mind towards me.

Whatever it was of His initial plans towards me -- it probably was changed.

And someone else is undergoing the test now.


On another, relevant note...

As I have shown previously with the Aiello prophecy:

the possible time of delay comes to an end, with the arrival of

1) the first storm and 2) with the arrival of a particular Pope.

The punishment to be unleashed (after the first destructive storm reaches land and latter abates for about 2 years), will not be delayed by even one second from the predetermined date, once that Pope arrives (in one manner or another).

The punishment can certainly be delayed until then
due to various people failing, time after time, to fulfill the tests or the final criteria of Heaven for that prophetic role.

A hundred candidates may have failed to meet the final criteria for that role, and therefore God may not raise a Pope until one succeeds to meet the criteria. -- Unless Pope Francis has succeeded.
And the punishment is delayed until someone succeeds.

It could be a day, it could be 50 years until God finds what He is looking for in a person for that prophetic role. It needs to be someone who can embrace God through many pains and tortures over a 20 year tribulation.

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posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 07:29 PM
The children of Fatima were told to make many sacrifices for the conversion of sinners.

I have experimented with this.

Perhaps a double edged sword. The sun shines brighter and brighter And then God permits the dark nights.

In feeling temptations to sin, many times recently, I have decided to offer it up to God: "Dear God, I offer this temptation up to you. Please accept it."
And then I pray 10 Our Father's.

The ego rebels a bit. But it can be a joy at times.

It seems much better, when I follow the offer to God with prayers.

When feeling lonely or isolated: "I offer up this loneliness, to do as you wish God" and pray 10 Our Father's.

Some times when feeling doubt: "God, I offer up these doubts." and pray.

When I get this strange sensation that accompanies the removal of the sense of doom, I have experimented in offering that up, as well.

When experiencing embarrassment, i also find it helpful to offer it up and pray.

The Sun shines brighter and brighter, which is good. But then, latter God permits the dark nights.


Around two months ago, I suffered a great disappointment regarding prophecy

And I realized that the devil waited, and waited, and waited.....for that right moment.

He knows when you will suffer your weakest most doubt filled moment, and that is exactly when he launches his attack upon you in attempt to dislodge you from your belief in God.

When the moment of greatest doubt arrives....these infernal entities cover you with their darkness. The demon wraps itself around you. And you feel the physical pain and separation from God because of it. Your prayers can feel empty at that time.

What happens, if you offer up prayers and sacrifices to God when that happens?

Although your prayers and sacrifices may fail to chase away the persistent demon at that moment, your prayers and sacrifices will be 100 TIMES MORE POWERFUL AND 100 TIMES MORE USEFUL towards the intentions of God as they pass through the demon to get to Heaven. A Great, wondrous gift in turning the pain from Satan into the conversion of souls to the delight of Heaven.

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posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 07:51 PM
Malachi Martin did not at all reveal world war 3 would start with the Ukraine.

He did not go that far.

(with his comments of the Third Secret)

However, (if you believe him) he did reveal in various quotes:

- the destiny of the Pope is tied with Ukraine and Russia

- The Pope is inevitably tied to the salvation that comes from Kiev and the Russians

- a Pope will travel to the Ukraine

- a final chapter in the life of a Pope involves the Ukraine

- the epicenter of change (of conversion, of Russia's conversion) lies between the Oder River in Poland and the eastern borders of Ukraine.

- the Pope will make a pilgrimage to the Ukraine

- when the Pope goes to the Ukraine, God will grant some kind of sign. (unless the act of the Pope in the Ukraine is itself the sign)


I have decided recently not to pay much attention to the events in the Ukraine. I have found it pointless to try to pinpoint the exact location and timing of the start of these prophetic events. Waves and bigger waves. (One wave, Five waves, Fifteen waves? Five months, Five years, Fifty years? Who knows.)

by the end of the tribulation, Russia will have made many nations victims. Many nations, brutalized, subdued and humiliated by Russia.

Ukraine may or may not be the first, nor the last of these many victims.

So it seems that towards the end of the tribulation the Pope goes to the Ukraine to offer his life as a sacrifice.

A great miracle will happen. And the hearts of the brutalized Ukrainian people will turn from stone to flesh, then the Russians awaken to the light.

From this sacrificial act of the Pope and from the glory and miracle of and Forgiveness springs forth.

The Ukrainian's (one of MANY, MANY of it's victims) will forgive the Russian's, and the Russian people will weep a river of tears, never before having encountered such a divine love and undeserved kindness, and their hearts will swell up with a life changing remorse.

