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Mass shooting at Walmart in Las Vegas

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:50 PM
a reply to: opethPA
The cops are making some wild claims about Gadsen flags, swastikas, notes pinned to bodies, etc. Let's see the proof of those claims. They say it's all on surveillance video, so I want to see it. They are public servants. I'm part of the public. So show me!

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:53 PM

originally posted by: Mikeultra
a reply to: opethPA
They say it's all on surveillance video, so I want to see it. They are public servants. I'm part of the public. So show me!

Exactly. Where is the evidence any of this actually happened? I'm not a fan of the "it's a hoax" theory, I just want to see some real evidence.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:04 PM

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:13 PM

originally posted by: jude11
a reply to: opethPA

The US is going to explode soon. These are only getting more frequent.

Soon, posse comitatus will be a thing of the past and people will rejoice in their safety while jack boots patrol the streets.

My guess anyways.


Talk about Jack Boots!!

Rhode Island State Police

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.

George Orwell

The Trend is Coming Back

Must be in the Water ... LOL

(post by DelMarvel removed for a manners violation)

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:30 PM
a reply to: Wolfenz
I almost crashed from laughing so hard when I spotted one of them on the roadside as I passed through Rhode Island. They must get up extra early to put on that get up. Ridiculous outfits more fitting for Monty Pythons Flying Circus.

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:57 PM
Citizen dead in aisle 11? Don't need to know anything else. The messages are getting stronger and stronger.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 04:45 PM

The above screen capture is from a KLAS-TV Channel 8 video of two cops outside of CiCi's Pizza. The male cop appears angry with the female cop for some reason. Watch the video in the link below and you'll see them at about :15. The male cop grabs her by the head and yells at her angrily. What the heck did she walk into? A fake crime scene? It looks like he's telling her to get lost! This link is slow to load. Be patient, it's worth looking at.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 04:45 PM

originally posted by: Illuminawty

originally posted by: metodex
Well the Revolution HAS begun then....are you happy ATS?
Is this what everyone wanted? Enjoy it America.

If there is a revolution...I would have to say the cops drew first blood...many, many times.

I don't know how to star or flag but I would do both for this. I hope we have not gone as far as this but the politicians and their domestic army of police agencies have committed many many needless murders.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: Xaphan

why would they?

why should they?

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 06:43 PM
a reply to: Blackmarketeer

no, they can't...that's gotta be the dumbest thing i've seen said on here in a while.....

and once again, all you guys who latch onto this quote, seem to be ignoring the fact that mack arrived to the party VERY late, and so his silly plan never actually got used.

your post is nonsense. grow up, and stop trying to derail the thread.
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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: DelMarvel

i would say that he has not libeled anyone yet. he simply asked a question, which is a perfectly normal thing to do. the question can be asked, the implication can be long as it is not asserted as fact, without evidence, all is acceptable.

i mean, all we have is a report, and a photo, and nothing he asks another question -shrug- he wants to make absolutely sure he's not being lied to, or duped....why is this is a problem for you?

and by publicly soliciting him for his full name, you actually DID violate the T&C. you might not wanna do that again.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 08:01 PM

What if control freaks in the government use those drills to advance their own political agendas while Americans are none the wiser? …such as gun control…

How do you discern reality from fantasy when you are confronted with bloody events on television which you are powerless to influence? You can’t. You believe whatever the television tells you to believe. If the government is bringing actors on the scene of a live terrorist attack where is the line between reporting the news and making a movie? Do you remember when the government and media glorified private Jessica Lynch and made her into a female soldier icon for fight Iraqis when her companions were killed. In fact, the Pentagon worked with Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer to create movies allegedly based on real events like Lynch’s story that later proved utterly false. Hey kids, what do we call this? PROPAGANDA. This reads like a straight out of Nazi Germany. You know the Nazis took over media and entertainment and politicized everything including putting swastikas on candies. At least I don’t have to look at Obama’s ugly face on my M&M’s…yet…

If I lived in Nevada, I'd vote for this guy.

