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Doomsday By Design -- [STORY THREAD]

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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 09:25 PM
As Ryujin passed the small flower to Sandra there was a huge Light and explosion that took them both by surprise. A second later the concussion swept over them and just about knocked the both of them on their sides.

Even with ringing ears Ryujin and struggling to regain his balance he looked at Sandra and said, "Must be 5am"! and then smiled at her scared confused look.

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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 09:34 PM
"What the FU%&--?"

Sandra's stance hardened as she stared up the dirt hill, looking flabbergasted.

"What the hell's going on?!" She stammered.

Sandra turned to Ryujin again, glaring at him.

"What did you do?"

posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 09:44 PM
upon regaining balance .. ryujin held up a hand ..

relax .. nobody was injured in that blast .. it was show meant for the ones who set us all up .. everything the drones record is relayed to them .. it has to appear that the team did its job and wiped us all out .. it also means we dont have much time to waste I need to get the package from my house to pass to the commander and need you along as leader of the people here .. we dont have time for indecision too many lives on all sides are at stake ..

standing .. ryujin met sandras blue eyes and said .. we need to get going now this is no game ..

posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 09:59 PM
Sue-Lin looked like she was sleeping but she was listening intently to what was being said outside. She heard most of the conversation, enough to understand the basics.

She did not like the bloody bunker door to be open. It was stupid. A near miss by a missile or bomb could wipe half of them out. While the door was open she was coiled, her Wolf persona present to defend the den.

An almighty explosion rumbled through the ground and came through the open doorway.

In her loud Alpha Wolf voice she said, "Get down, stay down, don't move!"

She raced outside, stopping so the doorway still gave her some protection and knelt. The absence of dust and dirt showed the explosion had not been close, she relaxed a little.

Sandra and Ryujin were going somewhere. Oh well, she would just have to go without sleep for a while longer. Someone needed to go on over watch for them in case they needed to retreat under fire. She was the only sniper they had as far as she knew. Her Dad would cover some of it, but not all.

She looked at them both and said, "I will give you three an over watch. If you need to retreat under threat, come straight towards me."



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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 10:02 PM
Sandra gazed at him, looking positively conflicted.

"Don't!" A voice came from behind.

Alan was standing in the doorway, eyeing them both.

"Eavesdropping." Sandra said, glancing back at Alan. "I thought you were classier than that."

"Don't go." Alan told her, ignoring the snide comment. "Its dangerous."

Sandra gave him an odd look.

"Since when do you care about anyone but yourself?" She asked him.

Alan gaped at her, speechless.

Sandra stared deeply at him for a moment, then turned to Ryujin again.

"Let me take care of something first." Sandra told him. "Five minutes. Give me five minutes, and I'll go with you."

Then, Sandra stepped into the bunker, Alan following her closely.

"You're not serious." Alan protested, and for the first time, Sandra thought she heard a hint of concern in his voice. "You're not serious, Sandra..."

Sandra marched around the corner, and into the kitchen area. She opened one of the drawers, spotting the item she was looking for. It sat in a pile of many small items and a few slips of paper... a big, black thing, concealed in a holster...

Sandra retrieved the gun from the drawer, slipping it from its holster, gazing at it all over. The black metal shone flawlessly... It was a special type of home defense gun, which Dorian had purchased for her a year ago. It was a revolver... a large, thick revolver, which shot 12 gauge rounds. It was number one for home defense, as Dorian had always described it, and it was a very unique gun, but up until now, Sandra had almost no interest in it.

Now, losing herself entirely, staring into it, it seemed that the strange gun had become her best friend... an ally... a particular fallback which she, now that the world was beginning to fall apart, could no longer live without...

She buttoned the holster to her hip, around her studded belt, then popped the gun open. After finding a few loose 12 gauge rounds in the drawer, Sandra loaded the gun, made sure that the safety was on, and carefully put it in its holster.

Sandra's leather jacket covered both of her hips, so thankfully, her gun wasn't obvious. It made her uneasy, knowing she had a loaded firearm on her person... but, she'd practiced using her personal handgun at the shooting range more than enough times to feel comfortable using it. She imagined that shooting living people was probably much different than blowing huge holes in paper targets, but nevertheless, Sandra rounded the corner again, marching passed her uncle's work counter, then she turned, facing Alan.

"I want you to get the key out of that drawer in the kitchen, alright?" Sandra told him quietly. "There's a silver key in that drawer. Get the key and lock the armory. I don't want anyone getting into my guns while I'm gone."

"Please." Alan said, watching her pleadingly. "Don't..."

