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What Will Socialism Look Like in the United States

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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 11:39 PM
You keep me entertained and laughing for hours on end by constantly re-posting your right-wing fairy tales.

-There is no such thing as Central Air...people just suffer through the heat, and freeze in the Winter with these dinky little radiator-heaters (which is all most people can afford, due to staggering government utility costs).

There is no central air because summers in Europe are rather mild. Besides, ALL homes in Europe are from stone, not dinky wooden houses like almost all in the US which get insanely hot in the summer. In those "socialist" places in Europe where it does indeed get hot like Spain we do have A/C. I have one in my home right now. So....pure nonsense.

-Gasoline is usually $7-10 per gallon (about 1.50 Euros per liter as I write this), due to the government's insanely aggressive taxes on fuel.
True. But then we also have public transport which is not even remotely comparable to yours, so there is less reliance on cars like in the US where you definitely NEED a car.

-Consumers are 100% disregarded, given total crap for options, and complaints over terrible service are completely ignored.
This is a generalization. You get bent over by large companies in the US as well. However, I agree that service in general is better in the US...but WHAT HAS THIS TO DO WITH "SOCIALISM"?? Do you think companies in Germany are state-owned or what fantasies is the guy having there?

-It takes six hours to do half a load of laundry (government forces people to use these tiny, 'environmentally-friendly' laundry machines).
Absolute and PURE nonsense. The government doesn't force you to buy ANYTHING, why would the government force a private person what type of laundry machine they need to buy? What nonsense. Yes, we have "environmentally friendly" washing machines which use less water, but cycles range anywhere from 30mins to 2hrs..depending. This is just entire and utter nonsense.

-Showers are the size of phone booths, water heaters are often woefully inadequate, and all water services cost an absolute fortune.

Funny, because in my ten years in the states I haven't rarely seen a REAL SHOWER. All the showers there where shower heads mounted over the tub : ) Water heaters..pure nonsense. You can buy what type of water heater you want.

-Closets do not exist. The only thing you can do to store and organize your clothing is to purchase a huge, bulky piece of furniture called a "wardrobe" for every bedroom, which leaves you with very little actual living space in the already incredibly tiny homes Europeans must deal with.

True. Walk-in closets do not exist and people usually buy extra "wardrobes" to hang their clothes. Again, what this has to do with SOCIALISM is entirely beyond me! As for the size of homes, this is nonsense, this is a stupid generalization. Again..what has this to do with socialism...or are you implying or assuming that "the government" in Germany/Europe "assigns" homes to people or some nonsense? If you have the cash, feel free to build a mansion...whatever.

-You can't wash your own car in your own driveway. That might hurt the environment, so you must take your vehicle to a government-approved car wash and wildly overpay someone else to do it for you.

OF COURSE you can't wash your car in the drive way. You cannot flush chemicals and oil etc. into the ground and therefore back into the water supply, at some later point. Because it "hurts" the environment, and this is entirely correct.

-Gun rights do not exist. The only way to get access to any firearms whatsoever is through a jaw-droppingly extreme permit/licensing process that involves taking elaborate tests, paying fees, and proving to the government you have a "legitimate" reason for wanting a gun (hunting, target shooting, etc.).

Yes this is correct, if you're a hunter and want a gun, you need a license. Problem? None. On a positive note, you CAN get a gun if you're hunter etc, it is not disallowed. I don't see anything wrong with requiring a license for a gun.

-Having extreme views is illegal. Being a Neo-Nazi is a crime, as is questioning the Holocaust, or anything that could possibly be construed as "hate speech" by the left. Flipping someone off is also a criminal offense.

Yes, being a "NAZI" in Germany is "illegal", sort-of. Because we would get LOTS of s* if it was not, especially from certain countries such as Israel : ) On the other hand, paradoxically there are right wing parties and openly NAZI-like political parties as well. "Flipping off" I consider nonsense.

What's ironic is that many from countries like the US still like to associate Germany with NAZI-ism, I wonder how many actually know that extremism is indeed seen as illegal there, in other words, NO country on this planet right now is more ANTi-NAZI than Germany, possibly. Also...kind of interesting that it is important for him to point out that being a NAZI in Germany is illegal, as if it is a bad thing. (Obviously for the far right, it is LOL, LOL, LOL)

-It costs thousands of dollars to get a license, own a car, and pay for the more than $1 million of auto insurance you are forced to carry...and there are speed cameras everywhere, and there is no gray area (my boss couldn't even get out of a ticket from when he sped his wife to the hospital to give birth).

