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FATIMA Connected Prophecies .................... and other Fatima based observations.

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posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 11:22 PM
I would think with all the Christian in the world, someone would of posted about this 3rd secret as what has and is happening now ... "something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'" being about THE ORTHODOX CHURCH LEAD BY Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill.

As "Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark"

(Translates to Brazil looking like a cork tree - Amazonian deforestation )

before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step

(This symbol of meeting mirror images in the place which of course has been so synonymous of conflict between West and East, Russia, the Soviet Union, and the West as Cuba.)

As this goes to what happens on the 2 (Feb). 20th...

"having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him"

As it translates to... After he conduct a prayer service on Mount Corcovado, at the famous statute of Christ, will visit the Russian church and will meet with the local catholic cardinal in Rio de Janeiro where he is assassinated.

Soon after .. "and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God."

The ORTHODOX CHURCH GOES BELLY UP (as it has to become 1 church) to the Bar! (There's more to it... But this is the jest of it)
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posted on Feb, 19 2016 @ 04:53 AM
a reply to: GusWho

Interesting, to say the least. Let reason upon it.

It wouldn't be the best solution for the 1 bln Catholics, but if Rome somehow loses its position for any reason (not necessarily killing of the last pope), then the second biggest church is the Russian orthodox. No one today quarrels for rites and songs and paintings, not even for the dogmas between catholic and orthodox. What is the obstacle is the primacy of the pope. If no pope, no problem, would say some.

In other words, the 1 bln catholics with their local leaders/bishops might be accepted as members of worldwide Orthodoxy, and not vice versus as the pope proposed in Constantinople last year.

But is that what the pope and cardinals want to happen? If not, if they want to continue the lead of world's biggest christian church, they should've done a number of changes by now. They know better than us what should be done. The protracted reform is so obvious for irreligious people who speak online more erudite than roman catholic bishops.

I would repeat again, more cardinals from outside the system (not necessarily bishops or even priests) would do only good to the oldest institution of the world. There are enough smart people who have a good will to serve and contribute to the Christ's Church, that by all estimates, even by the most conservative Catholic estimates, should be a different, purified bride of Christ. Well, I said enough.

posted on Feb, 19 2016 @ 05:17 PM
Gus Who reply to: 2012newstart

Don't be so Catholic thinking, as they did not want this secret to come to light... as they saw it as there church, but it is the church in the mirror coming to light.

Remember this all hinges on 1 & 2 Secret which dealt with World Wars and Russia going "State ATHEISM" in Oct. of 1917 about 3 months after this Hail Mary was thrown to the future...

It's like WAT I say is the true prophecy of 2012 ... that dealt with authority of "Time" in a bottle switching hands, from the Mayan's end to NASA ... WAT MAP (WMAP) as they published an official document to mankind on 12/20/12, thereby fulfilling the 12/21/12 end!
It proved existence of "Time" before "time" can be measured or heard to around 14 billion years... with out of this world technology... something call a SAT•Oh!•light

I think they took a page out of history ... and launched a monkey called Albert 1-stein or a dog to actually go into orbit and Sputnik around sniffing for WAT ...

But getting back to the topic at hand, the Catholic Church is not a part of this... that is something that everyone has to take a step back and see when and how this "moment" went down. ( or if it goes down at all )

As It is a prediction... Like following the ball of PHAT•a•Ma (let's face it, she has to be Hot looking) it goes to the "Hail Mary" warning sign / or as a football player "bomb" or "sudden Death" ... that follows ... Like my Oklahoma prediction

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: GusWho

Weeell, I don't know. The Church not only doesn't tell us Fatima, it keeps secrets from its very beginning. I just made a large reflection on manchild Revelation 12 in another thread. If that is inside the CANONICAL book, what to say more. We are not told except for a very tiny portion. Whether the nuclear war will first occur and then cleanup by ET for survivals, or it will follow a different path, who knows? If we rest assured by the dogmas, let it be known they are a very small part of the knowledge of God. And the Churches do not want or cannot go any further than that. I do not blame them all, but it is evident what is to come will be quite different. And soon.

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 06:00 PM
Yes the Church keeps it's secrets ... I have not heard anything, and today is when I predicted this to happen... (But of coarse it is with the info we receive, so ... maybe there is more too it) as he must of visited "the big cross" on the mountain by now, and came down...

Oh well...

posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 09:56 AM
a reply to: GusWho

As we talk of the cross in the prophecy... I watched the pope's mass from Mexico, and noticed 3 or 4 big crosses on the altar. Every papal mass in every different city around the world has its distinctions in arrangement. I haven't noticed so many crosses until now. Of course the cross is the landmark of the Christianity the way we received it by the Gospels.

But...didn't the pope exaggerate the symbolism of the cross in a poor country like Mexico? Indeed he talked of civil rights too, of inequality between the rich North and poor South, walls and borders...May be the cross is just too big for the suffering part of Christianity that is majority. Perhaps the pope and all the elders should rethink some of their doctrines that are not dogmas, and offer lesser not bigger crosses. We have them enough. Especially when it comes to near future events that they try to conceal from us, in Fatima or elsewhere (may be in hidden gospel texts too).

