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posted on May, 27 2003 @ 09:10 AM
How many of you have ever felt a certain vibe from someone that you only just lets say a friend introduces you to a new friend and you immidiately feel a certain strong vibe negative/postive from them..and in the long run, were you right about what you initially felt?

What do you think causes this? And what is it that makes us so certain, when sometimes we find that we were way wrong about what we first felt? What is it about some that just send off a certain vibe all the time?

I know this is alot of questions here...but I'm extremely curious about this whole 'vibe' thing..

Thanks Magestica

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 09:22 AM
The good vibe gone bad thing - I think that it is a form of social camoflague. Maybe the same vibe that confidence tricksters take advantage of. I do know that I always seem to have some sort of second sight thing when I personally meet people.

Some say that the vibes given off from strangers when you first meet them is actually a throwback to a past life and that we have already known these humans in a past existance and that is why we meet them. We are drawn to them and them to us - I put that badly!

I think what it is, is that we have known these people before and throughout our former and future incarnations and we are constantly drawn together throughout time.

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 09:43 AM
First let's look at some obvious and mostly common things:

Certain features and actions are universally accepted or to a lesser degree, sterotypical give-aways. For example people with large open eyes are usually considered more trusting than those with beady-eyes. (Although I'm not sure how that same study works in other cultures, but I think you know what I'm getting at) Also the way people stand, walk, and carry themselves gives off certain clues which may or may not be correct when interpreted by the observer. I think most of these have to do with social and personal prejudices, conditioning, and experiences. But these usually all have to do with the processing of information from our normal 5 senses.

Then there are the hidden feeling or intuition, which I think your question was probably more focusing on to begin with. Since I'm no expert or anything I can't really say for sure but here are some ideas.

If you believe us and everything else is made of energy in the simplest form and energy moves in waves and frequency than it could be that another persons concentration of energy or frequency is interacting with yours. There have been many recent experiments in looking at the energy that surounds all living things, also sometimes refered to as aura.

Also I think there are different kinds of vibes that maybe need to be classified, such as there is the universal kind of vibe that people have. Like the type of person that seems to always get along with everyone and is socially gifted in some sort when dealing with others. Then there is the more personal type of vibes such as the connection between two "Soul Mates".

Another interesting aspect just to show that there is some kind of connection other than just the obvious is some of the wierd stories about twins that have separated since birth and meet years later and have yet had or led extremly similar lives or had similar experiences. Just biological simularity or is it more??

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 10:19 AM
people with disabilities are sometimes more able to pick up on vibes

i know this totally blind guy who can always sense if someone is feeling down even without talking to them

i dont think even he notices this, but its strange how he can just clock on to the fact that you're having a bad day

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by magestica
How many of you have ever felt a certain vibe from someone that you only just lets say a friend introduces you to a new friend and you immidiately feel a certain strong vibe negative/postive from them..and in the long run, were you right about what you initially felt?

What do you think causes this? And what is it that makes us so certain, when sometimes we find that we were way wrong about what we first felt? What is it about some that just send off a certain vibe all the time?

I know this is alot of questions here...but I'm extremely curious about this whole 'vibe' thing..

Thanks Magestica

You ask some very interesting questions here Magestica.

Once again your topics continue to inspire us all.

I would like to dig into the aspects of your first question, first, and then your last question last.

The first question you asked was:

"How many of you have ever felt a certain vibe from someone that you only just lets say a friend introduces you to a new friend and you immidiately feel a certain strong vibe negative/postive from them..and in the long run, were you right about what you initially felt?"--Magestica

I have felt this experience several times, and in several different ways. I have seen in my time many attempts by religious radicals to indoctrinate their law and moral codes on me, and shame me for me being in all out, and in everyway they could.

The reason I mention these particular incidents are simple. It is because they are really easy to pick out and so-called classify. Allow me to explain:

The religious one's see. They look, they seek, they find.
Once they find, they are kind, and often blind. You see, they know that they may know what you may not know they know, but that they know that you know that you don't want them to tell you what they know.

Therefore they expect, your resistance. They expect a fight. And they do it all in the 'glory' of God. Many times in my life I have had these radicals come up to me.

