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The Shed 2

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posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 08:00 PM

originally posted by: Night Star
a reply to: fossilera

So have you contacted the young lady yet????? Don't waste any time. Hurry! LOL

I think I'm giving up on our story in here for a while as no one seems interested enough or are even around any more to add to it. Life happens and people are busy with other things.

That's just it though - no-one has any means of contacting her. I mean, I can hack the database, or pay a monthly fee to unlock the contact information, but even the parents at the party couldn't provide me with an answer. If I had means of contacting her, then I would. Almost passed a message to her mother, but forgot that even her mother doesn't know where she's at.

And Syx, it's been years since we've even seen each other in person, as the last time I was with my now-ex at the same bonfire a year ago. She glared holes into my now-ex's head (and what I found amusing was that this girl broke it off with me, but yet she was still glaring at the Ex like it was her fault).

That's it, I'm off for a little bit elsewhere

posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: fossilera

OK Foss! Take it Easy!! See ya round......

".......but yet she was still glaring at the Ex like it was her fault)......" That's the way they are. right? Gotta love em. But sometimes when they do stuff like that, it makes it hard to do!!! LOL!!!!

posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 08:39 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

It's confusing, that's for sure - If I had a bit more control over my projections then I'd be able to find her no problem (I mean, I did manage to accidentally project into her bedroom before all this; guess when I said I "wanted to find where she lived", my subconscious seemed to think otherwise, and gave me a brief glimpse of "her" room, with no-one in it).

Switching topics, I think for our story we need to get off the island - for there are more places to explore before we come to the end of it all.

posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 09:24 PM
a reply to: fossilera

Kool on Projecting into her room Foss!! There is a LOT to be said about our SubConscious Mind! It is Indeed a Powerful thing!!!

I agree that going Off Island is a good idea!

(GORDY, JACY, JANE ?!?!? What do You's think of that Idea?!?!?!?)

Let us know so we can proceed, or You guys can decide Who will go forward from here?!?!?!?

Ok Guys, I gotta go. Time for some Quality with CC. Plus I;m shot and need to get to sleep soon.
See Ya's on the Morrow.
Good Night Good Night, See You in the Morning Light!!!

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 03:17 AM

originally posted by: SyxPak
a reply to: fossilera

I agree that going Off Island is a good idea!

(GORDY, JACY, JANE ?!?!? What do You's think of that Idea?!?!?!?)

Let us know so we can proceed, or You guys can decide Who will go forward from here?!?!?!?

Back in The Shed I, the idea was that we became pirates and started a 'world tour', if you will, where we would have adventures at each location. Gordi came up with the map, and I posted all our 'characters' in pictures if you remember, as a starting point at the end of Shed I. It was a way for each of us to take turns in either introducing the other Sheddies to our locality or favourite places. A bit of a geography and history lesson as well. I think the idea was spawned when I posted pictures of the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Anyway, as can be seen, the idea never took off and stumbled and floundered.

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posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: angelchemuel

(((HUGS))) to Everybody!!

Please, please don't give up on our story. I'm sorry I've been absent.
My real life is a big horrible stressy mess right now. I'm having a hard time getting through each day, but I keep telling myself "It's not forever, it's just for now."

I'm going to use an analogy regarding The Shed stories. The Avengers.
The Avengers movies consist of many characters. Sometimes, the characters are all in one movie/story together. Other times, they branch out into their own movies. (The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and recently Captain America.)

I like to think of The Shed like that. When it's possible...we are all in the story together, participating actively. Sometimes, some of us can't participate...that's when individuals write story lines involving their own characters, and maybe a couple of others.

I think it's okay if some of you keep writing....even if the story seems scattered.
With time and some work, it can eventually all get put together in a cohesive manner.
Some people spend years writing a doesn't mean that we have to abandon it....unless that's what everybody wants...?

I would rather be here, and be writing...than just about anything. Everything in my life seems to be falling apart, or going wrong. I have responsibilities to other people, and although I feel burdened (to be honest)...I know that my soul made the decision to be in STO (service to others).

I love you all my heart you are my soul family. You brighten my life when there is no other light.

I have another week ahead of me, that I'm not looking forward to. I will do what I must....try not to feel resentful, overwhelmed and stressed....and just get through it.
I would rather be here.

Love you all,

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 05:37 AM
a reply to: angelchemuel

Like other posters have said, life has happened. There have been folk moving around, other folk convalescing after back trouble, leg trouble, yet other folk with just the weirdest nonsense getting in the way...

Its life, that is all, and I think as people, that is what we are all about
That is the "vibe" I get anyway. There is nothing wrong with the plan we had, the world tour idea, or even the Island segment with the piracy and whatnot (jolly good fun if you ask me! I like getting my buckle swashed from time to time!). But we have to be prepared to live our lives, otherwise we would not be nearly as much fun to talk to as people, now would we?

