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FATIMA Connected Prophecies .................... and other Fatima based observations.

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posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 11:08 PM

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posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 11:46 PM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

Human beings never had sin.

The alpha man condition in the atmosphere has sin...the atmosphere has sin because it is not a human. Change the atmosphere and the sin also changes.

Sin ......all of the different types of spiritual murders prophecized in the Biblical quotations as witnessed attacks of radiation interactions, occultists own review.

As a human being attacked by irradiation as a victim being studied as a spiritual healer to the anti christ review for the collider experiment I know how evil occultists all are. Our ancient brother gained his own spiritual witness to being irradiated, just like my own person did.

You state that you are responsible for humanity...but you are only responsible for their deaths...not their life. You personally believe you created life, and you really honestly do believe it as your own male personsal review. You believe that you are the next spirit to our real spiritual light Father and so you decided to emulate creation .....and he never created.

Our Holy Father attested to my own person that he destroyed light....not on purpose for he was innocent of understanding change to lights origins....He had the only excuse for making changes unknowingly about conversions as a spiritual self.

We all learnt about conversion when our higher light self was forced to spiritually manifest into human life. Our ancient brother...your own conscious inheritance considered occultism to reapply it....this is why you consider your own person and named your own person to be PETER...the repeater...the petere, the head who considers conversion and destruction by applied occult spiritul considerations...holding of an evil constant.

Hence I always knew that the Pope by elitist tradition was the unfaithful of our spiritual life...the human male who chose to be the High Priest inheritor of...the origin Shamanic converter. As a leader and teacher of principles, no human can argue against human rights, and therefore these teachings should be taught.

I sent you warnings of your prophecy Revelation, that you had repeated nuclear's destruction for nuclear fuel is created by the Biblical realization information of PHI to convert dust to fuel. You copied the data of fuel's creation and fuels destruction - burnt copied this information for the converter application and then applied it...stating it was cold fusion gain. I was advised in the community that no knew Revelation was acceptable....and yet this is what is being caused. Revelation is about revealing what was hidden....and evil was hidden because the heavenly holiness/coldness kept us safe from evil.

The collider experiment is all of the data for changing nuclear dust into fuel as a cold fusion gain involving all different modums of gaining wavelength interactions in our atmospheric body.....including a non Earth freeze of gases from the ancient meteor itself...gases that were not created by Planet Earth. This was due to ice melt and also ice as a condition of its freeze.

Cold fusion is fusion is cold. Fusion happens in heat, not cold...cold is evolution of fusion cooling.

The poles have ice because of the lost atmospheric natural gases released out of Earth's own body once existed...the Creator of its own atmosphere and these gases were combusted and removed as the ancient occult advice caused the removal. Ice was gained by a huge meteor that nearly hit Earth...and the gases from the meteor...not of Earth's origins gases refilled the pole atmosphere and it snap froze.

This is true to the condition of our atmosphere...for our Sun unfroze the Earth, except at the poles where the interaction happened for the gas release of the meteor. Natural Earth atmospheric gases DO NOT FREEZE, they only chill. Obvious when you actually think about holiness and why Heaven is holy....only because it is not changed/converted by your occultist practices.

Occultism is Satanism...always was. No wonder one of your own brothers told you by spiritual observations that you were wrong to support occultism. Your orders have always held a higher understanding of spiritual awareness and those who served humanity and spirit...which does not belong to the echelon of elitism.

I warned my brothers because I loved you even though you are involved in the near self combustion of my life. I struggled to survive with my Light Father's spiritual help who gave me self evidence that his spirit is real. You do not seemingly by order in the Church believe in spirit or else you would have removed your support of the collider believe in evolution, your own science attests to this conclusion.

I know spirit for spirit interacted with my life and you do not seemingly believe in my experience nor the experiences of our holy spiritual family or your lower brotherhood itself. Self experience speaks for itself egotism and elitism also speaks for itself....false living as a review.

In the ancient brotherhoods of Rome, you once fought for the removal of occultists and then you supported occultism. Occultism is and always was support of Satan. You believe God to be a review of science....a purpose for your self gain, because it always was. This review of God was your own occultist review involving Satan....I know that spirit came out of origin light....not the Heavenly atmosphere of Earth as you imply.

Human life is equality...not elitism. We can make changes to our living communities if we are allowed to make those changes. Elitism does not support change, it never has. What is to say to any occult organization, other than you do only support elitism and not the continuance of life. We do not have to live by your own structure of orders or beliefs...human beings can be taught truths that allow for spiritual evolution without indoctrinated fear tactics.

I understand myself that the brotherhoods of world organizations still vy for personal status and wealth ownership in the world trade...too bad for humanity, for it implies by review that you would rather lose life than status.

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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 12:02 AM
On multiple occasions I had thought the idea that Pope Francis would order the death of Scott in attempt to remove the ties of friendship that kept me here. I have one close friend that I see often: Scott. I said to them clearly that my friendship with Scott that needed me (I was his only friend), was more important than going to Rome.

And now during this FAKE Year of Mercy, with time running out to exploit prophecy by this modern Pope, that set the Year of Mercy as the time-frame to make modern changes,
on the 13th day of the month Scott has been killed by government techniques used by modern men that want to modernize the Church, by order of a modern Pope.
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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 12:33 AM
Same happened to Fr. Gruner, as it was brought to their attention that Fr Gruner could become a credible leader of the schism as a candidate to be the future Fatima Pope to challenge Francis, if and when Pope Francis made big changes. Too much of a threat there. Especially with Fr Gruner taking the lead in calling the Pope the anti---christ.
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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 05:18 PM
Lightning strikes St. Peter's Basilica....thus someone above seems to say no the modern plan of the future Pope.

