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Evidence That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness

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posted on May, 20 2014 @ 11:21 AM
bashar talks about this in depth ...
Abraham hicks talks about this in depth
Seth talks about this in depth.

I know many people in our society need "scientific proof" before they start investigating in stuff like this...but this is not news at all. Seth talked about this 40 years ago....bashar talked about this 30 years ago...


Now, one very strong methodology, which your society is only just now beginning to play around with, I shall say – and I do not mean that derogatorily – is the idea that the body is an electrical conduit, a magnetic conduit. And you can create electrical fields, magnetic fields, very strong fields vibrating at certain frequencies, one of which would be seven and one-half cycles per second, the frequency, electromagnetically speaking, of your planet. And by immersing a body in that electromagnetic field, you can create a conducive, literally, a conductive atmosphere that may allow the person immersed in that field to allow themselves to realign with the natural field of the earth. For when an individual is balanced with the natural electromagnetic field of the earth, there can be no disease at all of any type, in any way, shape or form.

B: The idea is that shifts are made, energetically, which change, to some degree, certain aspects of the genetic matrix, and this then allows there to be a change in frequency in the cellular structure, which changes the consciousness of the physical personality.

Your natural self is a balanced self; it is a healthy self. Allow yourselves to understand that a
preoccupation with being healthy can sometimes be an indication of holding on to a belief of disease.
The self that is balanced does not think about the idea of trying to be healthy. You do not have to try to
be healed; you do not have to try to heal others. All you need do is go to your center. You do not have to
"try" to go to your center; your center is who you really are. All you have to do is allow yourself to be
who you are. Healing is allowing, not making, not trying, not forcing; it is allowing. You have to
"try" to be away from your center. You do not have to "try" to go back to your center. Just let go; relax
the expectations. Relax the resistance and you automatically glide smoothly back into center.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 11:25 AM
I've always found it interesting that humans are the only meat puppets who have this ability. What about dolphins and gnats, and dogs and centipedes? Don't they have a say?

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: Deaf Alien

I wonder if you are serious?

But anyway if you stepped in a transporter and a malfunction happened and there's two of you. There's a exact duplicate of you on a planet.

You do realize that every time you get transporter you get killed? Basically getting on a transporter is suicide.

I am serious. Find me a transporter and I'll do it.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: ScientiaFortisDefendit

this reminds of something one of my teachers told me.i wrote it down (recorded it)

Once you become one with that love and become less identified with reality you start to become more colourful in nature,- more harmonic. Have you ever seen how birds fly? me: Yes

E: Its not chaotic. Its very insync. How dolphins swim: it is not chaos. It is synchronistic. The ocean moves in a chaotic way but the waves move in synchronicity. The wind moves in synchronicity with gravity. Your mind moves in chaos however. When you train your mind in synchonicity with the rest of reality and you allow for the infinite to come through. The infinite will use your mind and use your body and use this vessel to synchronice with the rest of reality. And you will become One and the synchronicity will always be there. But it is your thinking mind that keeps you from being insync. When you follow your joy you follow the infinite syncronicity. Birds follow their joy. Dolphins follow their joy. The wind follows its joy. If you notice with no mind in the following of your joy -> thats what momentum truly is. Just follow your joy. Its very easy to change the world. So easy that we dont even need to say another word. You simply need to act. Most of what we train you on is not knowledge but action. For what more do you need. We have given you the secrets. Very simple. Take less thoughts. Be nothing. Follow your joy. See what happens. What do you think we are going to tell you to do? Use positive thoughts to attract everything in your life and manifest your reality? Absolutly not. We are not telling you to do anything. We are not telling you to be more spiritual or physical in nature. We will tell you to be less, less and less and even lesser than what you are until you are absolutly Zero. Allow Bliss and Be!

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posted on May, 20 2014 @ 11:50 AM

originally posted by: smithjustinb

Sorry, but there is no scientific evidence that confirms this. The double slit experiment is not about decisions of the observer, it is only about the observer's capacity to know an outcome.

Decisions have little to do with quantum physics (as we know it).

I don't doubt that a conscious being's thoughts may have a direct effect on outcomes, but there is no scientific evidence that suggests this. This is a misinterpretation of experiments like "the double slit experiment" and "the quantum eraser experiment". Those experiments only suggest that the observer's ability to know "which path" information causes a wave to decohere into a path based on probability, which in the case of the double slit experiment, would be 50/50.

