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The Shed 2

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posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 05:35 PM
a reply to: woodsmom

Boy do you have a lot of catching up to do..haha! But I must confess to rather spending time in the wilderness rather than in front of a keyboard...oh well, those days will return soon enough.

Good to see you again. How's the moose doin?

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 06:28 PM
Good to see you Woodsmom!!!!!!!

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 06:35 PM
Ok, so I'm like napping on the swing outside and hear this SPLASH! A little squirrel fell from the tree and into the pool. Poor little thing looked terrified. I fished him/her out with the skimmer. LOL It hung on to that pole for dear life until it was out of the water and away from the pool. Glad I was out there when I was.

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 06:50 PM
I wouldn't have it any other way TDawg, at least while its above freezing still. I was hoping to get out there today too, but I got glutened. I've been stuck inside most of the day now. We went to see a friend this past weekend, and she gave the boys s'mores. I should know better than to go near them before they had been decontaminated. Haha. It's been a great summer though. I even have about 30 lbs of safe for me smoked salmon all stocked up again. The berries were the most disappointing, I didn't find more than two dozen berries total. As for the moose, life is grand. They should be wandering in soon. Hunting season starts on the 20th and they are sure my yard is safe. In all fairness it is, until one of them is legal. I have also hauled up at least a few halibut from the salt water. I want more though, hehehe. Its actually time for me to buckle down and civilize myself again a bit. The boys and I start school on Sept. 2. Lesson plans are already drawn up for the first couple of weeks so I can keep on in the gardens.

You will be back out there before you know it!

(((((((Hugs)))))))) Night Star!! You're a hero!!
edit on 18-8-2014 by woodsmom because: Go night star!

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Good for you Night! I saved a toad out of the swimming pool yesterday. Not on the level of a squirrel, but it still felt good. No Viking funeral is always a good thing.

I never realized how many creatures are caught up in pools before I started farm sitting. Kind of sad.

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 08:24 PM
I like toads.

The squirrel was the only critter I ever caught in a pool. I mostly skim out little bugs and leaves. My Mom was yelling out the window and my neighbor Dan was yelling too, saying not to handle it with my hands. LOL

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 08:44 PM

originally posted by: Night Star
Poor True and Foss, our young'uns, must be thinking what the hell am I doing hanging out with these old folk? All they talk about is their aches and pains and pills. LOL But hey, we're cool old folks, like Jacy said, not like normal old people.

And who wants to be normal anyway??? That is so boring! Exccuse me while I take my meds and crank my heavy metal.

Not so much poor us - us younger generations have our own aches & pains (I carry my scars inside) - Not to join in with everyone else, but my weeks been melancholic; it's almost as if life decided "Ohh no, you are not taking that path". And it really is weird, because all my offline "friends" seem to be vanishing, save for a couple that for some reason decided to seek me out. Work is stressing me out, and I'm getting "pulled" towards living in a local city as opposed to where I'm at now. Can't seem to find which end of the rabbit hole is up or down (anyone got some lithium to spare?).

However, I have been reading entries here in my week absence, in between getting out & about. It always manages to cheer me up.

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 09:14 PM
Hi again everyone! So I logged out earlier around 2:30, took a break and started to write a story. Not for the shed story though, ( I am working on an entry though.) but something a bit different. I think You all will like it when I'm done. But anyway, there's a part in it that I rescue a small fawn; ( " While walking back to his cave, he sees an animal caught in a snarl of shrubbery,
wailing for help. Off he goes to see what can be done for this unfortunate little fawn.
Taking out his bone knife, he nears the animal, and the fawn gets a little more excited seeing the man approach."Shh, Shhh, Shhhhh now be calm. I won't hurt you." he says in a soft calm voice......."

Talk about simultaneous thought, or/and Synchronicity?!?? I mean I come back and back read all the posts from you guys and NightStar rescued a squirrel!!? It's been crazy for that today. Earlier I got twisted in with Rodinus in a thread, TWICE!!! I was writing something down gettin' ready to post, and when I click ti post, there's a post there from Rod,that has the same things in it!! So a bit later, I am writing, same Thread, and when I posted, Rod has something there that was almost the same words I used, and the same idea in the message!!!?
It was Crazy! LOL!!!
I'll tel l ya sometime about me, half drunk, tryin to catch a squirrel in a grocery store back home......LOL!!!
It was a riot! LOL!!!

WoodsMom, the 30 lbs of fish will be good eatin this winter, eh? Good Job!

Cody And TDawg!! Those small motor Transportation vehicles are Bad Ass!!! LOL!!!!

Ok this is way too long enough.See Ya's in a bit. Syx.

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 09:21 PM
a reply to: fossilera

Foss Man!! Good to see ya back!

Hey, life's paths are something right out of a Twilight Zone episode at times, eh???!
I feel for you that your paths got confused.