So begins the conversion of the people of Russia.

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posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 08:39 PM
My position is:

1) things change, circumstances change, people have free will, God is not forced to make a decision until the absolute last moment. THEREFORE: we do not know God's decisions pertaining to certain specific details for the fulfillment of Fatima (end-times).

2) absolutely no person viewing this website (not me) nor anyone else, know the identity of any of the future Popes (regardless of what information one may think they have.). Partial information, misleading information, changing circumstances, and free will prevent us from knowing until the absolute last moment.

3) absolutely no person viewing this website (not me) nor anyone else, knows precisely when the prophetic storm comes ashore to bring unprecedented disaster and great horrible changes.....whether it is 1 wave, 5 waves, or 15 waves....5 days, 5 months, 5 years, or 50 years from now, no one knows.

4) Between now and the start of the great prophetic storm (could be 50 years away) I recognize under every circumstance only one legitimate Catholic Pope of these times: Pope Francis and only Pope Francis.

5) Only after the great prophetic storm arrives will I permit myself to consider and embrace alternate realities revealed by the Third Secret with study of the details at that time.

6) For many years I have accepted that their is some possibility that the Fatima prophecy is from the devil. (Sister Lucy = abbreviated form of Lucifer)


This is the last post of this set.

I'm not sure if there will be the final set of posts at the end of July that will be mundane.

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posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 07:55 PM

Within a few days of declaring an end to a set of posts, I always find something else I need to state.

(And I much prefer to post this now than at the end of the month :

Two new Popes arriving at one time during the storm is just speculation.

IF the devil preemptively attempted/attempts to discredit Cardinal Pietro Parolin (and before that Pope Francis) and it appears that Cardinal Pietro Parolin is chosen by God to lead the Church through the 20 year storm, and Pope Francis choosen by God to lead the Church through the shorter storm and through the reprieve that follows, I will GLADLY ACCEPT....HAPPILY ACCEPT the reality of Pope Francis and Cardinal Pietro Parolin being the combo of the LAST TWO popes, as long as the propaganda campaign and persecution unleashed against Pietro is so successful that: 1) Pietro Parolin is violently forced out of Rome within 200 days of the night of illumination and he is replaced by the anti-pope at that point. 2) Pietro Parolin is hugely unpopular and massively rejected within 200 days of the night of illumination - because the devil's have succeeded in framing the good Pope(s) and the punishment from God is blamed entirely on that Pope as well. Thus making him despised. 3) There are clear indications from heaven around the time of the illumination that Pietro Parolin is the Pope or will become the next Pope around the time of that great sign.

"Suddenly a most brilliant light shone in the sky, illuminating their way as at high noon. AT THAT MOMENT from the Vatican came forth, as in procession...(and) at the head was the pope....The ranks of the procession THINNED CONSIDERABLY. AFTER a 200 day march, all realized that they were no longer in that moment...the Pontiff...became VERY DISTRESSED to see how few were his followers."- J. Bosco)
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posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 10:24 PM
I still believe the tribulation and everything relevant to it, could be postponed for 40 years.

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posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 11:13 PM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

Thanks for mentioning Sister Elena Aiello', makes the picture a lot clearer.

posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 05:52 PM
Considering the options.

If I post this by today, I might (or may not) receive a timely clue regarding what to do.

This riskier option depends on the willingness of relevant high ranking persons to agree on the terms.

It's up to them to decide whether it is a proper solution to the prophetic issues of these times.

One option for them: Ignore everything pertinent to the issue, hope the problems recede into the past.


The risky option (but possible solution?):

1) I seek to prove (or end up disproving) my role in reading the signs of the times and reading the Fatima truth.
2) If they accept that I have proven supernatural knowledge, they quietly decide that the public signs and my interpretation of those signs are true....
3) And they agree to the necessity of the presented natural solution determined by the signs.

I seek to prove (or disprove) my role in reading the signs of the times and the Fatima truth.

If they agree:
I would have to prove (or disprove) my role by revealing 3 secret hidden truth's that the leadership (one person actually) completely agrees is information that comes from Heaven.

If they (or one person) disagree that the information comes from the divine (or that the information is not specific enough), they can ignore any "signs" I mention, they can ignore my interpretation, and they can ignore my possible solution (I don't mention a solution without agreement).

If they accept that I have proven supernatural knowledge, they then agree in their thoughts that the public signs and my interpretation of those signs are basically true.

