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Leo XIII vision of 100 years reign of Satan pass in Summer 2014?

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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 12:17 AM
a reply to: ImaFungi

I don't think the pope is the villain of the end times. It might be popular in the books like Horn's 'Petrus Romanus', but it remains bestselling untruth. Nevertheless, the Catholic church has to repay for past sins and contemporary errors. And much more for her inaction to make the world a better place to live in. We all know the story of Fatima how the secret should be released in 1960 according to Lucia and the desire of Our Lady. It didn't happen. What is it they know and we don't? The catholic church leadership is on its way to forfeit the historic chance to not only repair past transgressions but also to open a new page for the humanity. If pope Francis makes the difference, as his words of Martians, my congratulations! More is needed to be done.

We've lost momentum after Y2000 and we are about to lose the generation that saw Israel. As I tried to explain in previous posts (pls read them if you didn't) the idea of end times, antichrist and the rest has been 'on the table since the beginning of Christianity. There is nothing to guarantee it is now. Instead, a planetary event with or without cataclysm, such as extraterrestrial contact and resettlement of at least part of population to other friendly planets, the learning of our past history that we practically don't know in greater detail, and of our perspective future, will render the antichrist's saga useless for eons of time. There won't be a place for such a king and false prophet to appear and rule planet earth if the population is already above it. But I don't know if the population will do it, if its leaders will do it. I don't know if we speak for a violent period ahead or of a peaceful transition. It is easy to say everyone who brings peace and well being is antichrist, therefore anathema. It is difficult to make peace and well being for everyone. Including for me and you. The entire theory that the antichrist will bring good and thus followed, is ill conceived idea of 4th and later centuries. It prevented the progress in the Christendom because anyone who would possibly try to bring it against the status quo, as some saintly monarchs, would be called antichrist. That leads me to think the idea is conceived not by human mind but by extraterrestrial - those of the evil nature who see the humanity as their competitors if humanity manages to regain God's grace in this temporal life. Where is the kingdom of Jesus Christ? Don't say it is 'within us" It is nowhere in the entire Christian history. Perhaps it wil come only on another planet.

Many people today are obsessed by the idea that the antichrist and the beast will come from the Western Roman empire that more or less matches with the EU. Or from the Catholic church if we talk of the false prophet, as Tom Horn tries to prove in Petrus Romanus book (unsuccessfully imo). He further built on the Alien agenda in Exo Vaticana.

In fact, a meticulous study of the prophets reveals the story may have a completely different side. Although I don't agree with everything said by Chuck Missler, I recommend him in that part he talks about the antichrist. He raises the option of the Eastern Roman empire giving the antichrist and even restoration of the old civilizations like Babylon (today's Iraq). He is precise in his arguments, and it is worth the time spent to hear him. Furthermore, he quotes prophet Isaiah of The Assyrian being the final evil leader who will try to conquer Jerusalem at the end times.

Again, I don't agree with much that Dr Missler said, particularly he demonizes Pleiadians equally to the Nephilim, the Grey and the Reptilians. This cannot be a serious study on alien races. I'd wish he'd elaborate more on ET with more unbiased approach. Well, he is at age now and kind of maintaining what hie has already built in the past decades, so I don't expect miracles from him.

But when it comes to prophetic sequence of events, he does it right to the point. Thus he puts a PERIOD OF TIME between the rapture and the actual rising of the antichrist as a world leader, that might be anywhere between weeks and many years, may be 20, says Chuck Missler in his videotaped lectures (youtube). He is may be the first one to propose such a period of time with unknown duration. If he proposes 20 years, I would say why not 200, or even another 2000 years. It is not we to decide it.

The only problem from the view of today's prophetic bible scholars, I think, would be the survival of the last generation that saw Israel restored. Well, that could be fixed with extraterrestrial medicine (call it angelic healing of Raphael) to prolong life to the Biblical terms.

And here comes John 23 in his visions of aliens cleaning earth and prolonging life, as I posted a separate thread about. Pls visit and inform yourselves.

