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Could this be the beginning of the end for Europe?

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 05:29 AM
a reply to: McGinty

What happened in Greece happened for the reasons i explain in this thread

and also because of the CIA's plan called "Pythia1" or "Πυθία1". You and anyone else who wants to know about the Greece, the Grexit and the economic memorandum can begin their research from the plan called "Pythia 1". Search about it on the web first.

Anyway, as a matter of fact, the end of the EU began with the Maastricht treaty. The Maastricht treaty was the "spark". The treaty of Lisbon was the beginning of the "fire".

Let's take a closer look to history. There has not been a period of 30 years in Europe w/o a big war since 400 BC, ever! The 70 years of peace we have now (thankfully i would say) is a historical paradox. The people of Europe were always on fights and wars with each other. Nations created hates and enmities (unfortunately) against other nations and these tent to become "natural, physical hates", as you would read in the most historic books.

WW2 is away from us for only 70 years. The atrocities which took place during the war, the cold war climate which existed for 50 years after it, will need hundreds of years to be forgotten. 70 years are only 2 and a half generations, if we consider a generation = 25 years. What does it mean? The grandparents of the nowadays people at the age of 40-60 fought in that war. Their stories, their experiences, their memories are still recent.

A team can last, a team can stand only if there is fait between its members. But i ask you ATS members. Do you believe that there is the appropriate faith between the European nations? The answer is very simple: No.

The unknown brings you fear. That fear face most of the citizens of each European nation against their neighbors. The fear of the unknown about them, the fear of a repeat of WW2 situations, the fear of uncertainty. Germany, Austria and Italy had the exact same fear back in 1936-1938. The Germans were not simply angry because they had lost WW1. They mostly feared that the other nations would take advantage of them in bad ways. That fear led them to Nazism, that fear led Italy to Fascism.

Now, another simple question. Does 2014 in Europe reminds you of 1936? Well, it sure does in more than sectors. Europe's economy is in recession, exactly as it was back then. Lack of jobs brings uncertainty, lack of jobs brings fear, lack of jobs brings anger. That fear and anger fed the Fascistic and Nazistic parties in most of the European countries in the recent EU elections.

But these are only what you see with a first look. With a second look, you will see that Maastricht treaty (which led to the creation of the EU) was in fact the reason which planted the seed of xenophobia in the minds of "blind and really dumb people", as i characterize the ones who voted the Fascistic and Nazistic parties. I remember back in 1993 when we were all happy and looking forward for an EU of love, for an EU of peace, for an EU of understanding, for an EU of support. Until 2008, although i did not like at all that the EU was the dog of the US ( it still is), i and almost the 95 % of the Europeans honestly appreciated how the creation of the EU have helped Europe, have helped the Europeans' lives. However, since the economic crisis hit the door of Europe along with the fact that the Europe had become "friendlier to the world's markets" (as Merkel said in 2010), led to the loss of many people's jobs. Instead of having "world's markets friendlier to the EU", we had and have "EU friendlier to the world's markets". This was the chance the Fascistic and Nazistic parties were looking for to poison the minds of the "blind and really dumb people".

With the lies like "everyone in Europe is for himself", like "look what they had done to you" and "do you really want the illegal immigrants to live in your country and steal you, rape you etc, etc", the Fascistic and Nazistic parties managed to make people follow them. They got advantage of the people's fear and managed to turn that fear into an unexplained anger, exactly as (the as***le) Hitler did. Fascists and Nazists were hiding for 65 years. The economic crisis gave them the chance to come out of the hideout and poison Europe.

For me, it is by far more than clear that fear, lack of historical knowledge and xenophobia characterizes the "blind and really dumb people" in Europe. The only responsible for that are the EU politicians. They did not want to educate people, they did not want to show people who the Fascists and Nazists really are, they only wanted to follow the NWO's plans. Cause yes, i strongly believe based on facts that the leaders of the Fascistic and Nazistic parties around Europe are nothing but Masons (or Freemasons as this forum likes to call them), are nothing but NWO's employs.

I have no clue how the NWO are going to use those parties, yet. All i know is that we are on the verge of the combination of the EU and NATO. Do you remember the Globo currency? Either the NWO's goverment will bring us the Globo or they will terminate the EU and they will create a WW3 situation, exactly as it happened back in 1936 and 1938.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 08:06 AM
This topic will due, its about greece as well..

The greek government (puppets), are weak and they dont have enough votes for the new president (of fake) democracy. They need 180 but they got 154! So they bribe politicians about 1-10m each, to get votes! And they got reported for corruption.


Thats how they ellect fake presidents of fake democracy
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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 08:12 AM

originally posted by: Korg Trinity
What We DO want...

1. Free Trade Agreement between European Nations....

End of...


Of cause, this just means going back to the Rome treaties, a kind of EU we lived good with for decades.

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