Pope Francis announces a visit to Fatima on the 100th Anniversary....
The Answer from Our Lady of Fatima within the same day: is a severe earthquake at the top of the earth...Mount Everest....thus no to the modern plan at the top, especially no to changes by this Pope under the guise of Fatima.

Pope Francis loves soccer.
Here's another direct answer from Our Lady of Fatima....
The Teams of Both Popes face off in the World Cup.
Results of this once in every four year tournament...most watched sporting event on earth:
Argentina fails to win support. Germany wins support.
The position of one pope is apparently to preserve Doctrine, the position of the other Pope is apparently a modern plan for the Church.
Germany wins the World Cup.
The big Game occurred on the Anniversary of the Third Secret of Fatima and came down to the two teams of the two Popes, therefore it is an answer From Our Lady of Fatima, that the position of preserving Sacred Doctrine (position of one Pope) is better than the modern plan (position of the other Pope).

Besides, the Third Secret itself seems to state plainly such information, that doctrine is not to be changed, according to my understanding of P. Benedict's words.

Of Course, the Church, the Leaders of the Church, and all human beings are constantly ignoring the supposed advice and suggestions from heaven, so it is far from guaranteed that the Church will NOT go through the modern route over the next 40 years.

If the great punishment from heaven does not arrive very soon, it seems we are entering a prolonged period of modernization of the Church.

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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 05:34 PM
If Pope Francis were the anti-Pp, that would make Pope Benedict the true Pope, I guess.

A prophecy which pertains to the "State of the Church AFTER the enthronement" would of course necessarily have to describe what has happened to the true Pope...since the anti-Pp is "enthroned" in the Church as the Pope, the true Pope would have to be off to the sidelines.

Examples of "The State of the Church AFTER the 'enthronement' " : total Disrespect for the laws of the Church by those at the top, Bishop against Bishop, Cardinal against Cardinal, one modern pope after another, the Rise of a Russian Nazi, schism against anti-Pp, a great scandal, the true Pope pushed to the side and no longer accepted as the Pope, ...true Pope returns, but great storm arises as the children of the Church do not want him back, war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine, true Pope goes to Ukraine, God sends the night of illumination...etc.

Those are highly educated examples.
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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 05:44 PM
Malachi Martin has read the Third Fatima Prophecy, the internet prophets have not.
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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 06:08 PM
At the end of the day, it is the Russian Nazi becoming the Supreme Leader of the Russian nation, that will be used to determine the time of the anti-Pp in Rome according the the information provided by the Third Secret of Fatima.

Without the Russian Nazi having taken power, the total confidence and actual authority to fully reject a person as an anti-Pp (whether it is Francis, Benedict or someone else), does not exist, especially for those within Vatican City.

Before the Russian Nazi takes power, there will be a prophetic war involving Russia with a normal Russian President (either moderate or tough but seemingly reasonable leader). The war may be short but the rhetoric will be extreme and very frightening to the whole world.
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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

Information of the Christ never was not a program. Modern day occultists seemingly believe it was.

The Christ by review was a secret involving already named element of science...the Holy Ox 1000.

Secrecy was the science. Human occultists called themselves the the spirit who used oxygen. This is because their spiritual review said that their own holy self was murdered by the factors that equalled JESUS.

The atmosphere a natural body...the body that they called the Veils...change the atmospheric body and then the cell state loss in the human forms an image of the Mother. Human beings are created inside of a females organic cell body...and although they become a male by parental interaction....they are created from the female cell....the male/female equal to gain the same cell. Yet the information of the cell belongs organically to the female by spirit creating.

This is how the Fatima image was given in the atmospheric veil imagery...the only holy Mother, that you ever had brother was an organic Mother...whose spirit originally came from origin light...after the spirits of animals.

Your own scientific satanic data says so.....hence an alien does not precede human life...animals do.

Science is occultism.....always was and science is evil for its changes the natural created chemicals/alchemy...a review you gave to Satan. Satan by your own ancient review was considered to be holy and you paid reverence to the power of Satan....and yet you then changed Satan, so that as a Satanist you could have the powers of Satan.

You cannot deny this fact.

Human beings DNA begin to mutate and the atmosphere changes its radiated light sound, as the atmospheric body is removed to allow for your conversions of holy dust to become a fuel.

Radiation light sound preceded the spirit before us....animals.

You say the evil review of spirit was the ANIMA....the fake/false alien.

Therefore your own data states the ANIMAL...the natural beast was altered to form a fake spirit by you taking the natural radiation that belonged to evolution....took it away from our life and radiation attacked all bodies.

The cow living on Earth is attacked by the UFO and alien condition.

In ancient times, the India continent and community 8000 years ago show a nuked life....they revered the holiness of the cow.

The dust quote is holy....the cow is holy....why would human beings honor the holiness of a cow?

After they began to grow horns...after the cellular DNA nature of the cows/bovine population changed.

So human beings also changed the nature of their skulls...for the skull forms horns.

The bovine denature and the human denatures and we gained horns.....just like your satanic review stated....satan, the horned beast.

Yet human life is innocent...human life was without sin, for your own spiritual review after you were attacked made this statement.....and you attacked yourself with Sin....increased radiation.

The cow healed after the attack ceased and the radiation disappeared from a cooling atmosphere.

The humans in India vowed to never harm the body of the cow again...for they knew that to harm the cow was to harm their own spirit. This is how their religious practice began...after they were attacked by a UFO fallout, through the ancient practice of using and applying gravitational changes to Earth.....the levitation.

