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FATIMA Connected Prophecies .................... and other Fatima based observations.

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 06:10 PM
The illumination (the Fatima warning) happens BEFORE the divine punishment.

It happens before the great persecution of Pope and Church.


there are **TWO** distinct arrivals of STORM.

Saint John Bosco revelation:
"(A) a furious storm breaks out and they must return to their ships.
(C) But the storm rages again."

The John Bosco revelation states "The STORM abates," that the storm is "lessened or removed" for a while.

After an undisclosed amount of time in which the storm is removed or lessened, another STORM COMES ASHORE AND IT REMAINS UPON THE EARTH AND UPON THE CHURCH UNTIL THE LIGHT OF HEAVEN DEFEATS THE DARKNESS.


That the exile of the Pope from Rome (part of the punishment of God) happens AFTER the STORM COMES ASHORE a SECOND TIME or AFTER THE STORM RAGES A SECOND TIME.

It would be very wrong to assume that the illumination must happen BEFORE the first storm.

Rather, The illumination certainly happens BEFORE the storm comes ashore to rage and reek havoc A SECOND TIME!!

In regards to two separate beginnings of the storm, there is a similarity contained within the vision of the Third Secret of Fatima:

"an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but THEY DIED OUT...."

It is about a misleading beginning. The storm comes, it seems as if the big storm has actually arrived. But it did not arrive just yet. The flaming sword of God`s justice comes, it seems as if the unleashing of God`s justice has arrived. But it did not arrive just yet.

1) The Flames of Divine Judgement threaten to set the world on fire
2) the Flames of Divine Judgement die out (abates)
3) the Flames of Divine Judgement are unleashed.

It would be very wrong to ASSUME that the illumination must happen BEFORE (1) the THREAT of divine punishment.

RATHER, the illumination happens before (3) the Flames of Divine Judgement are TRULY UNLEASHED.


What I know for a fact, is that the Vatican is aware of other prophecies that may shed light on the matter. I was "nudged" towards this prophecy.

Those that know the undisclosed parts of the Third Secret, must know the following line of prophecy I will mention.

It states one of these (I don`t want to give away exact details):
That there will be a period of
1) one year of calm
2) two years of calm
3) three years of calm
4) four years of calm
5) or five years of calm.

It might not be clear exactly where these (about 2) years of CALM occur within the judgement, but certainly that undisclosed line of prophecy fits perfectly upon the time that the "THE STORM ABATES."

The storm comes. (lasts between 1 month and a year)
The storm abates.
About 2 years of calm follow.
another storm arrives. (this storm lasts about 20 years).

That prophecy of (about 2) years of CALM fits perfectly with the space of time between (1) the Flames of Divine Judgement dying out and (3) the unleashing of Divine Judgement.

I stress the word "DIVINE" .... as in punishment direct from the hand of God unleashed upon the entire planet in which no one can escape.

The flaming sword of the angel threatens the world.
The flaming sword dies out,
About 2 years of calm follow.
The flaming sword of the angel ignites the world.


In my opinion. Once it starts, and once the hand of God forces the Pope to reveal the Third Secret, it is TOO LATE to avoid the divine punishment of God. HOWEVER, God will give the world a taste of his mercy. The Pope will call the Bishops together. The Pope will reveal the Third Secret. The Pope will consecrate Russia with the Bishops.

And God will give the world this brief taste of His mercy (Mercy precedes Judgement):
About 2 years of calm.
followed by the illumination in the sky.

And then comes the persecution of the Pope and the persecution of the Catholic Church. And the War and destruction, and comes the famine.

within 200 days of the Fatima Warning, the Pope is forced into exile.

The world rejects God's mercy, reject God's warning, rejects God's miracles, rejects God's Pope.

Then comes unimaginable destruction.

One day the world awakens, and begins to convert.
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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 07:38 PM

I am convinced that:
the illumination
the direct punishment from Heaven
the exile of the Pope from Rome...

All happen within the period of 200 days mentioned by the John Bosco revelation.
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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 07:55 PM
What may happen during the storm in which it appears the Flaming Sword of God's Angel will "set the world on fire"?

wars in the Middle East,
wars in Europe,
possible tripling of gas prices,
Global inflation.
Frightening natural disasters
Diseases, plagues.
prophetic developments within the Vatican
Revelation of Third Secret
big changes regarding Russia
Threat of schism.
Cursed situations.