Sandra placed her hands on his shoulders, steadying him.

"You're in charge while I'm gone." She told him.

"What? None of them would listen to me--"

"If anyone gives you any sh!t, tell me when I get back, and I'll make them answer for it." Sandra cut him off. "Don't tell them about the armory. Arm yourself if you want to. Try to ration the food, too."

Alan gave her a long, sad stare.

"When will you be back?" He asked softly.

"I don't know." Sandra answered. "As soon as possible."

Sandra embraced Alan, and after a small moment of shock, he returned the hug.

Then, Sandra marched out of the bunker, closing the door behind her.

She gave Ryujin a serious face.

"Let's go."

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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 10:27 PM
Robbie waited by thw door for a bit while Sandra and her........friend? spoke outside. His mind wandering yet taking in everything around him. He thinks back on all he had seen today.

So much death, so much destruction

He hears the fellow outside suggest Sandra meet with those who opened the can of woop ass on the town.

Pfftt.....that will never happen. She's headstrong but is in no way stupid. How can he possibly even suggest such a he working with them?
Is this just a way for them to get to, who they see, as leader of this Band of Misfits?
It ain't happening. Dorian would have wanted me to look after her if something happened to him.

Assured in his line of thinking, he move on to other things. He walks around the bunker doing a few mental checks. Everything seeems to be working fine so far.

It looks like everything is operating as Dorian wanted. I might as well take a look and see if the programs are performing and optimal efficiency. It doesn't look like any of these kids are in a talkative mood anyway.

Robbie walks to the corner farthest from the Kitchen and pulls away what looks like a ventilation intake cover. Inside is the main server for everything in the bunker.
He takes out his laptop and a usb cable. Then settles down on the floor next to the opening.
In no time at all he is connected and checking the power output, battery backups and current voltage readings.
That's when there was a flash of light from the door. A few seconds later the bunker trembled then settled again.
Robbie put his computer down and ran too the door just behind the small Asian girl.

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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 10:34 PM
Watching sandras reaction he thought it will take time she will become a good leader for them .. he noted the appearance of the chinese girl hed seen with the sniper rifle noted that she did well at least someone here had proper training .. noticing the other guy something wasnt right that one will have to have a tragic accident as soon as possible ..

He waited as sandra went into the bunker with the others .. already knowing she was getting a pistol couldnt blame her after all its not everyday that your world get turned into a nightmare .. and he had noticed people in america always thought guns solved everything ..

When sandra returned he said .. yes lets and try to keep up we dont have much time .. setting off in direction of his house which was further out of town than sandras and set on a large plot of land .. it took twenty minutes to get there at the slower pace ryujin set so that sandra could keep up normally would have taken him ten minutes ..

Once there ryujin took his jikatabi off and set them on the shoerack beside the door .. looking at sandra he pointed to her feet and said shoes .. then pointed at the shoe rack ..

He opened the door and went in telling sandra come in make yourself at home will be right back .. ryujin stopped briefly at the small shrine in a corner of the living room lit some joss sticks saying a quick prayer before going upstairs to the study .. once in the study he slid the desk forward and opened the floor safe taking out a large manila envelope with duplomatic seal on it .. removing his bag he took the schoolbooks out put them on bookshelf behind the desk .. wont need these anymore he thought then he put the manila envelope in his bag and reshouldered it closed the safe and slid the desk in place .. then went back downstairs to let sandra know it was time to go ..

stopping briefly in the living room he spoke a command in japanese the large tv on the wall lit up showing a control display screen looking briefly at the status of the house on the screen ryujin spoke another command activating the houses security and defense system .. he looked at his watch going to be close on time..
Looking at sandra he said lets go ..

Went out and put his jikatabi back on waited on sandra to put her shoes on ..
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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 10:34 PM
"I have to ask." Sandra said, slipping her shoes back on. "Is this a trap? I dunno what they'd accomplish by killing me off... I'm nobody special. But I have people to look after. I need to know I'm coming back."

Sandra stared at Ryujin, expectantly waiting for an answer.

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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 10:53 PM
After retrieving a few things like her Gilles suit, Sue-Lin followed at a distance. She found a nice rise and settled in to provide cover fire. They went to what must have been Ryujin's house. They did not stay long before heading into town on a motor bike, a nice one at that. Sue-Lin moved and quickly. She made it to the bell tower of the school and in short order was able to cover a reasonable zone of the town.

Knowing the sniper's arts so well, having been trained by one of the best Australia had to offer, she settled in, relaxed but alert. She switched to her panther persona and started to scan. Now, she had time to think.