In the effing US you cannot go more than 55 and a car also costs thousands. What's the point? Oh wait, he conveniently ignored the fact that Germany is the only (?) country with no speed limit on the Autobahn? Isn't this the first thing most Americans mention when they hear "Germany"? : )

-Nearly two-thirds of YouTube’s top 1,000 videos have been banned in Germany due to the fanatical German Journalists’ Union (DJV) absurdly demanding that artists be paid for each and every video that in any way uses any part of their music--even if it is just some random user having part of some random song on in the background of their video.

I don't know about that since I am not residing IN Germany any more not spend too much time on Youtube. All I know is that YOUR TV gets censored like you wouldn't believe. Watching a show or movie on US TV is an abomination since basically everything that is remotely linked with nudity etc. is censored and banned. Have fun watching "American Pie" on American TV : )

-Company web sites are usually primitive and have inaccurate/outdated information, while almost no one answers their phone and you are forced to show up repeatedly during (often ridiculously narrow) operating hours to get the simplest product or service. Germans only work 36-39 hours per week, and the French have a 35-hour work week.

What are "company websites"? How many millions of companies EXIST in Germany? Millions. What a stupid generalization. Even if the guy happened to see some poorly made company websites, again, WHAT ON EARTH HAS THIS DO WITH SOCIALISM? Do you think that the German "socialist" gvt builds company websites?? Any company can make the site it wants

I seriously can't help to think that this guy is entirely confused or that the entire article is just yet another extremely absurd, nonsensical and almost comical article from the funny right in the US. Really, for anyone with a brain..reading such drivel hurts : )

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 11:49 PM
Oh, it's an I had a dream thread, Obama style,

How about no gas for your car unless you can save a months worth of govt welfare
Your car will be made by the govt one model fits all
no new homes just boxed housing projects, no remnant of American Dream shall remain, apple pie will be illegal
empty grocery shelves from long lines and inefficiency that are trademarks of socialism
govt owned slow food restaurant (only one), for those occasions you go to govt mass demonstrations
schools become full blown socialist indoctrination centers, complete with bowing down to giant portraits everywhere
slave labor since you will live on welfare that the State decides is adequate. Ditchdigger is all you ever need to aspire to
one tv channel forever showing the staged bliss and infinite wisdom of whatever almighty leader muscles their way to the helm
only sports will be Olympics ever, can't have competition or regional pride, it's all about the State
everyone has guns but no ammunition, it's all been spent shooting each other and no more is made for the serf class
Then with the blessing of dear leader, Muslims take over the courts and Sharia law rules the land

That was too easy.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 11:51 PM
Educate yourself.

There are NO Socialist countries in Europe at this time.

Start from there.

In some European countries, there is "universal medical care". (which is, I presume, the real topic meant to be refered to here?)

I live in France. There are lots of taxes, yes.

I once compared with an american friend what we both pay monthly and yearly, and it turned out that she paid slightly more than me each year when her insurance payments were added to her taxes.

It is a bait and switch - "look over there! more taxes!" -while you don't focus on what the insurance company is pulling out of your pocket.
Whats more, she had deductables to pay in case of care, which were quite substantial, while I have to pay nothing. So I get back MORE for my money than she does.

The quality of care is excellent. Much better than what I have ever experienced in the states. I am absolutely adamant on that. I have had three children here, care and operations of various sorts, and never had a wait, or less than top quality care. I work in a hospital now myself.

Radiators- trying not to just mock that choice of example- For one, the same type of forced air heating and air conditioning exists in all the european countries. (I have it in mine, for example). But many europeans have different preferences than us. They believe that forced air causes dryness of the sinuses, mucus membranes and skin that is bad for the health, as well as causing dust particles that gather in the system ducts to fly into the rooms and cause breathing problems for people with sensitive lungs.

(as someone with asthma sufferers in their family I have found that this is true.)

So most people choose radiators instead for that reason. They ARE centralized though- it is central heating, only with a radiator instead of air blowing vents.