I'd wish if those in the know are no more silent of those things and tell us clearly what John 23 saw, what is recorded in the still unpublished third secret of Fatima, and any other critical knowledge for our survival.

If not they will lose their historic chance to do it. There will be survivors and those who will make the transition to the new reality of a wider world that doesn't end on Moon's orbit. And the generations to come wouldn't be thankful or remember with good today's generation of people in the know for their passivity and permissiveness of evil. If you look for the devil's action, it is hidden here and not in telling the truth from the rooftops, as Jesus recommends. Actually, who follows what Jesus said? He was never followed, even in the so restricted and cut off gospels that reached to us. How then some pretend that kingdom of God has come (in the history of the churches) and now is the final battle with the evil to culminate with Armageddon? Kingdom of God and preaching of Gospel never came to this planet as a whole, even if we talk only for this planet alone.

The demonization will leave behind the staunchest believers. Is this the purpose?

I can continue in that style. The crucial steps are however we get MORE INFO, not LESS. It does not suffice to deny existing pieces of info, such as Neues Europa text of Fatima, or John 23 visions and alleged extraterrestrial landing in Castel Gandolfo. Not rejection of that, but MORE FACTS have to be put on the table and discussed in public view. Sure there are such.

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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 01:20 AM
As my thread of
St John 23 met Alien from landed saucer in Castel Gandolfo?
was ruined by non- polite, non-civilized and personal attacks from ultra-fundamentalists of any denomination, I expect now someone to do it in this thread as well. That doesn't work anymore. Those words are posted online and one has to be particularly ignorant not to find them by google. Not to find John 23 had extraterrestrial encounter. Not to find Fatima truth that internet is flooded with. Particularly in my several threads on Fatima (click on my profile and search them) I express the idea that the only possible secret that is still a secret, is not:
the antichrist,
the nuclear war,
planetary disaster of any origin,

But it is the extraterrestrial truth. I suggest, Our Lady revealed it to Fatima kids in 1917 and it should be revealed to the world in 1960.

Because the nuclear war was already a real possibility in 1960 and there is no reason to keep it secret. The same with asteroid impact and the rest. There is no point to keep something secret that the people know of already. It makes you fool. And the popes weren't exactly fools. They were frightened to death (John Paul 1 killed with overdose) to reveal what is inside. So what is inside? The antichrist in the Vatican? In a time of reforms when the church itself took a course of cleansing, it is hardly believable that to be the secret. They would kick him off. Or he would have died until now.

It is the et presence. Mark my words and compare it to the real text when it finally surfaces. That matches with John 23 story.

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 01:45 AM
to wrap it with the name of this thread, that is prophetic and therefore much larger for interpretation,...

I think the end of era of satan will coincide with revelation of extraterrestrial reality, in this year 2014. May be not exactly up to the date, but certainly before the end of the year.

Much time was lost since 1960 when the world could see end of cold war 30 years before schedule and a new era beginning right there. Let not blame those who didn't have the courage to do it. There wasn't internet at that time too.

Today we have a completely different situation. Internet gives that opportunity (being itself ET tech according to col. Phillip Corso investigator of Roswell). Today we know all of that and more. There are no more excuses.

Satan's era ended. But where is the start of the new era? Shall the people int he know wait for the ET to come first, before they tell us in plain language? And if this is the general scenario, first public contact and then explanations, then may be the population would like to hear the truth from the ET themselves. I wonder would they allow WW3 to start first. My bets are No, they won't allow it, not before they properly inform the people of everything. From the time of Jesus to our days, to our immediate future perspectives. Only then they may allow free choice of people, including evil people, and those who want to follow WW3 way to be allowed to do that for themselves. But without the people who choose otherwise who wouldn't be present on the planet anymore. That is just a personal reflection. It could be something completely different. In fact John 23 speaks of reverse order, first WW3 before the end of the century, and then arrival of ET at the year 2000. It failed. As well as Fatima and virtually every prophet who set dates. May be an early WW3 was cancelled together with much before/after it.