And because they don't do it, either don't want it or can't, that has equal result, then it is their turn to carry on the cross they built up and preached, not only their generations but all the generations of elders before them. Because they didn't tell us a core part of Christianity, besides the Cross. Why is it that Augustine double crossed the Milennium of Jesus Christ? Why is it the preterist view of the Manchild, when baby Jesus was never raptured, as the text writes 100 or 200 years after that? If there was illiterate generation at that time, now we can read and also reason.

Let me say it boldly, that part of what I wrote about the manchild above and in other threads, is not only reasoning, but also private revelation. We are yet to see the era of the 144,000, the manchild who will rule with a rod of iron, BEFORE not AFTER the Antichrist to come. The war in heaven is galactic and will take quite a long time, as I already explained in length. That time equals to the era of peace and the reign of God's anointed ones, not of man made fables. OK now it is posted in the public internet space.

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posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 10:39 AM
a reply to: GusWho

Contrary to a expectations of peaceful solution in Syria, today we get two major terrorist attacks by ISIS. That will reignite the fire, if not between pro and anti Assad forces then against ISIS that already got chemical arms and probably stolen from Baghdad nuclear materials for a dirty bomb. We enter a new phase that there won't be one good side and one bad (as in the Cold war the textbooks write). The option of a nuclear war started by someone without return address is quite realistic. Then we get Fatima prophecy fulfilled without red army marching on Rome or any other state like that.

One can talk volumes, some Fatima sites do it, as But they blame the situation mainly on the second secret, not knowing the third one and thinking they know it. Some conservative sites already demonize aliens on full gear.

I am sorry the OP retired due to his tragic private circumstances. I do not try to get him back if he doesn't want to. What more one can say in his thread, when I have several of them already filled with priceless reasoning? We all know it comes, we don't know how exacty or when exactly, rather soon than later. Let we not be shocked when finally it manifests thru the windows. The world has been warned. As Malachi Martin said (although I do not accept him as 100% correct), there won't be a single person on the face of the earth to doubt the event comes from God. But the interpretations will differ. Perhaps the interpretations of elders, of politicians, or that of their opponents that proved to be no less fanatic may be even more. Yes I mean sites like Fatima org and other more conservative ones who didn't make progress for all those decades. No matter now one can see thru telescope another planet similar to earth. Galileo is their enemy N1 after satan himself and they dream of pre-galileo and pre-columbus time when the earth was flat and the stars were shiny balls part of the sky next to the clouds. Pity. God didn't create such religion. It wouldn't be enough to talk about that. Most of the religious influential people think in pre-Galileo terms of theology, even when they have the hard proven astronomical data. How to expect they will approve anything different than medieval doctrine of demonization. They make the demons themselves, and paradoxically will be the ones who will share space with the evil aliens when they come second.
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posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 06:44 PM
God created life ... and with such ... created self ... so as I see it, we as indee ... as we GO in.. indee.. vidualism (individualism) stage, in turn giving us free will 2 choose!

Though "God" like a Father can give us some insight to "Thy plan" or the Trinity (Holy Spirit) ... as I am a prophetic dreamer and get dreams that most of the time I have to decode just like Phat•å•ma secret here...

I was brought up Catholic, but see Christianity as a whole that goes to about 1/3 of the world as this subject matter (as Mary would fall into the trinity) as secret or this kind of ghost talk goes...

As a child, I had trouble learning so my mother taught me a secret code ... it was called "ARITHMETIC" as I could not even spell this kind of code out at the time. But it went too...

A Red Indian Thought He Might Eat Turkey In Church

Well... to move on my prediction about yesterday, as I throw up a HAIL MARY PRAYER last night before going to sleep... As to What's up with some of my predictions? ... as to why they aren't accurate?

I did have a couple dreams... in which I gots thee impression that it went down as being shot ... by arrow ... as possible poison ... so maybe Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia well get this "Cork tree" time bottle "Hedged" news ... So I like to say, let's wait and see if he dies soon, and find out if he died from something that he got from Brazil ... Maybe Zika as a kind of Hedge in my prediction of this being Phat•å-ma 3rd secret or as it might be seen by there witch doctor as shrinking heads and the voodoo on Russia that's speading around the globe.

... as to the 144,000 and the child, that might be better on another thread.

posted on Feb, 22 2016 @ 10:07 AM
a reply to: GusWho

with the predictions of Malachi Martin and even Benedict of a 100th anniversary fulfilment of Fatima, we run out of time. The Garabandal sequence of Great Warning and Miracle before Chastisement goes nowhere. Unless the Chastisement itself is cancelled, something I do not believe will happen. Akita and a number of other predictions come to fil in the gap of the most hardened unbelievers that the world will go on in the direction it goes today and nothing will happen again/.