That is one of those ignorant conclusions you hear from people who lived in a country a for a short while, and didn't bother asking questions and looking deeper at what they observed. This happens to people all the time and they come up with nonsense. Like the french author I read once who spent a year in America, and one day tried to give a gift to some health nut friends- homemade jam. They didn't seem to appreciate it, so she proclaimed, back in France, that americans do not eat fruit.

Of course, they were health nuts and ate lots of fruit- but not ones cooked to death and mixed with their own weight in sugar!
But it is easy to come up with very false conclusions.

Now, I don't think such a system would work in the US. But the Obamacare system is NOTHING like the ones we have here anyway.

I think our country has differences in national culture and values that would make it impossible.

-We do not believe in helping our fellow countrymen, we believe in each man for himself.

-We believe that everyone is in a case and stays there- either you are a sick person in need, or you are a healthy person with abundance, for life. There are haves and have nots.
The french see each individual as capable of falling on either side of that line at any moment, for no fault of their own (and do).
They don't mind paying for another to get care, because they feel they will be in need other times and the places will be switched.

They consider their government as their employee, not their "keeper". They limit the amount of power they give to it, and do not hesitate to rise up against it en masse. The government is supposed to be the voice of the majority , not an entity of itself, in opposition and separate from the people.
They believe in democracy, unlike us, who believe in the power of the individual over the majority.

Personally I do not believe in universally better or worse values. I simply mean to point out that, all things being relative, the type of system that works very well in France, would not work in the US because of the cultural context.
The way people would act within that system would be vastly different.

But I repeat, just in case anyone is accidently comparing european universal medical care programs with the Obamacare type of thing- there are not similar.

(ETA- Now I see the rest of the nonsense that had been in that article- good thing I didn't, this post would have gone on forever! What a HUGE load of BS! )
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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 11:54 PM
a reply to: xuenchen

And...let me pick one "revenge example", how great the US is.

In Illinois I had to put up with dialup-internet for the longest since the only provider (!) was Comcast and they simply didn't have cable laid in that suburb. It took like..until 2005 or so when they finally got down and started putting cable.

NOW...the few internet providers you have over there are getting bought up into a large monopoly so they can screw over consumers even more. They will start to charge you extra because you, UNLIKE GERMANY, don't have a law that upholds net-neutrality. You will see comcast telling you soon WHAT you can access on the internet and for anything extra you will have to pay. Sports? Extra! Entertainment? Extra! News? Extra! Shopping? Extra

While in "socialist" countries such as Norway, in parts also Germany..we laugh at you having 100MB/s internet connections for €29/month. (It was just last week I read on another forum that someone was paying $251 in NYC for "internet and cable TV" : )

But continue living your illusion of a "free" America, fact is that your corporates often bend you over MUCH more than any "socialist" government possibly could.

The typical example of the "naive" American for me is the one who is working a $10/hr job, has NO health-care and then MAYBE (if he's lucky) a week vacation per year. He thinks he is "free" and thanks god that he's living in the "freest country of them all".....(working away his health and mind for some corporate). And he has an American flag waving outside in the yard because he's so proud of all of this, so proud that he can make his company so much money with his work : )

Don't get me wrong: Europe is not perfect, not remotely. America is not perfect, not even remotely. And because both systems have their flaws I think the list that guy did in a hideous attempt to "point out the dangers of socialism" is just plain stupid.
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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 11:59 PM
a reply to: NoRulesAllowed

Spot on. The only thing I really have to add is about the gas prices. Diesel cars account for roughly 50% of the auto market in Europe, and can achieve incredible fuel efficiency (50 mpg and up) and cleaner emissions.

In Amerika, diesel fuel is taxed at a higher rate than gasoline, while the converse is true in Europe.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 12:39 AM
a reply to: NoRulesAllowed

I agree some of those thing in the story are obviously sensationalized.

We have areas in the U.S. that don't have forced air Heat and Air along with snubby & snippy services and crumby laundry areas and small showers etc. etc.

But what about "Income Taxes" in general ?

What does the average knucklehead pay out of their check ?

Don't know the average pay rate but let's say something equal to $600/week in different countries ?

And I think the "sales tax" is more of a value added tax ? What does that average in Europe ?