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 08:33 PM
La Salette prophecy:
"Avant que tout cela arrive, de grands troubles arriveront, dans l'Eglise, et partout. Puis, après [cela], notre Saint-Père le pape sera persecuté. Son successeur..."

It is not "great disorders will arrive in the Church" as typically translated on the English websites,

the words are "de grands troubles"(great troubles):

"Before all that arrives, great TROUBLES will arrive in the Church and everywhere. Then, after [that], our Holy Father the Pope will be persecuted. His successor..."

BEFORE the persecution of the Pope happens, before the Pope is forced to leave the Vatican to save his life, GREAT TROUBLES will shake the Church and GREAT TROUBLES will arrive EVERYWHERE.

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 09:14 PM
a reply to: Phantomfire707


These 3 books . . . EXTENSIVELY researched by quality Portuguese researchers . . . describe Fatima accurately in a list of ways.

They describe personal witness testimonies as exhaustively as any sources I've read.

They describe phenomena in the sky more accurately than virtually any other source on the topic.

They describe townspeople and their reactions and observations better than any other source on the topic.

They describe the local RCC leadership's responses and handling of the goings on better than any other source on the topic.

etc. etc. etc.

HEAVENLY LIGHTS: The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon

by Joaquim Fernandes, Fina D'Armada, Andrew D Basiago & Eva M Thompson 2007 +UFO

FATIMA REVISITED: The Apparition Phenomenon in UFOlogy, Psychology and Science (Fatima Trilogy) Fatima+%2B+UFO

CELESTIAL SECRETS: The Hidden History of the Fatima Incident

= = = = =

I believe it is inescapable that the whole series of Fatima goings on were FALLEN ANGEL/ET/UFO generated as part of a great END TIMES DELUSION.

I believe that any fair-minded reading of the 3 books would result in that conclusion.

They are very well researched and very objectively written.

Christ Himself warned that the GREAT DECEPTION of the END TIMES would be soooo well done that were it possible, even the elect Believers would be deceived.

I believe these 3 books are also congruent with Guy Malone's research and the research of his panel of experts. A lot of those presentations are available on youtube:


posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 05:39 PM
Yes a strong delusion is coming before the Second Coming of Jesus, against those that reject the Holy Truth.

Many love to attach themselves to religion and to study prophecy.

However, those that are religious and have knowledge of prophecy without sincerity to God, without honesty to self, without acknowledgement of ones own sins (we are guilty of very much), and especially without taking any concrete meaningful steps towards the Lord....are exactly the kind of people you would expect to be the target of the strong delusion (not just the non-religious people and not just the Muslims, and not just Christians that are oblivious to prophecy).

Therefore, most of you will be deluded into thinking the "Fatima Pope(s)" will be from the devil.

There will be a huge difference between the effect of the Fatima Warning (from Heaven) and the Signs associated with the Antichrist. The Devil will send a miracle that will make his son....ACCEPTED BY THE WORLD, POPULAR, AND PRAISED AS DIVINE BY THE WORLD. That will be the effect of the devils signs, otherwise the devil would not send them signs.

On the other hand,
When God will eventually send HIS great miracle in the will be in the context by which the Fatima "messengers"(Popes) become....REJECTED, DESPISED AND PERSECUTED BY THE WORLD.

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posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 06:03 PM
"Society is on the eve of the most terrible scourges and of the greatest events...

‘In the year 1864, Lucifer with a great number of demons will be unleashed from hell; they will abolish the faith little by little and even in persons consecrated to God;...

‘In the year 1865, the abomination will be seen in holy places; in convents, the flowers of the Church will be decayed and the demon will make himself as the king of hearts."


It is my theory that Melanie had an irresistible urge to assign her secret to her present century. ("Society is on the eve of the most terrible scourges") but the prophecy to her was not that specific.

Her mind mistakenly filled in the missing details -- By God's Will nonetheless.

My guess is that the actual prophecy stated this:

"In the year `64, Lucifer with a great number of demons will...abolish the faith little by little and even in persons consecrated to God"


‘In the year `65, the abomination will be seen in holy places; in convents, the flowers of the Church will be decayed and the demon will make himself as the king of hearts."

