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ATSecret Attraction

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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:18 AM
With those heels I think it's more " a tipping situation"a reply to: FarleyWayne

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:20 AM

originally posted by: Kangaruex4Ewe
a reply to: rickymouse

I'm sorry... what?

I used to like kangaroos. Now I'll probably have bad dreams about them.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:22 AM

originally posted by: Kangaruex4Ewe
a reply to: Destinyone

Are you kind of sort of pimping me out Des? I mean... maybe we should discuss what goes and what doesn't before hand?

BTW - I'm married to a saw miller. Did you say you were going for the lumberjack look??

that's funny. I'm married to a cabinet maker.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:31 AM
a reply to: AutumnWitch657

Phage is John Lithgow lol.
Third rock from the sun Lithgow

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:33 AM
Whoa that's weird. I thought of saying something along the lines of " if you're a bonobo instead of a chimp" and the very next post you put up the Bonobos. Que the twilight zone music now.

reply to: Rodinus

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:35 AM
I saw a movie with him in it and said oh look it's Phage and my husband was like What? I said its an ATS thing. a reply to: boymonkey74

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:47 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

Every time we think. We broadcast. Vaguely but indeed, others will pick it up. More so if we broadcast the idea through an assistant tool like the ATS, where a group of similar people gather and hence the idea get's more of a valid thinking than if you were to say it at school.

But aye, maybe some of us are attuning more to that electromagnetic field of interconnectedness, like you, perhaps.

Stay true to yourself and what you really feel is right.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:57 AM

It happens more than you think on ATS.

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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:19 AM
Wow, I didn't think this topic was going to attract the attention it received(sorry for the pun). I had to abruptly leave last night and now I am going through your posts.

a reply to: DupontDeux

Eventually I accepted the feeling as unreliable but undeniable and just sort of ignored it. It is still there though - I heard you voice when I read your post, and knew why you left.

I felt the same way but I can't ignore the fact this is happening anymore. It has moved from the background to the surface now.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

I was a lurker for a couple years then joined in '07. I have the same feelings about a lot of folks here. There are some you just click with. It goes back to all energy being connected for me. I have a learned ability to be able to "read" a person via emails, posts, written comms, etc...without ever actually meeting them. Sure sometimes it is off, but the majority of the time I think people are drawn to forums like this because of the connections they feel to the people. There is a certain intellectual level to a lot of the posters here, a LOT of very interesting information and a lot of like minded people. Debate and conversation is great on here as well.

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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:28 AM
I think my missus would castrate me if I started confessing attraction to others!!!

But with that said it's been interesting to see everybody's opinions...
& I can't deny feeling a sort of attraction towards others due to their ideologies...
The connection is undeniable real in my opinion!!!

S&F AB!!!

Peace everybody!!!

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: darkbake

I've noticed the same thing in gaming. I am a PS3/4 user mainly but being on the network has shown me more and more often this social connection. I kind of wrote this off though, due to the level of immersion games deliberately try to bring us to. Still I have seen the emotional triggers happen for no reason what so ever, all it takes some times is to look at their avatar(which are generally stock) and something clicks!

I am going to make more of an effort with this now and try to prove factually something is happening. I get back to you if I ever figure it out.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:38 AM
That is interesting.

For me, when I come to ATS, it depends on a what the thread discussion is, then depending on the rhetoric, my frame of mind puts in either sitting at a table, with a group of other users, imaged as their avatars talking, when its heated like a debate about military powers, I see it as a group, a gang of people squaring off ala Gangs of New York style.

Usually you already know what some people are about. Who your nemesis are, allies and gray area folks.

ATS essentially, like most users here, are part of my everyday life, I talk about it here in the other side like I actually know them. We are a loving warring family.

I love the People of ATS, including those that always disagree with me, what did it was the Fort Hood shooting when people came out the wood work to send their support and best wishes, you can't find that on any other site, I tell you that for sure.

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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:52 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

I think I lack the imagination required for this to happen.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:53 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

I need to find me a better avatar then lol

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:57 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

I can definitely relate to your experiences. (Although, perhaps feeling "drawn towards" certain members is more accurate than "attracted to".) There are some very bright, wise, fascinating, intriguing and enigmatic members on this website.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 09:11 AM
I find that we let ourselves more readily be attracted online, because there usually is a person on the other side of the words.

What I mean is that conversing on the internet may somehow allow us to explore a side of socialization that hasnt necessarily been explored before.

I think that people do a lot of the same process when reading books, however, they tend to find themselves attracted to the characters rather than the author.

Here, the "characters" and the "author" are all wrapped up into one. The only downside that I have noticed to all of this, overall, is that this seems to be enabled by society moving away from socializing in person. Perhaps we are adapting to our environment.

I would also say that pictures/avatars can work in ways that we are not even aware. Some that may not be so good..

I think it would be rather interesting to explore it. Someone said maybe start a secret group that recruits through an algorithm, but we already have those.
If you are going to explore it, get ready to do a heck of a lot of observation and pattern recognition. One thing Ill put out there is that I am a gamer as well, and have noticed this. Perhaps the inherent teamwork involved allows for the adaptation (if there is one) to manifest slightly more quickly.

There may be something "deeper" going on as well, but Ill remain silent on that part.
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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: boymonkey74

It would be a crime to change your avatar BM!
Please, keep it.

Ever since your question to Jesse V. I smile whenever I see you here!

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 09:13 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

I will never live that down will I?.
Mind you I bragged about it at work and everyone said "Jessie who?" Iam wasted at that place wasted I tell thee.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 09:13 AM

originally posted by: AnteBellum
What are your thoughts?

Much of what you shared 1 experiences AnteBellum. @ times it feels there is something extremely above top secret associated with this site. But to not be perverse and pierce into the many minds collectively connected 1 remains observant. Many posting here may be here for a reason not yet shared yet. Hope its a good reason also

Outta box your post will have you sent into the cosmos and the style my determine which direction your going and who with...
this is an interesting site and its interesting that it was found by 1 after viewing UFO hunters Dulce base / DUMBS!

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