Are there local taxes (cities, provinces, states etc.) on top of national taxes ? The U.S. has many already.

How about property taxes if you own land and buildings ?

Can somebody elaborate ?

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 12:55 AM

originally posted by: applesthateatpeople

It's already starting to happen.


How do people not see it?

There's a fine line between democracy and socialism. I think we're still on the democracy side of the line. But we are getting closer.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 12:58 AM
a reply to: FarleyWayne

That about sums it up.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 01:12 AM

originally posted by: charles1952
I believe I can think of two reasons for supporting Socialism in this country. Neither of which are persuasive to me, but I've heard them.

Sounds like you still have a brain then.

The only way to move the country forward is to let "The Best and Brightest" make all the decisions for us.

You mean the best and brightest like the most powerful man in the country, Obama. How he demonstrated his disregard for checks and balances and his quest for absolute power when he traded 5 high profile terrorists for one deserter and jeapordized our national security and called it, "a good move"? If only he would have submitted the information about the exchange to congress and game them 30 days to think about it like he should have, such a stupid mistake could have been prevented. So, that's what happens when "the best and brightest" and the most powerful gets to make all the decisions for us. They turn out to be not more bright than your average person and wind up throwing this country away.

While it may be true that we may become just a little bit poorer overall, we can all be finally equal! Equal rights! No more greed or excessive wealth, people being the same. Isn't that worth sacrificing a few measly dollars for?

The hardest working of all should make the most of all. That's what I believe. Capitalism doesn't work like that. It tries, and its the closest thing we have so far. But socialism is a step backwards from that. We shouldn't give the same amount to the laziest among us as we give to the hardest working among us. That's just stupid and unfair.

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 01:14 AM
Take a look a Venezuela.
People waiting in mile long lines to maybe get a loaf of bread.
The rationing of water.
Farms that are not tended to because the government confiscated them.

But the president says he is their to protect the little guy.
Meanwhile the little guy continues to starve, while living in corrugated tin shacks, with no water or sewers or heat.

That's what socialism looks like.

Or you could look at Detroit.
Once the richest city on the planet, now after 50 years of democrat rule,(a.k.a. Socialist rule) just a heap of rubble.

Or maybe it will look like nazi germany.
That's right the nazis were socialists.
National socialist German workers party.

After all there are people in America who will follow their dear Marxist leader lockstep no matter how tyrannical he may be.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 01:29 AM
a reply to: smithjustinb

Dear smithjustinb,

I'm learning that it doesn't matter how stupid an idea is, or how terrible the result when the idea is carried out in real life. What does matter is that some people believe that the government will give them lots of things, including the money of the rich. That's very attractive to envious, greedy people. "Vote for me and I'll take money from the guy you work for and give it to you. In fact, you don't even have to be working."

The people who make that promise are the people in government. They try to sell the idea that the more power they have, the faster they can get money to the "deserving."

Government employees aren't the best and the brightest, but if anyone criticizes them it's seen as an attack on the very people who want to give the "deserving" more money. It's fine to criticize Conservatives, because they're not as apt to take money from one group to give to another, but they don't want to criticize the left because that's whom they hope to get money from.

As an aside, I didn't know until recently that there is a Socialist Caucus in Congress. They claim 70 members, all Democrat. I wish I had an opportunity to vote for a Conservative in 2016, but the Republican establishment seems unwilling to run one. Well, we can hope.

With respect,

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:29 AM
Europe and Canada and other countries, have a better system, peaceful decent lives, don't need guns in fact most prefer not to have them, and medicare. Ie under a hundred for a single person, and its uniform, no extra billing.

I don't see anything resembling that in the US.

I wouldn't label your system social democracy in the least

Fascist? Maybe.
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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:50 AM

originally posted by: CB328
Europeans have lots of freedoms, again you should learn about something before you criticize it. They at least have laws protecting their privacy there that have been taken away from us.

I grew up in "Europe".
Spent much of my life in "Europe".
Was schooled in "Europe".

I could spend days talking about the benefits. I really love Europe. I love Great Britain. I even enjoyed France, though Paris smelled of dog poop. (But so does Primrose Hill)

But I digress.

The UK has the Magna Carta.

America has the Constitution.

It appears to have worked well, for both nations.

Colonials are colonials.