My interpretation of all the signs... will go far as possible to determine Pope Francis as an innocent Pope (as not the dark pope of the tribulation). That will be the benefit of my interpretation, it will take as much of the target away from Pope Francis as the same time my interpretation will embrace ALL the relevant signs, and would make logical sense. If it makes a lot of logical sense (it does), my interpretation would probably be accepted even if I do not prove to have supernatural knowledge in the first step.

And they agree to the natural solution presented by the signs.

If they accept, and If I pass the test in the first step and they agree to the relevance of the signs:
I would present a big solution....

If they believe I have proven supernatural divine knowledge, but if they believe the solution fails to be harmonious to the information in the Third Secret of Fatima....they are free to ignore the solution presented to them.

If they agree the solution would solve prophetic issues (remove a dark cloud) and bring greater harmony and relief, they (rather the decision would rest entirely on one person) can implement the solution at the time of their choosing (be it in 3 months or 10 years from now.)

The solution I would present is NOT the usual Fatima related solution:
I would not request the Consecration of Russia

I would not request that the Pope resigns either.
I hope in the translation to other languages the word "not" appears. I have often had pages translated by google only to discover the translator sometimes omits that word....:"not". Don't know why that happens.


It's up to them. They may not wish to find out whether I have such knowledge or not. Sometimes the mystery and uncertainty is far better than the answer. And they may believe it is a much easier solution to simply wait for better times.

Another option is to welcome only the signs, without the test.
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posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 06:50 PM
" The people will reject the great sign. The people will reject the Pope. Thus begins the great persecution."

It's not hard to reject what is really of no significance to others.

posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 07:16 PM
When God sends your country into famine, you will blame God's Pope for your suffering. Therefore yes you will reject and despise the Pope with a passion.
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posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

If God decides to send the world into a famine, I won't blame the Pope. The Pope does not have that power, and if the Pope does appear to have that kind of power, it won't be from God. The first people in the end times to display power on that magnitude are not from God.

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 03:48 PM
if they indicated an answer of yes I expected to fail the test -Rwanda
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posted on Jul, 23 2014 @ 12:02 AM
How very unimaginably awful would it be to cause innocent people (such as a current Pope or Cardinal), a person that may or may not have different views, to be persecuted as the worst person in all of history, with faulty interpretations, with mistaken timing (ie: now Vs. 2040), with self fulfilling prophecy, with even false prophecy, and with questionable attempts to promote novel signs that just as easily could have been planted by the Adversary.

You (anyone) need 1) the right timing of prophecy 2) the right sequence 3) a complete picture 4) the right conditions present 5) the right interpretation 6) the right information on the origins of the information. 7) you cannot have your wisdom turned into naught by God.

And then after you have been wrong repeatedly, but finally it all aligns and you are right this time, you attack your enemy and you are found guilty for not abiding by the teachings of Jesus. That's just splendid.

For an audience that is absent, that cares nothing for me, and may even blame me for something or another, I am supposed to risk my soul and probably be mistaken, that they may experience a momentary thrill from the information that may be from God or may be from the devil, but nonetheless has certain discomforting implications of some fashion.

A momentary thrill for 1 to 5 days for perhaps 50 people with these so called signs. Maybe a thrill for only 15 people, some of them unrepentant false prophets that I know read my threads, in exchange for complications and maybe suffering for others with the most responsibility within the Church?

No Thank you.

In the perfect world I would like to have helped the mood of all those that know and were drastically effected by the Third Secret, but it probably turns out to be the exact opposite effect (dissension, disappointment, mistrust).

What can I do? What can I do?
I repent, I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry. I have caused suffering and I can't take it back.
I didn't want this, never this.

All these problems caused...
and then only to find out God delays the doom for God knows how many years and how many more Pontiff's until a candidate for the Pope to endure the storm finally passes the test, and suddenly he is here and the time of delay is over.

"His successor will guide the ship in the storm. But (his arrival) does not delay the punishment of the wicked. That day will be frightening, in a manner most terrible: the earth/land/ground trembles and shakes all of humanity." - Aiello

"Il suo Successore guiderà la nave nella tempesta. Ma non tarderà la punizione degli empi. Quel giorno sarà spaventoso, nel modo più terribile: la terra tremerà e scuoterà tutta l'umanità."

For my own peace of mind, I would rather declare Pope Francis the undisputed Petrus Romanus, if the Third Secret permitted it. He might make changes to the Church. But it will not guarantee that the tribulation is imminent. And it will not guarantee that 20 years latter other big changes won't be made.

