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CIA tweets for the first time, and it’s doublespeak

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posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 10:02 AM
Lmao. CIA and FB have always been one, and now Twitter.... its all the same. I would say welcome to the party but they've been the hosts this whole time.

Moving on...

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 10:20 AM
The scaring thing is often times, these entities will REPLY if you tweet them.

Remember the American Airlines girl?

Lol about a week ago my girlfriend tweeted something complaining about a product we bought. A few hours later - the actual (international) company itself is tweeting my girlfriend about her problem and how they can fix it.

This day and age truly is surreal is it not?

Wonder if you started dropping the CIA some funny one-liners everyday if you'd eventually get a response. Lol.

In all seriousness - I find government entities on Twitter extremely amusing, and it is probably one of the least nefarious things they are up to. PR is all it is.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 10:52 AM
There is something driving it, only if it's PR. It wouldn't be there otherwise. If it's just some employee having fun, it will go away with him.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 11:23 AM
It's nice the citizens will be paying someone(s) to tweet. If there is another opening, I'll take it. Twitter Specialist, level 1 through 6.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 11:27 AM
a reply to: roadgravel

Actually, the opening note here is pretty silly and for historical record more than anything, but people sell Twitter very very short.

It's become a primary and in many cases, initial conduit for announcements or news from Government and big business alike. Of course twitter is still the 'twit-channel' in a good % of the traffic ..but within all that is what comes to be more and more official traffic updated or sent far more quickly that official press releases that get vetted through several people first.

Just my two cents as I monitor and pull feeds off a number of twitter streams.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 11:34 AM
just a joke..relax

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 11:36 AM
a reply to: OMsk3ptic

I believe Obama is what he is,I am saying that a pattern seems to be forming that shows me the possiblitys I outlined could happen.

Because of the JFK Coup de tat and the American people refusal to make the changes it would have taken to demand justice which has led to todays corrupt influences being focused upon ALL parties the word Patriot cannot apply tp politicians only to the people.

I believe that the internet has been like a bullet that TPTB didnt hear coming,and that they need to stop drop and roll.

Obviously America is falling apart, no one can deny it is now a critical situation,the people do not trust the people governing them and this is not likely to change easily.

We can all see that 9/11 was a structured event which included many groups beyone the Terrorists who took full blame,there were layers of peripheral support that represented more than one additional influence.

We can all see that JFK was killed in a Cuop de tat.and if you even so much as try to argue the point in todays world you indict yourself immediatly.No one needs Commissions when the internet is available,all the proof we need is in front of us.

The internet has changed the world so fast that NO ONE has been able to keep up,NO ONE.

You would need a paralell internet working as hard as all of Humanity works 24/7/365 to cover up all of the evidences we see constantly streaming online that point to the truths which have been suppressed by many many people.

I am not making a call on Obamas patriotism or lack there-of,not at all,I am just saying that for the first time since JFK was murdered in the Coup de tat America has a legitimate shot at cleaning out the cockrocahes behind it no matter how deeply their influences ran back then,today they are vulnerable and because I think that these are the same people who are involved in 9/11 i see a chance for a surge in America that can use this connection to out the JFK conspirators and in the process by proxy remove ALL of the Military Industrialist Complexes assets hidden within the Government.This would mean that Obama would need to make sweeping and co-ordinated changes in his Military leadership and structures,NAVY-Army-Airforce-CIA-Secret Service-FBI-every major Governmental Agency must be scrutinised and disinfected, not only leadership he will need to track the cabals influences to every level becvause it is so organised and long standing.

Only something that has galvanised the worlds attention can help this process happen,and right now it looks like the time is ripe to make a Global move.Believe it or not it will take another Super power to bail America out,one that also needs to be bailed out,Russia comes to mind.Maybe Putin and Obama BOTH clean house together at the same time because of overlapping influences they both need to defeat.

The entire Government is not corrupt,but core pieces are,the lettered agencys are not all corrupt but core assets are,people are learning to not use a blanket of blame which covers the entire governmental structure which is the wrong approach ,they are now taking a more surgical perspective and are looking to out the bad apples instead of losing faith in the entire process.

I just see a potential opportunitty to create a path to bring one of Historys greatest countrys back up onto its feet,the JFK Coup de tat dropped america like a sucker punch and she isnt back on her feet yet by a long shot,we arent sure if she can make it back up.

No Country not even America can absorb a Coup de tat and not be destroyed internally, it is clear there is only one problem in America and that it all leads back to the Coup de tat, in our version of History all roads lead to Dallas,Texas.That is where the problem began and as any true American knows in their heart that is exactly where the problem will be rectified,no where else and in no other way.The American way says that justice must be served this way,that the cancer must be removed completely not simply treated and to get it all you must go back to the beginning and leave no stone unturned.