Europeans are Europeans.

Never the twain shall meet.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:58 AM
a reply to: xuenchen

Things as far from as bad as you describe, quite the opposite.

As far as I know people from different countries, most people do not have any problem with being taxed, as at the end you receive services back from the taxes, which would cost far more if gotten from private companies.

Round here, there are 3 main taxes - 20% sales tax, 20% income tax and 33% social security tax (which the companies pays on top of the salary, so 133% total expense on the employee). There are a few additional taxes, not a lot though - 2% pension fund (government adds another 4% and I can choose the fund, whether public of private myself) + tobacco/alcohol/gas.

From these taxes, I get universal healthcare (maximum 5 euros cost for seeing a doctor on first visit, includes everything needed for diagnosis, ala MRI, bloodtests, whatever else like that, however many needed), I do not have to pay for university education (if I am smart enough to get in), I do not have to pay for public transportation (which works very well, usually as fast as using a car, buses go like every 10 minutes (during day 5) and bus stop roughly every 100-200 meters). I personally have not paid for transport for years
. If someday I have a child there is 3 years of paid mother or father leave (first years are very important). The public education system is one of the top in the world, the school lunches are covered as well. If I were to lose my job, I get a significant amount of my previous salary for months, while there are possibilities for extra trainings (from basic/more advanced IT to languages and other necessary skills). Every year I can get 3 weeks of paid vacation, also when I fell ill, the company would have to pay me the same salary, while I am absent. I will not even start with the amount of online services - possibly the country with the most advanced public IT system.

Eventually, personally I am more than happy to live round here. I have experience with US system as well and personally I do not prefer such. Everything costs and usually quite a bit. At least in the area, I was working at, the public transportation system was very inefficient, while everything was built for cars, which meant I had the choice to either drive my car (buy gas) or risk my life by driving my bicycle (which I chose). Financially I considered living there very risky as the possibility always exists of injuries, just falling ill could cost you thousands of dollars. When you are young, this could easily lead to a lot of debt, especially when your parents are not rich enough to pay these costs.
Your government is already paying more than any other nation in the world for education system as well as for the medical system (you pay 1.5 times Norway - one of the most expensive nations in the world, but they get universal healthcare...) and still the out-of-pocket costs are incredibly high, leading to incredible debt for many.

I personally have nothing against paying the taxes, as I get for what I am paying for. I know whatever happened I have somewhere to fall on, I have my back covered, which is what I am paying for and I am happy to know everybody living here has the same. I do not take it that I am paying for other To be honest, I was quite pissed at the new government, when they decided to lower taxes... (just higher debt in long term... currently the national debt is under 10% of GDP).

I also have nothing against paying the 20% of sales tax on every purchase. I can still afford stuff I need. Generally I am against the consumerism as a culture, so I do prefer such system, where consuming is affected by taxes. Gas might cost more in Europe, but you also have to consider the cheap public transport system as well as generally smaller areas to travel. Most people do not travel more than a few miles to get to work...

The capitalistic part of the economy is working well as well. Several of the so-called "socialist" countries are economically more competitive than US, as well as usually having lower national debts.

I personally do hope sooner or later, US does decide to take somewhat similar direction with most European nations. Corporations, as well as some individuals (top 0.01%) might lose some profits/income, but the nation as a whole would win for it (better health, better education, better infrastructure, less future risks, lower crime rates).

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:10 AM

originally posted by: beezzer
a reply to: xuenchen

What Will Socialism Look Like in the United States

Every hospital like the VA hospitals.
High unemployment.
A reduction of the middle class.
Higher taxes.
Fewer freedoms.

.....but Beezzer, we already have all that. Are you trying to say that we are soc........, OMG, and I didn't have a chance to be capitalist yet.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:46 AM

originally posted by: xuenchen
a reply to: NoRulesAllowed

I agree some of those thing in the story are obviously sensationalized.

We have areas in the U.S. that don't have forced air Heat and Air along with snubby & snippy services and crumby laundry areas and small showers etc. etc.
Yes, that was hilarious. And really dumb.

But what about "Income Taxes" in general ?

What does the average knucklehead pay out of their check ?

Don't know the average pay rate but let's say something equal to $600/week in different countries ?
In Germany, the Income Taxes are going up to 42% (seen here, based on income.