This! +1 I see so many people misinterpreting the double split experiment.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 11:56 AM
And this article is a perfect reason why psychiatry is a failed religion.


If a "schizophrenic" wants to claim to be Jesus Christ or whoever, then who are we to say otherwise? It is their reality, and we should do as the Greeks did, and respect them. Not frown at them and lock them up and force them to take dangerous medication.

One day, if Jesus Christ is real, He is going to end up in the mental hospital when He visits America, forced to take pills because He will say, "I am Jesus Christ," and is this really the type of society that you want Jesus Christ to see? Who cares if someone wants to claim that their "reality" is this or that. Who cares? And, better yet, how do you know they aren't telling the truth?

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 12:54 PM

originally posted by: jaws1975
I believe it Sled, I work with a guy who is in his late fifties and has been dealing with some major eye issues. He has already had a failed stint, and had major pressure being put on his optic nerve. If nothing changed he would eventually go blind in that eye. His doctor wanted to do another even more extensive procedure, however when he went to his checkup appt last week the doctor was shocked to find that his eye pressure had dropped to the lowest point in 20 years, and this is just from having been checked back in February.

What his doctor doesn't know is that my coworker and friend has been attending energy workshops in between those two appts. His last workshop was a profound experience for him, he told me how he was the class guinea pig and the teacher regressed him to past lives where he had enjoyable lifetimes. He went through different lifetimes and explained what he was seeing and experiencing. He said it felt very real in every sense. The experience that stood out to me was when he explained being in this cave where there was molten lava, out of the lava appeared a snake like object who told him to let go of his fears. He looked at me dead in the eye and told me how he's been afraid all of his life, even about trivial stuff, and I could sense that there was a weight that was being lifted off of him.

I have a cousin who is going through the same. His glaucoma pressure is building and losing his sight fast. Appreciate if you can give little more details about the energy healing.

Thanks again!

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:02 PM

originally posted by: sled735
I read another story a few years ago where a man had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was used in a research study without his knowledge to see how the power of suggestion affected the outcome of his condition.
He was told his cancer was going into remission. He immediately started feeling better, and within a short period he was up and feeling as good as new. The doctors showed him the cancer was gone on x-rays.
About six months later, the doctors told him it had come back, although it hadn't. The man immediately started getting sick and died within a couple of weeks, although there was no physical reason to cause it.
I don't have a link to that story, I just remember reading it in a science article.

This reminds me of a story I've heard a few times. If it's the same one, you're telling it slightly wrong. (Why would a doctor tell a man that his tumor came back when it didn't? That makes no sense-- especially since most doctors understand placebo and how it works.)

I remember hearing this story from Wayne Dyer, but I've also heard it one or two other places as well. Here is the version of the story I heard:

In 1950 there was a new medication developed called Krebiozen. People were incredibly interested in it as the cancer cure that the world had been waiting for. The American Medical Association and American Food and Drug Administration were studying the drug. One of the doctors participating in the study was physiologist, Bruno Klopfer.

Doctor Bruno Klopfer was treating his patient Mr. Wright, who had advanced cancer of the lymph nodes. When he found out about the AMA and FDA experiments with Krebiozen, he asked to be a part of it. Mr. Wright had been through many unsuccessful treatments and didn’t have too much time to live. His neck, armpits, chest, stomach, and groin were full of tumors as big as an orange, not to mention the horrible condition of his kidneys and spleen.

Even though the study of Krebiozen wasn’t completed and it could have been fatal to the patient, Dr. Klopfer injected Mr. Wright with one dose of it. He was very worried that this “cure” would kill his patient.

After few days, Mr. Wright got out of bed by himself and was able to walk around. It was a miracle! His tumors were twice smaller! Even the strongest radiation or chemotherapy could not have been expected to cause such a result. When Mr. Wright first got to the hospital, he wasn’t able to live without the oxygen mask, but now, ten days after Krebiozen was injected, he was released from the hospital as an absolutely healthy man without a trace of cancer. When Mr. Wright got back home from the hospital, he was able to pilot his own plane at the height of 3 kilometers.