The ancient stone of Earth...existing for a longer time than magma. The magma...closer to the age of the nuclear dust combusts..and huge holes appear in Earth...after your collider experiments.

You make a apply the theory and the theory fails. You made that theory yourself and then you do not believe yourself you experiment and experiment and watch as Earth is destroyed....your own information attests...your theory about cold fusion is wrong...but you will not accept for you do not want to change your life status.

Cold stone ancient stone loses its atomic nuclear orbitals inside of old fusion. The ghost of the past arises out of the Earth and attacks the above ground state of evolved chemicals. You created/invented artificial chemicals after destroying the natural orbital bonds. Your own theories state artificial by transformation....the process of destruction by transformation.

In out of space old stone on Planets combusted and exploded...not incinerated into dust like Earth.....frozen bodies of cold radiation. You change radiation and heat it.....the old planets stone is released, a different stone to Earth...because Earth also was once this stone.

You want the cold fusion of stone....older cold.....the older cold comes to Earth as a huge meteor...a different stone.

I tell you our spiritual Father advised me to advise you.. Earth stone in out of space.....the atmosphere as a formed body in out of space.....the plasma that you want is a body in out of space. You cannot have Earth and also plasma in the same place.

You created - invented an artificial small product of plasma on Earth by artificial cannot have a large body of plasma...Earth would be destroyed by the review.

Satanism is is occultism always was. Science in modern times was a new version with new language to create a new hidden advice to keep the public from being self aware about your occultist practices converting and attacking our life.

This is what occultism is...secrets and powers...and the destruction of life.

posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 06:21 PM
One does not need to be a modern Pope to be an anti-Pp

One does not need to be an anti-Pp to be a modern Pope

One does not need to be an anti-Pp to be a Borgia Pope.

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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 06:51 PM
Human life existed as a state of consciousness, a spirit manifested that communicated naturally as a Nature...knew what to drink and to live.

We were innocent...we manifested because the evil that was caused by the light origin returned...because it cooled.

It contacted by light sound the higher origin light...for it refilled emptied out space.

Spirit was then caused to be removed from the origin light....not on purpose...not by choice....but by karmic return.

Change light and then light returns and changes the inventor of change. There was never a Creator, there was never a Creator...there was never a Creator.

A human being existed naturally.....a naturally formed spirit by all reviews of being caused to manifest.

A human male decided that he wanted ownership of powers...powers that he knew nothing about...for he was innocent of power.

He gained his own awareness by taking drugs...doing spiritual somatic trance journeys and gained ancient holographic memories that did not communicate NATURALLY to his NATURAL SPIRIT.

He then built the machination to allow the contact and use of powers in creation that did not BELONG TO HIM.

These powers changed the LIGHT OF HIS LIFE that supported his health...his mind....his body, and it attacked him because he converted it.

HIS OWN MIND TOLD HIM......transform or convert any natural spirit light and it will be DESTROYED. So he wrote a theory of TRANSFORMATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION as a SHAMAN....and then built his inventions....Pyramids and Temples and his scientific implements...unknown to the modern archaeologist scientist for his origin presence was perfect.

His skeletal remains 12 feet...perfection. His chemical brain.....spiritual perfection. His personal DNA....spiritual perfection. I know for I saw his holographic memory and he was so beautiful....that it was indescribable compared to modern human DNA.

He destroyed not only his own person....but Earth Nature and his family for doing

Do not convert radiation light....radiation light evolved and took millions of years to return back to the status of allowing life to be lived on Earth....just as your science states.

Yet stone is a cold body....much older than your own review of coldness......or else you would no longer be living on Earth.....for plasma a created state after stone...for you invented plasma on Earth states this fact.

We survived you doing nuclear fuel...removal of millions of years of evolved cold....that allowed for a fuel to be created...and for a fuel to be burnt....we survived because stone demonstrates it is very old.

Your own personal theory can only involve Earth atmospheric presence...holographic imagery...for only the Earth atmosphere allows you to have a memory to consider information.

Information of the BIG BANG.....POLE EXPLOSION after a meteor nearly hit Earth...the Earth's atmosphere exploded ....your last memory a BIG BANG.

When you applied radiation conversions....the atmosphere in Russia EXPLODED....TREES/WOOD was sacrificed on the CROSS of converting radiation light and sound....EVIDENCE of your OCCULTIST EVIL....the sacrifice of spirit on the CROSS OF WOOD.

Human life then changed on Earth and we regained bleeding from the cells....evil is evil.

posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 12:40 AM
Phantomfire, my deep condolences for your loss! May he enjoy the heaven now. (whatever heaven means).

You put a lot of stuff as usual when you decide to post.

Francis runs out of time, as I wrote in another thread about the need of him to resign in order to stop the predicament of mass holocaust in the name of religious prophecies with unclear origin and hidden secrets. We may talk another 10 pages in this or another thread. And, I am not internet prophet. Malachi said quite many things, and I discussed them as well. For example, he pointed out whatever event is to happen it would happen before 2017. And that the major event was never published in any version of Fatima 3. Therefore my conclusion, it is neither anti-pope nor world war 3 nor celestial impact, although al of these may accompany the major event we are still not told.

It is kind of stupidity on the side of Vaticans who hold it, because today's internet had the mind potential to decipher that event(s). Not only because I do such tries. Read what others write about Fatima in this forum, or on youtube interviews about their latest books on those same prophecies.