Good you share your views and dreams, that's why the predictions forum in first place!
It is not good that the Fatimists are completely blocked out of any new ideas and repeat old paradigms from the time of the cold war. Patriarch Kirill made a difference, we are yet to see what it means in practical terms. A war between (orthodox) christianity and (parts of) muslim militant religious groups? Will the West aid the orthodox christianity, or will it be neutral? Trump today said, the pope might be sorry for the words of the wall, if Trump loses and if/when Vatican is attacked by ISIS. Strng words indeed, I can't quote them exactly but they were posted in religious websites today, I don't have the time to browse and search for the links. In other words, I don't have the time to serve those readers who want everything to be presented in one-two posts, with all quotations, only for them to say: "good but not true". The concerned readers instead would take this thread and any other as a starting point of their own quest of the truth that will lead them to other horizons. Why should I repeat for example a hundred times the texts of the 2nd Fatima secret or the text of Neues Europa version of the 3rd secret, or the words of John Paul II in Fulda, if there are people who will want it everytime repeated just for their convenience? Internet is for that purpose, click and google it!

It is strange that the hardcore catholics who should be interested in Fatima much more now, are mum. Are they still afraid to speak, or they think everything possible has been already said, and they know enough? I can't say that for myself after studying the subject for so long. Perhaps not even the pope can say that for himself that he is sure what is to come tomorrow.

As we speak, ISIS cuts the only supply road to Aleppo despite the outcome between the Assad and anti-Assad forces there. It comes to tell us, the war is yet to continue, with unknown ends. What if tomorrow ISIS throws a nuke on Damascus, as one of the prophets predicted long ago? What if Rome is next? Those things should be discussed as well as the ways to get out of that direction, or to find remedies even f that happens. I don't see the Vatican in a hurry to prevent negative prophecies. Rather it expects them with the certainty they should happen, and without the need to tell us about that. Interesting what more has been in the store for the Day After.

I shared my insight on it that does not pretend to be the only possible interpretation. Regardless of the thread where it is posted. Because on the day After the first nuke, we will all be shocked more than 9/11 and all timelines will take a new meaning. With or without ET coming en masse, the world will change for ever. Let pray it is only a limited war and not a massive 100s or 1000s nukes as the cold war plans envisioned. Of course they might be followed by celestial disaster. A zealous commander who knows a celestial body is to struck the earth, would probably say: "what matter several more nukes to restore justice, if the enemy would die in the following cataclysm anyway?" That kind of reasoning becomes possibility because we are DENIED the truth, we are under TRUTH EMBARGO as some Disclosure activists say, and we do not know what to expect next. Nibiru, Anunaki, little green men, John 23 visions, Great Warning and angels, etc etc. Those who know and don't tell us, share the greatest responsibility.

posted on Feb, 22 2016 @ 10:20 PM
I will repeat the St John XXIII visions of extraterrestrials, until there is an official denial by hi Vatican office. (even though we can't be so sure after the Fatima-3 gate). John 23's diary could not be possibly leaked online without an internal source. 2. His meeting with George Adamski the alleged ET envoy, is well documented by several books. 3. Another leak appeared onine that John 23 and his secretary card. Capovilla, now 98 or 99, witnessed a landing of a saucer in Castel Gandolfo, humanoid alien went out of the saucer and talked to the pope. That could be still found on internet although some of the sites and boards that published it, were "shut down". I have a separate thread about that.

Those are intentional leaks. They cannot be otherwise. No one in the Vatican took it seriously to deny them. Instead, we hear Mgr Balducci decades ago to speak of theoretical possibility of creatures with higher proportion spirit over matter, than we have. He being top demonologist of Vatican at that time, said they are different reality from demons.

That cannot be anymore sidelined. When we deal with Fatima or any other prophecy of such magnitude, with the Rome authority behind it (because Fatima is both approved and 2 of 3 seers canonized), we cannot escape the question of higher entities visiting the earth. Let alone Virgin Mary and her angels.

With all that being said (and I advise you all to browse those sources), it sounds stupid to expect the WW3 as the ultimate end, and we should really enlarge our view to reach the Day After. What will happen after a limited nuclear conflict, after a massive nuclear war, or after a devastation of celestial origin, be it Planet X or asteroid, or solar mega flare. The devote people who know all of that, say "The Chastisement" and pretty much stop reasoning at that point, waiting for miraculous restoration of the Earth in 3 days of darkness the next morning...It cannot be more naive than it is. I doubt it was invented with the purpose to let all those devotees that lack understanding to be all left behind. As well as many others who have no idea of prophecy. "My people perish for the lack of knowledge" said the prophet.

So my ideas of a 144,000 rule come to fill a gap in understanding of prophetic line, different than the apocalyptic doomsday scenarios of 7+ years that never materialize. I will repeat for clarity, the war in heaven in Revelation 12 cannot last one month or one year (earth time) and cannot be considered fulfilled prophecy if noone have seen or heard it happen. Prophecy is given to be witnessed and thus believed and God made known to people disbelievers or those never heard of. That is the meaning of prophecy, together with betterment of humanity (conditional punishment). Prophecy is not given to stay in shadow until some theologian with medieval background say: it has been fulfilled in our time but we didn't noticed it! If it was all about it, we would have by now fulfilled the beatitudes and God's kingdom on earth, not the bloody 2000y history. We don't learn from history, we refuse to acknowledge what a repetition of history with modern weapons will be. Many many refuse to think anymore, and instead accept surrogates including surrogate apparitions who promise wonderland in unknown time in the future. The promised heavenly clouds of Afterlife comes only to assure that no one survived will continue humanity. I understand the souls' desire to rest assured their place is guaranteed in heaven and they are expected after uneasy way on this earth. But there should be a thought about the next generations to come as well. Because God's plan does not end with us. And at that point, the devote faithful are absolutely helpless, buying whatever site tells them what "Our Lady in Fatima...or any other major apparition has told in secrets. It is a wrong approach.

