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Silent Revolution of Truth - UFOs and Prophecies From Outter Space

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posted on May, 24 2014 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: cyberheater

There are many hoaxes out there to make it easier to discredit the real ones. At least 5% of all UFO reports have yet to be explained. Don't think that just because you see one faked UFO, they are all hoaxes.

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 02:54 PM
Personally I always thought, because Meier was abit of a recluse, that those fraudulent photos were added to the collection by his messenger partner shifty go between who's name eludes me!!!
Horn was it???
I feel he did it to besmirch Meier who was clearly photographing some beautiful craft!
The dodgy photos were used to smear his name in a disinformation sense!!!
As a recluse it'd be easy to take advantage of his findings!!!

I'll be back with a review as soon as I watch the video!!!

Peace Sled!!!
Peace everybody!!!

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 03:01 PM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs

The dodgy photos were used to smear his name in a disinformation sense!!!
As a recluse it'd be easy to take advantage of his findings!!!

Thank you for your post.

Yes, anytime someone gets close to the truth, you can bet a smear campaign will follow. Happens every time.

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 04:42 PM

originally posted by: sled735
a reply to: cyberheater

There are many hoaxes out there to make it easier to discredit the real ones. At least 5% of all UFO reports have yet to be explained. Don't think that just because you see one faked UFO, they are all hoaxes.

No I don't think they are all hoaxes. And the pressure to produce some form of tangible proof from those that genuinely do have something to do with real UFO's must be pretty big.

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 04:49 PM
I've had an experience relating to Meier, and that "scroll", the talmud of Judas. After the wake up call, with the sightings we had, went into a period of a lot of research on ufology, and meditation, raising frequency, monroe institute waves, and seeking Highest Love and Goodness protection and archangel protection, and Higher Self protection and Christ Jesus, even prayers. And what worked was kindness, literally. Having grace and decency in even overcoming fear aspects to treat all with respect, putting yourself in their shoes, brought respect back and protection.

There was a time period during this, roughly August 2009 I believe, where alot of strange things had happened, with other people, involving even the grandson of my friend who stayed with us.

Then that month, there were energies coming in, that would cause me during meditation, to get headaches, and I was sleeping alot, and during the waking times, would recognize people, ie the veil would lift numerous times and more of me connected in.

Out of everything that has occured, that is the jackpot, more than ufology, more than imagining a lottery win, just miracle that is so appreciated by me, so grateful for it, and there is no entity pretending to be you, you simply are there and you know this is you, and the whole universe could fold up and roll away for all you care, its not real, you are.

So, nobody can take this from me, their words don't count, its just not true, whatever the silly turkeys are on who have their own opinions, it doesnt matter, because I know.

When that occurred a few experiences, one was simply reaching into my field and knowing everyone here was like a child who I loved including the bloodlines and elites, they were like kids running with scissors, a threat to self and others, but to the bigger me, worthy of love and compassion like any child, needing it. Big people, Moms, go out of their way for the lost sheep or upset child, the wounded bird with the broken wing.

In any case, the Billy Meier part. To begin with, there is a few different ways to look at his case: one was told by someone he was mossad, therefore a black op. second, he posted weird pictures that could be hoaxed, but visitors had experiences when they attended, and read something about a cia set up over his place on the mountain.

So you can't tell much, can't tell...seriously. They make people discredit themselves, death is the consequence to your family if you refuse. Even more prevalent an outcome if you've ever signed one of their contracts, ie worked of the military or signed their dotted line stuff. So, I am on the fence.

As for his contacts, that he alone knows the ple'o'sh'a'n, not true. That they're real, yes. That they come from an alternative universe, yes. Not our dimension.

Now, when I was remembering people, knew of my own family even my ex who was not my favorite most mature person, he brought alot of trauma into our lives. But I worked hard at not being selfish and sending real love, intercessions from a distance like a sister.

And some famous people, a woman on youtube who was like a sister to me, and Meiers. I just knew we'd all entered in at certain times, as if parachuting out through decades, and knew each others assignments/lessons on the other side.

Then someone sent me the talmud and I was furious, just furious. He is a renegade, I said out loud, shocking myself. He was not meant to start a religion. Benevolents do not bring religions, or talk like the Georgia Guidestones, like he did.

In fact the very passage I was reading on the pdf, which he said he only edited, but had his energy imprint all over the writings, I could feel him, he authored some of that. To me. And he was saying terrible things about homosexuals, as if God/Goodness/Higher Ups and Benevolents would ever feel that way. No they don't, its all apart of our lessons and how we treat others , who are different than ourselves is a major test. They take on a hard role, due to the very immature low level mind sets here.