Sandra and Ryujin were making a huge error and she knew it. Any one, for any reason, that would walk into a school and start shooting children needed to die. Getting in bed with these people was bad karma, very bad. It would be better to just wipe them from the face of the earth.

Killing children, but oh, it was a mistake. Crap on crap. Shoot them all, wipe them from the gene pool. Well, she could do so herself if opportunity knocked as it sometimes did in life. Perhaps karma would lend her a hand.

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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 10:56 PM
Robbie gets to the door in time to hear Sandra say "Give me five minutes, I have to get something and I will go with you"
She takes Allen to the kitchen ignoring Robbie's efforts to talk to her. She gives him a look as if saying "I want to speak to him, this Allen guy, alone".
He sees her pull out a gun from the drawer and holsters it to her side then starts to leave. He tries to warn her, to talk some sense into her but she acts like she does not even hear him. The last he sees of her is when she slams the bunker door in his face without ever looking back.

posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 11:18 PM
Looking sandra in the eye ryujin replied .. thus far theyve dealt with me honestly and fairly .. if they were going to kill us they could have easily done so already without all this .. they want this truce to work as much as we do .. and like it or not .. the way things are going were going to need allies in future .. Id rather have these guys as allies than enemies ..

ryujin could sense that the chinese girl had followed and was covering them he hoped she would be disciplined enough to fire only if needed and not let emotion cloud her thinking and start shooting when they were at the meeting .. then again if she does gozaimon will restrain her until can talk to her if she doesnt get me and sandra killed ..

Checking his watch again he realised even though was risk it would be faster to get there on his motorcycle ..
He went to the carport opened the garage ..looked over the big kawasaki racing bike wishing he'd had time just to go on a long ride with the throttle wide open .. climbing on the sleek black bike he started it up listened to the comforting sound of the motor .. rolled out of the garage looked at sandra telling her climb on .. checking his watch and looking skyward to time the run and not be spotted by the drone above ..

posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 11:31 PM
Not usually the type to get frustrated, Robbie hits the door with his fist. The stress of the eventful day has gotten to him.
"What in the hell is she thinking" he says to no one in particular.
He turns around and faces those still in the bunker.
"CAN ONE OF YOU, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT'S GOING ON? And who the hell is that ninja warrior dude Sandra just left with?"

posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 11:42 PM
Alan stared at the mechanic, looking exasperated.

"She hasn't been thinking clearly all day." He explained. "She's usually pretty tough, honestly... but... today, its almost like she became a different person."

Peeking at the counter top full of items, along with the posters on the wall above them, Alan sighed deeply, swallowing most of his unusually profound thoughts.

"I guess I understand it." He mumbled, thinking of Sandra's missing uncle as the man on the nearest poster was fixedly staring daggers at him. "Sort of."

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posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 11:43 PM

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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 12:14 AM
After the KABOOM Jason ordered all the teams except for two psyop APCs and their teams to RTB. Everyone knew they should have guest shortly at the TOFC and if strangers were seen try and not scare them but smile and point the way to the meeting place.

"Red 6 Red 9"
"Did you like it"?
"Boss it was awesome"!
"Should be able to RTB around 05:30. I have requested Hawkeye to remain on station to see if any D.P.s come to check for survivors. That should give our new friends a clear route to TOFC. Also, I figure since they know you already it might be better for you to fill them in and see what their plans are. We are going to try for an extraction but will not know anything definite until sometime after 12 noon.... if then".

"Thanks for the faith Boss (sarcasm was noted in John's voice) ....... I gota say if I saw you standing outside the APC I might just pass on by"!

"Why am I ugly or something"?

"No but you are to big to not to scare the crap out of most people until they get to know you are just one big Teddy bear"!

"O.K. M.F. (for those on the outside who asked they were initials that stood for My Friend where amongst these two the initials had a totally different meaning ) we are loaded and RTB, Red nine out".

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 12:42 AM
With the giant explosion waking up Jackson once again, (for the third time) he wondered for a moment what it was, but nothing shocked or surprised him anymore. He decided now to give up on sleep and get something to eat. He couldn't even remember the last time he ate...his stomach was in knots all day yesterday.

Looking through the shelves, staring at all the canned food, it made Jack chuckle. "Heh, bunker food. I better get used to this. I already want a nice Philly Cheesesteak."

Jack sighed and thought to himself, pondering back to a life he now knew he would never have again.

