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Leo XIII vision of 100 years reign of Satan pass in Summer 2014?

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posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 06:50 AM
a reply to: ReturnofTheSonOfNothing

What would the masses say in 1970 then, if you say that today in 2014? A proof humanity is not ready yet. But the time for getting ready shortens each passing day.

posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 08:10 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

In 1970 I'd say this -

"Goo goo... gah gah.. "

Then I'd probably crap my diaper.
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posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 11:21 AM
a reply to: ReturnofTheSonOfNothing

I don't have a sense of humor when the world is in a situation like that and we desperately need HELP from above. Call it Angelic if you will.
The people who demonize everything (not you here) will be deluded most by their own narrow minded views that don't allow much space for God to act. Even more so if after the good angels come the bad demons.

posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 11:34 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

It's hard to understand you. You're so deeply caught up in this make believe world of demons gods and angels you've created for yourself, and I have neither the inclination nor the time to familiarize myself with all the details of the fiction to play along.

I recommend you mix with some other people who may think differently than you do. Have your beliefs challenged - it may do you some good.

posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 11:40 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

All I know that the 100 days of Summer in the desert where I live will feel like Satan has become the temporary mayor. This whole Leo and the Vatican nonsense is fake.
But Pope Leo didn't see beyond the 21st century, and yet here we are. If Satan was real, then why hasn't he manifested in his full form to scare the heck out of us?

Just saying...

posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 12:02 AM
a reply to: ReturnofTheSonOfNothing

I don't need your recommendations for how to change my views. What is the purpose of being here in a public forum is to express free views ON THE TOPIC. If you want to talk on the topic, and to do so with adequate reasoning and FACTS, then please feel free to do so. Otherwise you lose your time and mine.
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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 12:07 AM
a reply to: Kratos40

How did you decide "Pope Leo didn't see beyond the 21st century, and yet here we are." ?
Pope Leo 13 did see 75-100 years after unknown date to be set as the start of those years. It was never said "20th century". It is all about I discuss in this thread.

Whether you care of it or not, it is your right to do so. If you are here, I'd kindly expect you to contribute to the thread, including by well argued position different from mine. If you offer another set of dates and why it is so, you are pretty much welcome to contribute to this thread.

If you just say all is fake, then OK you believe that, but I don't see any particular use to answer such kind of statements that do not consider anything of the listed prophecy and supportive material, and actually do not answer my posts or anyone else's too. Discuss what then? How fake is Vatican? Why don't you make your own thread to do so? Here I discuss prophecy that is pretty much ACCEPTED in hi circles not only among religious but also among faithful common people.

for all:

I see there aren't devote catholics to apparitions who are willing at this moment to discuss Leo 13 prophecy in the last year it is supposed to expire. (or should we move it to 2017) If they don't want to do that in one of the biggest and most popular forums online, where would they probably do it? Are they afraid of the possible error (a sin) or are they afraid that may be the story goes outside their own control and that of their church leaders? That the story may reveal other things kept taboo for centuries, although very well known to church leaders?

We have enough statements of popes and cardinals, especially for Fatima, to see the current status quo of prophetic events in the church is dead. Fatima is the best example, but not the only one. You have Divine Mercy that was rejected by church leaders and resurfaced ony because John Paul II was elected Pope. Here you have a pope speaking himself! What more proof is needed?

Both church leaders and the faithful need desperately a new paradigm based on the same theology and the same apparitions to make it adequate to the real case scenario. The people don't need anymore fairy tales of how a certain apparition already ended (Fatima), was fake because someone not even seer died (Garabandal) or was banned altogether (a dozen of them). The people need to be told why the failure of church's efforts to improve life, and how that matches prophetic timeline. Our lives are not endless, and we'd better DEMAND answers NOW. Including of the hidden part of Fatima!

Otherwise the vacuum is filled by protestants who predict the Armageddon at the 4th blood moon. Good, but not good enough for people who believe in OMNIPOTENT GOD of the Universe.

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 01:04 AM
The Catholic church has every chance to make it, (what I am talking above) with a reformist pope a Jesuit, who dared to say he would baptize Martians if they want to.

I discuss the prophecy of another pope, St John 23, in another thread

I believe the catholic theologians and cardinals are smart enough to see this is the only winning way forward.