I would guess that the reality of the prophecy is actually:

"In the year 1964, Lucifer with a great number of demons will be unleashed from hell; they will abolish the faith little by little and even in persons consecrated to God"

"In the year 2065, the abomination (of desolation) will be seen in holy places; in convents, the flowers of the Church will be decayed and the demon will make himself as the king of hearts."

And in the year '60 (2060) the peace from God is shattered by the monster.

Chastisement between ____ and late 2030's ?
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posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 06:37 PM
M. Giraud - July 3, 1851:
"Tout ce que je vous dis là arrivera dans l'autre siècle, [au] plus tard aux deux mille ans."

which translates:
All ( Tout )
of what ( ce que )
I to you ( je vous )
say ( dis )
will arrive ( là arrivera )
in / within ( dans )
the other/ an other / other ( l'autre )
century ( siècle )
((( the French word "au" in square brackets ( on , to , toward, with ) which is supposed to be before the word "plus" does not exist in the original text; As you can see if you zoom into the image of the text here:
the word "plus" is the last word on the fourth last line. The word "tard" is the first word on the third last line)))
More ( plus )
latter ( tard )
with the two thousand ( aux deux mille )
years ( ans )

"All of which I say to you will arrive within the other century, after (more latter than) the year two thousand."
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posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 07:44 PM
What if prophecy revealed a timetable?

For example, what if a divine time table was announced by God containing each major prophetic development, such as the following:

May 2014 - great terrifying storm arrives.
June 13, 2014 - the Third Secret is revealed.
January 2015 - storm abates, calm takes over.
end of 2016 - Pope is forced to flee. Anti Pope storms the Vatican and the Divine Judgement follows.
2024 - Three days of darkness
2025 - Divine Peace
2043 - Wars return, false prophet and antichrist arise.
2046 - abomination of desolation.
2049 - fire falls from the sky to destroy entire nations

If the start is delayed by the Hand of God, I have three options: 1) ignore the timetable altogether, 2) expect a reduction in the length of events - ie: expect a reduction in the years of peace, or expect a reduction in the length of the persecution. 3) expect an equal amount of delay in each major prophetic development. The whole time-table of events shifts. IE: If the storm was announced to arrive in 2013 but it arrived in 2016 instead, then everything else in the sequence of events are to be delayed for 3 years as well. The 3 days of darkness happens in the year 2027 instead of 2024, the end of the period of peace happens in the year 2046 instead of 2043, the Pope is forced to flee the Vatican in 2019 instead of 2016.

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posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 09:37 PM
"The flagship commander - the Roman Pontiff [the Pope]- seeing the enemy's fury and his auxiliary ships very grave predicament, summons his captains to a conference." (John Bosco)

I recognize in that prophecy, in reaction to the "grave predicament" of prophetic fulfillment, a probable moment in which the Pope summons all the Bishops of the world to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady of Fatima.

And perhaps the revealing of the Third Secret occurs in grand fashion in front of all the Bishops, followed immediately by the Consecration Act.

"The flagship commander - the Roman Pontiff- seeing the enemy's fury and his auxiliary ships very grave predicament, summons his captains to a conference." -- to obey Our Lady of Fatima and to discuss the new reality with his Church.

About 2 years of uneasy calm ensue before the Flaming Sword of God's Justice is fully unleashed.

posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 10:52 AM
Not too long ago, I used to think that if big changes rushed upon the scene imminently --let's imagine the big changes in Russia occurred TWO MONTHS AGO-- that Pope Francis could have assured his position as the second last Pope by now (La Salette, John Bosco, and Aiello prophecies of two last popes).

(if the storm of fire arrives 50 years from now, not even the next Pope would have a chance of being the second last Pope, so I cannot assume he is locked in as second last pope -- or locked in as last pope, if you prefer).

To the Pope that fulfilled the first parts of John Bosco's dream (97% chance goes to the most recently canonically elected Pope when that time comes), I would have said "yep that person is the much anticipated second last Pope of prophecy, he fulfilled the prophecy at the right time, it must be him."

