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Bush Nominates Carlos Gutierrez to Cabinet

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 10:26 PM
When I heard the news about a new cabinet member appointed, and hearing the "former Kellog cereal CEO" phrase added, I though, OK, a CEO from one a non oil related firm, Kellogg a good wholesome product line.. . . . Then a bell went off, I had just read a post that was out of place but had links to stories about genetic seeds for crops being forced on Iraq, Bushies little experiments with helpless countries? This could affect us all it geneticly modified foods which are already being ingested by all of us looses regulation. Mr Gutierrez has not put up a fight in the past to reduce or eliminate grain of GM crops from entering your breakfast cereal. While this may not mean he is backing the big Ceed genetics companies, it's realy suspicious.

After I heard the nomination news I Used the seacrh criteria below and found the linke below it. Judge for yourself!
"Carlos Gutierrez" Genetic kellogg

I drew the connection to the link below, strange coincidence or conspiracy?

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