But if they fail to recognize the obvious, if they fail to release secrets kept for centuries or millenia, then may be another church will rise as the leader of worldwide Christianity in post....event world. That another church may not be restricted to planet earth as well. I want to believe it is the old good Catholic church who traced back its lineage to St Peter. But if it is not...then surely the population after the will find someone else who also is spiritual descendant of Peter. Some seers say, St Peter himself will appoint the next pope after the... events. Others say, Jesus.

While I do not see pre-conditions of Second Coming of Jesus anytime soon, I remain open for God's ways that are hi above our ways. I will not reject something that is contrary to my views, if tomorrow that will be manifested as God's actual plan for the years to come. All I do now is a reasoning on facts available. And we don't know quite much. Including facts of the life of Jesus Christ on Earth. Including the life of Jesus after his Ascension, that make about 1980 years spent in the heavenly kingdom. He could do quite many things including resurrection of selected people if He decides so.

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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 01:45 AM
In her early years of apparition, Mirjana of Medjugorje spoke similar to Leo 13 prophecy and in fact proved it.

I will not talk of Medjugorje now, rather will await the decision of the Vatican commission.

Back to the previous post, those inside the Catholic church who want her continue beyond the imminent world events (here I will not discuss them in detail as before), those people should realize it is THEY themselves and not someone else who should make the difference. By taking bold positions against the current if needed, both in secret hi-level gatherings and in public actions. And in pubic forums, that are available for everyone. There isn't what to be waited for.

If they wait for the events to happen first, they might be already too late. Other things will come atop of all that. We would not discuss anymore Leo 13 an St John 23, we will discuss the new reality manifested to the world.

posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 06:02 AM
Who is the black pope today, if the jesuit Bergoglio (not the black pope himself) was elected as the white, official pope?

Those who follow Vatican news know well cardinal Maradiaga is the head of G8 commission of cardinals to reform the church. Maradiaga is a strong supporter of Medjugorje and defies another top cardinal, that of the doctrinal office, on the matter.

If pope Francis resigns, something he signals he would probably do in the future, who will be the next one? Providing the list of St Malachi is not Biblical, there might be quite many popes until the last one.

For 1+ year there is no visible transformation in the Roman catholic church into a better structure with more human concern. There are enough statements of the pope and some cardinals, there are some reshuffles of top posts, but it is everything about the reform. There isn't anything to offer to the millions, especially those in poorer countries but not only! The reform loses pace.

A miracle is still possible. Perhaps pope and cardinal want to pray for a such to Our Lady? With the crowds on their side and not on the side of the bureaucrats, as clearly seen from the article above, as well as from every major celebration on St Peter's square, I really don't understand what Francis and Maradiaga wait for more? Now the century of satan is over, this month, the next month. They have the popular support to change the church for better.

Let they not lose pace and let not the bureaucrats take over and ruin what would be left of the Roman church at that time. Let that not happen! Let pope and cardinals answer adequately the demands of the time and act quicker! If they need support of people they have it. If they need support of Heaven they have it in numerous apparitions. Many of them happen in their own home continent Latin America, in Argentina, in Brazil, everywhere. Let they not lose the historic chance!

One of the most popular apparitions in Brazil, that in Anguera, gives striking messages every week. I just google-translate (not good trans) a part of message N 3996 from 17/06/2014 and find it strong enough to post it without waiting its official translation after 1 week. I know it doesn't sound well in English. Our Lady talks of NEW EARTH!!! This is not the first time She speaks like that, but may be the first time She doesn't add also "new heaven". So it seems a pretty planetary and cosmic meaning in this way! I'm sorry again for the trans. but that is something to be done sooner on Pedro Regis' official page in English, not by me. If I post it it is only because of the unusual language that supports my conclusions in this an other threads and seems providentially matches the other news as they come. I hope there are readers online, especially those who are concerned, who pay attention to al of that. That happens Today, don't wait for Tomorrow! Don't wait for the Synod of Bishops, it may be too late!
"Do not cross your arms. The Earth will undergo major transformations. The nature wounded by man will cause major damage and the pain will be great for my poor children. The Lord has prepared for His elect what human eyes have never seen. The make up of a new earth by God will arise."
"A Terra passará por grandes transformações. A natureza ferida pelo homem causará grandes danos e a dor será grande para os Meus pobres filhos. O Senhor preparou para Seus eleitos aquilo que os olhos humanos jamais viram. O faça-se de Deus fará surgir uma nova Terra. "
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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 07:47 AM
the problems of Roman catholic church pile up for decades so much that a pope resigned because of them.