There should be a thorough reexamination of both Bible /Gospel and modern apparitions, and the truth to be made open. We are no more forbidden to do that by churches and princes of past ages. If the catholics are silent now, how do they expect the fight with the antichrist when they will be required to give up their lives? They don't want to comment at the time when it is democracy and freedom of expression via almost anonymous posting online. It means they will be the first ones to give up if the antichrist is to come now. (I do not support that view though). I always say that would be my last comment in a thread that is not started by me and yet filled with my priceless thoughts. And come again and again, thanks to other posters. Well, I already said the most important things in other threads. I will continue if there is development, in the real world or in the understanding of it. Otherwise, why should I pour more water in something that is not bringing me anything in return? At the time of fulfillment, the people who worked harder will get more reward, we know that. But let me say, the people who work hard NOW get less or no reward and are being ridiculed as gratitude.
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posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 12:45 AM
Gus Who reply to: 2012newstart

Well let's see if Patriarch Kirill dies in the next week, as symbolism says this was some sort of poison. I am pretty sure if he dies, everyone will say this was the 3rd secret. Even hedge cork makes a lot more sense with arrows being stated (poison arrows)

I think it might be tied into the MEGA Earthquake that I say is about to hit Oklahoma. ( even though that is caused by Fracking and abuse of the earth crust)

I can understand why the Church did not want to make it public, as it looks like the Church collapses, when in fact it seems that both orthodox and Catholic would unite to a global "Christian Church" ... as both are kind of to the far right in today's world... and both should agree that only one can carry the chain of authority as to "popes" (that is the big argument that I see, and it will not matter pretty soon, given the return of Christ is at hand.

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 12:28 AM
a reply to: GusWho

I don't think patriarch Kirill has anything to do with the so called official 3rd secret of Fatima the vision of Lucia of dying pope and cardinals. The Russian Church doesn't even recognize Fatima as apparition, let alone to see Kirill in the position of the pope. But of course that is your interpretation that is good to have it posted.

When I read hundreds of apparition messages, if not thousands during the years, Our Lady or whoever appears, usually says our short term plans won't be granted by God and he wants even more sacrifices. I could understand that for the time being, but I cannot understand that in a larger perspective when we meet a dead end as humanity. Is it Our Lady always speaking? Why aren't we told in plain language what to expect (Nibiru, asteroid, etc) and how long it will take, in order to prepare better? Why aren;t we told of rescue ways out of here, if it is inevitable?

Of course other scenarios do exist. Such as discovery of universal pills of longevity, food for the poor and machines produced by machines with little to no human input. Artificial intelligence. Hawking and Bill Gates warned already of that being a threat in long term, but useful in short term.

So why are we denied the rightful fulfillment of short term plans in life? Is God so demanding, unjust, or one who doesn't provide happiness to his children in this life? That interpretation could be derived from the volumes of theology, for the sake of ever suffering humanity. What bigger crosses do we seek, if most of humanity lives in its poorer part, being aged 30 and below. 2 billion people are children below the age of 10. Isn't it just too demanding for a God and Virgin who pretend to be wishing our good, both for this world and the next one? Or they don't want our good for this world may be? I don't accept that as a true position of the real God and the real Virgin Mary. Rather of faked words who come only to delude us before the final defining event, that will either save us as humanity, or will send us into the dark side (even if not physically killing us all). I can talk more, but the trend is evident even now.

If Virgin Mary in so many apparitions that pretend to be true, indeed wants something better to come to humanity, to save it, to offer it rescue way, why doesn't she do it after all. Why not sending angels to offer new ways. New pills and new just financial system if you will. If not, we are talking of predetermined end similar to the flood. And in that scenario, we'd better know the deadline so we can switch our countdown clocks. And know what we have to take aboard the spaceships. Both scenarios (or as many as they are) stand before us as bifurcation of a river (of time and space) that will lead humanity into two or more separate histories. We may never see the other part of the humanity if we choose this part. But our descendants will meet again - on Armageddon.

Because prophecies of Biblical proportion cannot be cancelled, but they can be elongated to maximum that overwhelms our human understanding of time. The contemporary prophecies may be cancelled though. They are not Biblical. That doesn't mean they are wrong. Fo example, if there is no enough time for Garabandal sequence, as I wrote in length in another thread of Garabandal only, then God may shorten, mix, or even cancel one or two events of them. The so much expected Great Warning may well be the spaceships landing on Earth and offering a short notice warning (3 days to 3 months) for the humanity to choose where it wants to stand - with God on a saved planet, or under the nukes in a ruined planet. Or may be they will offer a lasting peace on planet earth and pills for longevity so the generation that saw Israel won;t die until see Jesus Christ coming again, as the Biblical prophecy goes. Thank you!

