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Greetings from Finland

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posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 07:43 AM
Hello everyone. I've been lurking ATS for around 2 years now. I'm 25 years old, male, I live in Finland. I'm currently studying sociology and science & technology studies. I have really, really diverse interests from robotics to human cognition, economics to ESP. I could say that my primary interest here is UFOs. I have been interested in the subject ever since I saw something strange way back in 1996 or '97. I was just a kid back then but whatever it was left a pretty lasting impression on me.

I saw a torpedo-shaped object with a warm yellow light at it's flat end slowly flying over the area where I lived back then. I've often thought that perhaps it was just a plane I misidentified, and I know that human memory is not infallible. Whatever it was that happened comes back to me every now and then. I even did a search if any blimps were operational here when I saw what I saw. None were. I also distinctively remember feeling that something was off back then. I ran away from it after watching it for a while. I was rather upset for two weeks or so after I saw it. I didn't tell about it to my parents for almost 20 years.

Later I learned that there were a whole lot of people seeing unusual things in the skies. And so I got interested in the subject. After years of studying about the phenomenon and another unusual sighting I had last year I still don't know what to make of it. My stance on the phenomenon has changed a lot over the years. I used to be really skeptical but also very scared of the subject for whatever reason. I wasn't ever a "true believer" but I became more accepting over the years.

I know it's kind of odd to have a sighting and then stay skeptical but that's just the way I am. Over the years I've kind of learned to distrust people's perception of things - even my own perception of things. I don't really see myself in any particular camp regarding UFOs. I think we're dealing with a really complex phenomenon. It's a mystery wrapped in human fallibility topped with disinformation.

Anyway, I discovered ATS when reading about the Cash-Landrum case roughly two years ago. I think ATS has greatly contributed to my search for "the truth", or at least credible information, about the subject. Before I started lurking on ATS I had no idea how much disinformation about UFOs has apparently been spread. I've been recently mostly interested in the disinfo/Aviary/military experiments angle of things. Black triangle sightings are really a favorite topic of mine.

I also find electromagnetic effects reported during UFO sightings very interesting. I'm also very interested in effects of electromagnetism on human psyche, the "god helmet" stuff, EM weapons and all that. I also think that these two phenomena are probably strongly related to each other somehow. I guess one of the reasons why I am so interested in UFOs is that they occupy some kind of a strange gray zone between my fields of interest.

So, how's that for an introduction?

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 07:47 AM
Great intro.

Welcome to ATS which is not the American Transport System.


posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 07:54 AM
Welcome to the looney bin.

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posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 07:55 AM
Welcome to ATS. Sounds like you would be interested in this thread:

Also check out the signature line in TheGut's posts for another thread about the Aviary....if you haven't already.

I look forward to any future discussions with you.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 08:06 AM
Great introduction.

Welcome to ATS

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posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 08:18 AM
a reply to: Rosinitiate

I've actually learned a lot from threads started by The GUT. I first learned about the whole Aviary thing from one of his threads. I also think he had a thread about military abductions where he mentioned about research on the effects of EM on human psyche. I had this nebulous idea about the connection between UFO EM effects and the strange things people experience when they see UFOs but it kind of clicked after that thread.

I haven't read all of that particular thread as it's quite massive. Perhaps one day I will.

And thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 08:28 AM
a reply to: phantomflier

G,day mate. yeah you'll do.
park your brain in the corner. it will be safe there and enjoy the ride
some one will be along soon with a new mark 1 open mind type brain and a tinfoil hat lol

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 08:56 AM
Welcome to the site. I'm sure this place will open your mind.

What part of Finland are you from? North or south?

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 09:33 AM

originally posted by: rickymouse
Welcome to the site. I'm sure this place will open your mind.

What part of Finland are you from? North or south?

South. I'm currently living in Helsinki. I lived the majority of my life in a smaller city called Hyvinkää about 50 kilometers from here. That's where I saw the "flying torpedo" too.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 09:46 AM
a reply to: phantomflier

I haven't been to Finland. My grandpa and his parents came from Oulu. Many Finns moved to the Copper country in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds to work in the mines and also to get away from the Swedes and Russians who were always arguing over Finland. Some day I may go see where they came from.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 10:05 AM
Its nice to have other people from Finland here, there are few already, but extra is always nice. Welcome! I have myself been here for years, but I don't usually take part to every discussion, only to most interesting ones. And "Fragile Earth" is my favorite topic

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 11:42 AM
Hello, don't forget your helmet!

Here is how to construct a basic model....

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 12:01 PM
a reply to: phantomflier


I saw Finland in the title and had to stop in to say hello... I'm hoping to visit soon and I'm super excited!

I hope you enjoy being a part of the ATS community. It's a wild ride but ultimately well worth it.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 02:06 PM
a reply to: phantomflier

Welcome, sir!

It's always quite nice to see fellow finns searching for the tin-foil... i mean, truth that is.

I have similar experience about weird, moon-like light in the sky that i saw one evening in early nineties. Still baffling my mind! Also i have one C-R-A-Z-Y experience about PSI maybe, i cannot comprehend what did happen.

in short, we were driving on a highway, super-excited about our soon-to-become-startup-company. We "shouted to the world" for instructions (to harden our belief towards teh company), like this:

"jos jumalauta tää juttu on paskaa, niin sammukoon seuraavasta risteyksestä kaksi katuvaloa samaan aikaan"
in english:
"*insert powerwords here*, if this thing goes sideways, let there be a sign and shut 2 highway-lamp-posts at the same time when we cross the next junction."

Well, you've guessed it; when we crossed the next junction 2 lamps did blow to pieces, and that got our hearts to skip a beat. After driving forward for one 50 meters more, third lamp blew.

The company never made it to start-up phase.

This was 8 years ago. Since, i've been thinking about what happened all-in-all, and still could not figure out if that was an omen, or a test. Or simply PSI-sort of thing.

Sorry for offtopic for introductions thread, this was my way to say hello and to send my warmest welcome


posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 02:10 PM
Tervetulemast peremmälle ! nice to see you here, UFO phenomena in Finland is very rare almost nonexistent, hope to see some references to study tho, im sure UFOs are avoiding us for some reason. Looking forward to see your contributions in threads tho

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: phantomflier
Welcome aboard! If you are still interested in the Cash-Landrum case, check out the recent developments at The Texas Cash-Landrum UFO Mystery. Some of the friends I've met here have helped guide me to some primary sources and rare publications and documents.

I found out early on that this case (like most news stories) has been packaged in a simplified and distorted form.
The truth, whatever it may be, is far more complex.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: CardDown

Yeah, I still think it's a very interesting case - for many reasons. It however seems to me it was some kind of a terrestial experiment that possibly went horribly wrong and was possibly followed by a cover-up. Whatever they saw that night was sure a bizarre device though.

I also find it interesting how one of the witnesses thought it was some kind of a divine event. A testament to the power of perception.

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