In trying to discern the truth of the Third Secret through the reactions and words of Pope Francis and his predecessor, I have come to believe that the Vatican officials have interpreted part of the Secret to infer that during the first storm (or at the precipice), the genuine Pope to face the start of the storm, would relinquish the reigns of power for God or might even experience a martyrdom for God, or something like that.

I could be wrong, but their you have it....while some people were calling the Pope vicious names, Pope Francis was preparing himself for a possible martyrdom because of the contents of the Third Secret, with his possible last days being portrayed by some as the worst villain of the story. I imagine, he was considering to do what P.E. Benedict did because you have to be a complete religious zealot or Jesus Himself to want to pass on --right at the precipice-- without getting to witness the great warning and other long foretold developments.

Despite what they might believe about the fate of such a Pope to precede the pope(s) in the Fatima Prophecy, I will continue to accept the possibility of a SENIOR OVERSEER it makes far more sense to me.

What they have indicated about the Third Secret: when the tribulation comes = another true pope arrives (and also the opposite type of person arrives). (one pope exits rome when the violent persecution strikes the Vatican, while an anti-Pope fills the gap).

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posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 11:11 AM

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posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 11:14 AM
Fatima reveals very clearly that the illumination happens BEFORE THE PERSECUTION OF THE POPE HAPPENS. When the Pope is violently forced out of the Vatican in order to preserve his life, that event (among others)...will mark a clear deadline for the Fatima Warning to happen.

That event of the Pope being exiled will be accompanied with nearly the entire world filling up with pure rage against the Pope, with millions upon millions (even billions) of people preparing to find and hunt him down.

To overturn the Fatima Warning with the unapproved Garabandal warning (possibly false prophecies), is complete and utter nonsense.

Fatima towers above Garabandal.

Out of the two, Fatima comes first and foremost.

The warning happens BEFORE the great persecution of the Pope.

IF an apparition from Garabandal states anything differently (instead of a mistake from a purported seer) in regards to the form and timing of the great warning foretold at Fatima, than clearly Garabandal would have to be lies from Satan to preemptively undermine the Fatima warning.

At best, one may embrace two or more warnings from heaven that illuminate the skies, with the latter ones, being more potent.

posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 11:51 AM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707
Since it seems I am now banned every time I post on the other conspiracy website, this thread may become the home of my final postings.


There are prophecies that seem spiritually connected to Fatima.

The Secret of Fatima contains the prophecy: "When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world"

A prophecy that seems connected to Fatima, is from John Bosco, because Fatima prophecy continues the theme of an illuminated sky:
"It was a dark night, and men could no longer find their way back to their countries. Suddenly a most brilliant light shone in the sky, illuminating their way as at high noon. At that moment from the Vatican came forth, as in procession, a multitude of men and women, young children, monks, nuns, and priests, and at the head was the pope."

Same with Sister Elena Aiello's prophecy: "When in the sky appears an extraordinary sign, know it gentlemen that next will come the punishment of the world."

the bright sky like noontime....sounds like a nearby SuperNova or else the 'SuperWave' theory of a gamma ray burst from the galactic core
that lasts long enough for al least the faithful in Rome to respond along with the Pope & clergy to form a procession

posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 01:34 PM
When talking about the Third Secret, Pope John Paul II stated at Fulda Germany:

"With your and my prayer it is possible to mitigate this tribulation, BUT IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO AVERT IT, because only thus can the Church be effectively renewed."

Why can't the tribulation be averted?

Why did JPII say that?

I thought the consecration of Russia was the key. What possibly does the Fatima prophecy state that we don't know, which makes Pope John Paul II reject the solution of consecrating Russia? What factors did the Pope have in mind that was making it impossible for Pope John Paul II to consecrate Russia as the solution to averting tribulation? Are their other unspoken conditions?

In any case, the tribulation cannot be averted according to the Pope, and yet, one day -- maybe tomorrow, maybe 50 years from now, at the start of the tribulation, the Pope will Consecrate Russia with his Bishops.

And in consequence, the STORM ABATES, and God grants the Pope a few years to convert the people. A brief moment of mercy (calm without war) in order to give the people one last time to develop and one last period to prepare their souls for the onslaught of the second storm, the 20 year storm (approx.) -- the tempest of fire.

