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Let the names speak for themselves

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 04:16 PM
Playing around and wrote this for fun, but it didn't turn out too bad so I thought I would post it.

Members names:


YouSir, FiguredOut weareallthesame. wearehere stillsearching, looking for the truth. Casting Stones IntoTheUnknown, tryingtofindtheanswer buried deepwithin secretsandlies. searchingforthoseawake. goingwhere, noman, travels... intotheabyss. Behappy, forwearemany

Onequestion. Haveyouconsidered wehavenochoice? , weareallslaves LOOKING4answrs. Youarehere, Oneofus, HiddenInPlainSight. Seeking Enlightenment, WonderingWhy Things ar3 not what th3y seema. Walkingthepath, looking4clues, FightingStupidity. Noworries, ATSGUY, Wernotalone.

forthepeople stillbreathing Under Water:

Justlikeyou Iwasoncehappy living comfyinsidethebox. immawakenow, chasingthetruth. seeing clearly whatoncewas FactsandTruths MatterNot. No more lies. Honestly,itisallthesame senselessgarbage anyway.

Thejourney... itsuptoyou. Whateveruwant, makeitso. Neverstop trying2getit.. Remember, ThisIsYourLife. dntwastetime thinkingaboutit,doit. youbi, smarterthanthem. Againstallodds, makeithappen

thisistheonlysite wheretruthmatters. weALLare searching4it. Eagertolearn Thereasonwhy oddthings happened. whoreallyknows whatsgoingon? Iknownow OnewhoUnderstands thereal answer, letsthefactsspeak. They are here and they ar clever. Embrace theknowledge ATSoffers. beforetoolong, youbi theone FightingWithTheWisdom.


Insert Name Here:

You Sir, Figured out we are all the same. We are here, still searching, looking for the truth. Casting stones into the unknown. Trying to find the answer buried deep within secrets and lies. Going where no man travels...into the abyss. Be happy, for we are many.

One question. Have you considered we have no choice? We are all slaves, looking for answers. You are here, one of us, hidden in plain sight. Seeking enlightenment. Wondering why things are not what they seem. Walking the path...looking for clues...fighting stupidity. No worries ATS guy, we're not alone.

For the people still breathing under water:

Just like you I was once happy living comfy inside the box. I'm awake now, chasing the truth. Seeing clearly what once was facts and truths, matter not. No more lies. Honestly, it is all the same senseless garbage anyways.

The journey, it is up to you. Whatever you want, make it so. Never stop trying to get it. Remember, this is your life. Don't waste time thinking about it, do it. You be smarter than them. Against all odds, make it happen.

This is the only site where truth matters. We are all looking for it. Eager to learn the reasons why odd things happened. Who really knows what's going on? I know now one who understands the real answer lets the facts speak. They are here and they are clever. Embrace the knowledge ATS offers. Before too long, you'll be the one fighting with the wisdom.


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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 04:23 PM
Now we just need someone to make an illustration for the ATS Fold-In page.

But really, quite a creative little project you turned out here. I'm impressed!

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 07:27 AM
Yep, I agree with NB, also neat idea to make a nice illustration for this work.

Anyway, creative concept, awesome execution!

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