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Denver Murder Rate Cut in Half After Marijuana Legalization. Coincidence?

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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 07:01 AM
a reply to: purplemer

If that's the real reason then its time to legalize it everywhere

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 07:26 AM

originally posted by: LDragonFire
a reply to: OccamsRazor04

The topic of the thread is the murder rate in Denver is half what it was last year.

"Denver Murder Rate Cut in Half After Marijuana Legalization. Coincidence?"

And I already addressed that. This in no way even comes close to making any connection whatsoever.

Look at 2009 and 2010 Murder rate. In the past 10 years the murder rate has fluctuated between 22 and 89 murders per 100,000 people. Did everyone forget to smoke in 2004 and then everyone got super high in 2010? Because that is what you are suggesting, that the change is mostly due to marijuana. It's so moronic I imagine whoever came up with the idea had to have been high at the time.

In other news statistics show that when ice cream sales increase crime also increases. I suppose you think Ice Cream causes crime too?
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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 07:34 AM
a reply to: SixX18

If you are in your mid-30s and are on ATS and understand the history of MJ and its suppression then please VOTE and ask all your friends to as well,you are the Worlds hope a 100% participation National vote will oust the weasels hurting everyone they have made people lose faith in the political system,the system is perfect and will flush this crap out if EVERYONE VOTES WITH 100% PARTICIPACTION.It is not what they do that enables them it is what WE FAIL TO DO THAT ENABLES THEM,when people do not vote these monsters hi-jack their votes and voices and THIS is where they cut our Achilles tendons .The same people who suppressed MJ suppressed free energy and many medical cures.There must be a Crusade to root and undermine the system,expose these people so your Grandchildren have a chance ar a free and honest life,you are likely screwed,but you can still battle for your Grandchildren and everyone elses as the generations before you had to do.

It is not enough to accept things we should have been given 75 years ago as token gifts from TPTB,the People need to Crusade against the mony mongers and not let them disappear for a generation or two with their money and power,no way take the fight to them.

MJ is just ONE of many medical options suppressed from us all.

Do not take the things your generation is seeing for granted,find the people who suppressed these things and punish them,dont assume everything you see happen in terms of progress is BRAND NEW, and if something has been suppressed from the People do not roll over and just be glad you have it,on behalf of the billuons who were hot helped sooner you have an obligation to battle suppression.

An Industrial cartel worked to suppress MJ and later the Medical Cartel began to help,the same ones who suppressed Tesla and promoted Edison,but there is a clear and present record of exactly who did the suppressing and exactly what laws were changed,and exctly what laywers did the dirty work for them and athe money trail will always be there expressed as impact sans paperwork.

The importance of MJ does not sit in its social influence,it is found within its MEDICAL influence.

MJ is much much more a medicine than we yet accept.

Dont be upset that you werent allowed to socially use MJ,be upset that many many people have needlessly suffered and died from diseases the men suppressing MJ and these other things KNEW ABOUT FOR DECADES and Centurys.

The Rats are trying to burrow themselves down somewhere safe right now because the heat is on,your gegeration if you are 30 is carrying the generation before yous momentum do not lose it keep it rolling.Do not stop with societal control of MJ,seek out free-energy and force it out,seek out total cures for Cancer and all diseases force it out,do not slow down or lose momentum,follow the money,go back 2-300 years minimun,go back centuries if you can follow the money and influence,let the sins of the fathers be righted on the backs of the sons and daughters because these suppressionist monsters were planning ahead for THEIR sons and daughters.Rip ever dime and iota of influence and power from those who have taken it by undercytting Humanity at its most basic core level.

Once legalisation takes hold NATIONWIDE murder rates will plummet.DO NOT listen to any Law Enforcement or Politicians who say any different.they have a vested interest in crime and a paniced population that accepts their behaviours.Just listen to Law |enforcement and Politicians who tell you the truth.