I understand your perspective on what I am saying but I am also trying to post a curative template that can be followed by ANYONE who wants to bring America back to where she belongs,leading the World.

The JFK Coup de tat is in my opinion the turnng point in American history and is still defining the countrys path.

I believe the 9/11 conspirators are directly connected to the cabal that organised and actioned the Coup de tat.

I believe that today THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD have combined online to essentially solve the Coup de tat and also to solve the 9/11 conspiracy and also to solve nearly every other conspiratorial issue Humanity has been fighting.

The money trails are all online posted,the family names,the corporate trail,the influence trails where entire countrys were manipulated and the templates showing why and who benefitted and proffitted directly or how and where the impact was subversively transferred to an ally.

The Global organisation which has been screwing with everyone and that has undermined the American and likely most major governments is being quickly identified and outed online by THE ENTIRE WOLRD WORKING TOGTHER,there is no single or multi target response available to TPTB,this is the WORLD against them and the battle is already lost to them for this round and they are going to ground now,making their preperations.

The Military Industrial Complex has been identified and is now being outed faster than they can cover their arses,the battle is over and they are in full retreat or rather the leadership cabal running them all is in full retreat mode,they HAVE TO BE NOW.

Global connections are now made to all of these groups,no one looks within only their own borders for causaility of domestic issues anymore,we all understand how Global influences work in todays world and now the hunt is on.

Global business interests which combine resources and influences to artificially guide humanity and the entire Global economy and in the process subvert World Governments and the peoples voices are now being taken to task and the ball has just BEGUN to roll on them.

People have already made Global templates showing exactly how the power and influences directing the entire world today were created and catalysed Centuries ago,the COMPLETE history is now being outed to the public domain and the flow is comng from everywhere globally so it cannot be stopped and history cannot be erased.

No one ever had a chance to put the dots together before and now that all of Humanity can work together online there is NO PLACE LEFT TO HIDE.Not even off-planet.

This is all as much of a Global problem as an American one, if we are lucky Obama and Putin and the kid in India and maybe China will come together and wipe the slate clean for us all,it will take that type of co-operation because this Global cabal has penetrated every makor world powers governments in totality.

Borders will have to drop globally soon and we will need to relocate Humanity,bring the people to the resources,this is a species survival issue not a political one.

Once we do this the Global Cabal is screwed, and I will show you why,a widget is made in Ohio,is costs ten cents,a company in Russia buys 50 million of them for ten cents each,they outside of production and labor cost which influence the total cost of the ten cent widgets the widgets need to be TRANSPORTED MULTIPLE TIMES,starting with the forklifts in the factorys and trucks that move them to the railyards and shipping companies to the other side to MORE forklifts and trucks and to distribution networks and finally stores. Where do you think the fuel comes from that runs this massive global enterprise,thats right the same people,but they are stealing these natural resources from humanityThe widgets are now not costing the planet ten cents they are costing it ten DOLLARS and TPTB are scalping all of this money from us globally.

This cabal owns the land that produces the resources,the system that harvests and processes the resources,the system that manufactures products with those resource,the transportation system that moves the products made from the resources to global destinations where they are sold in places owned by the same group at artificially screwed with prices which allow the conspirtors to make MASSIVE WITHDRAWELS FROM HUMANITYS GLOBAL RESOURCE BANK,all under our noses.

These monsters are aiming for Global resources,and they are a Global consortium.

They make the widget for ten cents and sell it to themselves for ten cents but they consume massive amounts of global resources transporting the product and in the process again pay themselves for this process,the powers that be actually make ten dollars off of a single widget,while the entire world only thinks in terms of ten cents on either side of the deal,or twenty cents in the 50 million widgets shipped to russia really sucked out 450 million dollars from humanitys global resource base.

I do not enjoy working with numbers so anyone who does can work this out better and show you how this works,it is incredible and I am only touching the tip of the iceburg here,they splineter off of this main system HUNDREDS OF TIMES and make even more money it is unbelievable.

what we are all missing is how they are doing it and that they are consuming global resources at an alarming rate,they are converting our global resources into money for themselves but in the process are consuming one hundred dollars of OUR RESOURCES to produce one tangible dollar they can own and control,they are using OUR RESOURCES in ways we do not comprehend or see to create THEIR money.

They are knowingly burning out our resources at the expense of the Global population and Humanity can no longer maintain this dynamic for them,so they must now hide for a few decades or century or come forward and begin the process of Humanitarian Global relocation bringing the people to the resources and changing their entire business plans to sustainable ones ASAP.