In any case, the very next part was that, women homosexuals were off the hook, because they're not seed bearers.

Maybe you have to be a woman to understand the sickening pathetic gross chauvinistic perveted crapola that whole thing was. I had a red out. Big time.

He is a renegade! I proclaimed.

I felt a projection leaving me, another mystery. Because we have slivers of self that can leave us???? Wrote to a friend over something that I had never experienced before. I had to wrestle with myself, and literally say, NO, no karma, NO.

Anyway, totally surprised me because I knew him in spirit, knew he came for an assignment and was totally off it, and yet his Family would always be there watchign over him, loving him, waking him up.

And then the very next day I had contact. A man, could be described as angel et, in blue uniform, ageless but looked like early 20's, like a youth, pure, gentle, fine light. I saw him in the bathroom. And he said to me,

"Never ever judge anyone, for the frequency is here is so hard that very few people ever wake up. Intercede on their behalf that they may recover and go back on mission." (paraphrased a bit now as I've forgotten the exact wording.)

So, thats my 2 bits about Billy Meier. He has a real Family who watches over, something has gotten him off tract. I believe some contact is real but his particular ones are a part of some agenda, not sure what its all about, don't want to judge, don't like his Talmud, the orthodox smiting aspects, nor do I like the thing said about 500 million people that mirror the Georgia Guidestones. To me its a ufolgoy version of NWO.

But...he has a real Family and we're supposed to be interceding for each other.

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 04:59 PM
Now, due to the experience and veil, and even now, can say clearly, he was not allowed to start a religion, or alter one that is already there, and they are not given by benevolents, more annanuki. His real Family's prime directive is to guide, wake up, and yet non interference, overall. Because ETs do interfere according to the plans for earth, that are already there, and there already from the true Higher Levels, outside and beyond the box of this duality, plans for the progression of all souls and earth. No matter how long it takes and earth doesnt belong to zeus or the bad guys ever. Mismanager may mismanage for a time due to people not being awake at the wheel in some cycles, but they don't own the school.

He has real Family and I pray that he return to his original mission he was born to do, not the black op stuff. For NWO is not from benevolents.
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posted on May, 24 2014 @ 05:11 PM
By the way its highly ironic that George Green also jumped on this, he was visiting Meiers stuff, and then was followed back in his testimony and interviews, by the ufo's and that he has contact, and he brings up the Georgia Guidestones.

Black op stuff and weird religious crapola. And wake up time because this world and its freedom, depends on everyone. Its like the olympics, you can't be dictator to the world, and have to bring out the good in others and empower others, and then continually pass the torch of freedom.

Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2

ETA: the thing about the ple'o'sha'n group. They're real. Not just one group of them either, many different splinter groups, some benevolent and some "beehive" under some other groups thumb. Constant in the free will universe. Not sure I know if pleaidians come from pleaidies but they probably set up camp there some time ago. But they didn't say some of the things he attributes to them, and do some of the things he attributes to them, nor was he Christ. He's bearing false witness against his own family whether he even knows this or not. For all I know his group that he was bringing forth pretending to be Higher Ups, was the nazi's and any crafts seen by others, the nazi saucers.

There are real Ets and he has a real Family watching over and needs to start to do the real work he came to do, to recover from black op stuff.
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posted on May, 25 2014 @ 07:58 PM
a reply to: sled735

First of all, I would rather it be embedded so I did not have to visit the YouTube channel of the uploader just to see the video. That seems like a cheap way for someone to get hits on their YouTube channel.

Secondly I didn't watch the entire 95 minute video, but I watch quite a bit if it by skipping around. Almost everything I saw was something I was already familiar with. I did not see anything new about the Billy Meier story, and was wondering if you (OP) had any one particular part that you thought was new and/or telling (considering the Billy Meier story has been pretty thoroughly debunked)?

By the way, I got quite a laugh at about the 52:25 mark when they were talking about a craft that "blinked in and out of phase/dimensions" and showed a craft that disappears. It was painfully obvious that they simply stopped the camera, moved the fake craft out of frame, then started the camera again, because there was a tree branch moving in the wind that suddenly and abruptly went perfectly still when the craft "disappeared". I actually laughed at the notion that people were going to believe this.

By the way, they said independent film experts examined the film and found that it was not cut and spliced (as if that is meaningful). I believe them when they said it was not cut of spliced, because the method of trick photography I mentioned above (turning off the camera, moving the fake craft, then restarting the camera) would not require splicing.

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