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hosting/uploading tutorial

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 07:07 AM
if you want somthing for free youve already got it its the webspace from your isp (internet service provider) just ask them to activate your webspace or search their site on activate your free webspace then they will give you a host address you use this when uploading files the following you will need below to upload/host a site

ftp program ws_ftp is good (this uploads your files and comes in a easy to use view)

your host address your isp - will give you this or who ever you host with

your username - same as above

your password - same as above

now that you have all of these just type it in the field required in your ftp client (eg ws_ftp)

additionally you can buy a domain name eg.
and use web forwarding to forward it to the address that is created for you
eg. actually go's to

have fun and if this happens :bnghd: feel free to reply here and i will do my best to help out

(the links above dont work they are examples)

[Edited on 30-11-2004 by klain]


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