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The ultimate contradiction.

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posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 06:17 PM

originally posted by: jmdewey60
a reply to: vethumanbeing

Who was inventing propaganda? Qumran was raided in 72AD by the Romans; that is also a NON fiction as its well documented.
Philo of Alexandria.
The "documentation" was written by Josephus, years later, from Rome, where he had been since Titus returned there after the Jewish War that he ended at least one phase of, with the overthrow of Jerusalem.
He had access to a lot of sources (some that no longer exist) to write his histories, one of which would of course been Philo.
So what Josephus said about the Essenes was not from personal knowledge (most likely) but was just repeating what had already been said about them.
Recent analysis of the Qumran site has led to the determination that it had been vacated decades earlier than the Roman conquest of Jerusalem, during the reign of Herod the Great.

Um Hum; YES, it (Qumran) was vacated 30 years before the site was raided by the Romans in 72AD (nothing was found). You might ask WHY was that? Because they (the Essenes) had prior knowledge of this raid (real number here) and is exactly 30 years before it happened; (they were seers/had the knowledge to look into the future) and with this level of Magical Egyptian school knowledge had many years to prepare the 'dead sea scrolls' in order to hide them (think you) AS A time capsule. 'Recent analysis' is absolutely right; its justifications/theory for that community are wrong (it must have never existed); as they were LONG GONE actually they anticipated it (visualized it) and prepared for this exodus in 42AD (wouldn't you know it); timeline right in line with the Crucifi-Fiction (give or take a few years; never could figure out Zero AD birth or death) of its Star Student. Would you be at all interested in the Essenes final destination points after leaving Judea (its really interesting where they wound up) and why, clue; not the middle east. Its just fun information to be aware of (forget believing in).
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