Let them all be brothers and accept peace. In God's Kingdom enemies make peace. "The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together;...The infant will play near the cobra’s den, and the young child will put its hand into the viper’s nest. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." - Isaiah 11

In the interest of all, my last post will occur before the end of this month. I wont even guarantee another post after this one.

But I'll probably make a few more.
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posted on Jul, 23 2014 @ 11:36 PM
If there is a 10 percent chance of any of them as being true signs from God (instead of from the Adversary), this is the one part that should be given a public showing so it can be archived for future reference. It is a first chapter.
This one is for God, not for the Sovereign Pope. And it should cause minimal effect if any.

(1) one day in late 2011 or early 2012 I came across the following prophecy: "The Pope will be miserable(malheureux), the entire(toute) Church will be desolate(désolée) because of him. For him, for his deliverance, he will have to resort(recourir) to the Sacred Heart."

(2) the prophecy was so unique and disturbing to me compared to all the other Pope is about a Pope that makes a colossal mistake that has unimaginable consequences for the entire Church...the entire Church becomes desolate because of him, and he must then resort fully to the Sacred Heart. on May 30, 2012 I felt compelled to order the book from France to learn about this disturbing prophecy... to comb through every paragraph and every page looking for the key words I became familiar with in regards to these prophecies. Words such as "prophétie" "pontife", "pape", "saint-pere", "lumiere" and a few others.

(3) The book arrived. Before starting to read through it, I decided to pray and ask God a direct question about this prophecy that I thought was very important. And I asked God "Please if the answer to my question is 'yes' let the prophecy appear on one of the 77 pages."

That is let the prophecy be on page 77, page 177, or page 277. (the book ended up having less than 250 pages.)

(4) The book itself was like a sign. It was published in 1945, it existed for 67 years and in all that time nobody else had read fully through this copy. Like it was a small sign prepared long before I was born. It was impossible for someone else to read through this book since 20 per cent of the pages throughout were bound together on all sides but the bottom, they were uncut, they were locked inside a safe of paper.

So to open this book up and be the first to fully go through it, I needed to get scissors and cut away. I cut up the side of the pages and then across the top of the pages, I did it over and over again for many pages so that the pages (around 20 per cent of the pages) could finally be exposed to the light after 67 years and be examined.

5) Unfortunately I did not learn any more details about the prophecy. The prophecy was only on one page exactly as it was quoted on the French blog I came across. And there was nothing more added. But there it was on page 177 -- one of the 77 pages -- the prophecy that I found very important and unnerving.

There is more the story, but that would be going too far.

The book:

The year it was published: c/261232004

the strangely uncut pages:

The opening of the pages for the first time in over 67 years:

The rough edges at the top and side reveal all the many pages that had to be cut open:

Display of some of the pages not yet opened:

The prohecy on page 177 - one of the 77 pages. (item 18)

You can see both the cover of the book and some of the words on the lower part of page 177:

on March 27, 2013 I posted:
"If there is one prophecy that I can support because of a personal sign, it pertains to the following.

Canon Dispiney mentions a strange prophecy from Edith Royer:
"The Pope will be miserable(malheureux), the entire(toute) Church will be desolate(désolée) because of him. For him, for his deliverance, he will have to resort(recourir) to the Sacred Heart." ( )

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posted on Jul, 24 2014 @ 12:44 AM
"Le Souverain Pontife sera malheureux ; toute l'Eglise sera désolée à cause de lui ; pour lui, pour sa délivrance, il faudra recourir au Sacré Coeur."

Those are the words of Chanoine Despinay. It is his interpretation of the prophecy. In May 2012 I purchased the book of his published in 1945 hoping to find the actual words of that prophecy.
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posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 07:25 PM
In the interest of both sides that feel threatened by information and words, I feel I have no reasonable long-term choice, other than to overcome the threats with the truth. It is their choice whether or not to believe and accept the answer.

The odds are EXTREMELY....VERY favor of a great victory for Pope Francis`s choice and future plans, so I am taking the very, very safe, gamble virtually without any risk to reveal this truth, fully expecting the spiritual victory to go to the Pope....

Better for both of us, that Pope Francis receives this highly probable victory of truth now rather than letting the possible attempts of the devil to get tensions to simmer through time ending in violence.

Either God or Satan has fashioned a set of signs and placed them in my lap. I will not reveal what these global signs are, the signs are not the point, the point is... the message and the for the Vatican and for Pope Francis, whether or not they want the truth and the message. The odds are heavily in favor that the top rulers get their victory of truth -- in this instance -- instead of getting a message from Heaven which they do not wish to receive.