We are not clear what Francis is up to do in this year or what he intended to do in the last 3 years that already failed to materialize, but whatever it is, he cannot protract it endlessly. There is a deadline, and he being informed of the real Fatima text and that of other no less important things, knows it much better than you and me. He knows his time is running out, along with the time of the planet, before the major event he and his predecessors were afraid of MORE THAN LUCIFER AND SATAN COMBINED (because they talk of those evil entities). One should ask where go all their prayers to Archangel Michael for protection, and whom they serve if they are afraid to say the plain truth to the billion faithful contained on 20 something lines on a sheet of paper. Even Putin wanted to be consecrated, if the video of Fr Kramer tell sus the truth (no way to verify it).

Perhaps there is plan B or plan C if the plan Francis fails.

Sure there will be a new plan if the plan to defend centuries old fortress fails. To win the battle you may need to abandon a fortress that is doomed to fail because of its own structural defects.

We on earth are not the commanders of the heavenly hosts, although some prayers go as far as to say that. Some popes went as far as to say they are not only substitutes of Christ but Christ themselves. Well, if they say so, why to accuse someone who comes "in the name of the Lord" who is above all of us? Yes I mean of descendants of Jesus, and some of us may be part of that heritage as well. 144,000? I don't know. But if popes claim that and are not called anti-christs rather revered in their time, then let redefine what we expect as end times escatology that may not be end times at all. Why should the Revelation 12 be taken out as Preterist fulfillment back in time, and everyone should be concentrated only on Revelation 13. Isn't there a deeper reason for that, to exclude to maximum any theoretical possibility of those events before the final antichrist, to come and bring God's reign on earth, or better say off-earth. I am not a prophet. If a book that is widely discussed, may be the most controversial book of the entire Bible is true indeed, we cannot say for something we never saw to happen, oh it already happened around...the time of Christ-child fleeing from Herod. No matter the book was written down some 2 enturies later at best.
Wrong, intentional deceit,

Revelation 12:
And there appeared a great wonder in heaven (she is not on planet earth)

5 And she brought forth a man child (born not on planet earth but in heaven),

who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:

and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. (even higher than our space)

Refer to the usage of the words that name the clouds and atmosphere that are the same that name the heaven. And the same that name the space between the stars. The theology should be either very blond after Galileo, or INTENTIONALLY hiding well known facts about the "Heaven" and "Angels" (and also demons) to continue maintaining a status quo that should've been updated many times for the last two centuries. It is not just theological dispute or update of wording, or modernism if you will. It is a deep inherited secret of what the real picture is that the theologians starting from the early fathers who bowed down before pagan Rome, and ending up until today, with very few exceptions, strictly maintain. Let they know their time is GONE. Regardless of whether they will keep the status quo one more mandate in Rome or they will decide it themselves. By doing that, they decide their own position in the new paradigm that transpires by now from everywhere.

Because the pope could fire hundreds of people and hire new ones. He could appoint hundreds new cardinals, including younger ones who have watched Star Wars and who do not think "the evil characters were not as evil as they should be" (ref. Osservatore Romano). He and they could do that, now. Or they go out together as irrelevant.

How that matches Fatima, Ukraine, Russia, etc, well I haven't read the envelope of 20+ lines. But I can think with my head haing all those pieces of evidence freely available on internet today. Including of John 23 meeting with aliens.
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posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 03:33 AM
P.S. someone may think, after many internet advises to a pope who doesn't read internet, for new cardinals etc, that I pursue personal goal with that. I do not write that to pursue cardinalate or so. It is not that simple equation.

Phantomfire speaks of Petrus Romanus figure that some in Vatican, may be Francis, envisioned being either he or the late fr Gruner. Of course you have the right to reason the way you do, and I respect that (that's why I read your posts with interest and time I give to few others).

Still, my future position won't be determined by popes or cardinals, but by powers above when they manifest themselves. And they will do so, finally. I don't and can't know in advance my future position, be it alive or in spirit. Nobody knows his, btw. I write what it seems reasonable at this moment. If there is a reason to be taken into account by those in ppower TODAY, they'd do better to listen to the reason presented, not so much to my imperfect wording. (as anyone's imperfect, pope's too).

It is wise for a pope who wants to be REFORMER, to assure descendants by appointing many more new personages, not only a handful of them. Benedict back to stage? Theoretically possible but I can't believe it. Whether Francis will go forward and appoint 40y old hundreds of new cardinals, or will wait for his successor to change the church, if there is anything left to be changed?

Of course we don't know what tomorrow will bring, whether Russo-Turk war will reshape the politics spectrum, or something else anywhere in the small planet earth. The scenario with surviving underground cities without connection between themselves, will reshape the survived Christian groups as well. There won't be one Rome's bishop to command,t here will be local churches at best, and pockets of christianity at worst. However, I do not envision that scenario as the most likely one.

The most likely is the one that takes into account ET intervention before the conflict and/or soon after it. Then, resettlement option will exist side by side with the option to remain on earth under NEW CONDITIONS. If the Churches are to continue in the mode they run 1980 years, they may take a new role spreading out in the galaxy, and certainly new titles and bishops to lead each one of them. Especially if they spread to distances beyond the limits of online "real-time" communication capabilities, although we know from sci fi they work in our galactic neighborhood. (imagine in the vast space a signal to travel years in one direction will render useless any attempt of centralized supra-galactic church).

