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Delhi temperature touches 47.8 C, highest in 62 years

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posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 03:21 PM

originally posted by: liejunkie01
a reply to: Plugin

Did you miss the part where it said "in 62 years".

It has been this hot before. It will be hot again.

BTW, most of those countries that are in your map wouldn't happen to be close to the equator, would they.Shhhh. It gets hot around the equator, don't tell anyone though.

Sure I didn't missed that...
It's also about water, and extremes.., so now u have this temperature just more often as elsewhere where records are broken more often (be it cold, hot, snow, rain, floodings, droughts..).

1/3 of humans will have water shortage in 2040/50 and India one of the most... Ok they have many people but they will be the harderst hit now and in near future with all weather extremes. So what's hard 2 understand here??

Ok I know you are a human caused climate change denier, got that..
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