Making MJ legal removes the criminal gain and in turn stops the killings.We all know this.Just wait till we hit the Utility company criminals like we are hitting the MJ criminals,the suppressionists are the real target not the people in prison,never lose sight of that,the REASON so many millions of people have been abused and punished MUST BE ANSWERED TO ,and this means finding out who SUPPRESSED THE MJ DATA IN THE FIRST PLACE,to keep lawyers and cops and judeges and jailers WORKING???Lets find out who though humans were like numbers and who sat back and watched our society being ripped apart and did nothing to stop it,lets find them and hold them accountanle.

We all know prisons are full of people who do not belong there and that BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE MADE EVERY YEAR OFF OF A CONTRIVED PRISON SYSTEM which is treated like a business.

MJ,Medical Cures,Free energy and distribution,the Contrived Prison System,we are very quickly finding all of the sources of suppression and income streams of TPTB,this process will not stop this Crusade has just begun and WILL snowball soon into something we havent seen in Centuries.Freedom of Knowledge.

Mj changes are just he beginning,we need to push harder and further.And we need to be taking names,and ENSURING that these weasels who suppressed it in the 1st place do not EVER get their money back into new areas of Global growth.Lets force this generation or two of crooked manipulators to die broke,lets cut them out of the money game.Lets NOT allow their long term planning to work for their kids,lets STOP their money-balls from rolling,lets let them know before they die that we will not stop until we hold THEIR LEGACYS responsible for their lifetimes of crimes against Humanity,lets let them know they will not win in death,that their best laid plans will NEVER COME TO FRUITION.

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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 09:47 AM
Well, I'd think any real reduction in crime would come from a legalization of harder, more addictive drugs.

Most petty thievery and property crimes are directly tied to someone who's addicted to an illegal substance and thus has to pay inflated black market prices.

Not to say habitual pot smokers aren't addicted to their weeds at some level... but they rarely go out to steal for their habit. They don't nearly die if they don't have it.

Prohibition is very stupid... and it's only taken us a century to figure it out.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:44 AM
A delightful coincidence at this time, of course too soon to really tell anything for sure. I suppose if the crime statistics for these few months had gone the other direction the "contras" would be screaming and wagging their fingers at every casual user and blaming them for bringing on the end of the world as we know it.

Enjoy the statistic for now and hope the trend continues the way most of us expect it will, toward a "kinder and gentler" nation through our restored liberties and freedom. George HW Bush laid out his own vision in the 80's for a "kinder and gentler" America through a new world order of draconian laws and oppression with a promise that substance users will be caught and they will go to prison and the nation will build more prisons to house them all. That has been tried and has failed leaving us with a legacy of oppression, deception, privacy invasion, corruption, and authoritarian thuggery.

What is now happening in Colorado, Washington, and a movement taking hold across the nation is beginning to turn that all around once again and putting America back on track. Keep in mind that what is working in our benefit is not a stoned nation but a return to liberty and our freedom to choose what we feel best for ourselves. Feeding a quasi-governmental crime machine is not what we want. We are taking our country back now, one little weed at a time.

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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 12:14 PM
Murder rates constantly fluctuate. It's just too early to start celebrating just yet. I think a 3-5 years study will give more accurate insight and better data as to what the results are of legalizing marijuana. Personally, I don't think it will change much of anything except for stock in tater chip and beef jerky companies.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 12:27 PM
To clear some things up:

Colorado did not have a particularly bad winter this season, that was further out east/north.

For many municipalities, pot shops are as common as starbucks (sometimes more). In many of the areas of the denver metro area (much larger than denver itself, for those who havent been here), I can be plopped down anywhere and reach a shop within a couple minutes of walking.

Prices for recreational use are VERY steep.

Beyond all of that though, I could see legalization having an impact on these things.. but to be the sole cause is really, really jumping to conclusions. Accessing these things before legalization was not exactly difficult, and beyond that, the criminals never had an issue with the law anyway. The facet that could have driven this down is, perhaps, certain organizations leaving the state for more fertile ground where profits are higher. I would think that it would have to go beyond that factor alone though.