All that should be taken into account when we speak of the last pope in a list of centuries old accepted but not written in stone prophecy. Or when we speak that the recent popes were willing to take on them martyrdom in order to fulfil their version of Fatima. Well, in that case they do not speak in the name of the billions who may decide for themselves do they want to sacrifice their lives, and for what idea exactly. May be not for the so presented picture of "Mary" that demands bloody sacrifices worse than pagan rituals from earth's pre-christian indigenous eras. We have the right to question the identity of such personage of "Mary" how true it reflects the idea of all-loving mother of God and mother of humanity. And if Fatima vision indeed speaks of a such episode, and it is true as part of the bigger picture, it is mandatory we are told the bigger picture as well. The so painted God is just too cruel to be his real image, and not the distorted image that satanists and luciferians want to sell out to the crowds. To those who do not have the reason or chance to understand what is all about. And because those poor crowds do not have that free choice now, such a choice will be given to them, together with clear enough understanding provided not by current powerful of the day, but directly from the powers above. I believe the day is not far when we all will know the truth, not only of Fatima but also of the Earth and Solar system, and also of Jesus and God, more than we pretend to know now.
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posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 04:36 AM
In another thread in WW3 forum (pls click on my profile) I reposted an article from Russian think tank who envisioned the possible use of nuclear weapons in case of Russo-Turk war if the West helps Turkey (i.e. a nuclear country helps non-nuclear Turkey officially). Many people expect the big doom the next day and hour, as NATO would resort to massive nuclear attack on Russia. That could be the case during the Cold War, with clearly delineated red lines that no one trespassed. But that surely is not the case today when we saw many red lines already trespassed. A Russo-Turk war won't result automatically in NATO-Russia all out war. Instead, the Russian think tank warned that if the things go far with Turkey, the counter-strike of Russia will be to take the Baltics without significant resistance. Of course that was just a think tank, and the officials would not back officially such position. But we know other think tanks from US side that proposed even more dare scenarios: as division of Siberia into zones one of which goes to China another one to USA...

A nuclear war although local will reshape not only the local political map. Let say Turkey may lose Constantinople. It will reshape the world's view on the possibility of nukes to be used and the result of it. Unlike the doomsday prophets who expect that to result in their massive use by all countries, the opposite might happen: all countries will be frightened to death that the next target might be their own country. Regardless of the final victory, they will be destroyed in the process. As far as I know, that cold shower in Europe during the Reagan administration brought finally to the ban of intermediate missiles. Because Western Europe didn't want to be held hostage to the US-USSR relations. Because in 5 minutes one could have cities destroyed irreversibly. The current militarization and words of some Ukrainian ultra-right parties of return to nuclear state of Ukraine, put the same weight on the Russian side - could Russia afford situation in which Moscow is less than 5 minutes away from nuclear annihilation? The retaliation is more than guaranteed by Perimeter automated system of response. But is it worth it? Isn't it better prevention than retaliation on devastated planet?

Such questions will make possible choices that today seem unlikely. Alliances may break apart overnight after the first nuke goes off (regardless of where exactly, it could be North Korea striking the South). People will hold to what they have in life valued most. And this won't be the religion. Let say it plainly. Most of the people in this world, although attached to this or that major religion, do not hold it as priority in life. Even those who say otherwise before, will think differently AFTER. They will hold their personal/family survival as priority, regardless of their loud declarations today. Martyrdom especially nuclear is not what they'd expect to end their life and that of their descendants after 2000 years Christianity. That runs against the common sense. Christianity didn't come to erase it but to confirm it in the higher level of Love of God. Christ didn't come so all of us die stupid death. And if someone wants to sacrifice his/her life, (let say a hero in WW2 goes to enemy's machine guns to make a shield for his fellow men to move thru...) sure that someone doesn't want to sacrifice all the lives of all his descendants, and even wouldn't do his personal sacrifice if he would know it wouldn't save but would contribute to the mass wipe out of all his descendants... Not in the name of things like motherland, christian faith of mothers and sisters, but in the name of hideous agendas covered by religious rhetoric to hide the bloody cruel images that fit better for cruel indigenous tribes whose instinct motivations would be understood better.
There is nothing like that in any Gospel known by me. Fatima seems to be grossly changed, to say the least. The collective punishment of humanity as said "by fire from heaven" in Akita, might be indeed an option similar to the Flood, but it should be defined who accepts and participates in that collective guilt. Are they the people who lead, who are responsible, or the masses who just don't know about all that? They cannot be part of that punishment and should be given way out the same way Noah was given. All the rest seems to me playing on the side of unclear agendas, to spare words like satanism, and at best profound misunderstanding of God's plans for humanity - in its biological form that should preserve until the Second Coming. Otherwise we go to esoteric teachings that the spiritual form, including 5D body, is to be preserved, not our biological bodies. And that is something the main churches reject, along with the incarnation ideas. If it is so, and I don't have a reason to doubt for now, then they should preserve the life in its current biological form, not to seek excuses for its demise. In such a way, Fatima, WW3 and Planet X (as recently again put in MSM) should be seen as opportunity to offer escape routes by the church, not opportunity to see collective punishment of sins they themselves determined as such. (and the decision of making something "sin" is highly relative, differing in ages...I could say more).

We should see a strong RCC along with sister churches to lead humanity the way out of the woes, natural or man made, and not the opposite - waiting in the shadows for punishment to come in order to rule over the survivors with hands of Pilate washed. How could those leaders imagine they would have any moral or other permission to rule AFTER such an event, if they collaborated for more people to die, not less. There won't be a place for them not only on earth but in the entire galaxy. Their name wil be given as example for thousands of generations to come (or as many as there are before the Second Coming) as how the Churches and religions should not run. As second Hitlers and dictators from the past, or those who don't even know about (in pre-flood history). Was the Flood made by men and not by God, then? How about Indian-Atlantis made mega disaster to destroy the enemy Atlantis? How about written thousands of years later books to justify it as "God's punishment"? And if it was indeed punishment, how about the survivors that are not only Noah's children's children? Sure the Asians couldn't be possibly evolved from Noah for so short time. Sure they survived or were brought to earth after the Flood. Questions that are not just rhetoric of the unknown that we may ask after every next episode on the TV or every next sci fi movie. Questions that reflect the hear and now of Churches who pretend to lead their sheep to the secure coast on the other side of a troubled sea. If they fail now, they fail not only for the last pope. They fail forever. They will be substituted because God can provide succession regardless of the unworthiness of the servants. Ref. the wineyard given to others after the cruelty shown by the original servants.

posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 05:15 AM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

Personally Fatima is a false sign and wonder, you only have to look into the names of the people, the area etc.