The thing is that they are are the same. They all show the same passion, the same intent, the same will power, and the same resistance. They all walk in the same way. That is how it can be best explained from my person.

They all walk the same.

It isn't about labeling, nor is it about classification.

For it is more about character, than class or creed.

If one is not yet convinced of this proposition, than allow me to pose this:

If one were to get any vibes as such as Magestica mentioned earlier, one wouldn't be able to grasp any sense of creed or any other noble or immoral doctrine beaming the truth upon the one is destined to see. The truth cannot be known, only mere speculation upon the first meets is destined to occur, (for even if the so-called truth of the unknown within the one, one does not know, would only be bringing along more speculation, due to other traits of the 'rational' being). For when we first meet someone, we only meet what is and what can be presented of them at the time.

The vibes that you feel at that meet are the one's Magestica speaks of. We cannot determine from these meets that one is anything other than what we have already seen. The key to identification is past recollections and visions of what we call known.

Therefore anything that we have already seen is known. Yet not everything that is known is seen.

That is where the holes of the so-called loop hole world are often found. For it is with great care that the mind takes to see that what is known, is known to protect. This knowledge of the known is key to ones survival.

Therefore the mind captures it, and makes use of it. No knowledge was ever intended to be wasted, and some knowledge can never be wasted. That such knowledge is that knowledge that Magestica calls, "Vibes"

We use this knowledge of the vibes because it is essential. It has nothing to do with any type of stange outside force. It is totally held within one's own mind. That force that they call "Vibes", is a force that cannot be denied. For if it were one would be deviod of all rational and reactional thought. The force that creates the so-called "Vibe" is a mess of sense, experiences, perceptions, visions, feelings, intuitions, inhabitions, and rationalisms. Nothing more nothing less.

Or am I wrong???????

Nans Desmichels would probably have us believe otherwise. I think that Nans would say that "Vibes" are a psychic ability. Which I would dare not deny. For it is well known that all beings have psychic ability. Some just have more ability to bring about that ability than others. Why???

That is something that has never been confirmed conclusively. Nonetheless, it has been speculated by many, if not most so-called skillful, gifted, and enlightened ones, that the key to their abilities are within. Not without. Therefore this is all about control.

To tune your vibes to the right frequency is to see the vibes free and clear.

You See???

Now since I rambled on and on, allow me to pose my next answer upon my next post.

Any questions on this above text is welcomed, as is always.


posted on May, 27 2003 @ 06:52 PM
There was one time when I really felt what you were talking about.

My wife and I were walking along a street hand in hand, and this woman passed us going the opposite way. We nevr took any notice of her as she went past, just another person. But afterwards the feeling that came from her of hate and envy was so strong that we both noticed it and commented on it. it was directed at our backs as if she hd turned and looked at us after we passed. We both picked it up.

There must be come psychic part to it as we didn't look back but we both could feel it on our backs.

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 07:53 PM
Magestica asks>>>>>>>>>>>>

"What is it about some that just send off a certain vibe all the time?"---Magestica

Abraham answers as is>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yes, Magestica, this is such a wonder. I figure that it is obvious among those that we can figure out, you know those that we know; It is no big deal to have such a vibe around them. For if one has that vibe, one uses that vibes as a guide. Once the vibe has shown it lets one know.

Once we know, then 'our vibe', or our own actions so to speak, take over. The vibe was just there to help you along your way(Like a dad pushing his daughter's backside as she takes her first strides at tackling the ever so popular two wheeled bike balance matrix.)

Our vibes use themselves to our own advantage, and not for any other reason. For if our own vibes were made to be used for the benefit of someone, or something else, than one would be no controller or master of his/her mind. One wouldn't even be one. Our vibes are our own. I wish I could explain that more.(Maybe that can be a topic as well.)

So if we are to consider that our vibes are the work of our own and that they are only there for benefitial purposes, than one would have to conclude that if one still had strong vibes, but couldn't find real reasons to, than one would have quite a puzzle to solve.

It is my belief that not knowing why one is so peculiar often leads one to become quite peculiar among that certain person one is weary of. I don't know the reason for such circumstances cause I often find myself perplexed by these peculiar instincts. I find that I have had these constant vibes with those that I love. Yet I have not really seen or felt them in any other fashion.

