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Nikola Tesla Had the Technology to Split the Earth in Half in the 1940s

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posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 12:07 PM
Tesla withdrew and hid many of his inventions having come to the realization that they would be potentially catastrophic in the hands of man. This documentary may have been seen on ATS before, if so apologies. I just found it intriguing.

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 12:41 PM

originally posted by: priestess22
Tesla withdrew and hid many of his inventions having come to the realization that they would be potentially catastrophic in the hands of man.

You can't "hide" inventions, especially if they have been patented. Even if they haven't, if one person can create something, they can't stop anybody else from creating it independently.

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 01:34 PM
With a long enough lever, a fulcrum, an immovable platform, and a spacesuit Archimedes could have changed history even more than he did. And people think NASA deals in big ideas? Archimedes is not impressed. Like those cat posters. I think that the most recent HAARP developments suggest that it was nothing more than what it was said to be. It may have had capabilities or even uses that were not advertised to the public, but these can be fairly well extrapolated based on what is known about the facility, and the idea that it was a weapon capable of causing earthquakes is ridiculous for multiple reasons.

Tesla was a brilliant man, but I highly doubt he could have made a super death ray or could have split the earth in half. I think Tesla had a better understanding of things than most other scientists of his time, although I would imagine his knowledge has been surpassed today. We know his work was confiscated after his death, and even if he did not include his most "sensitive" information, it could most likely be figured out by the information that was present. If it was feasible then I'm sure it has been experimented with at some point...If not by general science then by the government. If this did occur it was likely found that some of his more experimental ideas were not feasible.

posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: theworldisnotenough

I have a few thoughts on this.

1) How does this have anything to do with the topic of the forum where it was posted?

2) Why would you need David Icke to tell you this old story, where Tesla claimed he knew how to split the Earth in two halves (it's impossible to split something in one half, there's always the other half as well), when it's common knowledge?

3) How can you know that Tesla actually HAD this technology, instead of just CLAIMING to have it?

Please get me right, I know the respected Nikola Tesla was in many ways above the regular people, and his mind really worked in a superior way compared to even the most intelligent denizens of this planet. He was certainly able to create, test, modify and manufacture devices purely in his mind, until he reached perfection, and then just simply build the device as the exact duplicate to what existed in his mind. That's why he never built a device that didn't work, and all his inventions worked the first time they were tested. He had already tested them in his mind.

He did have his weird quirks, though, and he had some pretty odd ways of thinking. He also had no idea on how to save money or how the financial monsters work or think. He was a bit naive in many ways, and this lead to his downfall.

And during the later years, his health and mind seemed to deteriorate - whom among us could actually handle having such a mind that can create such vivid images, sounds and working things that it's almost impossible to tell the difference between those imaginationary hallucinations and the 'real world' for long? I bet sooner or later this got to him, and he stopped being able to tell the difference - fell into an intense psychosis, the likes of which no one else has probably experienced (lacking such an intense and superior mind).

So his claims during his later, "mad" years, should be taken with a minuscule amount of some sort of sodium chloride compound.

As for that icky creature you refer to, he is either a misinformationist, or just incredibly misinformed and lacking in critical faculties that enable human beings to actually form phenomena usually called "thoughts".

He is not wrong because he made claims about 'reptilians' - I don't really care about THAT part one way or another. It may be true, it may be a lie, it doesn't affect me in any way, I don't really care.

But what I do care about is the truth.

And his version of 'history' is completely wrong, full of contradictions, misconceptions, errors, disregards of the Laws that govern solar systems, planets, and so on - that it's amazing that someone wanted to publish his trash, unless he's a part of the agenda, trying to confuse things and poison the well, or whatnot. So people would equate "conspiracy" with "conspiracy THEORY", and that with "reptilians with mad history that can't be true no matter how you look at it". So they stay away from the topic of 'conspiracy', like good automatons are supposed to.

I don't really know the whole truth about that odd entity, but I know what he writes in his books is almost completely wrong - outside of the whole reptilian-issue. Every other thing he mentions about how history supposedly happened, is just plain wrong.

I would advise against trusting someone, whose writings contain this many errors - either deliberately (evil agent for evil people), or mistakenly (dumb moron who doesn't know what he's talking about). In any case, do your own research, always.. and compare every single fact that you can reasonably trust, against his claims. You will see that his claims fall apart like a sandcastle in an (alleged) nuclear explosion.

In my opinion, that entity is the 'inconvenience jar' of the PTB. They throw any subject they don't want people to know about into that jar, to make sure no one will ever take that subject seriously. That's why you hear him sometimes mention the truth or talk about meaningful things, and even being right - but because of all the crap that has been spouted by him, no one can take the truth seriously, when THAT individual talks about them. What could be more perfect?

That's certainly exactly how I would do it, if I was an evil, demon-worshipping PTB that wants to hide the truth about how I have duped this planet's denizens..

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 07:41 AM
a reply to: JiggyPotamus

I think Tesla didn't necessarily have the technology to split a planet into two halves - but I think he MIGHT have known how it can theoretically be possible.

Vibrations are powerful, and if you know and can duplicate the basic vibration of a planet... well..

The problem is of course, HOW to do it. That's where I become skeptical about his claims.. he might have thought he has the tech, but it's possible it only existed in his mind, without him realizing this is the case. The practical reality is difficult and harsh - theories and knowledge flow freely and are easier to form and know about.

But if he had given a big enough budget, enough time and resources, I am sure he could have accomplished it. Though what benefit it would have, except eradicating all evil of this planet temporarily (until its reincarnated) from the physical plane, could be considered a great thing. Though I don't think it's completely moral to accomplish such good thing by committing a mass murder. And in the long run, it wouldn't help anything .. this kind of evil system will always be reborn as long as people remain complacent, government-trusting sheeple without memory, conscience, or individual spirit that can't be easily molded or brainwashed. Until the masses wake up and realize what's going on, and demand justice, freedom and the government to obey the people, these kind of systems will continue to be constructed.

In any case, what's the point of really even discussing it, when Tesla is long gone, and the tech obviously wasn't put to use? Even Bearden's predictions about the death ray weapon that the Yakuza supposedly has, never really manifested itself.. (unless the Fukushima-event has something to do with it)

In my view, it's like this:

"Hm, Nikola Tesla had or didn't have ability to split the Earth. So anyway, what would you recommend for breakfast?"

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