Reach out and grab hold of some roots, or rocks that are sticking out in that Rabbit Hole!! Hold on tight,
so you don't continue to fall deeper, and soon enough, your direction will be shown. The way will be shown by your Astral Guide. Even though you may not be in the required trance state, Guides can seek you out, show you the way, and be at the end of that path with open arms......
When you close your eyes in that rabbit hole, look around You at ALL of US. We are there/here for You Foss!!!

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 10:47 PM
Sorry things aren't going so well for you lately Foss. Sounds like the story of my life. It isn't easy, I know. I always thought I would reach a certain age and could finally be settled and relax. HA! I'm thinking of changing my middle name to Worry!

I swear every time I turn around, something is happening beyond my control that I don't like and am powerless to change. Quite frustrating. So I buy colorful fish and watch them swim serenely in their pretty little environments and they make me smile. Or I lose myself in the pages of another place in time in books or movies. Or, I hang out here with people I love and respect. And somehow...I find the strength and courage to move on. Hang in there my little buddy! HUGS!

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Hi Night! I planned an hour ago to watch a movie with CC. Time for that now, so take care!! See ya on the Morrow prob.... Syx

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 10:57 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

Night Sweetie! Sweet dreams for you and CC!

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 01:40 AM

originally posted by: SyxPak
a reply to: fossilera

When you close your eyes in that rabbit hole, look around You at ALL of US. We are there/here for You Foss!!!

Foss, it's good to know you are not so lost that you can't find your way here. When Syx posted this I rebelled and wanted to say 'speak for yourself mate, I ain't hanging around no weird rabbit hole'. Then I realised I didn't want to be there because I recognise the place, where reason and sense and logic don't work, and uncontrollable forces push you in all directions.

Even though I know the place I can't give you directions, friend. The way out is different for everyone, but as Syx said we are there/here for you. Work stress sucks because unfortunately the daily grind is so necessary for the daily act of paying bills and worse is being pulled to living somewhere you don't want to live. I hope you find some peace.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 01:50 AM
Great new chapters in the story Cody and Gordi and True!
A wonderful good morning to everyone. And because every day should start with sunshine, kittens and coffee...

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 02:24 AM

originally posted by: Mura44
Great new chapters in the story Cody and Gordi and True!
A wonderful good morning to everyone. And because every day should start with sunshine, kittens and coffee...

Yep, that would be a great way to start the day.

However, mine has started with a couple skunks fighting underneath my deck, smelling the place up, which is why I'm awake at 3am.

But I do have my cup of coffee.
Now if the damn smell would go away so I can go back to sleep.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 03:27 AM
a reply to: Gordi The Drummer

I figured the time for pussy footing around was done with. Its time we just vivisected something while it yet draws breath!

And on a more positive note, HELLO EVERYONE!

Its a bright, thrice cursedly sunny day down here in Shoeburyness today. Last night was the first night that my sleep pattern was able to be re-established in full, since the weekend. Sunday night saw one of the businesses across from our premises get its window put through by some ignorant bastard, which resulted in myself and my people jumping out of our beds, into our clobber, and down the stairs in a jolly tidy forty five seconds, followed by a couple of hours of milling about in the street, talking to the police, and being far too awake for the time of night.

In addition, one of my sisters friends has been in crisis since the end of last week, so our clan has been offering material support to that individual for some days at a stretch now also. In short, the last four days have been utterly, stark staring bonkers to say the least of it. As a result, I slept a little late (by an hour
) and had to rush into the day like a ravening berserker, rather than in anything approaching an orderly fashion.

Still... I am here now, the working day is begun, and yet another page of the book of time is being turned at its usual glacial pace. SSDD!

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 05:17 AM
a reply to: TDawgRex

We have skunks in our yard a lot at night. We think they might be living beneath the shed in the yard. Luckily, they don't usually spray. When they do, you know it! Man!

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 05:28 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

I am so sorry to hear that one of your sister's friends has been in crisis. Nice of your family to help in any way they can.
Sorry to hear about the jerks who ruined that businesses window. Have the plants been safe? I remember when you were dealing with that issue on your street.

My EX is so damned stubborn. He has been dizzy and hasn't been himself since the last time he got out of the hospital. He needs to make a doctor's appointment. I mean we couldn't even go grocery shopping. I told him something was terribly wrong if he can't function normally. I still worry about him terribly.

Now, on my only day out with Linda I will have to grocery shop for myself, my Ex and my Mom. Don't even know if anyone will be around downstairs to help and I can't carry everything by myself.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 05:38 AM
Hi everybody,
I'm sorry I haven't been around.
My personal life is not good right now, and I've become completely withdrawn.

I can't talk, can't write...all I can think about is how I don't know what to do.
I'm trying to be okay, but I just don't feel okay.

I hope everyone is good.
Love you all,

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 05:46 AM
a reply to: jacygirl

Jacy Hi!! Glad to see you beck here!

Good Morning EveryOne!!

Jacy, I'm sorry to hear of all your torment.
And that You finally knew what to do, and came back here!
It is a step in the right direction.
Just take those steps one at a time, and I feel You will soon better YourSelf!

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