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If David Lynch had directed Return of the Jedi (Trailer)

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posted on May, 31 2014 @ 08:15 PM
I always thought the story that Lynch had been approached by Lucas to direct Star Wars: episode VI was just a rumor, but apparently it's true. Lynch turned it down.
So, what would have been the outcome had he accepted it? Someone called Samuel C. Spitale gave it a good try to give us a glimpse.
Somewhere, in an alternate universe, (or in a galaxy far far away?) there is a Star Wars movie that would look something like this:

Is it just me, or doesn't Yoda look a bit like the dwarf from Twin Peaks?

posted on May, 31 2014 @ 08:20 PM
Bob, I want all my garmonbozia.

posted on May, 31 2014 @ 08:24 PM
a reply to: athousandlives

It's funny how different a trailer can make a movie "feel" based on editing. I guess that's why editing is one of the most important aspects in the film creation process.

The other day I tried watching "Mulholland Drive" again because I hated it when I was a teenager. I understood it better this time and actually liked it. His films are very bizarre but man can he make a movie! That film was teeming with interesting stuff to pick up(film school dream).

I can't imagine him making a Star Wars trailer though so this video is kind of funny actually.

posted on May, 31 2014 @ 08:31 PM
a reply to: athousandlives

Thank you. I love threads that make me laugh out loud.
if anyone can appreciate David Lynch they will get it.
Blue Velvet meets Star wars.
It just needed a quick clip of Dennis Hopper hitting the C02 to put it over the top.

posted on May, 31 2014 @ 08:41 PM
a reply to: athousandlives

David Lynch has touched my life in ways he will never know. Growing up my mom had me watch Twin Peaks with her when I was just a child, maybe 5-7 years old. I still to this day (I'm 29 now) have dreams (nightmares) of Bob from Twin peaks, the creepy grey haired character that Leland Palmer would always turn to... David Lynch was arguably one of the creepier minds in Hollywood...
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posted on May, 31 2014 @ 08:47 PM
I love Lynch's films. He's one of my favorite directors. I also admire the work that the David Lynch Foundation is doing...teaching children how to meditate. At least two of his films, 'The Elephant Man' and 'The Straight Story' have touched me to tears. Dennis Hopper's character in 'Blue Velvet' was the performance of his career. 'Eraser Head' is the most nightmarish film ever made. I hope he keeps them coming. He is also a great painter and musician.

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posted on May, 31 2014 @ 08:51 PM
In an alternate universe, this is happened.
And now I suddenly feel like I am in the wrong one.

posted on May, 31 2014 @ 10:19 PM
a reply to: athousandlives
I thought he had his chance with "Dune" I could be absolutely wrong on this but if not should have had his fingerprints all over this; best film ever as the epic independent (took him 5 years to make) "EraserHead". He would have had Yoda as a puffed up dancing grandmother living behind the radiator while the dog whelped her pups. Jack Nance (henry) as all characters.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 04:38 PM
a reply to: skunkape23

Wow, holy $£*!, thanks for sharing that vid. I was completely transfixed!
I've gotta be honest I am not a total connoisseur of all of Lynch's works, and don't know much about his musical output.
But that was great, will search for more of his music.
Lynch is one of the few honestly cool major artists out there. I love how passionately he promotes education and transcendental meditation, and still is not afraid to let all his inner demons and crazy @£&! out like that. True genius.
An example that spirituality doesn't and should't negate the 'dark side' of the human psyche.

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