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Going for a girl a mate has like for months...

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 10:48 PM
Is it wrong for me to pursue a relationship with a chick my friend has liked for months?

She barely knows he exsists and kept calling him Jeff (thats me) at my halloween party. Me and the girl in question spent the night chatting and there was a connection.

When she kept calling my friend Jeff, I'd correct her and say 'no thats allan'. Then she'd apologise to me, not to him, but to me. Now i feel sorry for my friend coz he really likes her, and i told him that i wont pursue anything with her coz he liked her first, but he had to do something about it instead of waiting for her to come to him (she wont)... its been over a month and he's still not done anything...

So i'm considering taking the initiative and making a move. I'm confident i have a good chance, but i feel bad for my friend, but then again, he didnt make his move liek he promised he would.

I dont want to sit back and let a good thing go to waste. If he made a move then at least i know not doing anything for myself helped my friend get what he wanted (assuming he was succesful). Even if he failed i wouldnt have felt i had wasted an opportunity, coz at least i stepped aside for my friend to do something...

Bro's before ho's... or so they say.



posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 02:09 AM
Well, we can't make people love us.
If that girl doesn't like him, then thats how it is. He should move on.

If you really like her and she likes you, then you should make a move.

Is your friend a close friend? If he is, he will understand.

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