Also keep in mind that the black market didnt exactly disappear. Because of the extreme prices of recreational marijuana, many are just going to the same people they have for years upon years.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 12:31 PM
But if all the states legalize mary, then they will legalize other things people choose to watching tv, or petting dogs, etc...
No, it must remain illegal in almost everywhere...this is the land of the free..and your free from personal liberties!

Getting stoned and laying on a couch watching southpark is should instead do the legal time honored tradition of getting violently drunk.

-sarcasm...the whole ban has always been and will always be ridiculous...and btw, I am not a smoker..occasional drinker, I simply don't like the pot high..but my dislike of it (and anchovy's) is a personal thing, not a legal stance.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Thanks for the data. I think it is fair to conclude there is not enough evidence to support this at the moment..


posted on May, 22 2014 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Thanks for the data. I think it is fair to conclude there is not enough evidence to support this at the moment..


posted on May, 22 2014 @ 11:40 PM
There's no sense re-commenting on the difficulty in drawing conclusions from little data. It's worth noting that a lot depends on what figures you look at. Here's another set covering the first two months in Denver after legalization:

Over the first two months of 2014, “simple assaults” in Denver are up an astonishing 70% over the same timeframe in 2013. The crime of “intimidation” is up 86%, and all “crimes against persons” have increased 32% compared to 2013.

But the real changes are evident in the “all other offenses” category. Here we see that “disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace” has increased 1,144% (from only 18 offenses in 2013 to 224 in 2014), “family offences/nonviolent” are up 97%, “liquor law/drunkeness” is up 1,150%, “violation of a restraining/court order” increased 87%, “criminal trespassing” is up 339%, and the “all other offenses” subcategory have increased 400%.

Denver Crime Stats

posted on May, 23 2014 @ 12:12 AM
Anyone who is possibly alluding to some inname idea that the murder rates will NOT go down immediatly with legalisation is kidding themselves,this is an UNDENIABLE REALITY,just like the millions of prisoners who will no longer be fed and clothed and imprisoned for combined thousands and thousands of years on the public dollar,ultimately costing Billions and billions of dollars possibly trillions cumulatively.

You do not need to wait for statistics fed to you be anyone else to extrapolate if you have a healthy mind that the murder rates will go down Nationwide and that Billions of dollars will be trimmed off of Prison cost and more Billions off of Court costs and yet more Billions by tax earnings.

TPTB used Mexico,they funnelled trillions of dollars of a popular 70s drug into the US and let the Mexicans run the MJ side of things until they wanted to pull the plug to save their Seniors from starvation.

If it wasnt for the Seniors in America and their voting power which is being attacked as we speak with open immigration laws attempting to tip the balance,then this would never have happened,you cannot drain Trillions of dollars off of your own people by intentionally redirecting such a huge volume if dollars into prisons,lawyers,courts and police,it destroys the countrys ability to take care of its needfull people.

Prisons were used to steal Trillions from the people,the Boomer generation was so big it made this possible and viable,now that they are all old the % of Americans in Prison for things "designed by law" to create prison business and court and police and lawyer and re-hab BUSINESS has SKYROCKETED and it is crippeling the countrys ability to function.

You cannot BLEED the post-Boomer generations like you could bleed them and their immediate children,the Generations are simply to small,there were so few kid born that without slowing down the incarceration rates the idiots crippled their own country.Think about the MILLIONSof Americans doing jail time for MJ related crimes,then imagine what this has done to the country over the last 50 years,now go and find the people who did this and punish them,this has been an act if war from inside against the American People,creating laws which go against common sense and also against documented literature so you can criminalise something you know is accepted societally only does one thing CREATES PRISON BUSINESS,creates WORK AND JOBS for Cops Lawyers Judges Prison guards and Administrsators,re-hab specialists,MILLIONS of people were employed doing these jobs because the BOOMERS ALL NEEDED JOS, they needed them so bad they cannibalised their own kids and grandkids intentionally,forcing entire generations to have criminal records and to feel like second class citizens and to suffer the fiscal crippleing and hardship that a criminal record brings.