And I think the "sales tax" is more of a value added tax ? What does that average in Europe ?
19% in Germany, for years now. Before that, it was 17?16? %, I don't know where those 20% are coming from..

Are there local taxes (cities, provinces, states etc.) on top of national taxes ? The U.S. has many already.
Nope. Well, at least no special taxes, but in some areas, local numbers are used - living in an expensive city like Munich does cost more for things like trash-removal, etc. But that seems obvious, right?

How about property taxes if you own land and buildings ?
Buying land costs extra ("Grunderwerbssteuer", between 3.5 and 6.5%, set by the local government of the Bundesland), and you have to pay some taxes for local properties your land is adjoining to. You have to pay anually "Grundbesitzsteuer" for owning land, but that is negligible compared to the other costs of owning land and property

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 04:05 AM
From across the pond now:

In sunny blighty the sun is bearing down on gods children on the lovely southern cost of England, I am sitting in a Air Conditioned room at this moment in time working for the "Man", at the end of the month 20% of my earnings go on tax and national insurance.

What is this insurance you say my dear fellow? Well my good chum this pays my way in this country for protection and health care dear sport!

I'll give you a quick jot down of the sort of cover I recently received from social med care in Blighty.

I have damaged my shoulder in a jousting and tea drinking contest so I went to my Doctors for a quick chin wag what what. He sent me to hospital where I had an xray my dear boy!

After my Xray I was sent to a specialist which was rather spiffing! I then was given the grave news of an injection I had to take which was not at all spiffing!

To make matters worse gents I had to goto a Private hospital. Alas my heart sank as the grim reaper of coin purses approached. I was directed by a very nice chap to a website outlining the costs. It was going to cost me £2000 for the visit, injections and care. I was taken back in shock that my monocle dropped into my brandy BY JOVE!

Thats $3,300 to you yank WHAT WHAT

I obtained the pennies that they wanted and went for the treatment.. and smack my bottom and call me a nancy boy I was shocked when I was told that my National Insurance actually covered the costs. What was that? Socialist med's winning again? Oh happy days!

Anyway, knocking this sort of typing on the head now and going point by point like most sane people on here from that site:

1. There is a 20% sales tax on everything. There is a TV tax, radio tax, dog tax, 50% death tax for many, taxes overall total of about 65% of one’s income. If you don’t survive, there is always welfare.

Dont know about Germany when it comes to Taxes but Ive been there a few times and damn its pretty!

2.There is no Central Air. They use dinky radiator-heaters in winter.

Max it ever seems to get to is 28-30 degrees in England and tbh we are fine with that, and lows? Stone house = low heating bills!

3.Gasoline is $7-$10 dollars a gallon because of government taxes, taxes Mr. Obama dreams of.

Yes it is expensive but hell, less distance to drive and more economic cars used, I spend £50 a month on petrol

4. People can’t afford mortgages unless they are 50-year mortgages.

If I moved to Germany, I could get a 25 year mortgage on my savings alone! And Im considered poor by some people

5. Consumers have no rights.

Apart from a right to complain, for fair treatment, not to be discriminated against, right to be heard, right to protest and many more!

6. Closets do not exist.

They do! If the writer of the dribble I read believes this then he is a short minded moron

7. You can’t wash your car in your own driveway and must go to an environment-friendly car wash and pay through the nose for it.

Depends where you do it, I can do it at my house fine, when I was in Germany, no one complained. In France and Spain the same, people smiled and talked to me. Ok I may have been breaking the law but they most likely thought I was a bumbling idiot.

8. Every item of garbage you throw out must be color-coded.

You got me there, in England we have to do this, in my county the colours go as follows - Black bin is land fill Blue is recycling

9. You must get government approval before you register your child’s name on a birth certificate.

Some countries do this in the EU, bit stupid but yes this one is 100% true BUT NOT FOR THE WHOLE OF THE EU FFS

10 .There are no gun rights.

Really? I know 3 people who have the right to own guns to be used on the job (3 farmers, not ladies of the night). Why do they have rights and I dont? Well I dont need a gun!

11. Hunting and fishing requires government-mandated training, tests, fees, licenses, permits and endless other restrictions.