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 01:07 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

I post in other threads as well, and because the topics are close, I cannot just repost everything everywhere. So I advice the reader to click on my profile and read the other threads as well, if he doesn't do it via browsing the forums of Religion, Conspiracy in Religion, Predictions, and Creationism.

Fatima after 99 years (or 100 years if you count the angel's appearing in 1916) has either to offer a solution, or to be determined as wrongly translated by those in office. We already heard words how everything should have be announced in 1960, how Russia was consecrated in 1984, and converted in 1989-1990s. How true are all of these, time will tell. But time is not endless. If Fatima envisions a mega disaster of any kinds, it is overdue for us to know it. If it envisions, let say, arrival of aliens, be they good or bad, we have to know it.

The endless delay, together with continuous build up in society knowledge of these things, cannot be forever. We all know serials Ancient Aliens and the scientists speaking there. They shifted our understanding of many symbolic words in the Bible (keeping in mind the Bible's early books especially Genesis are not the only books to explain the beginning, even less they are not scientific books at all).

That continuous build up of knowledge and awareness in humanity, that mass started after the fall of communism (it existed before that for decades), cannot but lead to a quality jump in one moment. It cannot continue endess evolution of building up newer and newer evidence of a secret history being revealed, of secret programs of underground science being revealed, and so on. Recently, the gravitational waves were proven experimentally, ATS has long topics on that and my purpose is not to repeat anything. Just to say that scientists of the grid said that decades ago and were ridiculed by the multitudes. Even by those who are interested to know more than Mainstream.

Be it about Fatima or be it about Ancient Aliens, or about any other research (let say the investigation of new stars with planetary systems, counting well over 1,000 by now) we can expect a soon to come breakthrough. As regard to Fatima, the option to be negated by fast evolving world is real. The only thing for now that keeps Fatima afloat is the real danger of a nuclear war. Warned by politicians and scientists as well (Hawking being the last one). In other words, only the option of devastation keeps the prophecy made in the beginning of 20th century (or others) still actual. Because the servicemen of God failed to act when it was due time to act. If they did, we would have that breakthrough in 1960, 1989, and could be spared 2001 9/11, the war on terror, the mass immigration, the economic crisis, the starvation in the poorer world, the overpopulation. The clergy did not act up to their duties at that time. Will it act now? Don't they realize one more blow of major proportion will make them so irrelevant they will never be able to cope with it and to come back? What profit of Fatima if we see the event unfolding before our eyes? WIll those doctrinal clerks come out after that and say: "see that was written in the other envelope, we knew it all the time, but we didn't tell you for your own good?" Personally I would say at that Day, I just don't care what you are speaking about, I have the truth better than your fables and re-interpretations hidden for centuries.

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 04:53 AM
If Fatima is to be cancelled due to non-happening of the promised events, then the reign of the Immaculate Heart would fail to materialize as well. Having tradition in the Catholic mysticism with the preceding devotion of Sacred Heart of Jesus established at the end of 17th century or 1 century before the French revolution, that would have disastrous consequences for the spirituality of the West. One may say, the current Western Christianity holds on still despite all odds, thanks to those two devotions and supporting ones. Not thanks to theologians or reflective books written long ago or written yesterday that almost noone reads.

So the question of fulfillment of Fatima is question of existential importance for the Western Christian spirituality. If it fails, it is better to choose another Christian spirituality, let say the Eastern Orthodox, or the Coptic.

The Western spirituality brought to the world many brilliant examples of devotion. It seems absurd it will close so easily. But if we have a gross lie in Fatima then everything is possible.

It would be better damage control if the Roman Church goes out with a better explanation. Of Fatima and of the situation we are in. Of extraterrestrials and of angels. Of Manchild and new reread of Bible, starting from Genesis and ending with the Revelation. We need that new reread, the awareness for such is already in the public space (see Ancient Aliens).

I am sorry for the people who just don't get it. They might understand it, looking from the opposite side. Therefore, one may want to watch the youtubes of Steve Quayle and Tom Horn to understand the opposite view. The one that demonizes popes and especially the last one Petrus Romanus, putting giants and extraterrestrials altogether. I do not agree with it. But may be watching those erudite persons who know in DETAIL Catholic and Biblical prophecies, one will comprehend how important it is, exactly because one does not agree with the stated views and especially the drawn conclusions.

The ball is in the hands of Rome and especially pope Francis. If Rome loses, it will be thanks to those people who failed us all after 1960, the year appointed as disclosure year for Fatima.

When I say "failed to materialize" of Fatima prophecies, I do not necessarily mean the Chastisement, rather the non-eventful era of peace, if we say consecration of Russia took place in 1984 and Russia was converted at the end of Communism. Even if that is true, and I want it to believe to be so, we still are nowhere near to any era of peace, not even temporal, what to say about supernatural. The last 26 years we could see everything, but the escalation towards the worst of the worst started with 9/11/2001 thru several wars and rearming with nuclear and other modern weapons. One may say, the planet is more ready to die than during the Cuban crisis when the missiles weren't that many. Even if we have scrapped missiles today, we don't know the real megatons in the existing warheads. They may all be of the magnitude of Tsar bomb...or bigger, even if they are only thousands not tens of thousands as in the cold war. One may be enough to wipe out a continent. We just don't know.

