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Soldier from Bergdahl's unit tweets specific details about desertion; So what was really traded?

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 02:25 PM

originally posted by: FlyersFan

This thread is about Bergdahl .... not Israel. Let's keep it on topic

You are most definitely right. I completely forgot to bring the point I was trying to make back on topic with the thread.

Overall, I feel that President Obama made the right choice here, and I am confident that if we had the information that President Obama has, we would most likely have done the same. Instead of bickering over the merits of such a trade, what we need to realize is that we do not have that information President Obama has nor do we really know the true causes of how society has degenerated to such a sad state of affairs (ie., why are we even trading prisoners of war in the first place?)

Oh stop it. Prove that Abraham even existed. You can't ATS Thread - Did Abraham Ever Really Exist?

LOL! I can't believe someone (which was you) actually made a thread about that. That's awesome.

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 02:50 PM
a reply to: iosolomon

I will tell you what. I will agree that my post was less than cordial and not really relevant to the discussion at hand or the substance of your argument. For that I apologize. I mean that.

Now you should know that I didn't get a bad impression from you based on your claims of being God incarnate.

I take issue with your stance on the US. It is less than fair. In fact its very hateful and short sighted. If you can't find something to love about the US I think your issue is more with mankind than my country.

The US government is not the people. In the words of Benjamin Franklin : one should always be loyal to his country and loyal to the government when it deserves it.

I love my country like I love my family. I see all of my countrymen as extended family. I really take offense to an attack even in spirit against my people. Calling us sheeple doesn't make you more "awakened " you no matter how different are also a product of social programming. Few are truly as unique as they think. When you insult even one of my people unfairly I automatically see an enemy. I am confrontational by nature. I don't wait for you to get around to me. I go to you. Its a problem at times but that's just how I am wired.

I myself am not at all happy with my government. I don't lump my people, millions of.people I never met together with it.

You said in another thread of mine that you would actually assist an invading army in destroying my country. That too set the tone for my interaction with you. I do not respect that about you. I am not even obligated to by moral or societal law. I can and do stand opposed to that sentiment and those that are proponents of it.

That is really unforgivable in my eyes. There is nothing more noble about China or Russia's governments. They're in fact worse IMO. The way they treat their people and their neighbors makes the US government look like choir boys.

So in short I will not bother you with my judgements. I accept that it is uncalled for. You should know that you brought it upon yourself though by being an advocate of hate and vitriol.

Have a good day.

I found your claims of divinity amusing not offensive. That's not the problem. I think we are all crazy. Some just cover it up better than others.


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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: tadaman

I see. Well-said.

So in short I will not bother you with my judgements.

I do not want you to avoid a colorful discourse with me if you disagree with something I said, if you so want to.

You said in another thread of mine that you would actually assist an invading army in destroying my country.

You most definitely misconstrued what I said. However, this government, your very own country, is doing a good enough of job on its own accord. And it is not the Constitution that I want to destroy, but the men and women who pervert it. I am sure you are familiar with this quote by Abraham Lincoln:

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

If you really think this country or its people are honoring the Constitution, then I do hope you open your eyes soon, because I would much rather have American Revolution II before the Russians and Chinese come attacking. This way, they can realize, it truly is a corrupt government and not a bunch of mindless puppets, that, frankly, would be better put down.

There is nothing more noble about China or Russia's governments. They're in fact worse IMO.

Actually, it is worse when a government has Laws that it wantonly disregards. In the case of America, this would be both the Declaration and the Constitution. At least, in Russia's and China's case, they are not breaking any Law, and the misery of their People is actually more a result of America than it is with their policies. America goes out of its way to dominate and control both We the People and the People of the world. That is the government that YOU want to defend.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin : one should always be loyal to his country and loyal to the government when it deserves it.

I am glad you dropped this quote. I can now bring this post back on topic. I simply believe that President Obama made the right choice here, and I am sure that if we had the same information he had in front of him, we might feel differently.

(And if you want to reply to anything I said here, just copy and paste it in your "enemy" thread and PM me, if you want to, that is.)

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 04:42 PM

originally posted by: jimmyx

originally posted by: Battleline
There is no way Obama did not have the info that was put out in 2010 and knew full well that Bergdah was a deserter . This whole thing has nothing to do with Bergdah except as a patsy to free 5 high level Taliban.

There are two traders here, the POTUS and Bergdahl.

right.....(rolls eyes), because you have such an unbiased command of the facts....again I ask, why would a deserter be held in captivity for 5 years?....other true deserters are out fighting along side the enemy, not being held as a prisoner...can you grasp this idea?

How do you know he was held in" captivity "? reference anywhere that proves he was in captivity for the whole five years he was there. The Taliban have said he helped them in bomb making.