He was absolutely healthy for two months when the press started releasing articles about how Krebiozen was not effective as a cancer treatment. Being an analytical person who was interested in science, Mr. Wright became depressed. Eventually, the cancer came back and he was forced to go back to the hospital.

This time, Dr. Bruno Klopfer decided to try a psychological experiment. He told his patient that the articles were based on an ineffective line of Krebiozen and that he had a new formula, which was a higher quality, very concentrated, and more effective. Mr. Wright was very happy to hear that and so he was injected with another dose of the treatment. But this time it was placebo— distilled water. The results were sensational again! Mr. Wright was released from the hospital absolutely healthy.

Unfortunately, after two months, the American Medical Association released an official article, finally stating that the completed study of Krebiozen showed that it was not an effective cancer cure. The information spread throughout the country and it had a massive impact on Mr. Wright. The cancer came back again and he died within two days.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:04 PM
Not really sure if this is relevant but I find this David Icke interview regarding the whole Holographic scenario fascinating. I do think some of his views are far out...but I really get where he's coming from on this one.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:05 PM
What if your condition or illness is because of Karma, though? Something has to account for people who are born with illnesses like cancer or birth defects. I wonder if it is possible to change something that exists because of karma?


posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:19 PM
a reply to: iosolomon

One day, if Jesus Christ is real, He is going to end up in the mental hospital when He visits America, forced to take pills because He will say, "I am Jesus Christ," and is this really the type of society that you want Jesus Christ to see? Who cares if someone wants to claim that their "reality" is this or that. Who cares? And, better yet, how do you know they aren't telling the truth?

Christ means 'anointed one' and it was a title given to Jesus of Nazareth. Christ wasn't his surname. Christ is the immortal one within. It is the same with Gautama siddhartha, buddha wasn't his last name. Buddha means the same thing is Christ. 'The awakened one', 'the anointed one', 'the enlightened one'

Christ/buddha is alive and well, and they are within each and every one of us. The physical Jesus of Nazareth and Gautama died a long time ago. Christ/buddha was never born, and never dies.

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posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:28 PM
a reply to: iwilliam

That sounds similar, but I think it is a different story.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:35 PM

originally posted by: SallieSunshine
What if your condition or illness is because of Karma, though? Something has to account for people who are born with illnesses like cancer or birth defects. I wonder if it is possible to change something that exists because of karma?


That's a very interesting question.

When Karma gets involved, that could change things drastically.
I do believe we choose certain things before we come here in order to learn certain lessons, and possibly get rid of negative karma.
I think when we get off the path we chose, there will be many obstacles put before us to give us 'signs' that we aren't meant to take that route. When it is meant to be, things will fall into place easily. So, if a person has a hard time getting his mental suggestions to work, that could be the cause. I don't know.

Also, we have past events of physical harm in former lives that we carry over sometimes. Some people have pain in a certain area that the doctors have no answers to give. They may have been stabbed in a former life, or had some type of head trauma, as an example. When they enter into another lifetime, that pain can be carried over in memory.
We can get rid of that type of pain by using past life regression, or possibly, by meditating on that area being healed, as suggested in this article.

Lots of questions still need to be answered.

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posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:46 PM

originally posted by: Aphorism
a reply to: Deaf Alien

You said it yourself.

Let's say for example a camera man wanted to video something but the video got distorted somehow (maybe that camera is broken or somehow affected but the camera man is still intact). Does that mean that that person is affected?

Injury, narcotics, and many others DOESN'T PROVE that. It only proves that the link can be affected.

I don't understand the analogy, or how it pertains to consciousness.

The body is the instrument, consciousness is the music. Break the instrument, tighten the strings, the music changes.

As the poster wrote, all you did was demonstrate a link.

The part about consciousness being projected is your subjective conclusion, ie you projecting your belief into the data .

The data only showed the link, and it could be explained the opposite way, (with someone else's beliefs), ie. if a person's consciousness is overcome, if they're put in a small box of what they think is possible (such as our conditioning here on earth) and then traumatized, the outcome is poor health. So the consciousness projecting the health is being affected or messed with.

In your version, the hologram or body projects the consciousness, and thus there is a link between body's health forming poor mind state.