This first calm before the 20 year storm:
is a respite, it is a time for penance, a time for choosing, a time for cleansing the soul before the Russian tyrant and all the other future infernal dictators of the earth, unleash their weapons of mass destruction, before God sets loose His angel with the Sword of Fire to punish the world for its crimes.....particularly to punish mankind's rejection of every mercy God decided to send forth in those last couple of years.

Sister Aiello foretold, that when the Pope to guide the storm arrives, this time of delay from God is over:

Aiello's prophecy: "His successor guides the ship...(but) does not delay the punishment of the wicked. That day will be frightening, in a manner most terrible:..."

("Il suo Successore guiderà la nave nella tempesta. Ma non tarderà la punizione degli empi. Quel giorno sarà spaventoso, nel modo più terribile:..." )

"his successor....does not(cannot) delay the punishment of the wicked."

The successor fails to achieve the DELAY of the divine punishment by even one day beyond the appointed time.

But it is only the arrival of the first storm and particularly THE ARRIVAL OF THAT POPE...THAT BRINGS TO CONCLUSION the time of delays.

Some (or very many) will seek to confuse the people about this calm before the 20 year storm. But certainly, it is not the substantial peace that God promises to come at a latter date.

If God permits 2 years of calm between the 2 storms...The proof that God does not ultimately accept this first consecration act AS THE FINAL ACT that ushers in the great conversions of the nations and the substantial period of peace...

is that AFTER the 2 years of calm, Russia (the Russian Hitler; Russian Antichrist) will fulfill the following Fatima Prophecy:

"if not (if the consecration act is not done on time and not fully accepted by God), she(Russia) will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated." -- All that to happen during the second storm - during the 20 year storm.

The people that say Russia's has already spread her errors throughout the world, apparently don't have a clue as to the real errors that the future Russian tyrant will spread beginning immediately after the great Fatima illumination warning.

The truth of the authentic conversion of Russia and of the nations, is revealed by Fatima through Anne Maria Taigi's key prophecy and from a few other related prophecies:

The truth is revealed clearly in the context of Fatima based prophecy.

1 - that the peace will not be granted until "the nations convert" (all the nations will bow down to the truth).

2 - that the peace will not occur until after God intervenes directly against the persecutors of the Church by means of the three days of darkness.

Prophecy of Anne Marie Taigi:

"There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights...All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness....After the three days of darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity, then, will spread throughout the world. He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the storm...Whole nations will come back to the Church and the face of the earth will be renewed. Russia, England, and China will come into the Church."

I have already given my interpretation of how the Anne Marie Taigi prophecy aligns with the John Bosco revelation regarding the Pope that reaches the end of the tribulation and the period of peace. The assumptions that the Pope is "new" and a "cardinal" may be errors made by the seer Anne. The important detail is that the Pope after the three days of darkness is considered to be the Pope that "withstands the storm". That leaves two options: 1. a great storm arrives after the period of peace in the context of the Anne Marie Taigi prophecy OR 2. the storm happens before the three days of darkness which vanquishes the enemies of the Church. The Pope is rejected by the whole world at the beginning of the tribulation but by the end of it--after the 3 days of darkness-- St. Peter and St. Paul reveal to the whole world: this indeed is the Pope chosen by heaven. In regards to that interpretation of the prophecy, every election of a Pope is the arrival of a "new" Pope and every Pope is chosen from the Cardinals. Thus Anne Marie Taigi made the mistake of adding assumed details and stating that the Pope of that moment in that prophecy is a new one and a Cardinal.

That Pope is protected by God after the illumination, thus a possible foretold "death"(is there one?) is not an obstacle to that interpretation.