If the signs are from SATAN it means THAT THE TARGET of the set of signs is someone that most probably STANDS CLOSE TO GOD (even if they are imperfect).

Pietro Parolin is the target of these series of signs. Not the current Pope but rather Pietro.
If the signs are from Satan, Parolin is most likely from God, why else would Satan target the Pope and his second in command with these big global signs? And therefore I would support the Cardinal very much if these unmentioned signs turn out to be from Satan.

Whether I believe the signs are from Satan or from God depends entirely on 1. whether the key placed in my lap that relates to the from God. The key is either from God or a key without a keyhole to unlock.

Whether I believe the signs are from Satan or from God depends 2. on whether I have been given divine secret information from Heaven or junk information.

One part of the information is that KOSOVO is mentioned in the Third Secret of Fatima.
Another part of the information is that RWANDA is mentioned in the Third Secret of Fatima. If Both Kosovo and Rwanda are mentioned in the Third Secret of Fatima, I believe the key dropped into my lap, and the signs dropped into my lap are from God.


If Rwanda or Kosovo are NOT mentioned in the Third Secret, then I believe the key dropped into my lap, and the global signs that relate to that key.....ARE FROM SATAN.

Regardless of whether the signs are from SATAN OR FROM GOD, As a series of global signs connected to each other, they are frightning and utterly spectacular when pieced together into a prophetic message from either HEAVEN OR HELL.

There is no way these signs are a coincidence.....noting all the details it is simply impossible to be coincidences....these signs are without a doubt from one spiritual source or the other, from Heaven or from Hell.

Therefore, If Rwanda and Kosovo are NOT mentioned in the Third Secret, I MUST STRONGLY CONCLUDE...STRONGLY SO...THAT I have been
used as a tool of Satan to bring stress, anguish and suffering to Pope Francis (coming from several sides) and the devil had certainly planned that I would also bring anguish and suffering to Cardinal Parolin.

( I have no idea which is true, from God or devil, I only recognize the existence of large scale signs on a global scale with unmistakable connection to the supernatural, that reveal a clear message when pieced together ...especially when unlocked with the key. )

So I repeat if Rwanda and Kosovo are NOT mentioned in the Third Secret, it is VERY, VERY GOOD for Pope Francis's choice of Pietro Parolin...and I would be VERY HAPPY and VERY GLAD to support the Cardinal and certainly EVEN MORE SO TO SUPPORT Pope Francis.

And I mention these signs I refer to are not....not....Not....NOT.... directed against Pope Francis (except in connection to Pietro.)

THIS POST IS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I expect the truth revealed here BENEFITS Pope Francis and his plans, as the odds are 1 in 10,000 against the other way. The truth is now in their hands to think what they wish without the right to plead ignorance. This truth either vindicates the one particular choice Pope Francis made or it does not.

And I will definitely stop posting very soon (this week.) This may even be my last post.
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posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 10:07 PM
The information connected to the key determines whether the key and the global signs they unlock are from Heaven.

If Not ultimately from Heaven, the signs are from Satan, and the key is useless, and those who are attacked through the global signs are vindicated, because when the devil is attacking you with such global signs, it means you are on the right path and the devil is seeking with unprecedented acts to push you off the path...Pope and your Cardinal.

I will definitely stop posting very soon (this week.) This may even be my last post.
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posted on Jul, 31 2014 @ 10:11 PM
Regarding the upcoming upheavals:
Malachi Martin - "But remember, when these things begin to happen, it is not nature, and it is not God” in the Art Bell interview by which various callers mentioned different alleged versions of the Fatima text.

If he indeed stated such, I would accept the words but cautiously regard the complete context.
BUT WAIT......I listened to the interview in full, only to discover it was not true, they completely made it up, he did not say it in the interview at all, they put their own words in Malachi Martin's mouth and claimed it came from that interview. And so it seems, they are turning people against God's divine punishment for their own financial gain (fear sells). (Also a theme of some of the fls prophets)

Even if their was some truth to what they wanted so badly to plant in MM's mouth, the antichrist (destroyer) doesn't arrive until the second half of the century or latter (if the whole sequence is postponed awaiting the last Pope), and La Salette reveals quite clearly that the Antichrist (monster, man of sin) comes after the "great peace" (and after the 3-days of darkness). But the people are incapable of understanding the difference between the two periods, for they reject true wisdom, and they reject the other half: La Salette.