Flip the coin, and instead view consciousness is the dvd player rendering reality, and you have the same thing occur, a downward spiral and link between consciousness initially resulting in injury to health, that results in more distorted thinking and trauma, that results in worsening consciousness.

The way to overcome however does tend to favor the placebo or mind over matter side...Which wouldn't work in your belief of what the outcome means.

Its to stop the negative spiral of worry, achieve a zenmind state and positive flow, with daily activity and trust, your body knows how to heal, your subconscious knows how to direct the healing.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:51 PM
a reply to: freetheuniverse

I know the double slit experiment is hotly debated, but the outcome metaphysical students adhere to is also supported by other researchers, such as David Bohm, and what he discovered peering into atoms.

In a sense, we are rendering reality, read that recently and its a good way of expressing. Quantum physics does deal with particle and wave function. We are rendering the world around us out of an ocean of wave and potential.
We already are in a rendered system however. But we can be in private rooms.

And yes, out of the diverse range of subjective beliefs in researchers themselves, I have a preference. The rendering of the hologram is the only one that makes sense of the anomalies we experience here.

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posted on May, 20 2014 @ 01:55 PM
a reply to: InverseLookingGlass

Here's a 100% true story for you.

Please take my word for it. I am from an academic background and I have eventually come to realise there truly are aspects of 'miraculous' behaviour, that do fall outside what we understand normally.

My friend is a very spiritual guy, but he is also rooted in reality and free of any one ideology. He has always been more open to a 'higher awareness' than most people.

His dad had a period recently where he was very ill, and suffering from extreme seizures in hospital. One day, while at hospital with his father, my friend witnessed one of these seizures for the however many time. He was suddenly filled with overpowering love for his father, and heard a voice say in his head to 'touch him'.

He put his hands on his dads leg, as to comfort him. His dad immediately looked at my friend open-eyed and said "How did you do that?!". His seizure had stopped instantly - something the docs couldn't even achieve.

My friend was in extreme tears telling me this story. It confirmed to him a hunch he had his whole life.

A more personal story to me involves my grandfather and his daughter/my aunt. My great grandmother had given my grandfather a small piece of paper with a personal prayer on it, shortly before she passed away. It meant the world to my grandfather, who wasnt a particularly Religous man (no one in my close family is for that matter).

When my aunty was around 16-18 he handed her the prayer note to keep - it was a huge honour.

My aunty kept it in her handbag, and on one night out she lost it. You can imagine how hard that hit her.

That same flipping night, my grandfather has a dream where he is directly spoken to by his deceased mother, and shown EXACTLY where to look for the paper note. At that point he didn't know my aunt had lost it, and neither did he fully understand what the dream of his mother was telling him to do.

That being said, this dream was so powerful that my grandfather left the flat and went to the spot. It was literally round the corner where there's a canal and some benches/grassy field. He walked to the same spot he saw in his dream and found the piece of paper.

I wasnt told this story until I was a fully grown man. To this day my grandfather is convinced he experienced something supernatural. One way or another, there was an epheral link between his consciousness and that paper, and it guided him back to it.

No need for ghosts. His own 'higher consciousness' (the level above your direct thoughts) could've used the physical/computing ability of his brain to produce a powerful enough dream to drive him back to it.

Double Slit Experiment....Quantum Eraser Experiment....The subconscious being aware of random external stimuli up to 10 SECONDS prior it actually happening...

Science has slowly but surely been painting a new paradigm (through genuine data not just 'conspiracies') for a while now. It is hinting that ultimately there is a much more complicated and intricate link between consciousness and reality than we are even close to understanding.

Most scientists will still have you believe that consciousness is EVIDENTLY (keyword) just a product of a processing speed and some feedback systems/senses.

If you take the most simple robot/AI imaginable (or close to it), it would probably be a robot that follows a line. It does this by analysing contrast data and feeding it back into actuation. At NO POINT does the robot actually SEE reality, or observe it so to say.

No matter how quick you make its processor, or how many different senses you introduce, or how many different learning algorithms you pack to imitate a human learning process - that robot/AI will NEVER truly 'see' and 'feel' reality. If you have a fundamental understanding of electronics, coding, AI and robotics then you should come to realise this. How does this 'controller of the body' situation occur?

