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Would you vote for a fat president?

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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 12:01 PM
While I was making breakfast for my daughter's this morning I hear the two local news anchors bantering back and forth.
making personal comments on the news of the day. it was the talking lady head who made the comment?

"Would you vote for a fat president?"

I didn't say a word what with my kids being right there holding out plates to receive their fried eggs.
but I was thinking.

"Stupid *SNIP*... Want's to save her votes for a hot buff President."

Surely a persons looks have no baring on their qualifications or ability to do the job, right?

But then again...

Wouldn't a overweight candidate be exhibiting a possible health risk? and if they don't take care of their body maybe they are unwilling to take care of the country as well?

So now I'm wondering if miss
"Damn she's showing off a lot of cleavage!"
has a point.
Maybe personal appearance does have more impact on our choices than we'd care to admit?
Maybe miss big teeth and empty head finally had a thought rattling away behind her eyes?
Bet it sounds just like a rain stick when she turns her head to the side?

Or maybe she was just being calluses as usual?

Still the *SNIP* got me wondering... knowing nothing else about a candidate--- would I vote for the fat man?
Would you?
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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 12:18 PM

knowing nothing else about a candidate--- would I vote for the fat man?

At first, I had thought that I would vote for the most qualified. Then, you limited it to having to make a decision on appearances only! Naturally, I would find myself considering my choices. The healthier candidate would get my vote. It is just a sign of perceived dedication in his own life, hoping it would carryover into his politics.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 12:21 PM

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 12:24 PM
a reply to: CynConcepts

Sorry, I was limiting myself,
trying to decide if I too would let a persons physical appearance override all else?

I mean All those politicos are full of 'you know what'
and if we know everything they say is inherently a lie.

then what other basis is there to chose from?

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 12:31 PM

originally posted by: HardCorps

Still the bitch got me wondering... knowing nothing else about a candidate--- would I vote for the fat man?
Would you?

Let me turn the tables....

Would you vote for a hot "bitch" without any other information?

I would vote for a fat man that didn't see females as bitches.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 12:37 PM
a reply to: olaru12

Not if she's prone to giggling and the most inane things?
Not if she uses "Oh My God" as a prepositional phrase.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 12:39 PM
A decent, real person, overweight versus one of the evil lot. YES!

I don't judge people on weight.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: HardCorps

This is preventive damage control from the liberal media, nothing more. It's what I like to call "Jeopardy Propaganda" because the seed of an idea is planted in the sheeps' minds by taking an idea that the MSM wants to implant, and phrasing it in the form of a question. It takes the obvious slant away from the thought, but it still has the effect of making the sheep think that it is a truth.

For example, a headline might read "Is Sarah Palin a Moron?" Now, the media isn't committing libel, but the reader gets the same message: Sarah Palin must be a moron. A silly example, but pay attention to how many headlines are phrased as questions these days.

In this case, the MSM is suggesting that it is a questionable move to elect a fat President. And how many potential candidates are overweight? One: Chris Christie, a Republican.

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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 01:33 PM
Many of the people in our society are vain and will support others that are vain. Another words they vote because most politicians fall into that category.

Why does our president need to be skinny, if he has a heart attack and dies it is most likely the stress of the job and tension from telling too many lies that killed him not the weight. I suppose there are only so many people that can deceive others so well, they have to make sure the president stays healthy

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 01:35 PM
Fat? Yes. Obese? Probably not. The office of POTUS is very hard on a healthy body, let alone one that suffers from obesity. There are too many health risk factors and the POTUS can't be keeling over with a stroke when the flag goes up.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: HardCorps

Yes I would ,,some fat people just represent more authority than the average figures,,they are also best chefs and very funny comedians.And i would rather a film critic or a political commentator also to be fat.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 02:03 PM
I would vote for ANYONE, fat or otherwise, if it means keeping that crazy, evil wench out of the office.
You know, lesser of two evils and all.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 02:20 PM
a reply to: HardCorps

I'll respond enough to this thread by simply saying this is a direct response to your headline:
No, I wouldn't vote for a fat president male or female.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 02:27 PM
a reply to: HardCorps

Fat versus Phat?
I vote on beliefs and character. If they're heart is in the right place then looks aren't important.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 04:41 PM
a reply to: HardCorps

She was talking about Christie wasn't she???? Come on that has to be whom she was talking about.

Anyway to answer the question...I don't give a damn about their looks I only care if they can govern.

From all I can remember Taft didn't do a bad job. Of course If there was anyone today with Tafts qualifications we would't even wait for an election every side would have the current bum thrown out and we would have a new president now. Unfortunatly politicians like Taft do not exist anymore. Now we are just left with "is he fat".

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 05:03 PM
A thin person who lives a healthy life style can get cancer and die. Being overweight doesn't guarantee death. To vote for someone based on weight is ridiculous.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 06:13 PM
There is Height bias in the workplace - the studies are there. I would presume fat bias is a real thing as well (regardless if one wants to publicly acknowledge it)

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 07:12 PM
I don't vote but if I did, sure why not.

Then the president would just match the shape of the oval office.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 08:47 PM
a reply to: HardCorps

I can bet there are a lot of people who vote just on appearance or the nationality of the candidate. Just like some African Americans voted for Obama just because they can identify with him. If there was an Italian, Polish, Latino, German, Asian or other nationality, I'm sure you would get the same exact thing from other voters.

Let's face it, a lot of voters are clueless when it comes to knowing where their presidential candidate stands on issues. Some voters vote along a particular party line just because their parents and their parents before them were republican or democrat. Some voters are so "brain washed" into believing their party can't do know wrong, they wouldn't dare cross over and vote for the opposite party.

I would wager the majority of Americans don't even keep abreast of current and world events. My wife hates watching the news and she's clueless when it comes to what's going on in the world. I'm the complete opposite. I'm a news junkie. So she gets her news from me. lol

People still judge a book by its cover. A fat candidate vs a thin good-looking candidate, I'm sure the fat candidate's image is at a disadvantage. If voters were really aware of our government's domestic and foreign policies, and world events, we would have many more American citizens voicing their dissatisfaction with our country's current state of affairs.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:39 PM
A person's age or looks would be the least of my considerations. I do want to see them, but only to assess them as a representative of our nation. This is more demonstrated by the way they come across, the way they carry themselves, etc.

I place more importance on their stances on issues, voting record while in other offices, and level of apparent corruption.

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