More importantly it happens around the same time real Biblical prophecy was being fulfilled in Jerusalem.


posted on Jan, 23 2016 @ 06:15 AM

originally posted by: Phantomfire707
Fr Gruner could become a credible leader of the schism as a candidate to be the future Fatima Pope to challenge Francis, if and when Pope Francis made big changes.

If Fr Gruner was to be elected pope, the cardinals should abandon their self-imposed status quo in election, and should fulfil what is possible in theory that everyone quotes around the last 2 conclaves: that every male catholic who is fit to be a bishop, is able to be elected bishop of Rome, even if he is not consecrated or ordained at the time of election. Furthermore, the cardinalate is open for every man (some say, women too, I am not sure) regardless of whether he is married, lay or ordained. History knows lay cardinals.

The last two conclaves showed rather conservative approach to those rules, by electing in 2005 one of the top hierarcy cardinals Ratzinger, and in 2013 the cardinal who scored second in 2005 conclave the archbishop of Buenos Aires Bergoglio who was pretty conservative up until that time. Indeed, we witness a sharp turn in his words, but they remain words up until now.

If a man like Fr Gruner is to be elected, a new mentality should enter the conclave in first place. I suppose, first of all new kind of cardinals should be appointed. Not just bishops who are already formed in the system and could hardly be expected to do big changes in it. But also devote priests, and why not laymen. The age should be lowered too.

Only then we could see a smooth transition after the resignation or the death of pope Francis, into something better to rule the world's biggest religion and church. It doesn't mean automatically more modernism, rather return to the roots of the early Christianity when no one of the apostles were single except for John may be. When "everything they had in common" in regard to material possessions. When the love was the sign to be recognized as Christian by the pagans. When healing of body was going together with preaching about Jesus. When prophecy was common gift that Paul speaks of. Things long lost in the centuries and exchanged with doctrines instead.

For such change pope Francis should strive to achieve in the year of mercy. Now is the time to change people of the ruling team as well. Or...the team will be changed altogether. If needed, by powers from hi. But may be such direct intervention won't be even needed. The fortress is ruined from inside and won't survive the next wave - be it WW3 or other cataclysm. The cynical in the case is, the defenders of the status quo prefer to sacrifice everyone else while they hide inside, speaking of just the opposite. Few of the insiders are honest and even fewer of them care about the world.

Why Pius XII allowed Lucy to write down only in 1941? Didn't she write down the secrets in 1931? 1941 the Nazi already occupied mainland Europe and sneak attacked the Soviet Union. Was that the motivation of Pius XII to post the secrets 1,2 at that time, not beforehand? The people in the USSR gave 20 mln victims sacrificed int he name of clearing the earth from the Nazi, in the name of saving their motherland that was and is also Christian. The Russian Orthodox Church equipped and payed for tank division and called the people to support wholeheartedly the war, not of fear but of love to motherland and God.

Today's Russian patriarch compared Hitler to the future antichrist, and said, those antichrists in history could and should be fought and defeated.

The Cold War washed away too soon the memory of the hard won victory over the Nazi. Without those 20 mln sacrificed lives, more than the combined Western victims, it would never be possible to achieve. Those are facts of history, you would have not only German but also Nazi as the main political class in Europe if not beyond, unless for the self-sacrifice of millions common Russian and other Soviet people. The West prefers to forget about that.

The chance of direct confrontation between Russia and Turkey is more than hypothetical. If that happens, you have the first Russia-NATO clash ever, that didn't happen even during the Cold War. I don't know if that will be the trigger point or another hot spot. You cannot have for granted the cold peace that continued already too long, plus unending crises of economy, oil, unemployment of millions at the heart of Europe. This is not all about after the fall of Berlin Wall. It is a shame for the civilized West, that is yet to experience hardships for its double and triple standards, including by fresh waves of million-immigration unfathomable only 1 decade ago. It doesn't happen by chance, it happens as result of actions and non-actions taken by the West in post Cold War era.

All of these and more are well known to the readers who are proficient in politics as well as prophecy. They know it is a dead end. The estimations how bad it should come before it becomes good, what exact scenario Fatima and other prophecies will follow, be it WW3 or something like antichrist inside the ranks, vary according to personal and circle's view. Fr Gruner was one of the few that put the urgency on his frontpage of Fatima. org.

I don't share the view of the respected Phantomfire that Fr Gruner was killed even less by the Vatican. But the Vatican can pretty much kill itself spiritually if it continues to fail the faithful on key issues of the last decades that kept the faith alive, Fatima being one of them.
Russia is not an enemy to hide from it Fatima secrets. Russia is a friend who made it possible Rome to exist until today, free of Nazi and free of nuclear fire as well. You may say, it were the Americans in Rome. Yes but the overall it wouldn't be even close to victory, Patton vs Rommel, without the MASSIVE scale operations on the Eastern Front that decided the outcome of WW3, the Great Patriotic War of Russia and Soviet peoples. We should thank those 20 mln MARTYRS that gave their lives to fight against tne antichrist of their time, Hitler, and stop demonizing what does not belong to the demon. "Consecration" means to give something to belong to God.