Maybe that is because I wasn't always able to do so without the proper limits of encounters to satisfy such wonder. Then again, there are those that often kept me wondering. There was the guy that called himself "Florida" and spoke like a prophet. At one point in his time with me, I almost cried out "It's Jesus!!!"

This man was very peculiar, and so wonderful. He completely mystified me.

Then there was the guy in New Hampshire Beach that got my arm free from that drunk biker one dark and dreay night. I had been walking along the sinful street that lined the beach with my sister, who was about 7 at the time, while I was roaming around 9. My father was giving us what little beach we could find. He had wanted to show us the difference between beaches in Cali, Florida, and Virginia. As opposed to the beaches of Boston and New York.

Anyways, we were walking to our car or what would be near it, and we seemed to be in line of motion with a lot of other walkers creeping up Sinful Way. Anyways, this one guy, who is dressed up all nice in a pretty suit is slowly walking behind me, and taking his time, as if he didn't want to take his eye off of me. He crept and crept and crept, and all the while I never got freaked out or scared, but only amussed and curious. I became more and more privy to his peak a boo game, and I played with him. I wanted his attention, because I thought it would be fun, because he was fun.

He wasn't menacing or intimidating in anyway. In fact, he was quite charming and interesting. So me being "Mister know-it-all", I was inclined to check him out. I did so by playing his watching and creeping game. I slowed my walk, and peeked at him with smiles. Then I would give a little dash and tease him with distance. Then as I continued to do this, and look back his way, he continued to gain ground on me, and approach me further. He seemed ever so more worried than the last moment, until his worry became his cries for leniency upon my arrival into the hands of the above mentioned biker.

The unknown man that lurked behind me had gained convincing ground from the time I last saw him, til the time he was there trying to get me from the hands of this biker. Everybody, including my father and little sister all seemed to run right into this situation together. We all were there to help, but only the unknown man could calm the drunk with his leather hands all over me.

He just came up and touched the biker and said, "Everything is all right."

And then it was. Just like that. No mess. No angry drunks. No mad bikers worried about paintjob damage, no nothing, just pure and absolute silence. The world almost stopped before my eyes. Everything happened so fast, then it was gone, and so was he.

The man was out of my sight by the time he had said his last words. I soon made my way on my feet and sought him out with my eyes, but I saw nothing of him.

I have to wonder why these two peculiar men are the only people that I can remember that have this effect on me, when we are speaking of these vibes, these constant and peculiar vibes???

For the only other vibes I have ever known that I can recall being so constant and instant, were the one's I fell in love with. Be they parents, relatives, teachers, authors, friends, or lovers.

I think that many vibes are just another form of benefitial reasonings that the mind harbors for one's own concern. Therefore, if it concerns you, such as an interest, than one is bound to use the vibes that they can encounter with such things and beings that are known to them for their own benefit.

Such as in times of love, or in times of fear.

Did any of that make sense????

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 08:06 PM
I beleive that our 'soul' is a connection to God.Therefore the vibes that we sometimes get from certain situations,enable us to disinguish what is 'good' and what is 'evil'
It enables us to know what is right, and what is not right.
These vibes we get are for our our benefit.
If something does not feel right,we have that feeling that tells us to avoid a certain situation.
Exactly how netchicken described his situation with the woman that crossed him and his wife's path.
I have had a similar situation happen to me. Sometimes we get confused and follow something that feels right ''good vibe'' only it could have been a ''bad vibe''.and we could have avoided the situation if we payed more attention to our 'insight',our inner thoughts and feelings of that situation..
Many times we act upon an impulse and not pay attention..

[Edited on 5/28/2003 by helen670]

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 11:39 PM
...I think its coz you not seeing that person with your eyes...but seeing/sensing them with your soul/spirit...which cuts right through all the BS and masks...right to the very core of who they are as a soul/spirit as well...

posted on May, 28 2003 @ 02:37 AM

Originally posted by magestica
How many of you have ever felt a certain vibe from someone that you only just lets say a friend introduces you to a new friend and you immidiately feel a certain strong vibe negative/postive from them..and in the long run, were you right about what you initially felt?
What do you think causes this? And what is it that makes us so certain, when sometimes we find that we were way wrong about what we first felt? What is it about some that just send off a certain vibe all the time?
I know this is alot of questions here...but I'm extremely curious about this whole 'vibe' thing..
Thanks Magestica

An example : How twin brothers can have the same feeling, the same path, the same interests even if they had been separated since the born, adopted by differents families in diferents social class and lived thousands kilometers of distances, even on defferents continents ?!