It wasnt the Russians and it wasnt the Chineese that RAVAGED AND CRIPPLED YOUR YOUTH AND COUNTRY,and this my American friends means you have a much bigger homegrown problem than MJ,you are HOME to some of these MONSTERS,some of the biggest ones.Americas biggest National Security threats live Stateside or this COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED .

Go find out who made money off of the prison Business and hold them accountable.

Someone who likes numbers add up the Trillions of dollars that this epic con-job bled off of America over the last 50 -75 years,make sure you add it all up EVERYTHING EVEN REMOTELY CONNECTED TO JUST THE MJ LAWS AND PUNATIVE ACTIONS AND ENFORCEMENT AND TREATMENT.

What kind of sick monsters misrepresent Industrial,science and the medical proffesions to create a designed dynamic in which they can pimp their own kids and grandchildren out to the legal system to make themselves more money?

The same MONSTERS who also put the fix in with Edison and Tesla,the same group who raped Humanity there,now add up the Quadrillions spent on the un-needed electricity transmission systems and infra-structures GLOBALLY and you now have an idea of the types of people you are dealing with,these people will allow NBILLIONS to die for miney,BILLIONS have died because of this simple yet horrible act of suppressing tesla and supporting the labor intensive work of Edison.

Who earned the money from the Tesla suppression and who earned the MONEY from the Mj laws Pimping out multiple generations of American Children to a horrible and brutal legal system?

You want to fix your country,well you know where to start I guess.

There is no denying these realitys and the Guilty people are still going about their businesses.

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posted on May, 23 2014 @ 12:27 AM
a reply to: one4all

Since almost all of your post deals with the prison industry, may I suggest that you look up some of the threads on that topic? You may find people who need to be convinced or people who support your view. As far as marijuana and murder goes, you have this to say:

Anyone who is possibly alluding to some inname idea that the murder rates will NOT go down immediatly with legalisation is kidding themselves,this is an UNDENIABLE REALITY
Would you explain to me how you can be so certain? Do we have strong evidence of that over time and over a sizable group of people? Is your information from other countries?

I will never argue with undeniable reality, so please explain it to me and show me the proof.

posted on May, 23 2014 @ 02:27 AM
a reply to: charles1952

Actually almost all of my post deals with the MJ laws and the murders those antiquated and misrepresented laws catalysed and how not only murders but ALL MJ related crimes feed a Prison Business that has made some Americans Billionaires on the backs of Generations of American youth.

Dont you understand yet that this is not a Social movement,this is the removal of suppression,and that means there is a clear and present trail of evidence which will soon be made available to us all,the SUPPRESSORS will have nowhere to hide.

Your question is how "I can be so certain"?

Black Market money always brings violence and death,what are you insinuating here that we need to prove things here as if we were in a court of law and you were a defense attorny?Forget it that is how we got into this mess.

It is obvious that Murders will be reduced when the Black Market dynamic is resolved via legalisation/

it is obvious that the history of MJ has been suppressed and that it has been used a a tool to manipulate America and other Countrys.

You will not get statistics from me and nor will you get you proverbial day in court as you are looking for,I will not play by the rules of evidence and statistics you want to deal in.

You will not drag me into that deep water with you.

Soon legalisation and decriminalisation will spread to every state to some degree,and when that happens History will begin to REWRITE the book on MJ and believe me we WILL out the people who suppressed it in the first place,people have been working on that very issue for decades and are now making headway.

It is the same with the Prison Business which is inextricablly linked to the MJ outlaws created on purpose by intentionally misdirected laws.

It is the same with the Tesla suppression,ha ha ha did anyone think this would not be uncovered and history would not set it straight?All we need are names to attatch to the crimes against Humanity.