But the appetite for money is endless and the earths resources are not,this is why BILLIONS of humans have died over the last several thousand years DIRECTLY BECAUSE OF THIS CABAL.

We either see a Global revolution against the Cabal which will cause them to start a World War to hide behind again,or we all realise that the planet cannot handle another round of this fight and we ALL stand to lose if we do not immediatly begin the process of Humanitarian Global Relocation.In this best case scenario the Cabal re-invests their money back into humanity to create a balanced global economy focused on providing products for a GROWING population,products for the masses,and they will be supporting humanitys growth instead of using resource scarcity to undermine that growth.

In a properly managed Global economic scenario we are looking at EXPANDING the Global population to 50 billion not reducing it,with optimal managment things look much different than they do today.

We need to give the cockroaches a way out now,or they will try to enact a scorched earth policy.

The CIA is an agency like any other,it must keep itself alive or it will be dissolved through natural attrition,it there is no purpose for it it will dissolve.Using social media is par for the course.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 11:48 AM
a reply to: roadgravel

Thats really cute.

But shouldnt they get back to committing murder, dealing drugs, overthrowing democratically elected leaders, torture, experimenting on humans and doing who knows what else.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 11:52 AM
a reply to: Wrabbit2000

I bet we won't be getting any meaningful info from the CIA over twitter. They just want to look like they fit into today's world.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 12:06 PM
a reply to: roadgravel

Depends on the info I suppose... If CIA ends up being a conduit for evacuation info to Americans in another country for example? Maybe it's critically valuable to have that feed up to see something cross it. That's not normally the kind of thing they put on local news in advance. Who knows tho?

People dump on and hate on the CIA and for good reasons, IMO, for it's operational side. It really never should have HAD an operational side, to my thinking. Intelligence collection and analysis? They are pretty good at. Actually doing something with it? Secret worlds like CIA operations is never a wise method for all the abuse it carries.

Info wise tho? Operations is only part of what all those people draw a paycheck for and a fair part of what they produce is public too. Among the best quality for what it is. CIA World Factbook is one which I don't refer to much here, but it's a stock standard for academic stuff.

I'm kinda curious to see what CIA does with public facing twitter feeds. I imagine they'll have more to come as most agencies carry multiple for different things.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 12:23 PM
Maybe it implies that they have had secret twitter accounts before.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 12:31 PM
a reply to: Wrabbit2000

They do put some pretty good maps online.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 12:40 PM
a reply to: roadgravel

Yup! Oh my yes.. The CIA contributions to the LOC map collections are some of the best.

Of course..we know how they GOT such accurate readings on basically everything in the world..and that's not so hot..but at least our tax dollars get a few pennies of return back on something, eh?

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 02:30 PM
a reply to: roadgravel
My Guess is if you Follow them They Will Follow You.
Don't turn around

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 04:25 PM
Almost half a million followers. People are amazing...

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 05:14 PM
It Took 2 Hours for @CIA to Get Dragged Into Its First Twitter Fight

Well, that didn't take long, now did it?

Still, the event gave us all a chance to crack some jokes at @CIA's expense, because that's what we do. But The New York Review of Books (@nybooks) took it to the next level, unleashing a series of scathing tweets directed at the CIA's handle, apparently listing their not-so-social-media-friendly interrogation techniques:

The CIA's account hasn't responded to the attack, but people on Twitter seem pretty excited about what's going down.Welcome to Twitter, @CIA. Perhaps some of the intelligence you've gathered over the years will tell you how to deal with trolls.

Personally, I only use twitter to follow sports writers. Its like listening to the radio when you're away from home to watch the game.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 06:38 PM
Having a Twitter account doesn't change the fact that the CIA is the most violent and heavily bankrolled terrorist organization on the planet.

It may just mean that they are not keeping a low profile any more.

Maybe they should drop the word intelligence from their name.

God bless the National Security Act of 1947 for bestowing this wonderful organization upon humanity.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 07:18 PM
That's not a tweet from the CIA, I know it looks like it, but what you are really looking at is swamp gas.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 08:07 PM
To answer your question, no.

I like it though, the CIA being on Twitter, I have clicked 'follow', I will now join their facebook!

It is kind of humorous and will be interesting to see the kind of cryptic Tweets they send, perhaps it is subliminals, or relevant to some, or some motive, nice!

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 08:45 PM
That's doubleplus hilarious. "Now we don't even need to try to see who the dissenters are" and people effing laugh and follow them. I want off this planet.

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