If that gross failure to bring the era of peace indeed occurs, with or without a total war (in total war we wouldn't be able to discuss it online), then we have to review EVERYTHING about Fatima and preceding apparitions. Were we told everything of La Salette and Lourdes? The papers that pop up from anywhere, do not represent any assurance they are the originals ones. Pretty much as with Fatima-3 we have papers about La Salette that envision the antichrist, and unknown prediction of Lourdes that envision church era after chastisement. Good but not good enough.

Let we be told EVERYTHING. It may start with boldly declaring Augustine as MISINTERPRETATION of the main timeline of the Revelation. It is NOT A DOGMA! Let those who base their entire reasoning upon Fathers of the Church, realize that much if not all written books are not dogmatic prerequisite of belief for our entrance in Heaven after our physical death. They are all personal reflections, even if elevated as Fathers of the Church, and they do not represent the Dogmas, rather try to explain them in the context of their own time.

Perhaps we have to explain the dogmas in the context of our own time, in the space era with many stars and planets, and nuclear era that challenges everyone on the face of the earth with a second deluge this time of fire. The Fathers didn't have such conditions when they wrote their books. Anyway no one reads them today. Let start all from the beginning, from the Garden of Eden, and then continue and see the Revelation 12 is not a PAST event it is a FUTURE event with new personages that will play vital role, may be even in our lifespan. Especially if it is prolonged to keep the prophecy of the last generation that saw Israel restored. It is simple as that, although one may see it too elaborated from my "walls of text". The walls of text of the Church Fathers are much bigger and no one touches them. We need a new start. We need it NOW.

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posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 06:43 AM
Being not the innocent bride of Christ, rather having more in common with another personage from the Revelation, the Church headquarters hope to clean it by installing a false apparition/vision, or at best a part of the true one. Thus comes the myth of the sacrifice of the church as repetition of the sacrifice of Jesus.

There cannot be any REPETITION of the unique sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross!

Moreover, the Church in the centuries and today cannot be the Woman of Revelation 12 to give birth of the manchild, be it a spiritual rebirth of Jesus (as they want it to be) or be it a real personage in history yet to come. The Church of today is fully incapable of the role of the Woman, even if it were originally intended to be. Whether that is the image of the future church after the Chastisement (the woman doesn't stand on earth at all when she gives birth), or whether it is yet another personage that has to be researched and introduced in the NON DOGMA knowledge of the Divine? Virgin Mary, but She already gave birth of Jesus Christ and being a virgin she cannot have another one. Jesus Christ is NOT the manchild of Revelation 12 because he was not raptured as child, and because the text of Revelation is written hundreds of years later. That is absurd interpretation given by RCC that not even the protestants fall so low to claim such things. The Roman church must humbly submit to Jesus Christ as bridegroom, and stop playing the other image of the revelation, that I don't want to mention by name.

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posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 08:03 AM
The almost entire timeline of Revelation happens as Parenthesis (Pause) in prophecy of Daniel's 70 weeks. I.e. we live in the pause between the 69th and the 70th week of years. As we wel know, the 70th week is the final 7 year period before the Second Coming of Jesus.

However, Augustine changed it a bit, to extend not to recognize the original timeline and to mess up all major events in the Revelation. After him, virtually all Church Fathers took it for granted. Up until the Reformation for the protestants, and the modern Catholic apparitions, who adopted the Millennium reign again, although after a Chastisement and not Antichrist. Combinations of all kinds do exist, in both Catholic and Protestant/Evangelical scenarios.

The Orthodox Church's Russian patriarch said the antichrist could and should be confronted, fought and defeated, as that happened with Hitler and Napoleon, two antichrists in his view. The victory of every next antichrist is not taken for granted, until the very last times, said the Russian patriarch on Russian TV streamed on youtube.

Timeline of Revelation - Linear, compared to the Augustine timeline "cut and paste"

large image

Classical non-Augustine Linear timeline, compared to non-Linear timeline of Revelation with more than one Parenthesis
large image

Fatima era of peace, and the Chastisement that is not end times antichrist/armageddon, come to tell us such parenthesis in prophecy could exist and we may be just approaching it.

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 08:35 AM
The Churches could easily accept the Revelation 12 as literal event that awaits its fulfillment. Thus, they will acknowledge what is already written, that the war in heaven/space will happen in real terms, not symbolic in no time our outside time and space (how then we shall see it to witness the prophecy fulfilled?) That well could be aliens wars against each other, that we are not very much informed of, yet we are informed enough it indeed takes place.