Yes when you intentionally criminalise a societally accepted thing you INTENTIONALLY create an unbalanced dynamic you can use to screw the people,you screw the entire system because obviously if something is societally accepted then the VOTE SHOULD MAKE IT LEGAL,by the very principals that it was societally accepted and NOT made legal we can see the conspiracy,and when we look deeper we can find a great deal of data which shows that Industrialists were concerned with the imacts Hemp Farming were having and they decided to suppress it,to allow other more managable Industrys to oveertake the Hemp industry,it was one small step in the dance these organised Industrialist terrorists have been Waging against all of Humanity for Centuries.If we look further we find medical evidence that MJ is curative in many ways and that this data WAS AVAILABLE MANY DECADES AGO AND WAS SUPPRESSED.Using money and influence to abbrogate Humanitys progress by hamstringing us all so you can make TRILLIONS OFF OF LABOR INTENSIVE METHODS is a Crime against Humanity.Suppressing MJ to support Industrialists and then suppressing to support the Big Pharma companies and then suppressing and criminalising to support a prison Business is called FLIPPING YOUR ASSETS,and it is also called Crimes against Humanity.

You may do the legwork on the statistics if you like I do not need to I live in this century.This is not a court of law and the traditional laws of evidence do not apply here.

What I am tieing in here is that the MJ issue is much bigger than it appears on the surface.It is directly tied to suppression of MAJOR Humanitarian Knowledge from Humanity for profits.

The money earned through the suppression,criminalisation and manpulation of the MJ issue is all part and parcel of the money used to suppress tesla and others in many many ways we are now just learning to identify.

We used to think to small,but the internet has allowed everyone to have more of a shall we say Global perspective and now we can easily backtrack and revese extrapolate the dynamics used to generate and move massive sums of money and volumes if influence and fiscal impacts.

Understandablly the more traditionally grounded your mind the more difficult it will be for you to keep up with Societal change and evolution,this is likely why so many people cling to rules of evidence we see in courtrooms here in cyber-space,those rules do not apply here,many of those rules are hinderances to Humanitarian progress as we all now know,not ALL and not the MAJORITY of laws,we all know the majority are progressive but we arent so stupid as our predecessors so as to blindly have faith in the face of overwhelming volumes of proof we get dailiy from outside the chains of traditional Mainstram Media who happen to ALSO be owned by these same groups of Money Mongers,proof that shows us there are MANY law like the MJ laws,ones designed not to serve the PEOPLE but to serve the money mongers who put those laws in place the exact same ways the MJ laws were put in place and with an identical self-serving agenda totally seperate from Humanitys agenda of progression improvement and survival.

By the way PROOF by your definitions requires laws and lawyers hence MONEY,this only works if you are in a courtroom.

We are in The Peoples Court now in Cyber-space and it is YOU who needs to follow the protocal more closely.

We all know we need to research things ourselves online and people know when they read my post they will need to dig for themselves,we EXPECT people to dig for data,we WANT them to do that so they learn more.

You simply want some statistics lined up like ducks so you can waste our time shooting them down for kicks.

Here is a statistic for you,MJ is becoming legal in more areas by the day,the murder and crime rates are dropping in EVERY AREA,it doesnt take a Rocket scientist or your definition of PROOF traditional as it very well may be to see the obvious.Maybe you would care to explain how a Country could societally accept MJ but not have it be legal?If your Government works or is HONEST then this COULD NOT HAPPEN,in your political system changes do not happen via societal acceptance which has to battle its own government for decades and decades to overturn misplaced laws these were not ANTIQUUITATED LAWS they were intentionally designed via suppression.In your country these societal needs are projected via vote BEFORE laws are made.So once again HOW did your country end up the way it is right now?You see it took to long to change the MJ laws for everything to be on the up and up.

The real question is HOW DID THE MJ legeslation begin and who supported it and WHAT EVOLUTIONARY PATH did EVERY STEP of that process follow the natural one or a CONTRIVED ONE.

You miss the point here,yes murder rates and all of society will be positively effected by legalising MJ,but this is NOT ENOUGH,we need to know who by and how and why these laws were put in and supported initially and also for the DURATION of their existance,because PEOPLE are responsible for intentionally making MJ illegal to support their own agendas,AGAINST socieatal needs,atrificial propoganda and mis-information were fed to the public and we can now see how when and where,and all we need to do is add the WHO and we have one more step in the process of Humanitarian Justice completed.