This is just your opinion slick , there is nothing to grasp without facts and right now all the facts are against this clown.
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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 03:16 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Freed POW's dad was a champion cyclist who became disillusioned with America after boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics over war in Afghanistan destroyed his Gold Medal dreams
Bob Bergdahl was a champion cyclist who became disillusioned with the US Government when it boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics, it emerged today.
Bergdahl – the father of under-fire POW Bowe Bergdahl – was devastated when the US pulled out of the Games, citing Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan.
The talented athlete had been selected for the US cycling team and was in line to be picked for the Moscow Olympics
This comes as the brother-in-law of freed Bowe, the husband of his sister Sky, tells MailOnline that the Bergdahl family does not have sympathies with the Taliban and said that there was a ‘deeper story’ to emerge.
Ironically, the beef Bowe’s dad Bob has with the US Government began long before the war with theTaliban.
Following the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, President Jimmy Carter issued an ultimatum on January 20, 1980 that the United States would boycott the Moscow Olympics if Soviet troops did not withdraw from Afghanistan.
The political move shattered Bob’s dreams and left his hopes of making it as a professional athlete in tatters. He had trained hard for years to reach the form needed to compete at the very highest level in cycling.
The image of Bob Bergnahl as all-American athlete with Olympic credentials flies in the face of how the father of two has been so far portrayed.
With his long scraggly beard, anti-Government sentiment and an apparent obsession with the Afghan culture and language, many Americans have written him off as a loon.
But one of Bob’s close friends, Chip Deffe, says that is far from the truth.
Chip, 54, does concede however, that Bob has always questioned the Government about its decision.
‘Bob was devastated about missing the Olympics,’ said Chip.
‘He had worked so hard for the chance to compete at the Olympics and then suddenly it was snatched away.
‘Anyone would be upset, he was so passionate about racing and had made the US national team as a track racer.
‘He was a world-class athlete and set for big things and was supposed to travel to Moscow until we boycotted the Games.
‘He wasn’t at all happy with the Government, he couldn’t understand it and became disillusioned.’
Chip says Bob, now 55, was deeply dejected and walked away from cycling, vowing never to ride a bike again.
‘Bob was a real talent, he was reaching the peak of his physical fitness and would have had a real chance in Moscow.
‘But missing his first shot at the Olympics because of a decision made by the US Government, how would you feel? Bob was frustrated, it completely shattered his love of cycling.’
Ironically, one of Bob’s peers on the cycling scene was legendary racer Greg LeMond.
The pair were photographed cycling next to each other in a 1978 race in Acton, California.
On the back of the black and white photo it says: ‘“The Break” Bob Bergdahl & the great Greg LeMond Olympic Develop(ment) Acton, Ca 1978.”
LeMond was also selected for the US team in 1980 and was set to compete in Moscow.
Bob will have likely traveled to the Games with LeMond by his side.
But in stark contrast to Bob, LeMond didn’t let the political situation bring him down and continued cycling, reaching amazing heights.
The Californian won the cycling World Championship twice and the Tour de France three times after becoming the first professional non-European cyclist to win the epic race in 1986.
Meanwhile, Bob left California and settled in Hailey, Idaho where he became a UPS delivery driver and started a family with wife Jani.
Friend Chip, who owns Sun Summit South bike maintenance shop in Hailey where Bob currently works, said Bob didn’t ride his bike for decades.
Amazingly, it took the heartbreak of son Bowe being kidnapped and held captive by the Taliban in 1999 before he would jump back into the saddle.
‘Bob was having a hard time after Bowe was captured so his wife Jani suggested he get back on his bike,” Chip said.
‘It was the best thing he could have done, he is a real disciple of cycling, he gets a buzz off it.
‘He rediscovered his love for the sport and it has really helped him through this last five years.’
Today Bob regularly competes in races across Idaho and travels around America to fulfill his ambition to cycle in every velodrome in the US.
He owns several mountain and racing bikes and has recently ordered a brand new bike, the frame of which hangs in Chip’s shop waiting to be built.
Every Thursday Chip, Bob and a group of friends all get together to ride.
‘He refers to them as the “band of brothers”, we call it the Thursday night beat down.
‘When all this news came out about Bowe being released, all the guys called to congratulate Bob.’
And Chip says his friend even called him over the weekend to say he wouldn’t be coming into work this week.
‘He’s got plenty on his mind right now,’ Chip said.
‘But there was never any doubt in Bob and Jani’s minds that Bowe was coming home, they have been the most resilient people I have ever met.’
Bob has in the past described a prisoner swap as a ‘win-win’ situation as he would get his son back and the US would improve relations with the Afghans.
Critics pointed out that just a few days before his son was released, Bob tweeted to a Taliban spokesman that, 'I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.'
'God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, amen,' he added.
This tweet, which was later deleted, has drawn the ire of some conservative activists, who say it is evidence of possible conversion or a cover up.
Bob spoke Arabic and Pashto at the Rose Garden press conference with President Barack Obama announcing the release of his son on Saturday. Some critics have said that raises questions about Bob’s loyalties.
He has become an active anti-war campaigner and spoken out against drone strikes and Guantanamo.
'Folks, this is either a very bad case of Stockholm Syndrome or something far more nefarious is at stake,' wrote former Republican Congressman Allen West, who labeled the message a 'smoking gun.'
In a video posted by the Guardian newspaper, Bob told photographer Sean Smith: 'I don't work for the military. I don't work for the government. I don't represent the American people. I'm a father who wants his son back.'
Some activists have picked up on other tweets from Bob, as well.
In March, he wrote, '‘Democracy’ is a cult in the West' in response to a comment about the Afghan elections.
He also raised eyebrows when, in a press conference, he said the family's hometown of Hailey, Idaho, 'We're so much like Afghanistan.'
In a 2011 video message to Bowe's captors, Bob said: 'Strangely to some we must also thank those who have cared for our son for almost two years.
'We know our son is a prisoner and at the same time a guest in your home.'
But Chip says that Bob grew his beard when his son was captured and also studied Islam and Taliban culture only to better understand his son’s captors.
These were, he says, the acts of a desperate father and not a sympathiser for the Taliban or radical Islamic ideas.
‘He really tried to understand what was going on, he studied their history, the language, in his own way he was able to build a connection with Bowe.’
And as for the criticism of his family currently sweeping America.
Chip said: ‘Bob told me, “I don’t care, I have a mission here.’ What everyone has been saying is wrong, Bob is a normal guy from a normal family going through a trying time.
‘He doesn’t care what all these arm-chair quarterbacks are saying.’
Chip does say that Bob doesn’t agree with the war in Afghanistan – a view held by many Americans.
‘Bob and I were born in 1960, a time of JFK and Martin Luther King, the whole hippy thing and John Lennon, it was all about peace.
‘In any society there are good guys and bad guys, but Bob believes there are diplomatic routes to pursue, not always war.
‘Bob is very grateful what the Government has done to get his son back, but does the Government tell us everything, people like Bob question that.
‘He’s just a normal guy cast in a very abnormal place and he’d dealt with it very admirably.’
Bowe’s brother-in-law spoke to MailOnline and what he said chimed with Chip’s comments.
He denied that the Bergdahl family had sympathies with the Taliban and said that there was a ‘deeper story’ to emerge.
Michael Albrecht, a US navy pilot married to Bowe’s sister Sky said it was ‘rubbish’ that Bob had any loyalties to the Taliban or Islam.
‘It makes no logical sense,’ said Albrecht, 38, wearing his US Navy uniform complete with a badge of the Black Knights, the elite fighter squadron.
‘He has no sympathies with the Taliban. Just because he speaks a few words of Pashto.
‘There are guys on my base that do that. You wouldn’t accuse them of having sympathies.’
Initial euphoria over the release of Sgt Bergdahl, 28, America’s only prisoner of war in Afghanistan, after five years has led to a growing backlash.
Critics accuse him of having deserted to the other side and others claim that their relatives were killed trying to rescue him.
They have also claimed that his father’s long beard and sympathy with the people of Afghanistan suggest an element of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ has taken hold.
Some have even called for an investigation and for charges to be pressed against the former serviceman.
But Albrecht said that while he had the ‘utmost respect’ for servicemen killed in the war, he said that the backlash felt like a script from the hit television program Homeland.
‘We don’t want to comment yet, in respect to our parents,’ he said.
‘There is a passion there. There will be a time when the family wants to speak. The truth will come out.
‘There is a deeper story there.’
Speaking at his home in Pebble Beach, California, he said that it was above all a time for celebration.
‘It is a time of celebration, he said. ‘We are just waiting for Bowe to come home.’