Of course there is the future Russian Hitler that dominates the world before the great peace.

The Divine Punishment

"At the first stroke of His lightning sword, the mountains and the whole of nature will tremble with terror, because the disorders and the crimes of men pierce the vault of the heavens." - La Salette.

"His successor will guide the ship in the storm. But does not delay the punishment of the wicked. That day (of punishment) will be frightening, in a manner most terrible: the earth/land/ground trembles and shakes all of humanity." - Sister Elena Aiello

The punishment comes in a day, in a single day. War, famine, persecution of the Church, and persecution of the Pope.

"The cities are destroyed, the natural elements are set loose, the earth quakes everywhere. The Church, O Lord, is torn apart by her own children. One camp is faithful to the fleeing Pontiff, the other is subject to the new government of Rome which has broken the Tiara. But Almighty God will, in His mercy, put an end to this confusion and a new age will begin." (Catholic Prophecy, Yves Dupont, pg 72-73) - The prophecy of Premol(1783):

"Like furious wolves they scheme to pull the Church leader down from his throne.” Then she was allowed to see the terrible indignation these wolves aroused in God. “In terror I saw the blazing lightening bolts of Divine Justice fall about me. I saw buildings collapsing in ruins. Cities, regions and the whole world fell into chaos." - Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora

"A GREAT REVOLUTION develops and the streets will be reddened with blood. The Pope will suffer greatly" - Sister Aiello
"Oh, what a horrible vision I see! A GREAT REVOLUTION is going on in ROME! They are entering the Vatican. The Pope is all alone; he is praying. They are holding the Pope. They take him by force. They knock him down to the floor. They are tying him. Oh. God! Oh, God! They are kicking him. What a horrible scene! How dreadful!" - Sister Aiello

200 Days after the Great Warning of Fatima:
"The ranks of the procession thinned considerably....The Pontiff accepted the banner gladly, but he became very distressed to see how few were his followers." - St. John Bosco.

Within 200 days (John Bosco):
1. The great Fatima warning happens
2. the plot to tear down the Pope hatched by the future Anti-Pope that will take over Rome during the tribulation, is carried out.
2. The outrage and great revolution against the Pope happens
3. the exile and persecution of the Pope happens.
4. the divine punishment of God happens or is about to happen

If the ranks of the procession thin considerably and the people reject the Pope, of course, they will also reject the Great Warning of Fatima which happens less than 200 days earlier, and they will undoubtedly declare the Pope is the Antichrist and the Fatima warning is the sign performed by the devil,

"When you see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of...persecutions...of the Holy Father."

And obviously, if the people reject the great warning of Fatima and reject the Pope, they will also reject the Divine Punishment of God that is connected.

Aiello: "My heart of Mother, and mediatrix of men, close to the mercy of God, invites, with many MANIFESTATIONS and many SIGNS, the people to penance and to pardon. But they respond with a STORM OF HATE, blasphemies and sacrilegious profanations, as if blinded by an INFERNAL RAGE."

The people will reject all of God's manifestations:
The 3 major manifestations connected to Fatima: 1. The Great Waring, 2. The Divine Punishment, 3. the last two Popes.

I am sticking to the theory I prefer the best (only for myself) -- no one else is expected to agree -- it gives me comfort: I believe the Aiello prophecy which states the arrival of the last Pope will not delay the punishment of the wicked, also reveals that the time of delay will continue until God has finally decided on the final Pope, and when the final Pope (the one that finally passes the tests) actually becomes the Pope, then the time of delays are over. Feel free to embrace a different theory.

This is the last post. Time has expired.
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posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 06:20 AM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

Phantomfire, I just discover your Fatima thread. Frankly, I didn't have time (and wouldn't) to read all your posts, but I know your line of thought from other threads.

What makes me search and find a newer Fatima thread (other than my threads that are too "old" if one year matters), are the new revelations about Fatima and Lucia.

1.Alleged diary of Lucia speaks of planetary events similar to those in Neues Europa text.

2. Fr Amorth said Russia was not consecrated, in re-published today interview from 2012 in Spiritdaily.

the links may be helpful, but I have no time for that. And I am sure the people who really care about that, have already read those articles or will do so quickly after reading this post.

Seems something new is coming to the responsible Vatican officers and that transpires in numerous intentional leaks or interviews online.

The war in Ukraine is a fact, but that still is far from the "annihilation of nations" as Our Lady talks about in the known 2nd secret. Hope we never reach that point.

For more, pls refer to my older threads.

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