As of heavenly messages, Our Lady in Anguera particularly warned Rome in 2008 year that makes about 150+ messages on that topic. That ads to the warnings given by canonized saints and blessed.
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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 10:41 AM
I will talk more about cardinal Maradiaga. He is not leftist as many think of him. He is rather right-center if we can apply the political categories.

In Latin America the Church hierarchy is centered on moral orthodoxy, on one side. On the other side, that same hierarchy (or may be only her best representatives such as Maradiaga and Bergoglio), is looking for new ways to propagate the diminished influence of the catholic church in those traditional catholic countries. There is nothing strange they speak social message in those impoverished countries. If they don't, nobody will listen to them. If they pose as nowadays aristocracy, as some certainly do, they will lose even more percent of the flock. As it happened in Brazil about 1% a year leaves the Catholic church.

For a Roman bureaucrat Maradiaga will look like a leftist. It is only because of the Roman bureaucrat's own position that nears that of Eastern oligarch. Unfortunately, some devote people still think the position of the clerk in the Vatican clothed with bureaucratic power and also money, is the "most catholic" position possible. More catholic than that of the pope, may be. According to those few devote and deluded people, mostly in older age, everyone who criticizes the church clerk who determines to great degree the policy for 1.2 bln people, should be called "heretic".

We read:

The participation of Cardinal Maradiaga, the chairman of the Commission of cardinals, the Pope’s so-called G8 group of close advisors, and his inner circle in preparing Church reforms, was confirmed by the director of the university campus that stages the event in an environment unambiguously inspired by Medjugorje, complete with replicas of St. James Church, Cross Mountain, and Apparition Hill.

So the church in Honduras found money to build the giant replica of the Cross from Medjugorje? It is not a matter of money. Look at Maradiaga on the photo speaking to the crowds. He has a charisma. He brought Medjugorje to Honduras to the millions who cannot afford to travel expensive pilgrimages. In their eyes, he brought a piece of heaven to their land. They believe it will help them. They believe his message.

The crowds that lost confidence in many institutions including the catholic ones, find it anew in charismatic inspired people and apparitions like that of Medjugorje. The Catholic church can find her proper place again only if it turns to the supernatural, this time in real. That includes the social work in even greater scale than today, in a time of worldwide economic crisis. But that doesn't restrict the Catholic church doing only that, or doing whatever she does on the moral front. The Church leaders should find the new stimulus for the crowds, and they should find it FAST. Even overnight. They lost enough time, 1 year since the last conclave. They don't have the luxury of time, not even few more months until the Synod of bishops. Everything may happen until then.

If it is a Miracle to happen in Medjugorje or another apparition site (Anguera Brazil, and at least dozen more in Latin America), if we speak of real encounter with the supernatural with mass healings etc then that could be a good start for 21st century renovation of Christianity, and the world by extension.

If Aliens come, either in the name of Christ, and/ OR willing to be baptized in the name of Christ, then that should be seen as yet another manifestation of super- natural. Or said with other words, the world beyond the planet Earth has touched us. In either category, angels in apparitions, ET who believe in Christ, or ET who want to be baptized in Christ, they could provide in exchange their healing and technology for the benefits of the poor majority on this planet.

This is the one positive way that I see ahead after the "century of satan". The other way that I discuss based on Fatima-3 and Akita, is the disastrous way that ends in nuclear winter or possibly lava flows from supervolcanos. The church leaders must realize in that critical moment of history, they have responsibility to show the people the exit way.

Reformers like cardinal Maradiaga, and I believe, also pope Francis himself. It would be good if they size the momentum and don't delay anymore the promised and long-delayed reform. Not even one day more. They may not have a second chance. They have enemies from inside the walls and the informed readers know that well. Enemies who have sided with other kind of super-natural or extra-terrestrial (depending on your chosen terminology). Let the reformers help the miracle happen.
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posted on Jun, 27 2014 @ 12:41 PM
Since you were talking end-times, I have a video that blew my mind.

Plausible explanation of the end-times.

For those that are too lazy, or too 'busy' to watch an hour long video, the summary is thus. Basically he thinks, that the Anti-Christ is going to be a resurrected Nimrod. Watch the video.

If you have the time, this links in:

Walid Shoebat

Basically, it seems to me, that ideals about Russia, the EU, etc. Are all mis-founded. From the information herein, I beg the guess, that the AC will rise up out of the Egyptian desert, take control of the Muslim countries around him, and lead the World into the end-of-days.