The quantum theory tell that when same atoms vibes in the same period, they are "in the same space-time", "in the same place..." (I put it " " because it's not really the same place but the same time).

It's the same thing about your energy, inside... You know that your body is made of blood, waters, cells etc.. But there is also an energy that make it live, called AURA. The color pf the aura change following your life, your karma and your current state. Color correspond to a vibe, and when you have attraction/repulsion for a person, this positive/negative opinion correspond in how your aura react to the other person aura.

That's why we say that some people are on the same wavelenght...

[Edited on 28-5-2003 by Nans DESMICHELS]

posted on May, 28 2003 @ 02:51 AM
I didn't know that Nans.

I swear you teach me something everytime you speak.

I agree with you that twins can't be in the same time or place, not in the conception that was their conception. You know what I mean???

Modern Philosophers like Spinoza and Descartes teach us that these things are not possible.

Spinoza tells us:

"Everything that exists, exists either in itself or in something else."

he goes on to say:

"That which cannot be conceived through anything else must be conceived through itself."

Therefore twins are two seperate beings with two identical minds.

Yet we can't be so sure that they actually have the same minds. For that would be silly.

What do you think???

[Edited on 28-5-2003 by Abraham Virtue]

posted on May, 28 2003 @ 09:25 AM
This is only my opinion on vibes but I think it has something to do with the bodies electro-chemical composition. I think certain moods alter brain waves which may also minutly affect the our environment. These altered brain waves could therefore be perceived by another and translated into a similar emotional feeling. Much like a modern telephone, voice vibrations into eletrical impulses into data packets sent, received and decoded to be played into the ear or the recipient which breaks down the vibrations into an understood language.

I guess it would be like telepathy but on a much smaller scale. Not mind reading but interference and influence by very emotional brainwaves upon another's causing an emotional change that may or may not be large enough to detect consciously. We may always be bombarded with other's emotional frequencies but only in the most dramtic may we notice it affects us.

posted on May, 28 2003 @ 10:42 AM
Everything in the Universe is a vibration, even each of us. When two souls reach the same vibration and are "in tune" with each other, when the pass near each other, they are able to get a sense of what the other is feeling, when the "senser" is open to it. Also, with the right kind and right amount of training, when this happens, one may be able to gain a "mental influence" (the equivalent of Jedi mind tricks) over the other person. I'm not too big into the details behind this, but this is what I've stumbled upon so far.

posted on May, 28 2003 @ 01:18 PM
it's called instinct
you can tell a friendly dog from an unfriendly one. right
just trust your feelings and follow the path with a heart

posted on May, 28 2003 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by tututkamen
it's called instinct
you can tell a friendly dog from an unfriendly one. right
just trust your feelings and follow the path with a heart

I've worked with animals for many years and NO you cannot always tell...some are iffy, some you know and some you haven't a clue until they lash out at you. And also it's not instinct really and what the path has to do with it, is beyond me..I'm guessing by your 'newbieness' and little words already spoken around the board here that you are very religious? And that's simply fantastic for you!! But I'm not and move farther away by words like do keep them to yourself please even if they are nice I don't like being preached at otherwise I'd go to church

OH and welcome to the board and if you got something to say...say it we don't 'usually' bite too hard and I'm really not upset at ya just would like a better explaination and don't like being left hanging..

posted on May, 28 2003 @ 01:29 PM
It's a little after 3am right now and I've definately read over all of your thoughts and opinions 'several' times even...and most definately will get back to each and every one of you as your words are extremely moving and deep...thank you so much all and forgive my shortness as I'm awake and need not be! Grrr...
Take Care

posted on May, 28 2003 @ 01:29 PM
personally i feel vibes about people without even meeting them