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 12:18 PM
1914 is year of great significance, the most important year of the 20th century, the most important future date that links back with that year is still unknown. Many attempts have been made to figure it out and all have been wrong so far.
Even Jesus didn't know in the first century, it is very likely he knows now. Satan is in the same category as us he just is watching and seeing things develop, he doesn't know either, the same as humans.

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 03:24 PM
a reply to: Blue_Jay33

Yes, and check what happened 100 years before 1914:


And then 100 years before that:

==> Wikipedia - Russo-Turkish War

Apparently the powers that be operate with 100-year plans. And ne could but wonder why things happen the way they do. It's like there is an agreement between the blues and the reds, kind of a truce, which involves shifting the power back and forth, resulting in wars and other such political ultimates...

posted on Jun, 19 2014 @ 04:28 AM
a reply to: Utnapisjtim

that is very interesting, thank you for the links!

Still, we are talking of something incompatible in scale. WW1 saw for a first time in recorded history large scale warfare with airplanes, U- boats, tanks.

Besides that, Leo 13 predicted a century of satan, not one war only. Indeed, 20th century saw even more destruction than WW1. The revolutions, followed by rising of Nazism in Europe. Japanese invasions in Asia started before and continued between the wars. That was followed by the nuclear age and the Cold war.

Today it is not a secret the German scientists had the blueprints of many inventions put to military use. It is not Hitler who created the rocketry in his brief years terrible rule. There are a lot of documentaries with specific details.

Who created the war machines of 20th century and for what final purpose? In anyway, I hope it comes to a logical end with the expiration of that 100 year period, and with arrival of new mentality and spirituality of significant part of humanity, if not the majority yet.

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posted on Jun, 19 2014 @ 06:03 AM
WW1 is just the start of a long process. It is followed in 1917 by the unimaginable before October revolution.

In time, that leads to Stalin's regime, WW2 Great Patriotic War on the Eastern Front incomparable in scale to anything known in history.

At the end of WW2 USSR size increased from restricted post-WW1 borders to as much as 1/6 of the world's territory (without the oceans).

USSR managed to build a moon rocket although didn't land on Moon as USA did. The world was on the brink of total destruction not only during the Cuban crisis but on several other occasions, the most dangerous in 1983 a sequence of unrelated incidents that made it very close for Andropov to order Soviet preemptive attack, convinced USA was going to attack first.

In 1989 USSR had 2 space platforms for nukes. It would take 2 min to deorbit them at any point on Earth, should they have been installed in space. The well known MIR station was not the only space vehicle. Buran shuttle was designed especially for carrying nuclear payload in the cargo. Buran returned to Earth on fully automatic maiden flight, after which the program was cancelled because of political motivations of Gorbachev. Polyus, called also Mir-2, was not that happy. A "human error" brought it down in the ocean before being tested. It reached orbit though and was not known to have any significant malfunctions. Seems Gorbachev himself who observed the start ordered no test to be performed. Polyus had a space laser on board, and was designed to carry nuclear mines too. All that info is freely available online, in English. How many other secret projects were implemented, we don't know.

All that seemed to end in 1989 with the fall of communism and Perestroika of Gorbachev. 75 years after WW1 start. Still, looking today at Russia's resurgent nuclear might, it might be not so certain. The new missiles are much more dangerous of those in the Cuban crisis, with "scramjet reentry vehicle" that carries the warhead. Also, we are not certain of the payload of each single warhead. Nobody talks about that. The usual Soviet warheads were 550kt but that could be increased with the miniaturization. In other words, a single warhead of today could have the power of the Tzar bomb or bigger.

In other words, the world today is much closer to ELE than ever before in its history. We need desperately way out of the death spiral. If it is a period of peace time predicted by popes an saints given by Heaven, good. If it is ET intervention, good. What is not good, is to see how the civilization dies much worse than during the Flood. Perhaps the sins increased more than that time, and therefore such a civilization end might be permitted to occur.