For those who doubt, you have but to look at the Muslim uprising in Iraq, formerly Babylon.

My 2 cents.

posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 12:10 AM
a reply to: Chronogoblin

Thank you! Egypt was part of Eastern Roman empire, and once was controlled by Assyria. Antichrist from there fits into both Daniel and isaiah.

Although I don't know when he comes, after 20 or after 200 or more years.

When he comes, he would already have the support of the Dragon (draconians, Rev 12). He would also have the support of yet unknown Iron Beast that rises from the sea (transformers-like evil ET?)
2 Esdras 15 pinpoint the place where the dragons will come from: Arabia (not to be restricted to contemporary Saudi Arabia only). If you research End times, don't miss prophet Esdras and especially book 2 Esdras.

The temptation to mess the good ET sent by God, with the evil draconians (and possibly transformers) will be too big. Because the good come first for purpose of rapture and not only. (depending on whether we are at the door of end times or we are still farther away.) Scores of good devote people will be deluded that the God-sent angelic ET are the antichrist's ones. And when they lose their chance in the whatever event (be it rapture, be it Great Warning or whatever else) then they will see the truth if still alive with draconians (and transformers) on the scene. Too late! Everyone can discern so much. I provided excellent interviews that discuss those matters not from religious point of view.
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posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 06:22 PM
Well, June 30th passed like most other dates of prophecy do - spectacular if only in it's failure to produce promised results.

No world changing events, no sign that the world is suddenly Satan free. Just the usual noise of humanity edging itself one tiny step closer to oblivion.......

Epic fail I'm afraid

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 08:04 AM
a reply to: markosity1973

I want to believe it was the start of WW1 the start of century of satan and this Summer its logical end. Other dates exist, one could find them to explain other periods of time: 1917, 1929, 1933 or 1939.

it would be worse if we had nuclear clouds and 100% fulfilled prophecies by now. Instead the world is in a continuous process towards satan-free state and I hope that trend is irreversible.
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posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 01:40 AM
NASA scientists say they're closer than ever to finding life beyond Earth

In a time like that when facts transpire directly on MSM, the responsible religious leaders should finally put an end of centuries old taboos to talk about extraterrestrial life and tell us the real picture. Known for millenia by few of them.
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posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 05:34 AM

NASA & Library of Congress prepare for discovery of ET & alien baptism
Dr Michael Salla

From September 18-19, 2014, NASA and the Library of Congress are hosting a symposium on how society can prepare for the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Leading astrobiologists from around the world will convene at the Library of Congress in Washington DC., to discuss the latest scientific theories and developments in the search for extraterrestrial life. Presenters will discuss the implications from recent scientific breakthroughs in discovering the existence of exoplanets, new theories of the conditions under which extraterrestrial life can flourish, and how to communicate with them. In addition to broad discussion of the societal implications of discovering alien life and how to prepare for these, two of the presenters will discuss the theological implications. More specifically, Brother Guy Consolmagno, a Jesuit from the Vatican Observatory, will discuss “Would you Baptise an Extraterrestrial?” Consolmagno’s topic suggests that the Vatican approves viewing preparation for the discovery of intelligent alien life as an opportunity for gaining new recruits to the Christian faith.

posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 10:18 AM
it is strange the catholics keep silence in face of facts. What do they wait for, the pope to name the stars one by one?

By now, we have a new paradigm that is yet to transpire in church-made laws or call it whatever you want. We have multipolar universe where the earth appears to be one of the many. Is this the end of Satan's reign when his power will be broken by mass awakening of people? Power that held them prisoners here on earth in false teachings for quite a time, most forcefully during 20th century?
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posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 10:32 AM
the demonization efforts will not be late, by people who think they serve God. Quite fanatically though. Perhaps they need to review what was the basic reason for the pharisees to crucify Jesus. Fanaticism belief to pre-established written law of faith, that of Moses. They all believed, in God who appeared to Moses, as they said in the Gospel. They quoted Moses in their disputes with Jesus. They were quite educated and quite faithful - to their view of God. They denied other ways to be available to God, including that to be God's son himself. Jesus said, if our righteousness doesn't surpass the righteousness of the pharisees, we won't enter the kingdom of God.
What is the kingdom of heaven, btw? Why all those stars in the old classical churches?
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