Legalisation is already over,State by State participaction is a formality,legalisation is just the tip of the ice-burg.

What we need now is an honest teenager with a computer who will NOT ask for "proof" but who will go get it.,one who will use cyber-skills to go wayyy back in time to the very 1st MJ laws and follow the trail of data suppression and manipulation all the way up to to today.Thats the REAL PROOF we all need.And dont worry it is on its way.The records cannot be erased and it is all a matter of perspective and of knowing where to look and whose names to look for.

When you do ANYTHING unnatural or against the natural grain you leave a huge and very obvious dynamic trail which CANNOT be erased.If MJ data was suppressed many years ago intentionally and laws were subversively put in place while the public was played a Pipers song via media using fiscal influences and power to make the masses believe MJ was bad, we will be able to clearly illustrate this.

No one thought they would ever be caught for the crimes against Humanity they committed for money,no one could have IMAGINED the Internet and its truth-saying abilitys.

I can guarantee the men behind the MJ conspiracy never planned on being caught just as surely as I can guarantee you that they are already busted and being documented and outed.

Just because something saw made into a law doesnt mean the process was clean and just,as we all know graft exists on all levels and can be tracked by as with everything following the money.

You can blame it on the Internet or you can blame it on the real criminals,the suppressionists,but my friend no ones lawyer is getting them out of this one,the record does and will speak for itself,stick around long enough and you will see the JFK Coup de tat participants be caught in this Global web,Big Pharma,Abbrogating Americas Democratic process,Tesla suppression the list goes on and on and on and all roads lead to Rome so to speak,the moeny is the tie that binds and there is no way out once you are in without leaving a trail to follow. In todays cyberworld there is simply no place to hide.

A very well schooled lawyer with enough Firm support might tell you that there is a case for proving that every MJ connected murder may be connected via causality to the original conspiracy and those historiclly and presently connected to it and wouldnt this open up a new can of worms huh?

You are assuming the MJ laws and their history are on the up and up and I am not assuming this,I am claiming the opposite.

I am assuming the murder rates and crime rates will go down with MJ legalisation,you are claiming the opposite until you have proof as you define it.

You are assuming everyone will just accept that the MJ laws WERE in fact brought in legally and with no external and conspiratorial influences,and never question their inception,maybe you think everyone will not care,about the millions AND millions of people who have already been killed and been hurt , the medical Patients are the ones who were hurt the most and they are the ones who have done the legwork and research on how and why MJ was suppressed,because it hit them the hardest.You are barking up the wrong tree tossing the weak kneed "prove it to me until I am happy" line my way.I personally know several people who use MJ medicinally and they ALL know its true history,they researched it very thoroughly before using it curatively.I know the people and have seen the results,and now I simply wait to see the people responsible for this Crime Against Humanity this Suppression to be outed named and branded for history as the Humanitarian Terrorists that they are.You may continue to wait for the "proof" you need statisticlly.

The first day prohibition over MJ was actioned in Colorado A LIFE WAS SAVED AND A MURDER PREVENTED,and for every day after more and more lives will be saved from death and ruin.

One day you might not be to happy when you read about nancy reagan and the Just say No propoganda aimed at MJ.

No one is stupid,we just couldnt make change,we all knew dacades ago that MJ was intentionally parsed into the "DRUG" world and that people were encourged or really FORCED to call MJ as bad as Heroin and Meth and god knows what chemicals they are making today.You see the greedy conspirators were TO GREEDY,they went overboard on their sales-job.

Today the educated amongst us actually pity anyone who has the olde school ignorant perspective and even attempts to put MJ and DRUGS together in the same sentence.That old mentality is the MINORITY today,the lies and suppression is the MINORITY today,hard to grasp if you were raised olde school isnt it,that YOU WERE LIED TO and have been giving this suppression your 100% ,maybe its time many people just learning the truth focus some frustration on the people who misled them for their entire lives.Judging by the millions and millions of Americans of every creed and race who have been arrested or affected by MJ legeslation and punishments there cannot be may familys who do not have at least one member in this group somewhere since MJ laws were made up,and this means EVERYONE SHOULD BE ANGRY that the people they love were treated like pawns and had their lives destroyed so JUST a FEW privilaged Americans could get richer,if you arent mad yet you will be soon when the full truth is made available to you.