Read more: nistan-destroyed-Gold-Medal-dreams.html#ixzz33kaUfO2Z
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 03:17 AM
whats your take on the above?

posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 07:19 AM
Story You Haven't Heard About Bergdahls Desertion

When he deserted, the Army didn't go on a rescue mission.
They had orders to shoot him if they saw him.
That's how sure they were that he had defected and was aiding the enemy.

posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 08:31 PM
a reply to: eriktheawful A couple of points. One, if there was evidence of intent to remain away or leave entirely; why run special patrols attempting to locate him? You want to find a soldier taken prisoner by such means, but a deserter does not deserve or get that kind of response. Second if there was a secret report by the Army, it is classified. Ask any experienced service member, what they are told and have to do, in giving evidence to such a reporting officer. The testimony is sworn and secret. To reveal what was asked, said, etc, will be treated as a violation of a direct order, and sign this paper stating you understand.

posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 08:53 PM
a reply to: MentorsRiddle

If you were an American, you would understand that our justice system doesn't rely on hearsay or twitter to determine guilt or innocence.

Frankly - it is nothing to make up crap on the Internet, especially in this retarded political climate. Give the guy his day in court and let him face court martial.

Everything else is pigsqueel zooting.

posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 08:59 PM
My personal opinion is that there is more to this than we know. I believe he was a double agent, or CIA. I think he infiltrated and soaked up the information. I don't believe he was a deserter, and it was his mission to do this. I have no proof...just a hunch, really. Obama didn't want him back, the CIA/Black Ops wanted him back, or it was time for him to return with the intel.

I also believe the 5 in Gitmo were tagged. We have the technology to do so, and they would never know it. Routine exam before we let you go, here's a shot to help you on your way. Pow...GPS tracker.


No one is gonna believe me, though. I do truly believe this is how it went down, though. Otherwise our government is the most incompetent on the planet. Which could also be true.

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