Well Im not sure about hunting but damn its true about fishing in the UK... they have the nerve to ask for a rod licence! A whole .. I think £7 a year! FOR SHAME never had testing or training for it though.....

12. It is illegal to have extreme views and they get to decide what is extreme. Flipping someone off is a crime.

Flipping off someone in every country Ive been to in the EU has never been a crime, just rude. Well in the EU we dont really have your level of Freedom of Speech, we just common sense. Common sense dictates that extreme views in the public place can lead to altercations which I have seen; the result was not pretty. Also I have noticed that some Americans dont like it when someone slags off their country or flag burns, they get up in arms and start fighting back (not all but some)

13. They have banned two-thirds of the top 1,000 YouTube videos.

Tbh they should ban youtube in general, a pit of woe and horrors inhabited by trolls and cr4p videos

14. It costs thousands of dollars to get a license and own a car. There are speed cameras everywhere and everyone must have a $1 million of auto insurance.

What? I dont even... Ok again the site is putting the EU into one basket again, lets have a look at my car:-

- I spent about £800 on lessons
- I spent £60 on the test
- My insurance is £380 a year
- My tax is £60 a year
- My car cost me £4000

Speed cameras are a pain in the arse but at the end of the day if it stops an IDIOT driving at 60 miles an hour through a residential area (recently stopped it near me thanks to a cam) then go for it.

15. Germans only work 36-39 hours a week, the French work 35 hours.

As we know the EU only contains France and Germany, no other country belongs to the Union. But just for sh*ts and giggles I'll chuck in my hours - 38.5 hours a week, 33 days off paid a year (not including bank holidays or Xmas). Not too bad huh?

16. In The Netherlands, you have to pay taxes to park your car in our own driveway

I know there is a parking tax, but from what I have been told its mainly a parking ticket for X amount of hours but I cant be sure as I have never driven there

17.In Germany, people live on top of one another


18. Throughout Europe, the showers run cold and have little pressure.

I actually laughed at this one, in my trips around Europe mainly for my last job I never once encountered one of these, 99% of the time it was boiling hot and felt like a water fall which was way more then the ones Ive experienced in America (btw - the 1% is actually bath, no shower)

19. The washers and dryers take several hours and do a terrible job.

Mine takes 45 mins to wash and about 45 mins to dry and they do a very good job I SMELL LIKE A DAISY

20. There are no second job opportunities

Wait, is that saying that no one in the EU has 2 jobs? I have 3 jobs! Main job which pays well, I run poker for a local pub which pays well and lets me play poker and I run Karaoke at the weekend which pays very well.

21. there is no bettering oneself.

What an arrogant, small minded & moronic thing to say. I strive to learn new things all the time, to progress in work and life with friends and family. I goto the theater (though I don't like to admit this much), I read.
In short, who ever wrote this has a very xenophobic attitude towards the EU and the socialist "enemy" that stalks him in the night.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 04:14 AM

originally posted by: beezzer
a reply to: xuenchen

What Will Socialism Look Like in the United States

Every hospital like the VA hospitals.
High unemployment.
A reduction of the middle class.
Higher taxes.
Fewer freedoms.

I don't know how accurate that list you provided actually is but if those are the criteria for a Socialist U.S.A then it's not coming, it's here. Every one of those, except maybe the hospitals being as bad as the VA, which could be argued either way I suppose, is already in full swing if not completely established already.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 05:22 AM
I am trying to not get carried away with point by point lengthy responses on that OP, but so much of it is ridiculous!

As far as 50 year mortgages....

I just got back from a visit back home in the US (Calif.). I talked at length with some of my family members- their eyes bugged out when they found out we pay 700 euros a month for our mortgage- which will be completely paid in five years (it was a 20 year mortgage). That's 952 US dollars. For a very big renovated 200 year old stone house with a lot of land.

Since our income is 10,000 euros a month net , that is really not much.

I can't find anything like that in California.
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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 06:33 AM

originally posted by: smithjustinb
a reply to: xuenchen

"What will socialism look like in America?"

Hopefully it won't look like anything because hopefully it won't exist.

Yes because the system we have now is working out so great. We are so broke we have to borrow money to pay our bills. People in America have no problem with socialism just look at all the socialist programs they embrace in this country. It is just the wealthy people that are running things that don't want socialism.

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