Furthermore, we should notice we are not the only dominant specie that ruled the planet. Dinosaurs were here well before us, they ruled the planet, and died off. We may wonder did they have intelligence. Or who built the pyramids in the time between the dinosaurs and the appearance of historic men on the larger timeline. We don't know. What we know is we can well follow the Dinosaurs and the Noah's flood if we do the wrong step.

We cannot bet anymore on good luck, when a single submarine (captain and his closest aides) could destroy much of the planet, a single man even if he is not a president. What is the difference btw. We used to believe to much on individual presidents and their unshakable good will, after the era of Gorbachev. The chance was too good for us, for too long time.

The world doesn't make any significant efforts for denuclearization, apart of the US-Russia bilateral agreements. New nuclear powers rose meanwhile, with hundreds of warheads in the hands of governments like that of Pakistan. Were India and Pakistan signatories of NPT? No. How is it they were allowed to build such huge arsenals? Why weren't they punished by the UN? From geopolitical perspective one or several Pakistani Islamic "small nukes" stolen and detonated by rogue groups, might be much more dangerous than the entire arsenals of Russia and China. That will make a political chain reaction between India, Pakistan, Israel.

The world lacks the will to go the peaceful way. We witness countless local conflicts in dangerous hot zones. One of them being Syria and Iraq, another North Korea. Each one of them might bring the point of no return.

The current pause the world is enjoying already 25 years post cold war, is calm before storm. It is a false peace. Unless the storm is cancelled by "Force majeure". Said in other words, by heavenly/angelic/ ET intervention.
Hope that happens soon!

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posted on Jun, 19 2014 @ 09:49 AM
The full news is here
June 18, 2014 - Joey Lomangino has passed away.
Conchita of Garabandal has confirmed his death.

I would say that Garanbandal prophecies should be taken not isolated (and best of all) but in the general frame of prophecy established by Leo 13, Fatima, Akita, and as many newer proven prophesies. In that case, there will be no contradiction.
If you ask for my view where we are at, pls refer to sequence of events I already posted.
The demonization of coming events will be the worst approach and will cut off the incoming grace for those who do it.

posted on Jun, 20 2014 @ 07:58 AM
Cardinal Bertone, former secretary of State, reportedly said before the conclave 2013 that if he would be elected pope he would release the full Fatima secret.
(I don't have a source other than ATS poster).

Cardinal Ratzinger, as prefect of CDF long before being elected pope himself, said the 3rd secret of Fatima was essentially the message of Akita.

What happened meanwhile? The officially released 2000 text is AT BEST a part of it, a vision. The secret itself is a message not a vision. Numerous church dignitaries of recent past have spoken enough of it. Including St John Paul 2 in a meeting with German bishops' conference in Fulda Germany.

Any connection between Fatima and the century of Satan? Or between them and the visions of St John XXIII that I discuss in separate thread? Reportedly he met with alien contactee George Adamsky (many sources speak of it), or even with aliens themselves (pending confirmation). Reportedly he saw Virgin Mary many times.

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posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 04:03 AM


Is this the start of WW3?

After the end of this month, I don't think WW3 will be allowed by the powers above because the time allotted for that expired.

posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 05:07 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Even the very Human NAZIs envisioned a 1000 year rule.

If (imagine a loud booming and maniacle voice here) 'The dark lord of the underworld and evil personified', satan itself can only manage a measly 100 year rule, i wouldn't worry too much, Satan is obviously hyped up to the gills.

posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 10:19 AM
a reply to: MysterX

Only we live within this timespan of the last 100 years...So it is kind of personal concern.
That's why I say, the theologians during the Caliphate had every reason to believe it was the Beast and the End times. How many times Jerusalem was trampled under the feet of the pagans?

Perhaps the church esp.the catholic church knows much more than she says to us, like the prophecy of Leo 13. We compose the picture from pieces available, in the past only to hard researchers who spent years reading books, today online upon the google search and click.

posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 07:02 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Well...i tend to get quite unselfish about it and not only think of a single lifespan, namely my own. I tend to think more about my Childrens and their childrens lifespans, and if somehow a dark supernatural force did indeed establish a 100 year rule's relatively short and fairly uninspiring as desires for a period of rule go.