Sequence regarding the the period of peace:
1) Towards the near total defeat of the Catholic Church, the Pope Consecrates Russia with the remaining Bishops. (Maybe the Pope is killed and brought back shortly after the consecration act.)
2) then God sends 3 days of darkness to make perish the disbelief of the enemies.
3) after the 3 days, heaven reveals "this is my Pope" regarding the Pope chosen to "withstand the storm."
4) "whole nations convert" -
5) Christianity spreads throughout every nation and every home
6) a period of peace
7) a relapse towards self-centerdness
8) As the Jews turned away from God and were incited towards idol worship, when Moses went up the mountain...despite having recently witnessed the many unparalleled miracles from God that brought Pharaoh to his knee's, so too does mankind once more turn away from God after witnessing many astonishing miracles.
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posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 02:31 PM
Regardless of interpretations, the Pope in the Anne Marie Taigi prophecy most likely dies at the hand of the Antichrist....after the 3 days of darkness, after the conversion of the nations and after the spread of Christianity to every nation and every home.

posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 02:41 PM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

Good to see you're still here, your OP mentions that you were concerned about not being able to stick around. As for prophecy's, you do realize that not all prophecies are about events which happen in every timeline. There's a good chance that we've already bounced out of the flow of events forseen by the Fatima children, and the third prophecy as well as the others mentioned may just be rumors of rumors of wars, and nothing more.

posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 05:58 PM
The first X number of times I read the following La Salette prophecy it seemed utterly ridiculous to me. Now I understand it plainly as a prophecy regarding what happens during the 3 days of darkness:

"Then Jesus Christ by an act of His justice and of His great mercy for the just, will command His angels that all His enemies be put to death. All at once the persecutors of the Church of Jesus Christ and all men devoted to sin will perish, and the earth will become like a desert."

Anna Maria Taigi:“All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness"
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posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 06:18 PM
The suffering of saints and (especially those falsely accused of being from the devil):

message to Jean Royer (born 1731):
pg 123 -125 (translated by google)
"Jesus Christ informed the Sister how she must participate in the sadness of his Church, and his tender complaints of the ingratitude of his children.:
"Yes, my daughter, do not doubt a moment, it is my will that you be crucified with me to honor my sufferings and my cross. I want you to be fastened with three nails to the cross where I died for your love. The first of these three nails, it's the pain you must feel for the offence (against) God, which required repair (by) my death, the second is the pain felt by my church for the outrages (made against the) Holy Sacrament of my altars, and finally the third is (the) eternal death (of) souls who continually rush into the underworld by ungodliness, the sacrilegious, the enormous crimes being committed every day in the bosom of my church ... That, my daughter, which, until death should tear your heart through the deepest pain to do for so many disorders, amends to God, by the daily sacrifice of a contrite and humbled heart ... "

posted on Jul, 1 2014 @ 08:39 PM
It is not my certain belief yet, but If it turns out to be true (as it seems) that the present Pontiff, his predecessor and perhaps (in the future) his successor, all end up believing without a doubt that it is the Divine Will of God --partly through Fatima Prophecy-- for the Pope that reigns during the first part of the storm, to either step aside or to accept martyrdom....then.....

I would have to adjust my belief to accept that God may raise up 2 end-times Popes not just one, simultaneously with a single flick of His finger. (These would be the two Popes mentioned in the La Salette prophecy)

If that were true, it would certainly explain, why in John Bosco's revelation, when one Pope dies, another Pope is ready to go even before the news of the death.

HOWEVER, if I am truly mistaken about their interpretation of the Fatima prophecy, I am VERY WILLING to believe that a Pope to reign before the storm arrives can indeed be the Pope that endures until approximately when the Divine Sword of FIre is unleashed upon mankind (about 2 years after the first storm abates).


There is something else that I have believed, for several years now. That the Third Secret of Fatima actually contains a coded message within it - A Secret inside a Secret.

If that belief is correct (it might not be), it will be like the King Author story with the Sword in the Stone.

Only the true King would be able to pull the sword out of the stone. Many tried and failed, but one day Author suddenly had his hand on the sword, he gave the Excalibur sword a tug, and without any effort, the sword came right out. Word spread throughout the land, then Author was announced the rightful ruler of the kingdom.

Regarding the pope(s) of Fatima prophecy. Perhaps one day, someone somewhere is struck by lightning. Shocked unconscious, and suddenly has a vision sent by God. He goes to Rome to reveal the vision, and to their surprise, it is a cipher that decodes a secret message hidden within the Third Secret of Fatima. Then they will know who the final Pope is.
Perhaps two people receive visions on the same day, with Heaven giving half the cipher to one person and the other half of the cipher to another person.
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