With the introduction of the images of Revelation as REAL personages and not symbolic repetition of what already occured with Jesus Christ on Earth, the door of further interpretations of the Revelation timeline will be open. Indeed, it needs a doze of boldness to say Augustine was wrong, and all who copied him were wrong about messing the timeline of Revelation. But 1980 years after Jesus Christ come to tell us, the expectation of literal fulfillment of Armageddon here and now do not materialize, no matter how many antichrists rise indeed on earth. It comes to tell us the human destiny is different and larger ins cope than what the Fathers from the 5th century on imagined. (the early christians expected early kingdom of God on Earth).

That all matches with a number of catholic prophecies, Fatima being the biggest one, that predict Chastisement followed by Era of Peace.

To await the Chastisement in order to change the already obsolete doctrine that is not a dogma, is stupid. In the Chastisement, the whole world including the Churches will be changed, let alone the survivors may not be found on the surface if we have any of the cataclysms predicted by popular science. One does not need to be a prophet, to see Nibiru coming, mega volcanoes or all out nuclear war will erase any christian community on th e surface of earth the way we know them for centuries. Christianity will continue but not in the same way. Who will be the pope, or will there be a pope, is less important than to be saved people. Unfortunately that is being hidden, or worse, some may want it to happen, to erase old guilt.

Furthermore, the acceptance of the idea of 144,000 sinless youngsters who walk the earth, INSTEAD of the idea that the Roman-catholic clergy represents those 144,000 being not married, will open the door for the Churches to employ to active duty young people who will care more for the cause and less for the money. With the age they will grow older of course and some will corrupt. Well, the point is we are on the crossroad and if we do not do something very fast, we all fall in the pit of the nuclear hell. With or without End times. That should be understood. I think the actual appointment of the 144,000 will happen thru divine intervention represented by extraterrestrial manifestation. When that happens, no one will await the churches to tell. Actually they are already too late. Their action in the last hour may come not so much to save the world but to save themselves for the post-event history. Sorry of being bold, but it should be said yes? I am surprised there aren't so many people, there are indeed people who post on such topics here and elsewhere, but not in the number to cause widespread awareness that it is done by now, and we only await the hour to be materialized. Many preachers speak fo that hour as Rapture followed by Antichrist. Many catholics believe that too, and add to Fatima the missing antichrist. Well, I review another possible timeline that matches basic road blocks, if not fully correct. Perhaps no one is fully correct, and we can't predict the next 1000 years. Even in case Jesus Christ comes (or the least possible prediction will be exactly that case because we don't know what He would do when He comes). The idea to frame God in narrow frames that date back to 5th century followed by the darkest ages, is not a good idea. Better start from beginning and shed light that already exists in those who cared to know. There are such people among the clergy of all Churches and I respect them very much. They do not raise voice but the hour will come when they will do. If the Churches have future as cornerstone of Jesus Christ's work on earth. I believe they have. Therefore I write that in order to help not to destroy. Paradoxically, many within the hi core prefer to see destruction instead of further build up. If that was the motivation of the Church fathers, they would never write what they did, but they would expect every next Roman emperor as the antichrist.
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posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 09:21 AM
If Fatima is not resolved in the next...3 months or less, it will run into irrelevancy, because the 100 years from the Angel of Portugal would have expired. Indeed there are people who will wait until October 2017 with noisy ceremonies. I heard pope Francis will go to Portugal on that date. It will be the next Year 2000 with the Jubilee declared by now St pope John Paul II. Fatima-3 official version was published then, as the fulfillment of all evils. The paradise didn't come though. 9/11 came next year.

In this case, after all being said around 2012, any further delay will equal to negation of the entire story. I do not say to expect the Cross mountain shooting of clergy. All my line of thought is different from that scenario. But if the ones who keep those secrets decide to postpone them once more for whatever reason, everything that comes meanwhile in the world will substitute it.

One possibility is AI and other tech to grow exponentially and tomorrow you can buy organs to exchange yours. That is no more sci-fi.

Another possibility is extraterrestrials to come and offer a new world, be it on our own planet if it is destined to cntinue in our time, or be it on another planet, if the earth should undergo purge of fire for whatever reason - natural or as punishment.

Another option will be the crazy humanity to be left on its own to destroy itself worse than in the flood.

Or combinations of all of that.

The point is the churches and hidden sagas go irrelevant the moment the world reaches the same amount of awareness or bigger than the hidden ones.

I don't know the day nor the hour, and nobody does. But one can make predictions based on what is available. I mae mine, in this thread because it is more visited than others.

Fatima doesn't mean WW2 second part. It is already a played move.

Fatima doesn't mean antichrist in the Vatican. It is already a played move in pagan Rome and then in Christian Rome (Theodosius killed scores of innocents, and burned Alexandria library, and then repented).

What is it that is still hidden? Nibiru may be? Whatever it is, it won't probably take another 10 years to be revealed. Then the children will know more than the wise men shadowed in secrecy now.

If someone has to be saved by right from this planet, it is the 1/3 or 2 bln children who are under the age of 10. They are not guilty for anything. May be that is the new humanity, regardless of nationality and creed. Worthy of the new era of peace, the era of the kingdom of God fulfilled in real terms according to the Gospel. Before the resurrection and Second Coming. What will Jesus judge if we never fulfilled his words? My bet, he isn't coming as long as we fulfill his words.