Whether it happens here in the Shediverse, or somewhere in the Realiverse... When its time, its Adventure Time! Something I have learned from watching a kids TV show of the same name, is that we do not choose where and when an opportunity may arise for shenanigans, only how we act in the moment!

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 08:24 AM

originally posted by: SyxPak
....I think we need to get back to Reading the Map,and continue that line? (Gordy what's with that map idea? Where are we on that? Are all the Stones gathered?)....

Hey Syx,
Yeah, the Map was found in the old graveyard when we had defeated the original "Evil One" (with the "still-beating" heart).
It may be a "treasure" map, or may lead to something else....
The map showed the Island of Hispaniola...
and I think we had pretty much got to the island, brought all of the stones (minus Jane's egg shaped one) together, solved a riddle written on the map in Haitian Creole, then partaken of some of Trues Dragon Rum prior to finding our way to the "X" marks the spot part of the story.

But, After the Rum taking... it all went a bit "off-page"!!! LOL
and we found ourselves being led to another? Island where the Wizard etc are trapped.

Most of us have now come together on that Island and are confronting the wizard (or are nearby anyways)
I think, If we now defeat or reconcile with/save the wizard, we can get off island 2, and get back to Hispaniola to discover what "treasure" is hidden there... bearing in mind that the map probably came from the "Evil One" and may not lead us to treasure at all!!!

Whatever we discover there may indeed lead us into the next chapter of our adventures?

Let's keep it going when we get the chance!



posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 08:28 AM
a reply to: jacygirl


Thanks so much for stopping by, I know that it can't be easy.
You know where we are if we can help in any way.

PLEASE feel free to message me (or ANY of us) if you need an ear to bend, or shoulder to lean on.

I've taken your advice and entered the latest SHORT STORY Competition here on ATS!
LINK to PANDEMIC Short Story Pages

PLEASE, PLEASE pop over and have a quick read? I'd LOVE to hear your opinion/advice on it, especially as YOU inspired me to enter! So it's ALL your Fault!!!

Stay strong, and know that we are with you if you need us.


posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 08:40 PM
I waited an hour on the phone listening to that damned elevator music in the background with the occasional little pre-recorded messages then back to elevator music again. I was trying to find a health plan to sign up for. Finally I hung up. I have a cordless phone and figured if they did answer by that time and got the ball rolling, the damned battery would die on me. Now I have to wait until tomorrow or the day after and call from my Mom's house to start all over again.

Last week besides checking for blood clots with an ultra sound, I also had to have a chest x-ray. My Doc prescribed another blood pressure pill, this one with a diuretic. My pulse is still too high even though I am already on a blood pressure pill and my legs and feet are so swollen. My prescription was supposed to be called in and it wasn't. Grrr. Had to straighten that out this morning.

And my Mom who I love with all my heart can drive a Saint insane. LOL

That's my up-date.

I can't believe we got to see Jacy and Jane in the same day. How cool is that??

As for the story, I apologize for taking it into a whole different direction, but no one was posting, I was bored and depressed and needed to write. Other members were also wanting to write and jumped right in. We had some great posting going on while we waited. It was fun and challenging. I knew we could easily go back to the treasure hunt thing at any time and wasn't at all worried.

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 08:52 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Hi Night!! Sucks that you are having so many probs with medications/doctors, and /or other health issues. Why can't we enjoy our older years instead of having to put up with so much Crap?!?! LOL!! Ya Know??

As far as the story, it hasn't gone wrong. You took the reins and rode us into another area, which was/is fine! Like ya said, some of us took that path ya forged, and made it into another little adventure. Again, That's Kool!!! I think we maybe should go with where you were, hunting for Bacon!LOL!!! And CC and I were tending the fire, waiting for you to return, so we can then roast something, and get the others outside of the cave. Wait, you did return, right? and we got the food onto the spit? I think that's what it is called. Something over the fire where ya roast food? Whatever it's called, we are cookin right now, I believe.

I don't know what, whoever has in mind with The Wizard?! As far as who/what he will end up being, or what his intentions are? I think we can let him go for now, if You/I/Foss/AnyOne else want to go on with the story, and get us outside the cave, and towards the beach, and fixing our boats, or do whatever we have to do to get back on the path to Hispanolia, and the Map!!!

EDIT: Very Kool that we got to see Jacy and Jane in the Same Day!!!

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posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 09:28 PM
Hiya Syx! Yes we are cooking outside the cave.