The fist day a dollar bill hit a cash register to pay for a gram of MJ a life was saved,accept it or not it is after all your perspective.Just temember we all stand for something and need to do everything we can to make sure we are informed before you take a stance and in todays world that does not mean listening to the evening news and your preacher,it means surfing the net and getting as much of the truth as you can handle.Dont expect someone else to do the work for you,you need to change yourself by educating yourself,i could easily spend a few days putting together statistics,but as I said your votes have been doing that for decades and all it has lead to is murders and incarceration and the subversion of entire generations of American pride confidence and self-worth and productivity,what kind of idiots would criminalise such a huge number of their own youthfull citizens and expect their country to function normally.I would tie the votes into the MJ conspiracy but I dont think i can give you the type of "proof" you need,I will let America give you that proof as she is doing right now and as she will continue to do

At least everyone is on board with the due processes we are seeing actioned upon now.

I think we will soon see a LOT of people educated soon,this is not an OPINION issue,there is and has always been scientific data supporting the non-criminal control of MJ.MJ was never a drug,there was never a debate to be had or an opinion to be formed until suppression was actioned and the natural evolution of MJs interaction with Humanity was interfered with.

You cannot CHEAT and get something criminalised and think you will never be caught red handed.That just isnt realistic,it is asunrealistic as claiming we need to wait for statistical validation that the murder rate will drop when a money generating criminal substance is legalised and the money is taken off of the black market,actually to be Frank there is something odd about that logic in todays world unless you are a lawyer.And really with computers today what a bad time to be a lawyer their days are surely very numbered now,ask any Doctor how their job security is these days.Google and an online doctor do the trick now,as I am sure Google and a good law data base could also do.

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posted on May, 23 2014 @ 07:44 PM

originally posted by: purplemer
a reply to: theantediluvian

Thanks for the data. I think it is fair to conclude there is not enough evidence to support this at the moment..


Yes, I think we need more data over a longer time period to get meaningful statistics.

Here's one example that correlation doesn't imply causation:


Personally, I still use butter...

I've never seen violence at a Pink Floyd concert, but some soccer matches where alcohol is served gets kind of strange.

posted on May, 23 2014 @ 07:53 PM

originally posted by: SixX18
This is def because of legalization. Sometimes people just need to "get normal" by using weed, and this is exactly what people have been saying for a long time. It would reduce crime, violence, etc. a reply to: purplemer

For the most part the people partaking now probably were before legalization..they just no longer have to fear the law
.. i dont know what to make of the statistic

posted on May, 23 2014 @ 10:19 PM
Far too early, with much too small of a sampling to determine anything yet.

Living in Denver, I've not seen a thing really that has much changed with the legalization, other than the government having a lot more tax money to play with, and more people ridiculously failing their drug testing when trying to apply for a job where I work.

posted on May, 23 2014 @ 10:20 PM
a reply to: purplemer That's just it, pot will affect people across the board like this every aspect of their lives they wont want to do anything. we have enough dumb people already in this country, we don't need people being made dumber. 3 happy times in my life. the day I stopped smoking pot, the day I stopped drinking , the day I stopped smoking cigarettes

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posted on May, 24 2014 @ 01:43 AM
a reply to: juniperberry

most ppl in colorado are hooked on pharmacudicles yes i know i cant spell that lets just say pills and have broken into countless pharmacys held them at gun point or beat and or killed for some oxycotton or something of the like

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 05:43 PM
a reply to: purplemer
When I was in Colorado last week, it was hard to hike or really do anything physical much less get angry. I can see why , it makes perfect sense, those crimes are active crimes so it would be a hassle.

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