(post by xxCRM114xx removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 01:35 AM

originally posted by: mantisfortress

originally posted by: LadyGreenEyes
a reply to: opethPA

Wait....they killed themselves.....again? Why is it all the shooters these days seem to die at their own hands? That is a new trend, and more than a little weird. Announpsychosisvolution, then kill yourself? Illogical. It's like they all have a pre-programmed self destruct.

Illogical? Yes.

Meth is one hell of a drug.

I've been living in Las Vegas for about ten years now. Much like other places, there is a serious meth problem here. This is especially true of the area where this incident happened. I think we are all reading too deeply into the motives of these two nutjobs. Revolutionaries? I doubt it. This smacks of meth-head craziness.

My deepest symapathies and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.

I am not surprised, with all the money glowing through Vegas, that mreth would be a problem there. Makes sense Were these two found to be on meth? I can see that as a cause, IF they were, but were they? How about all the other shooters these days that are reported to have shot themselves as well? It seems like a trend that we didn't see often with such cases in the past. Drugs could explain it, but only if they are a factor in every case. Seems like this might be a factor that warrants some research.

Then again, with all the false flag possibilities these days, it's also reasonable that people programmed to shoot, or set up some other way, would be dead before they could be questioned as well.

Either way, it's something worth looking into.

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 01:47 AM
a reply to: LadyGreenEyes

maybe it's off-topic, but seriously....what ever happened to "bath salts"?

for a while, it was the go-to explanation for people losing their goddamn minds, and doing crazy stuff......ate some dude's leg? yeah, you were on bath salts, weren't you? stab a guy, and play with his blood? yeah, you were on bath salts, weren't you?

and then suddenly, it's "oh, it must have been coc aine, or meth"....

i dunno..was just letting my mind wander a bit, i suppose.....

as carlin said "these are the kind of thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools"

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 03:32 AM
a reply to: Daedalus

Completely conjecture, no facts to back it up and only a theory-

Possibly a covert test similar in protocols to that of the infamous MK Ultra? If I remember correctly didn't a few people die as a result of being illegally dosed with '___' and other drugs in an attempt at mind control, or possibly super soldier type drug that makes you go a primal and cannibalistic either way as an unexpected side effect. Those cases we heard about in the media were the ones that were not able to be contained or were released in a way that would soften the blow to the psyche and also bolster the ever lasting War on Drugs rolling.
The war on drugs as well as every other aspect of law enforcement lately has become heavily militarized and as such has, as we all know been generating huge contracts to the Military Industrial Complex. This entire thing, while most likely not any kind of false flag, but a research accident. But given the type of accident and the number of witnesses involved could not just be swept away and so now new drug the DEA must fight to rid the streets of. This produces a demand for equipment and supplies from the MIC mentioned earlier. So a consolation prize.

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 04:42 AM
a reply to: tranquilone666

dude, i was "thinking outloud", as it were......

didn't expect anyone to actually come up with an answer, much less one that required more thought than "ur dumb, lol", or "lol, bath salts"...

wow...this place still amazes me sometimes, lol

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 06:42 AM
Attention! All! The place of death of the plane the Boeing 777 of flight MH 370 is found. It on a slope of the big mountain on border of Thailand and Burma. At the height of 2000 meters. In the inaccessible mountain terrain!
Coordinates of a place of falling:
Wing and fuselage
13 °31'48.23 "N 99 °10'58.99" E
Fuselage fragment
13 °31'44.47 "N 99 °10'59.47" E
13 °31'46.91 "N 99 °10'58.38" E

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 07:04 AM
a reply to: Daedalus

Lmfao I was really just playing around and came up with that as i wrote it in under 2 minutes. Sorry I'm new and haven't gotten used to typing sarcastic things and getting the point across. This is the second time I've had to apologize feeling like an idiot for forgetting that just because when I say what I'm typing out in my head and it sounds sarcastic that someone else might not feel the same way without some sort of sign or special font or.... emoticons! Now to pick faces and match them to the correct emotional states.

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