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 09:40 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Okee Dokee!! Umm, I want to write in some more story, but am in the middle of tryin to get my puter fixed. Nothing major, but a bit time consuming. Plus when I found out there was a writing competition, I wanted to try and get something in there, to hopefully, maybe get writers status. I have something bouncing around in my head, (No not a piece of my Brain!!LOL!!!) that I think may just get me that status! No-One else has written of it from my angle, yet......

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 11:02 PM
a reply to: jacygirl

Jacy, You don't need to say you're Sorry for being absent ya know. As You mentioned, You usually , and especially right now, have a LOT goin on in Your Life, and that is why You haven't had much time to be in here. There is nothing wrong with that, or any reason to be/say you are sorry.
I , and the others I'm sure, appreciate that fact that You did say sorry, but ya don't need to feel bad or anything for feeling that way, or feel obligated to apologize for an absence......
As far as The Story; a couple Quotes from You previously,
" doesn't mean that we have to abandon it....unless that's what everybody wants...?" Umm, NO!!!
"...... You brighten my life when there is no other light......." I feel the same way when things are going wrong in my life too......

You mentioned another week of more duties, and probably stress. REMEMBER there is almost always someone here, or a U2U Away if you need someone to lean on, or a shoulder to cry on. Like Gordy said.
So remember that, ok?

Ok Best of Good Luck on Your upcoming week. Pop in when you are able, to let us know what's goin on.

CatchYa Later, Syx.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

EDIT: It's around 11:25P.M. or so. I'm outta here. Good Night ALL!
Pleasant Dreams, and I hope EVERYONE has a Great Day tomorrow!!

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posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 01:28 AM

Just checking in on what has or hasn't been going on here lately.

I myself haven't been on for the past few days or so because I have been a busy beaver since last Wednesday. Went out on Wednesday along one of my favorite rail lines in the eastern part of Kentucky. This line down along the Big Sandy River has been mighty fun to shoot the past few weeks. I'm getting used to where everything is down there like old signals left over from the Chesapeake & Ohio days of operations. It also doesn't hurt that a lot of other railfans haven't taken advantage of it and shot the line. I mean just about every place is off either US Route 23 or off a state road.

This is the signal off of Kentucky state route 1107 at Thelma, Kentucky. This signal itself dates back to at least the early to mid 1950's

Saturday then saw myself and a friend of mine going up to Northeast Ohio for a steam tractor exhibition and a few photos afterwards. With that, it gave us a chance to head up on the Wheeling & Lake Erie to possibly catch a train moving somewhere up there along the line. After not being able to find the trains moving that we heard over the radio. We settled for a shot at Masillion, Ohio.

Once we got the shot we were happy with at Masillion. We decided to head on up to Canton, Ohio to see if we could find anything moving on Norfolk Southern. When we were down at the exhibition, it did rain for a bit as a strong cold front passed through. That gave us the idea to get the pink sky at sunset in Canton. As the light quickly fades, another day comes to a close in northeastern Ohio as the sun sets on the former Pennsylvania Railroad signals at mile post 103.

So I see that Syx has been sneaking in and stealing the stash of rum once again or did Syx actually find the keys to the liquor cabinet this time. Just as long he didn't drink out of the jugs with "apple juice" on them. He should be fine for the rest of the night if he didn't get into my stash.

Awwwwwww pooh!! I missed Night, Jacy, and Jane!!
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posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 02:07 AM
Hiya Gimme! Nice photos!

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 02:51 AM
a reply to: Night Star

Hiyas Night!! Thanks a bunch!!


posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 05:28 AM
Good morning my lovelies...
It's 6:12 am, and this is my only opportunity to pop in today. Thought it would be a nice start to my day....seeing your avatars, reading your posts...and feeling the love vibe that is so strong in this Shed.

Today is momma-in-law's 88th birthday, although she doesn't remember. I am spending the day with her, so will be heading out early to pick up some shiny balloons and cupcakes for her.

I hope you are all doing well, you are all always in my heart (and thoughts).

If anyone wants to write more storyline, please go ahead! Don't worry if it doesn't all seem to fit right now...I really believe that it can still all be put together (eventually)...and even when I'm not here, I'm still writing in my head, lol.

Thank you so much for the support...I'm doing fine...just changed my attitude, and am not as stressy now.
When my nurse duties are done, I plan to spend an entire day my jammies...oh, I'm looking forward to that!

Love, hugs & sloppy kisses,

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 05:29 AM
a reply to: jacygirl


Jacy for the win!

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 07:20 AM
Wishing your Mom- in law a very Happy Birthday!

Hope I am here when you have that day in your jammies. Would love hanging out together. We can have a jammie party that day. LOL

I'll be out with Linda later today. Just going out for lunch...KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) YUM!!!!! Maybe pick up some groceries.

Hello True!

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