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The Shed 2

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 01:18 PM
a reply to: TDawgRex

TDawg Bud, Gonna Miss Ya here. Already do as You've
not been around for a time now anyway......
You do what ya gotta do to get right with yourself.
See ya soon.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 01:30 PM
Dawg, be safe bro, I'll keep the grill warmed and ready for you
WTH am I saying???

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 01:53 PM
Hi All!!!

Well I finally completed my move. It has been a Hard and scary journey for me. I haven't had the internet for almost a month now. I have much catching up to do. I still have alot of work to do, but this winter I would like to work on my computer skills. Learning how to post pic, and video's, from my phone and also from the internet. Those rotten children of mine have abandoned their loving and caring mother (when it comes to helping me learn the internet.)
I would love to show you all where I am living. It is a paradise as far as I am concerned. No more than 2 miles from myhome lake. Through the woods. My backyard is woods. Miles and miles of woods. If you wanted to be a recluse this is the place. If it wasn't for having to work I would be fishing every day. Beautiful lakes everywhere. It's a very cold place here in the winter, but HEY, Ice Fishing. Love it. The Snowmobil capital.

Anyway, I am off to do some reading here in the shed. I hope you are all well.

Hey Dawg, I just saw a couple of posts up your not feeling well. I am sorry to here that. Hope you snap out of it. I'm not that far from you, (I think) Lake Superiour? And Jacy your not far either. I think. I am in the states. But I think you mentioned that big lake once in a post.

Anyway, off to do some reading. I am glad to be back. Your posts and stories here always leave me with a smile.


posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:09 PM
a reply to: crappiekat

Kat!!! Good to See You again! Long time no see!
I'm thankful for You that you have completed Your move!
I know it is a big deal. CCBears and I did it last year, October,
from our home of over 20 years!
It was/is the hardest thing I think we have ever done!!!
Catch Ya later, Syx.
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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: crappiekat

Welcome home kat

Good to see you again

Sounds like my kind of heaven, save a seat by the fire for me. There's fun to be had


posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:28 PM

originally posted by: TDawgRex
a reply to: TrueBrit

I'm going to take a sojourn from ATS for a bit guys. I should be in good spirits but I'm not and that baffles me. I'm in constant ornery mood nowadays.

I believe I know what my problem is, but I can't fix it. It is a problem that only time and patience can fix.

I'll be lurking around the forest though from time to time. I'll be back when things are squared away.

Y'all take care!

Gonna miss you Dawg

I'm only a u2u away if you want/need to blow up at somebody.


posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:32 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

Oh yea, 20 + years in that home. Lot of tears and alot of stuff. I ended up bringing alot of stuff I didn't need, cuz I couldn't part with it. There were some not so nice comments made because of it. But it's all good now. I kept telling everyone, ( You will thank me later) LOL.

So worth it.

Tonite I am going to a pig roast which is held by one of the snowmobil teams up here. The big one that has all the safety class teachers and rescue team members. I'm hoping to get involved with them. Since snowmobiling will be how we get around the lakes in the winter to fish.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:37 PM
a reply to: cody599

Thank you Cody.

It's kinda funny, but when I saw you said welcome home, it has brought me tears. When you get so engrossed in your own life and you lose contact with others, ya don't realized how much others mean to you and affect your life.

Thank you so much for welcoming me back. It really feels good to hear that.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:47 PM
a reply to: HomerinNC

Well, well, well, look what the aliens dragged in. LOL Hiya Homer!!!! Good to see you!

Syx, I love your purple avatar!

Hi Cody!

Hello CrappieKat! So glad to hear you are settled in your new place. Good to see you again.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:54 PM
I wanted to mention, another member commented to me that they thought it was strange that I was always logged in. I had never thought of it. I just never logged out because throughout the day I would check in and it was a pain in the butt to log in everytime. I guess I never logged out. LOL Is that a bad thing? Can bad things happen to my computer if I don't log out everytime I leave the site.

I am off to my Pig Roast, and I will log off now.

I will be back later to do some more catching up, and hopefully be able to talk with some of you. I know it's summer and we all have lots of stuff going on.

See you all soon

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:56 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Oh my, Nightstar. Hello, I am off to a pig roast, but I can't wait to get back and talk to you. I hope to hear from you later.