I have a friend named crystal who would tell me about her boyfriends (i've only ever actually met one) and she would tell me all about them, how they act, what they did together, everything you know? and i would always get a vibe about them (usually bad, she picked some winners) and i was always able to tell her not only that they weren't the best people, but what they would end up doing to her, and i was always right (which she would always acknowledge after the fact but conveniently forget with the next one)

I'll also get good vibes about people, pretty recently my Fiance was telling me about a girl that went to her school (actually her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend) and ever since she first started telling me about nicole i've had a really awsome vibe about her, and now she's turning into a pretty good friend of both of ours.

i've had numerous vibe throughout the years those are just the best examples i could think of off the top of my head

posted on May, 29 2003 @ 07:58 AM
I certainly feel alot of what all of you say here..especially
about knowing someone in a former life and picking up a certain feeling or vibe from them. Of course with that said noone can be right all the time..but I seem to consistantly pick up certain vibes from people I just meet. Do we do that all the time? I mean is it normal to 'feel' something from everyone we meet and even those we just see and never do meet? I'm not always right though..some folks I've felt a horrible gut instinct about them and turned out that they were a relatively decent person, not anything that I thought from the this is where I would say that the 'past lives' feeling comes in. Haven't any of you just not liked someone and yet you had no clue as to why? I have felt this and couldn't come up with one reason why I really shouldn't like them, except for "I just have a bad feeling about them"...that's why alot of folks who meet me think I'm stuck up or snotty, because I like to sit back and observe them for a good while before I actually 'open up'. And most of that reason stems from that 'vibe' that I get from them..

Another thing too as that some of my very closest friends have told me that they didn't like me at first from the feeling I gave off to them, and yet these are folks I would nearly do anything in the world for today and vice's just weird to me and that was my reasoning for asking your opinions about it.

It does bother me sometimes when people pick up a negative vibe from me, because it's as if they are seeing something I can't and I try and try to figure out what it is and can' again this could also have something to do with knowing them in a former life??

I have read over each of your replies, but there's no way I can address each of you, as I might be typing till tomorrow LOL! But I can say that I feel almost the same as most of you do and then others have added some good thoughts that I never even thought thank you..

*As a side question, which could somewhat be related to vibes* Have any of you ever 'heard' someone say something and yet 'they didn't'? I was in the store once and standing in line at the checkout the man behind me gave me some really strong vibes..literally gave me chills, well a few moments later after I turned away I heard him say something..and said "Excuse Me?" and he just stared at me and shook his head and said "I didn't say it"...but I kid you not-I HEARD him..and that's happened to me more then that one time..So what is your take on it? I mean I can completely identify with being mentally connected to someone you know and are close to, but what about strangers?? Pretty odd to me..
Thanks Everyone~

posted on May, 29 2003 @ 08:02 AM
I feel vibes so to say when I meet someone, either I feel that are good people, or they arent being themselves, or they are just a real pain in the ass.
and I am usually right. Been wrong before met some snakes with friendly smiles, and I've become friends with people I hated with a passion the first time we encountered eachother.. perhaps we were too much alike?

posted on May, 29 2003 @ 08:18 AM
I tend to agree with Mojom (and yes, I do have the ability to "sense" someone's energy level or mood by the way they type... it's freaked a few of my friends out at times.) In general, what we are picking up on are subliminal cues and similarities. You "know" that your friend's new "pal" is the sort who will be very sweet and complementary while expecting you to do everything for them (like drive them around all over the place when they need to go somewhere or loan them money) based on what's happened before.

Think of all the times when you've had "vibes" and it's turned out to be completely wrong (often getting a "good vibe" from someone who then turns out to be a real rotter.)

I think it's one of the more misunderstood human survival traits.

As for twins -- twin studies are fascinating. They show how much of a blur there is between genetic explainations for behavior and preferences and environmental. Some things, like which color you prefer, may have some genetic basis. Certain abilities (good at math, bad eyesight, bad at verbal skills) would lead you into certain jobs and certain interests (you wouldn't expect to find that person in the diplomatic corps, for instance.)

That's one of the bigger areas of research (and debate) in psychology today: Are we really a "tabula rasa" (blank slate) and everything is enviromentally acquired, or are we a ghost-in-a-machine, riding along in a body that's genetically programmed.

I've been reading a good book about this by one of the leading researchers in the field. Fascinating stuff.

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