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Incredible - "incredibox" song making with a difference

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posted on May, 23 2014 @ 06:02 PM
Came across a quite brilliant website -
A beatbox music making mash up of samples
Make your own tunes
im hooked already!!


Basically there are loads of beatbox samples for percussion, beats, melodies, vocals, effects
Put any amount together to make your own song
The b.p.m. (beats per minute) is already set so alls you have to do is make up your song.
If you like it download it and enter the weekly competition.
Great for passing away the hours

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posted on May, 23 2014 @ 06:59 PM
a reply to: SecretKnowledge


Very cool indeed... keep us posted more on cool things like this!

posted on May, 23 2014 @ 07:52 PM
S & F That is really awesome, I love stuff like this. I have a similar app on my Iphone called Node Beat, even people who make songs and such could incorporate this into their music. Well I'm off to play with this, Thanks again!

Edit: They need to let you put more beats in, then you could get a really good song going.
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posted on May, 23 2014 @ 08:30 PM
WOW that was really allot of fun!

Here is a song for ATS
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