What ultimately sends a signal to your brain, to manifest a thought in your head? Where is that centre of control and how does it achieve complete awareness of sense (assuming the 'hardware' is working) and potentially complete control? What is sending the signal to the brain to send a signal to your fingers so they YOUR will?

I'm yet to hear a truly convincing answer to all the facets of consciousness. Too often we simply assume (or are told to assume) the subconscious is the true centre of who we are.

A 2-way system of hardware/software does not become a 3-way system of hardware/software/user by increasing the magnitude or strength of the 2 original factors. You can mimic it sure, but that does not make it a true 3-way system.

It is a fundamentally seperate factor in my opinion, and quite possibly the most magical thing we can comprehend.

Or the alternative is to denounce all free-will and believe all actions are a product of pre-determined code. Which is what a 2-way system would always output. Regardless how real and 'conscious' it appears.

We still have A LOT to learn and comprehend about our consciousness and our complete human 'system' in my honest opinion.

The 'miracle' in the OP can be explained by a placebo effect technically, and I don't blame you for jumping to that conclusion. Really I just wanted to share some stories that are roughly on the same tangent but cannot be quite as easily brushed aside as placebo's (if at all lol).

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posted on May, 20 2014 @ 02:15 PM
a reply to: DazDaKing

Thank you for sharing those stories. Fascinating!

Yeah, that story in the OP was more the cause of the placebo effect. It still can suggest how we change reality with our thoughts. The man thought he was dying, so he did.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 02:24 PM

originally posted by: Visitor2012

Christ means 'anointed one' and it was a title given to Jesus of Nazareth. Christ wasn't his surname. Christ is the immortal one within. It is the same with Gautama siddhartha, buddha wasn't his last name. Buddha means the same thing is Christ. 'The awakened one', 'the anointed one', 'the enlightened one'

Christ/buddha is alive and well, and they are within each and every one of us. The physical Jesus of Nazareth and Gautama died a long time ago. Christ/buddha was never born, and never dies.

You completely missed the point of my post nor is this a theological thread. Your religious belief that "Christ/buddha was never born, and never dies" is just that --religious. Now, this thread falls under metaphysics. And your religious belief that "Christ/buddha was never born, and never dies" is not metaphysical.

Jesus Christ will one day reincarnate (if, as I said, Jesus Christ is real). This individual, whoever He may be, will be thrown into a mental hospital and forced to take harmful medication, all for claiming to be who He is. This is a problem.

But, please stay on topic if you reply. The main point of my post was that we should NOT be locking anyone up in a mental hospital for "delusions" or "hallucinations" since the nature of reality is real to them, and how are we to know that it isn't us who are out-of-sync? We won't know until the day we die.

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 02:33 PM
a reply to: sled735

Some say that reality is just a buzz of potential which collapses into a measurable outcome. If true then all of reality your body included does not really exist in the future, but is affected by the same observer effect which gives us the dual slit experiment. So in every moment your body is remade etc.. Important to note that consciousness of observers is not a requirement, so anything that nudges potential to exist this way or that way would have the same effect as an observer. It suggests that all reality as we know it exists only in this moment. That matter exists both in the past, the present and future all at the same time but only in this moment and maybe the past does it does it know where it is, what's its made of etc.. Or at least that's what I heard someplace. Like a static of potential that is bent this way or that.

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posted on May, 20 2014 @ 02:47 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

As the poster wrote, all you did was demonstrate a link.

The part about consciousness being projected is your subjective conclusion, ie you projecting your belief into the data .

I disagree. I am saying there is no link, no dualism. I am not speaking of links.

I am speaking strictly about the data, ie. the body and its illnesses, which are verifiable phenomenon. If we look at the data, it appears the body is the consciousness we are speaking of, and not a projector or hologram of it. For example, when we get sick wine tastes sour, otherwise it tastes sweet. Why does the wine taste sour when we are sick? Because the body is affected by an illness. Why do we hallucinate after we've consumed narcotics, under physical stress or brain injury? Because the body is affected by them. Why are some color blind and some not? The body. When we change the body, we also alter our consciousness, and this can be proven and verified in countless ways. Why? Consciousness and body are one and the same. No strange hologram, simulation, or magical forces required.

Projector, video and dvd player analogies make little sense of consciousness and biology.

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