He reminisced in his mind about the time a couple years ago when he helped his father restore his old Corvette from top to bottom. And the day his father came home with the bran new rig. Blue flames with black trim. He remembered waiting at the window for his father to come home. The sound of that big rig's big block diesel engine and the air-brakes as it came to a stop, and the massive sound of the air horn his father always pulled as soon as he had just arrived.

I miss you, dad. If you were here...I would know what to do. Fate landed me here with all of these talented, smart and fully capable people. What is my purpose here?

He then thought some more about the times he spent with his father. One of his most recent memories was watching an old classic movie with his father. He loved watching movies with his dad, he seemed to know all the old ones, back before Hollywood just made cheap B rate movies. He remembered the last one they watched, and accidentally blurted out some lines from it.

"I am Jack's Medulla Oblongota. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise." He didn't care if anyone heard him, then he laughed.

"Hahahah, what a classic."
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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 01:22 AM
A voice could be heard loudly throughout the bunker.


Jack just looked over at the new addition to the group and laughed.

"If I had a dollar for every time I've asked myself that in the last 24 hours, I'd be rich! Oh wait, money doesn't much matter anymore now, does it? HAHAHAH!"

"Sorry, just a little humor..We haven't been properly introduced. My name is Jackson, and you are?"
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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 02:09 AM
Guess I was right. Marcus thought as he watched the exchange between Alan and Sandra. The punch came as a bit of a surprise though. It seemed that act really wore Sandra out emotionally. The room was dead silent for what seemed forever before Sandra muttered a apology to Alan and brought him to another part of the bunker.

Wonder where they went? Marcus wondered as he heard another door open. He glanced over to where Jack was laying asleep. Then glanced around the room where the rest were trying their best to get some shut-eye. Without waking his bunk mates he got up and went in the direction that he saw Sandra take Alan.

" What is behind this door I wonder?" he whispered to himself. "Guess I'll have to ask her when she simmers down a bit." Giving the door a backward glance Marcus wandered into the kitchen area to eat something.

He was leaning against the counter eating a bag of chips when the door opened again. Sandra and Sue-Lin both rushed to the door with guns in hand. Watching Jack get up with a pistol in his hand, Marcus remembered he had one also and pulled it out and waited to see what would happen.

So much for only a few people knowing about this place. He noted.

A few threats were made and the man who opened door explained how he new about the bunker. Marcus overheard something about having helped Dorian with something.

"So they aren't handing out maps to this place?" He quipped. Alan gave him a rather odd look then chuckled a little. The man at the door introduced himself to Jack and Sue-Lin as "Angus". The mood shifted down as well at the guns just aimed at Angus. Then came a knocking at the door.

"Nevermore." he said as for the second time the door was opened. He could hear the Japanese kid Ryujin tell Sandra he had something to tell her. The rest of them settled back in the bunker while Sandra and Alan went back to the room they were in earlier. The man who called himself Angus started to do something with a lap top he had hooked up to something. He saw Jack and Church talking.

Guess I'll ask Alan about the door. Marcus decided as he made his way to where Alan was huddled in the corner. He got halfway there before the explosion rang out from outside the bunker.

"Holy sh!* what was that!?!"

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 02:19 AM
Robbie was staring at Alan when another of the group spoke up.
"Jackson. Got it. My name is Robbie but most people around town call me Angus, Hanyman Extrodanair.
Who are the rest of your group and most importantly, at the moment, who was the karate kid that Sandra left with.
If any thing happens to her I could never face Dorian again."

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 02:43 AM
"Good to meet you, Angus." Jack replied.

"The rest? Well, asleep on the floor over there is Church...We have a bad history....I..mean we *used* to have a bad history. I'll leave it to you to grab the rest of his details. I will tell you though, I believe he is a changed man happened."

Jack was uncomfortable, he didn't trust Angus yet enough to go into details about Church's father, and the way Church was and how he..seemingly changed overnight..Jackson felt that info was just for him, for now.

"The kid over by the door? That's Marcus. He's the coolest kid. He's smart and most of all, perceptive."

For some reason, Jackson felt as though he wanted to tell Angus more.. He wanted to open up, like he would have to his father. He hesitated for a moment.


"People like Marcus, will be the ones who take back this world." Jack exclaimed then paused another moment.


"So the strong ones must protect the smart ones. It's the smart ones, you know, who we will follow in the end."

For some reason, Jack became emotional. He thought about all the bullies who existed in the other world...the only world he knew, and they always picked on the smart ones, because they were the true threat, the physically weaker but smarter ones.. and now he knew why his passion was always so strong.

"As for the Japanese kid? No idea. I know as much as you, but he seems like a real bad-ass." Said Jack.

"So Angus, what brought you here?"
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