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 10:02 AM
Unlike the Other Christian Churches, the Roman Church has a great weight of historic sins. I don't have to mention them again, everyone knows them. The other Churches that are many, Orthodox, Eastern etc, did not commit so many and so heavy sins in history, although they have theirs of course. Because all of us are human, even the priests and the popes, patriarchs.

Therefore, the Roman Church has historic responsibility to recompense of what it did by commission or omission. It has the obligation now to do more than the rest, in order to enter into the new era. Or it will be left behind. I don't know how, or how many of the Catholic bishops will make it to the next shore. Or what exactly should be done. I already gave ideas, including in entire threads dedicated for that. What the pope is doing now is good, but it could fall into the category "too little too late". More is needed.

Rome was already warned by US intelligence and now by Trump, what ISIS is threatening to do is pretty much a possibility. Rome has been warned. As all of us of course. It is up to Rome whether it will change course or will continue the current one that leads into non existence after certain period of time that even enlarged is still limited.

If I was the last pope, and I AM NOT, I would do much more and bolder moves than Francis is doing. One cannot be liked by everyone. Francis is not liked too. What matters if he uses harsher language in order to cleanse the church. The problem is, no cleansing is seen. The global warming and even aliens are good talks but remain as such. Is it all buying of time then? Francis is clever and knows things. What is he waiting for?

The pope could use ANY occasion, including the mass rallies the last one in Mexico, the youth meetings like the one in Rio's Copacabana beach, or any ceremony on St Peter's square to announce the big news. Instead, he limits himself to repeating things of the Gospel, well interpreted throughout the centuries. Occasionally he says some words beyond that, but always in the capacity of his private view not as successor of Peter. May be the only exception was his last encyclical Laudato si. He started talking of the Universe...and then moved quickly back to the Earth and its problems. Did someone order him not to mention what he already mentioned in private homily "the beings of the Universe"? The Et are just one of the many topics that he could announce. May be the most important one, or may be not.

Fatima is certainly one of them. He runs against time, and seems he doesn't or can't reach the next shore on time. The events will outrun him. Is that his intention? To bless them postfactum?
It might be too late, or it might be a situation when everything will be already decided. The pope's blessing will come only as confirmation that no one will care about, or some fundamentalists will use their last chance of speech to say this is the beast of the revelation. That will be of course nonsense, (pls consider my theory above). Because whoever doesn't accept the wider reality will cease his way, be it in physical or in spiritual meaning (survivors of the left behinders are supposed to be, but they will give descendants to reach to Armageddon). The nuclear war is not the last word of this sinful world. There will be underground or otherwise descendants.

But everyone wants his children to be better not worse than himself. Actually, the children today are the most informed people who believe the information that is given to them via films, cartoons and electronic games. They are aware without being aware of that fact.

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posted on Apr, 23 2016 @ 05:20 AM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707
Malachi Martin has read the Third Fatima Prophecy, the internet prophets have not.

Malachi Martin has read the paper given to him by Vatican officials. There is no guarantee it was anywhere better than the rest of the saga. Obviously he was entitled to what he believed, so he rose as a "radio prophet" and author of best selling books. Lucia was not, he was.

Nothing personal, but the true research on any topic, Fatima included, involves Critical analysis including the works of Martin and the rest. Or we just buy a book with ready thoughts in it, and do not reason on them but accept them as given. Palpatine style. Something might be true, and that's why we reason on it at all, but it has to be proven first.

Phantomfire, I am sorry that your personal loss that seems very big for you, kicked you out of internet public life. Actually there isn't much to do in it, for nothing in return.

Still issues like the Rapture must be addressed by someone. On the Day After it will be too late. Seeing all demonization efforts spread by opposite camps, it is not strange that very few will find the way. May be it be sooner, for the sake of these very few ones. Or they will be lost too.

"For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be."

That may include BIOLOGICAL WAR and mutations in DNA, as already reported of babies born after Fukushima, and decades back, after Chernobyl. Some films consider that aspect of the End Times, while others concentrate on the massive scale doom and explosions. Still others envision the details of alien invasion, with good and bad teams. We are told, many times over.

Whether we will have 1 day/night for fast Rapture, or there will be longer period of time, with landing someone sent by Jesus on a mother ship and collecting "angels sent to all corners of the world" to gather the chosen ones? IDK. Nobody does. Those who know bits of truth prefer to keep it to themselves, for their own perdition.

Internet already has it, Hollywood has it, and there is no excuse to listen to false preachers. They will demonize whatever rescue effort is done. They will call it Antichrist. No matter Jesus never talked of one final antichrist and one mark of the beast. Strange indeed. But even if the final antichrist is about to come, it won't be before the Rapture. Why? Because Jesus said so, rapture comes FIRST. Even if we don't have many more books that are not recorded, words not recorded etc, still we have what we have. Rapture comes first, not second or last. As Noah's flood, the Arc was pre-flood, not mid-flood or post-flood. Simple logic. If you want not only to survive, but to preserve DNA for future generations, you have to accept God's salvation plan.
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