Satan sounds more like a kid claiming that one day i'll have 10 sweeties instead of just watch, one day i'll have 10 sweeties!

A vision of a 100 Years rule is...well, it's childish and pathetic in all honesty.

Me on the other hand, i'd have set my sights on at least a 1000 year rule. I don't consider myself evil or even bad, but i certainly have more vision than this Satan bloke it seems!

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 11:26 AM
a reply to: MysterX
it is terrible to think of a 1000y rule of satan, if I understood you correctly. I hope the 100y rule is enough in our modern history, although his actions were not restricted to that period only.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 12:01 PM
I comment on possibilities.
One can easily say the date is July 28 when the actual shooting started in 1914. Or that the date is that of October revolution 1917. Or something else.
Until we have the era of peace with real perspectives set before humankind, we will remain in the current very dangerous status quo, regardless of how many dates passed and how likely they seemed to be.
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posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 12:52 PM
It seems in a week time we will know if 1914-2014 period is true or not.
Ukraine development is expected around June 27-28 and I hope it will be peaceful.
Either way we will get the picture pretty much fixed whether we go to a real era of peace, or whether the things become only worse, despite all words.
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posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 01:39 PM
I believe the ET will come publicly in the next 2-3 years and that event is inevitable. All leaders incl religious leaders know it. Even the mayor of...Ashgabat in Turkmenistan said it in conference, that they know the other stars have populations but first they have to make peace here. Do you know where that guy lives on the map? You may not know but he is informed of the star visitors better than we are. He is not isolated case.

The question is not IF, the question is how: a massive flyover of big cities, or local appearance in selected in one city first public contact and then spread the news. Coming in peace or coming to fix things in intervention, some will call it invasion. Coming to rescue us out of the planet, or come to stay and fix things here on earth. Who they are and how do they look like? Will they be one and the same race or most likely diverse races? (Chinese may have reptilian race to deal with them if they honor the dragon so much).

These are the real questions nobody talks about, not even the insiders of ET . We have to guess.

The guesses will s top at the first contact. Will it be the start of the era of peace promised by so many seers? Will it be the Great Warning? Will it be a fast track rescue in the nights of all willing not to share the punishment of God? Or will it be restoration of earth? IDK. I want to believe the best.

I know I am selected for a role in the process and therefore I don't refuse to write what I am inspired to write. I don't know what my particular (small) role will be, and don't care so much. But I am kind of enrolled in their above-mind schemes and I know they have a plan for me. I expect my time regardless how bad the world comes. Sure I don't want that happen in the world, but seems for some people it is inevitable.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 02:18 PM
perhaps I am little drunk now, to write you all that...

The ET plan that I envision (it could be one of the many or none) would establish earthly bases in non-populated areas (such as North Africa, Gordon Duff, but he takes it as something negative). I think every big country, or small group of countries will have one base/city/landed ships. It will be offered to whoever wants to, to enroll (perhaps online or other) and go to visit the ET bases, and returns back. They will be model communities and society.

At this point I don't know if it will be only one single ET race all over the world, or to several. May be it is logical to assume Chinese will deal with reptoids, while Europeans with blond Human ET. But I don't know. I will not reject grey ony because they are grey and they didn't do anything bad to me. I am not galactic racist. The race is only one thing of the much more important agenda. As of myself, I have long decided to be among the first people to go to be taught (and healed). And then to go back and witness.

As of the timing to travel to another planet, it all depends on the schedule the planet earth has itself, given by God. In the meaning of planetary disasters. If it is near we have to go soon. It might be in relatively distant future of let say 30 or more years. And, we will be healed, so no problem of the last generation to pass by.

I can't envision the current disastrous world status quo to continue 2 more years. It should happen in that time before WW3 if the goal is to prevent WW3.

I post it in this thread because it concerns prophecy and this is kind of personal enlightenment. And, because it has rarely been discussed such kind of reasoning, no matter the thread. Am I one of the few guys online who ever connects ET with religion?