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posted on Jan, 24 2016 @ 11:47 AM
A new for me clip of Fr Malachi Martin, played inside a new show about Planet X. Although not specific about the nature of Fatima, Malachi said there won't be a single person on the face of the earth that won't be aware of what is coming is coming from God. But the interpretations will vary.

A planet X bigger than Jupiter cannot have many interpretations. It would be seen months in advance and panic will overflow the world.

A world war even nuclear can hardly be interpreted otherwise as well. You can interpret the causes, the scenarios, but the very fact of having a war.

What could still be interpreted according to people's and groups' agendas, and what is not discussed in public en masse, is only one thing and that is the Aliens. (not those that cross the borders).

Getting the pieces of puzzle together, I come (again) to the following conclusion: the ET arrival won't be a separate event from the worldwide awareness of Planet X. Rather it is very likely THEY show us the coming Nibiru, along with offering a salvation road. Because Planet X will be likely visible some 6 months or more in advance, it will be felt by gravity and solar activity, earthquakes etc. it won't be able to be denied any longer. The world will plunge into a chaos not see from time immemorial from times before the Great Flood and sinking of Atlantis. It is very likely smaller or bigger nuclear war to happen in those several months between the astronomical undeniable spotting of Planet X and the actual date of destruction. Perhaps also Planet X will pass first around the Sun, as also Mother Shipton's prophecies speak of. Those months will be hell on earth in every respect. People will go mad on the streets in expectation of the inevitable end.

The ET announcement and intervention therefore should precede the formal spotting and announcement of planet X by earthly observatories. There should be given a chance to people to escape the worst of nightmare. Perhaps the rescue boats will be open up until the last moment. But the conditions with every next month coming closer and closer to the predicted doom will worsen as hell's next doors. We are talking of the incineration talked about Peter 2, 3 and not of the End times. Here is the interview taken before 2012 but still actual. Martin's is from 1997-8. He puts the years "next 5-10". In another interview he said "less than 20" (20 are the 2017 anniversary). Martin gave an oath not to disclose the exact text word by word. So he puts forth a puzzle for us to decipher. The event is between 10 and 20 years after 1997 the interviews of Martin. 2017 is already the 20th year (or the 100th year) which full fulfilment occurs on the anniversary date. I wouldn't count on that 20th year. I would count on the year before, because it remained th e only available - 2016 until October 13 .

Russia and Kiev have special place according to another interview of Martin shortly before his death in mysterious circumstances in 1999 in NY? He said God chose Russia and Kiev for the salvation the way He chose the nation of Israel at that time. Since Ukraine already was an independent state in 1997, it seems only Kiev and not the entire Ukraine is joined to the mission of Russia. Perhaps the Kievan Lavra monastery the holy shrine of orthodox christianity. What mission other than landing of ships and sending shuttles to the whole world to gather the elect of God who will be spared from the Chastisement?

posted on Jan, 24 2016 @ 11:59 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

It is a good way to make friends with Russia, to learn more about the Russian rich culture that is a substantial part of the European cultural heritage. Let say again for those who still didn't get it, the Russian royal dynasty has its origin from old Germany and is inherent part of the family of royalties, also relatives to the British house of Windsor (that has a German origin too). The Russian palaces look pretty much like Western palaces, many now museums, only they are more lavish in a sense. The Russian subway took some of that splendor in metro stations unknown to the West with their luxury similar to baroque palace.

Russia is not an enemy. It is someone who wil help. Learn the Russian culture and you will find more common with yours. Instead of demonizing some attack of Russia on the West (that may or may not happen in the final months before Planet X). It is better to hear the words of Martin that Russia is picked up by God to be the tool of salvation. I say more in the previous post.

( I put back Nibiry Planet X in the analyses, because it was put into the MSM overnight. We didn't understand when it popped up as a fact, according to the Russian media, and as a very probable fact according to the Western MSM. )

The most famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva
"Without you, my dear one, the earth is small like island, without you, my darling, is to fly with one wing". Pretty much relevant for the world mad politics today. One wing game.

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posted on Jan, 24 2016 @ 01:36 PM
I advise organizations like, and Fatima-friendly individuals, from cardinals to priests to lay people, to start addressing those issues without any further delay. Let go out the taboos and prejudices! 3rd secret is not 2nd secret or the antichrist end times. It is simply not, and we were told enough evidence of that. It is 2 Peter 3 event of fire that will clean up the earth for further generations to build it anew, long before the end times and second Coming. It is naive to expect that Jesus is coming in 2-3 years as some devote but self-confident people believe, from all churches. It would be too easy and desirable if it were so. It is simply not the case! Not even the angels know, how do they know?

The ET issue is big enough and deserves its own discussion. I will not make this Fatima thread - an ET thread. Still I have to say there will be firstfruits - enthusiasts who will join the team of angels and will be educated, to come down again after days or weeks and to try to save those billions who otherwise won't be saved. Of course they too will be demonzied by those who demonize everything. But let God's will be fulfilled. If it is cleansing it means some people deserve and others want to be cleansed. Despite all efforts on the contrary. Despite friends and family who spoke otherwise to them. I know them, you know them. Star Wars have examples father against the son, brother against the sister. It is an example, it is not "the evil ones should be more evil" as someone crazy in the Vatican wrote in Osservatore Romano. So they watch everything and have their own view on that? Perhaps on ET to, perhaps on Fatima too. They also visited CERN. Only we are kept in dark. Perhaps pope Francis is one among wolves as Benedict said about himself, wolves being some cardinals who wanted to assassinate him if he didn't resign, someone red hat from Sicily said that on his trip to Beijing. Why don't these people be fired immediately, if not publicly denounced? Let they leave their offices and hi positions, and let the people save themselves.