I'm off

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 07:56 PM
The night comes to a close as the silhouette of Syx can be seen flying off in the distance......
Good Night to all , can be faintly heard......

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 10:04 PM
a reply to: crappiekat

You're making me jealous over here - I'd gladly take woods & isolation over living in a cramped apartment. Then again, I'll be moving myself in a couple months; the city I'm moving to, although it is about the size of my hometown, the population is mostly younger "kids" my age. It's definitely an artsy little place, just far enough away from "Da' Hood" to be considered safe (not sure for how much longer though; the blight keeps on creeping in all directions slowly).

Anyway, glad you decided to come back!

I'm still alive & kicking (well, limping anyway; left leg is injured.).

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: fossilera

Ouch!! foss, What happened to your leg?

Well I have been back a few pages. Wow alot has happened.

PalmaBlue, I am soooo glad things worked out positive for your family.

I am not going to leave a message for everyone, I would just like to start fresh and participate as a proud member of this community.

O.K. Funny story, We had decided that the best thing for the animals was to send them to the Pet Motel/Vet. Less stress on them, until we had everything in the house, and less chance of someone getting outside and not being able to find their way home or possibly running into trouble. (We are in the deepwoods, Lots of different kind of critters we are not familiar with running into. )

So about the second nite were here, 2:30 A.M. my sweet Zoe jumps up on the bed, runs and jumps up over my head and sits there stairing at the open bathroom window. I jump up look at her and realize something isn't right. I get out of bed and go to the window to see what is got her all fussed up, and what do I see........ There is a bear in my backyard, standing on his hind legs looking like he is trying to get over my chain link fence into my back yard. Holy Crap. I started yelling out the window and that scared her away. My Zoe has not been the same since. Alittle skidish since then. Cracking me up.

It's getting late here, so I will say goodnite.

Once I read more, I would like to participate in the story.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 11:15 PM
O.K. I gotta say some things.

Cody, Your children are beautiful. They look very happy. Kudos to you!!!

Gordi, It sounds like you are enjoying the summertime just right. Good food, family, and friends.

I'm sorry to read that some of you are having medical problems. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Mura, Ya play ya play. You sound like me, "Where did all this laundry come from"

Nite Star, I love your poems. That one is something that made me think at this time in my life.

Jane, I was so scared, I was screaming at the top of my lungs for help. Something calmed me, and now I feel blessed and at peace. Hope your move is going well. Looking forward to hearing from you and comparing notes.

I'm whipped out. Off to bed.


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 12:19 AM
a reply to: crappiekat

A certain coworker caught me unaware, so I had a full grown man tumble right into it. Apart from the nice jab of pain, apparently something hasn't fully healed yet, as I tried to run only to find the leg doesn't want to support me fully. I was able to run a little tonight, but not as much as I want.

Have a Goodnight to any Shedders or lurkers, as I'm off to the dreamlands.

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 01:03 AM
Hello Kat, lovely to meet you. Your place in the woods sounds magical ... but for the bears! Can you save me a seat too by the fire next to Cody please?

Dawg, have a good break buddy, I hope you find your good spirits. NO! Gordy, not those spirits!

I seems like there is a creative streak running through the shed. Night, your craft projects sound lovely, what a sweet idea, then backed up by Gordy's placemats, and Syx and True are writing great stuff.

Lovely lazy Sunday ahead which is just as well because I slept really badly last night, or more accurately I didn't sleep last night. Don't know why. It happens to me occasionally, the nights when sleep just doesn't happen no matter how tired I am. I even popped a herbal sleep remedy and simply lay awake with heavier eyes.

I've probably had too much holiday, I'm itching to get back to school. I'm one of those people I used to envy - I LOVE my job. LOL, give me two weeks with the little monsters, er I mean delightful darlings, and I'll be ready for the next school break!

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 01:16 AM
a reply to: Mura44

Good morning all

Can you save me a seat too by the fire next to Cody please?

They'll be talking about us soon Mura LOL

Sorry you got no sleep but at least you have Sunday to slob out


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 01:17 AM
a reply to: crappiekat

Cody, Your children are beautiful. They look very happy. Kudos to you!!!

Thanks kat

I of course take all the credit


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 01:21 AM
a reply to: fossilera


I ran once .................................................ONCE LOL

Hope it all clears up soon, you'll be up and running in no time (excuse the pun)


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