The reaction and consequences for the organized religion are a whole new chapter. I think I wrote something in John 23 thread.

posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 12:02 AM
Is there much more in store that Medjugorje seers are not told to tell us yet?

In a recent talk of Ivanka given to pilgrims in Medjugorje, we read:

"From 1981 until 1985 I received the apparitions on a daily basis. During that period Our Lady dictated to me her biography. I wrote everything down. She also told me the future of the world and the future of our Church. When I have permission from Our Lady, this will be published."

I wonder what is it she wrote for the future of the world? In another interview Ivanka spoke of entire notebooks. Seems it is more than few words to say Great Warning followed by Miracle and by Chastisement. It seems to be more than the hidden secret of Fatima either. If it is only to write things we already know about, first she doesn't need so much paper to write it, and then she would be allowed to say it.

How about extra-terrestrial future with frequent visits of brothers-aliens or call them angels.

All those secrets seem to run at the edge of human endurance, in a time like that we live in everyday with all human problems.

All those apparition-supporters must admit before themselves, they know actually very little of the whole picture that is still secret. And not to pretend THEY and no one else can guess correctly what is in the sequence of events encoded in so many apparitions.

Recently Garabandal person Joey died without receiving the promised healing of eyes. That single fact, disappointing itself, was enough for websites to pronounce the entire Garabandal apparitions "failed". That kind of reasoning is pretty narrow minded down to earth and do not let space for anything more other than "see and touch" as that of Thomas.

When the specialists in apparitions fail and can't reason on known facts, when they are stumbled before the human part, when 14 years after Fatima should be fulfilled they still don't have the answer what should be fulfilled and about consecration of Russia, what to say about secrets that they simply don't know. Everything could be in the secrets. Speculations are staggering. For example, a dam burst was quoted as possible 1st secret in Medjugorje, that should be seen from Medjugorje and should be local. At the same time, the first secret was supposed to break the power of satan over the whole world. Why those interpretations then even by the priests who was entitled to announce the secret but who still doesn't know it himself? If we don't know even as little as if there are6 first secrets for each individual seer?

Let admit we know nothing more than anyone else who have read those interviews. And let start building upon that with faith, logic, facts, and reasonable guesses. Not with fairy tales even if they are tales of priesthood.

One will not put in the secrets things we already know. Perhaps the exact WW3 is a secret, but WW3 in general has so many scenarios discussed in secular media that I would say the non-believers in apparitions are much bigger specialists and can predict events based on real data on the ground not based on fairy tales.

Similarly with the story of the end time antichrist. One does not need apparition to read all possible scenarios presented by very skillful protestant and other pastors, even by some catholics, to know pretty well the general picture.

Is THAT in the secrets of apparitions? Is that a secret at all? Or something completely different that not so many people speak about.

Something like extraterrestrial reality and the soon to happen contact that will change the life of humankind forever. With or without cataclysm on earth.

One of the seers from Kibeho (now residing in Belgium) said several years ago while in ecstasy while seeing Virgin Mary: but if I tel them that they will take me for lunatic." I posted the link and quote long ago in one of my threads and I cannot repeat things over and over again if someone doesn't pay attention.

The problem is many people are just reluctant to get involved. They pay attention and probably they like what I write, but they stay aside for fear of error. That includes all clergy that doesn't whisper a word about it. They could take on pope Francis' alien words and develop it further. Are they also ordered to stay silent? Someone must do it however. Otherwise, we all lose. We who pretend to believe in apparitions, in Bible, in Our Lady and God. We all lose because we would have rejected the heavenly grace. At the time it will be manifested. There are too many people who will prefer the demonization approach and will find themselves in the net of the adversary who doesn't want them being saved and continue life.
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posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 06:51 PM

originally posted by: 2012newstart
I believe the ET will come publicly in the next 2-3 years

The UFO crowd has been calling this shot for the last 40 years or more.. It's like the evangelists and their rapture. Always promised, never realised.

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