The option of saved underground is not the best option because those chambers are already occupied. Search internet for more. There are ancient civilizations down there along with huge cities and more. If you read everything said on internet, you'd choose a better planet until this one is cleansed up.

posted on Jan, 24 2016 @ 07:00 PM
We are all born from a sexual act of our parents.

Modern day occultists.....being what religion is, were either spiritual humans who chose to serve the community, or those who applied science/conversion, being the statement of occultism.

After our ancient brother reactivated the signals for changing the radiation cold streams...meteors were one sign known by the ancient brothers. Therefore the Roman brothers knew when any other country was reusing stone levitation...for it would activate the meteor releases in out of space. This was self evident from the outcome of what stone levitation conjunction with the origin attack of exploding planets/suns from original choice....his own.

Our brother was once a large angelic light being...who did not want to be left alone...he believed himself cursed due to his spiritual review. His spirit was able to reflect upon information as a large being, which is why the origin spirit can demonstrate to a human male currently living, that this spirit still exists...and was never destroyed. For their own thought functions consider large amounts of information.

Modern occultists believe that the spirit in out of space ....who they consider are the fallen spirits created them, for obviously they do not believe in spirit. Instead they believe in occultist review and consider information as a past informed status of evolution. Yet their own life did not exist where they place their have never been a are a spirit. So you argue over the review.......yet in no other place other than where you stand as a human being can you place your spirit.....this is a false/fake review.

The reason our brother has always caused Earth life to be destroyed is because he makes these considerations.

Fatima never existed..... Fatima like all informed statuses regarded the attack upon the human life...the consciousness aware of the attacks and changes and knew that they had changed the condition of their own holy life. If you alter the atmosphere in which life survives...then obviously the life awareness as consciousness reviews the conditions that it inherits.

Our human physical Mother gave birth to all of us. When you alter the Medium of the atmosphere, the human life/consciousness...imagery alters by the condition. The image seen when brain chemistry alters to cause visions is by chemical wavelength alteration. When the Medium of the atmosphere was changed by scientific occultism conversions, it attacked the children who witnessed Fatima. They lost their own life cellular interactions and our brother....recorded in the atmosphere as the spirit who thought the information into its actions, then spoke.

This is because our brother changed the origins of spirit.

The story of spirit is real....androgynous beings in origin light changed the light and it fell into itself...yet the origin light still existed...only light sound was removed.

For our ancient light brother to consider information for conversion, he did so through the review of spirit.

The male light spirit was evicted from the androgynous spirit state...and as the androgynous selves belong to a self presence...the one being that caused the eviction, was the one being that lost its own light sound surrounding his body. This is why male spirits know that they caused Creation.

When creation created by loss of pressure of light mass to form O origin bodies of light took a long time to change. When creation cooled and gases refilled the emptied out space, this was how the male spirit was once again released from androgyny.

Androgyny demonstrates its truth...for Nature already existed before the male light spirit manifested. The female light spirit was created after his full manifestation of selves. The female manifested...then the female began to demanifest, as the circumstance was cause and effect. The female went back and most of the male spirit also returned....leaving our brother by himself.

Therefore he considered how he could convert himself and wanted to be released from the binding that Nature had...forcing his spirit to remain in life. He considered the female and he wanted to exchange places with her...and have her own presence in Nature and his released. He was so upset that he blamed the female for leaving him and he also blamed her for forcing him out of his body.....yet the female did not exist when he caused the act of creation.

He has always been wrong about the female....yet conditioned his thoughts as an act of a review to make considerations to convert his own self. Hence he considered the female...and then activated the Universal light sound release which attacked origin creation.

It is the reason why he knows all processes of his choices..and wrote the channeled spiritual history as stories...for he knew by his own personal presence...a self manifested spirit that he had caused the situation himself. He has never told the truth about his spirit and he has never been able to consider himself guilty...only innocent. Yet he purposely chose to destroy his family reviewing the female as a presence to convert and replace his own spirit.

This is how the modern day occultist gained their own spiritual channeled information of a spirit reviewing a history of spirit. So they reviewed their own Father.....for the only 2 origin spirits were an adult male and an adult female children or babies were involved in origin manifestation.

When the occult male Shaman reviewed his spiritual life history of holographic recordings...he reviewed his own higher self....for he was an adult male looking as his Father...being his own higher spiritual self. So the consideration of the occultists should be that you have only ever considered the Father who activated conversion and destruction of life....and not the higher Father who is by review an androgynous being with no determined sex.

Ancient historical evidence states that a human Shaman reviewed spirit memory to gain information to allow for gravitational forces to be altered so that he could do stone levitation. He therefore had to convert the atmospheric wavelengths to allow for the signal to be contacted via light/sound activation in the Pyramid/Temple relayed technology.

This is why the conversion UFO fallout signal is activated whenever conversion of the nuclear of stone/crystal is caused.

Change the light/sound of the atmosphere O and all conditions of the review also change.

Therefore our brother who made his own large recorded message as the lowest spiritual Father, speaks the information of changes when the human male decides to alter his natural life.

The male by condition of the atmosphere knows by self evidence that his life gets recorded by the atmospheric condition itself. When he irradiates his own person, his own spirit multiplies the amount of increase spiritual evil presences. This is because his life recorded in the atmosphere, takes recordings of recordings by increased radiation.

This is how the evil spirit is created as an attack on the atmosphere. It is only caused by the only presence who considers its own person the Creator and also the higher consciousness...the human male. The information after all is your own channeled psyche spiritual awareness.

Your natural human and spiritual psyche is then given the increased amount of data feedback by the activation of a multiplying evil spirit....

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